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Sunday, February 05, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Chester back as coach in SA rugby

Chester Williams will be back in the fold of SA rugby when he gets appointed as coach of the SA A team later this week, according to Rapport.

Williams was recommended as the coach of the A-side some seven months ago, but with all the fighting and backstabbing in SARU the appointment was never made official.

The appointment followed after the ex Springbok wing was fired after a disastrous season as coach of the Cats' Super 12 team.

Prior to that Williams enthusiastically trumpeted his chances of taking over the coaching duties of the Springboks after the demise of Rudolph Straeuli – despite the fact that his only experience in coaching was with the SA Sevens team.

At one stage he was the firm favourite on the rather bleak shortlist before the appointment of Jake White, who was at that stage a rank outsider.

Williams has been on Saru's payroll ever since he lost his job as coach of the Cats.

He told Rapport that he would be in the "seventh heaven" if his appointment becomes a reality.

"I was disappointed when the Cats fired me. I will hopefully get another chance to do my own thing and to show that I can be succesfull.

"It will be my job to support Jake White by coaching and exposing young players to the greater stage of rugby," he told the newspaper.

At this stage no decisions regarding the A-team matches have been made.
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