The Spammers have been SPAMMED, is back online!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We have been SPAMMED - or something...
Hi gents and ladies, word from Kandas is that we have been attacked and the site is down temporarily - should not be too long.
Sheisters! That almost ruined my whole day!  

we are trying to figure out exactly what is wrong where.

man this is funny!
rob, i dont have everyone's mail addy's will you do me a favour and mail the guys you know that logs on usually?  
Ag, its nostalgic being back here!  
Geez, now we have to look at that pic of BvR again! ;-)  
yeah ras that is just too damn sad...

at least we know who won...!

i mailed aldo, wpw, province, & OO, cant find the others on my mailing list now.  
I miss the days of pics!

Feel quite nostalgic looking at all the old stories.
PA, don't forget to mail SARU :evil:

or Voldy :twisted:

PS, I know the :: don't work here!

;-) :wink: wink
Man I am depressed now. I feel like a CATS supporter.  
Please Please let this be sorted before the Saders Brumbies game. :lol: I have my list of comments all typed out  
WOAH Cool!
i actually miss this shyte,pics were the coolest!
Man i was worried,in that time i posted on Voldy and did alot of wwork!
Still LOVE the pic, PJLD!  
Lots of cool pics in the older articles!  
Super 14: Let's Banter People

By: DavidS

"The Cats

Well, there’s not much we can insult them about. They’re powerful, balanced, all conquering and superbly fit with a full complement of Bok stars.

No matter which way you look at it, the only thing you can say about this team is be afraid if you’re not a fan. Be very afraid.

aka: The best rugby team in the world. The Super 14 winners.

Forget about those guys in black in the hick sticks in long white cloud cuckoo land. They’re only doing so well because they haven’t had the chance for the Cats to destroy their aura."


Awwwwwwwwwww :-(

The other site is fixed again :cry:
My HAt

if only he knew what was gonna happen!
Ahhhh, the good old days! Hehe. That comment by Davids is a pearler!!!  
No it's not!  
nooit,i was enjoying myself here  
"We have been attacked, or somethin"

BWAHAHA!!! Sounds like a line from Pearl harbour! Or a radio broadcast, in the days of the Swart gevaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is now Aldo
half an hour after PA said it was
its still giving kak though  
Okay, now it's back up again. See you all there!  
Seems okay now Clayton  
Ag kak, that thing is down again....  
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well it is always just a matter of time before someone tries to play games with your site. That sucks.
Keep up the good work!

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Hi Pissant,

Thats great to hear that your site is back. I was just going through various bolgs for rugby. I don't have a much knowledge of internet. May I know the reason behind spamming of your site because I my self have rugby site ( just little worried.

So sad about your spam!

Otherwise you have a great site!

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Keep blogging!
Can't remember my password. :-(  
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