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Friday, February 03, 2006


Super 14: We support the Spears!

No, we haven’t changed our allegiances. We’ve decided that we should state our views on the current back tracking from the five other Super 14 franchises. We disagree that these kinds of dishonesty and backtracking has any place on our rugby. It is a last ditch cowardly attempt to entrench positions that should never have been. It is breach of obligations already publicly undertaken and deserving of our contempt.

Yesterday, the five Super 14 franchises set to play in the inaugural Super 14 made known that they collectively opposed the relegation system, thus virtually rendering a court case on Spears participation in the competition a foregone conclusion. When we look at this situation closely, the current situation was brought on by yet some more SARU incompetence.

On 8 June 2005 SARU agreed to the existence of the Spears and the present system

In law, a contract comes into play when there is a consensus or meeting of minds, not when pen touches paper. There is the famous case law of Du Toit v Atkinsons Motors where parties reached agreement and then later signed a written contract that differs from the oral agreement and the court upheld the oral contract, because that was where the meeting of minds was.

Now, on 8 June 2005, SARU and the President’s Council met with the five Super 14 franchises elect and the representatives of the Spears. Afterward they issued this joint statement that EVERYONE HAD AGREED TO!

• The parties would immediately draft a formal agreement to reflect the agreement reached on the S
uper 14 franchise system
• SARU would financially support SEC (the Spears) for 2006 while they developed and SARU must
help them procure sponsorships in 2006.
• The SEC would be entrenched in Super 14 for 2007 and 2008
• The South African team finishing lowest on the log in 2006 would automatically be replaced by the
SEC in 2007.
• At the end of 2007 Super 14, the lowest finishing SA team would play a promotion relegation match
against the Super 14 team excluded from Season 2007. The winner would play in 2008 Super 14. The SEC team was excluded from this.
• The 15 April 2005 SARU decision was amended to reflect this.
• The Falcons would fall into Blue Bulls Super 14 franchise.

Now don’t tell me this is not reflective of an unequivocal meeting of minds then I don’t know what is.

Dishonouring our rugby more

This is a dishonouring of South Africa’s rugby. Yes we already have the world’s best corporate governance experts in power at SARU. Yes they’re also in power in the unions. Yes, we’ve already had the Big Five express, lead by the Lions, their distaste for the Van Rooyen administration and pledge support for anyone who opposes him. Yes we’re having incompetents at Border and SWD replaced.

And now the five inaugural participants in Super 14 are joining the gravy train. They want to entrench their positions for the benefit of their pockets only. There’s nothing altruistic in their actions.

How can we, for the last time probably, have to rely on Brian Van Rooyen to bring honour to our rugby? He’s the man that everyone is accusing of mismanagement and corruption. Now we have to trust him to return honour to Super 14 rugby. We have to trust him to be strong. We have to trust him to enforce a legal and binding agreement. I’m sorry, but I can’t think of many people less suited to do the job.

They made the agreement in June. The Spears have contracted players, set up offices, procured sponsors. They’re readying themselves for Super 14. Now these gravy trainers have realised what’s at stake and they’re afraid of the risks.

Their excuses are pathetic

The ostensible excuse for wanting the Spears excluded is that they have not developed well enough yet. They have not done well in their warm-ups so far.

Let’s review that:

• The Cheetahs haven’t played a single game in Super 14 yet so how can they say that the Spears
aren’t good enough to play against them? Their history is as being half of a Cats team that, aside from two or three blips in their history, have been an embarrassment to us in this competition. Now they’re going it alone and they think that putting 40 points over a team in it’s second match is reason to leave them out of Super 14. Try another one!

• There’s the Cats, who managed to lose 9 games in a row last year and managed nothing but a win
against the Bulls and a dour draw against a pathetic Sharks set-up. Aside from that, they’re perennial bottom feeders. So what if the Spears aren’t good enough – you’re not either!

• Then we have the Stormers who put 70 points past a team playing most of the game with a one
player disadvantage. Yeah, the same Stormers who had 70 put past them in Pretoria last year playing with 15 players, say the Spears, who get 70 past them with 14 (and sometimes 13) on the field aren’t good enough. That’s rich Stormers, very rich!

Aside from which, these Franchises have existed since 1998! Their constituent provinces have, in some cases, been around for over 100 years. They’ve been the real beneficiaries of professionalism. They have the players that they bought and developed. They have the history. They have the settled players and teams.

What about the Rudolph Straueli Boks? Getting their butts handed to them in 2002 and 2003? They had 53 put past them against England in 2001, lost by over 50 to the All Blacks in 2003, as part of a three game losing streak! Should they have been told they’re not good enough too?

Grow up Franchises

Yes, grow up. You’re pathetic. You’re an embarrassment to our rugby. Rather put up and do your part. Play in the Super 14 and prove yourselves. If you’re last then you have only yourselves to blame for letting your sponsors down. Tough!

You are the weakest – goodbye.

Accept defeat gracefully and come back better and tougher in 2008 ready to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Maybe we will finally see our South African teams actually play well in the competition because the entrenched Murdoch millions aren’t readily available and there’s something at stake for them and for the players for a change. Now the big unions will know what it’s like to play for everything at stake.

To Tony McKeever and the Spears

We at Ruggaworld support you. We support your team and your people. We support your inclusion in Super 14 rugby. We support the agreement of 8 June 2005.

Most of all we support honesty and integrity.

Go for it!

Absolutely brilliant written piece.

I think the other unions must now stand together and question teh CC system for the next 4 years.

WP, Blue Bulls, Lions, Cheetahs and Sharks are entrench in teh CC till end of 2009. Surely they can't have double standards. Lets get the promotion and relgation system going in teh CC again without entrenchments.
This is really the ultimate.
Everyone agrees, and six months later it dawns on them they may the one left out - so they side together, retrace their steps and go back on their agreement.
It can ONLY happen in SA!!!

BTW, Western Force lost their warm-up to the Blues by 5-43 yesterday - and the Force is much further down the S14 road than the Spears.

Very good point. Nobody in Aus is screaming that the Force isn't good enough. No. They expect them to lift the standards and be competitive.

In SA the "big" five expect to get a free ride whenever they can.

It is time to get professional or get out.

How can we as supporters ever allowed this happen. Time to get involved and stop the gravy train.



i know many people believe i am pro-spears - i am not.

i do believe they are on the loosing ends in most aspects when you assess their situation logically.

i have stated from the start i do not agree with the relegation system, and it was yet another quick fix solution by SARU to satisfy political powers - in other words, another form of window dressing.

as with transformation and quota's, people are now bitching and moaning cause government keeps on intefering in our rugby - well to be honest, if i was in their position and rugby in SA made absolutely ZERO progress in over 10 years judged on our national team and S14 sides - then i'd be pretty pissed off too. they window dressed and now its coming back to bite them in the ass.

same with the spears - the top unions were only concerned in making sure they are there for the S14 - making sure they will make some cash, making sure they get awarded tests for 2006 - and so they all agreed to this concept of the spears because at the time - it served them perfectly because their votes 'secured' them certain 'privileges' - window dressing.

now its coming back to bite them in the ass and they do a turn about.

this is the very thing that is destroying our game and the very thing i find disgusting with the state of affairs in our rugby.

so i hope tony and the spears kick these idiot's asses, not because i support the team - but i do support integrity, something administrators in our rugby has absoletly none of.
The weird thing is that the agreement says that it will be incorporated into a written agreement they'll draft immediately.

This is on 8 June 2005!!!!!!

And here we are in February 2006 just about a week before the inaugural S14 kicks off and they STILL haven't even gotten a draft!!!!!

None of us are Spears supporters.

But I am pro the concept of uniting SEC into one team.

Saw GLC spent the night hiding away from daddy last night then....
Did you guys see the scorching run rate the Proteas are going @?Awesome stuff.  
"I do support integrity, something administrators in our rugby has absolutely none of."

Can't agree more to everything you have said. Given the overall shambles of our rugby, I thought this was a daft idea right from the beginning - with stupid arguments like "43% of SA players are in the SEC" (but they can't achieve anything in the CC).
Rugby is not about numbers. How many players in Argentina v the other countries?

BUT the decision was made and needs to be honoured. More than that: Saru should be giving the Spears every possible form of support.
And for the sake of sanity and the betterment of rugby, so should the fans.
You don't make a baby and then desert it on a pavement.

"You shouldn't make a baby and leave it on a pavement"


I could not have said it better!
I am a Spears supporter and I realy hope that they get the chance they deserve... and were promised. GO SPEARS.

To the board of Rugga World. Thanks for sticking with the Spears.

It is not a question of sticking to the Spears, it is believing in what is just and deserved.

The franchise system was introduced and the Sharks was supposed to help Border and EP while the Stormers had the responsibility for Boland and SWD.

This system as such was not bad. It would have overseen the development of the talent in those unrecognised areas. But instead the Sharks and Stormers management decided to look after there own pockets and gave SARU the finger.

Now this decision has come back and bitten them in the arse. And lets face it, the Stormers and the Sharks are the two candidates for relegation, with the Stormers probably first in line at this stage.
"I do support integrity, something administrators in our rugby has absolutely none of."

Can't agree more to everything you have said. Given the overall shambles of our rugby, I thought this was a daft idea right from the beginning - with stupid arguments like "43% of SA players are in the SEC" (but they can't achieve anything in the CC).
Rugby is not about numbers. How many players in Argentina v the other countries?

BUT the decision was made and needs to be honoured. More than that: Saru should be giving the Spears every possible form of support.
And for the sake of sanity and the betterment of rugby, so should the fans.
You don't make a baby and then desert it on a pavement.

# posted by Boertjie : February 03, 2006 10:21 AM


I agree with Boertjie on this.

And, all the mud-flinging to the so called big 5 is not deserved either.

Do not let me go trawl keo for your posts there- especially before 8 june 2005.

I am not against the spears- but if it is integrity in decision making you are after- do not base your arguments on 8 June 2005
VERY GOOD POINT - one that maybe we have lost sight of.
But with Sharks and Stormers in admin crises themselves, I suppose they could not lend hands to help Border, SWD and EP out of their extreme forms of corruption and mismanagement.
A case of the blind havinmg to lead the blind, if you ask me.
What this game needs is an honest, ruthless and enlightened dictator to lead it. It is still a pro sport lead by selfish amateurs.
Transformation means change what is wrong

not change to get different people to have a slice of the "corrupt" pie.

The decision was made on 8 June.

Yeah sure before that there was loads of politicking etc. There were threats of legal action and the what not.


On 8 June 2005 there was a decision.

There was an agreement.

Whether the agreement was a good or bad one doesn't matter - caveat emptor -

BUT they made the agreement and now they have to accept the consequences.

I precisely base my arguments on what occurred on 8 June.
Do not let me go trawl keo for your posts there- especially before 8 june 2005.

I am not against the spears- but if it is integrity in decision making you are after- do not base your arguments on 8 June 2005

February 03, 2006 12:09 PM

missing the point OO.

go trawl my earlier comments on this.

i have always said the relegation system is flawed - fact remains these guys AGREED to it which then resulted in the spears investing in various things to build a francise - now they turn their backs on this agreement?

this is all about integrity and june 8 has everything to do with it.

Every franchise was involved with this decision.

It doesn't matter how wrong the decision may have been or if it was politically motivated. What does matter is the image they are projecting of SA rugby.

Why didn't the big 5 try to veto the decision at that stage?

Why wait till a week before the kick off of the S14?

They had this on their agenda the whole time, I can assure you of that. This is a strategic move. They knew if they questioned it earlier, they might just loose their place in teh S14, because that is what it boils down to. Don't sign, don't play.

Nobody complained about this decision and hence the Spears was formed and sponsors committed themselves. What do you think will be the repurcussions for SA rugby if this decision was now overturned?

The embarressment would make Kamp Staaldraad look like a Sunday school picnic.

We need the integrity and honesty back. These guys are playing games with this sport that we love.

I for one am fedup with it.
This blind faith in the spears is misguided. There is nothing wrong with being optimistic but this blind faith will lead to dark alleys

I agree the Spears are a worthy iniative and the current mess they find themselves in leads right back to SARU. I suspect that in a years time the Spears are going to be a huge shambles mainly because they won't get the backing they need from the powers that be and there own feeder usual in SA rugby great idea - shit implementation
Some of my comments from keo's site.....

Still a HUGE misconception though. The team relegated this year is only out for one season. After next season they are back in the competition replacing the team that comes last of the SA Teams (except the Spears). I.o.w. if the Stormers are relegated this year and the Cats come last next year (of the SA Teams, irrespective of where the Spears finish) the Stormers will replace the Cats for the 2008 competition. Thereafter it is the 5 best teams playing and the Spears will have to prove themselves better than one of the other SA Teams.

And by 2009 we will surely be in the position where 16 teams will play with 6 from SA and they will probably play in a system of 4 teams in a pool.

So, do you want our 6th team (Spears) only to start in 2009 or would you want them to go into 2009 with 3 years experience???!!! Real simple isn’t it!?

The team that is out for one year can then also arrange games, like the Spears are doing for this year, against other teams like Canada, Namibia, Kenya, Japan, Heineken Cup Teams, etc. to give their players somewhat of a (much needed) rest and different exposure.

In the end, if you accept what I am saying here, all these guys’ objections really come down to one thing and that is that they do not want to expand the game in SA. Simple.


By playing against these other teams like Japan, Kenya, etc, we, SA Rugby, under a new administration (hopefully) will have full claim to the IRB that at least we are doing something about expanding the game in other areas. Or dont you think the Japanese would just love to attend home and away games between Japan and one of our Super 14 teams?

In the end it is all about good business planning which should be done over a period of at least five years and not start afresh every year.
i think i did not make myself clear on a couple of things...

1) i am not pro-spears - not in the least. i think they will get their asses handed to them if, as anon mentioned, SARU or someone dont back them up within the next 2 years.

3) the relegation decision or system is flawed and a load of kak - i did not agree with it when it was passed and nothing has changed.

4) i DO believe that what we are seeing now is exactly the reasons our rugby is in such shit. i mentioned to OO on the other thread that integrity and honour within our rubgy administration ranks is vitally important and THAT is what i have a problem with.

this agreement was made by ALL union presidents. ALL should be held accountable.

these 'presidents' shape the future of their unions and also south african rugby, if they have no integrity or honour where will our rugby end up?

why has there been calls for guys like morne dup and francois pienaar to become involved in SA rugby - simple, people respect them as honourable businessmen with integrity.

these guys, these presidents, are the core that is poisoning our game, and this cancer will destroy our rugby.

this is not supporting the spears, this is supporting the calls by individuals to stand up against the very thing that has plagued our rugby for years - this is asking to clean our game up once and for all
There are too many people looking at the specific situation and not the principle.


You summed it up correctly.

The question is not why they are doing it. That anyone can have sympathy for. The question is WHY WAIT TILL NOW?

What are the agendas? Their whole argument on the Spears doing so badly at this stage is flawed.
i sound like a bloody politician...

it seems supporters of teams think we want a team like the bulls, sharks, cheetahs whoever to fail and get relegated - and these supporters are the ones also dead against the relegation system and the ones raising all these arguments why the spears are doomed.

i dont give a shit about the spears' success other than i think it is a great thing for transformation.

same way i do not give a shit what happens at the stormers because their administration is probably the worst of them all, same with the bulls, cats, etc.

my arguments on why this must go ahead is largely based on what i perceive to be the problem with our rugby.

* no other union has done jack shit for development and transformation

* why has a union or unions have more right than the spears to compete in S14 if they were nothing more than an embarrassment themselves throughout the years

* why is it okay for the bulls to take 5 or 8 years to build a squad that only made the semi's last year, but not okay to give the spears 2?

* why are they judged with parameters such as CC and warm up games if they have only been together for a month or two and have not even played CC yet, and played warm up matches as a bunch of nobody's against hardened campaigners?

* what are these guys so scared off?

but most of all, why are the big unions using their 'weight' now and not when this agreement was reached?????

why are they playing political mind games to only look after themselves and give two shits about SOUTH AFRICAN rugby?

do yourselves a favour, try and relate this situation - as a business - to any professional national company - what do you think a president or CEO will tell these guys?

i said yesterday to vleis one of the biggest problems is the fact that sport in SA strikes an emotional chord, decisions hits close to the heart and therefor, people dont think with their heads and end up making emotional decisions without apllying simple logic.
PA for president!!!!!!!!!!!

Fekkit Kerels, I had a moer-of-a counter argument, but it got lost when the site was down.

I'm not gonna type it again, so it is unfortunately lost forever, sniff sniff.

So I'll not be partaking in this thread, is there something more lighthearted?
Nobody is agenda less

It seems that I will be going back into the F1 & Tour de France- only mode that I was in since 1999 to early 2005

If it was about integrity in the Process the SEC bid would have taken SARU to court after they were ranked 6th

Why didnt they?

No, they used their connections to get the "AGREEMENT" of 8 June 2005 in place.

Why must those who were bullied into the "AGREEMENT" not chose the most ooportune time for them

get real guys

Your are backing the right horse- transformation- Spears A BETTER GAME FOR ALL- but it is for the wrong reason

Maybe your own agenda's

anyway- my last posts on this issue had been posted-

unless you think you are going to get voted into SARU- discussing this have no purpose
Point taken OO  

yet again whether you post or not it does not matter.

if it was about integrity nick mallet would never have been fired by questioning ticket prices.

this has been part of our game for a long time, sad thing is, it seems to get worse.

why did they not do something last year or take them to court then? good question, the very one we are asking.

everyone has agendas.......where will it stop then, how many failed attempts to rid politics and bullshit out of our rugby do we need to witness before something is done?

if you are happy to go along with this then that is your choice of course.

maybe it is the fact that my union i support has been shown up in the last year or two as being corrupt to the core with politics controlling the union's destiny, that i am sick of this shit.

maybe it is because your union is still on cloud 9 and looking forward to your first S14 as your own identity that you are not.

as for agendas, i dont get paid to do this shit. in fact i refuse payment even though it has been offered in the past.

i dont care what happens with the spears, but i do hope that this type of crap that has haunted and plagued our rugby for years are addressed and sorted out.

cause i am getting sick of this shit.
Okay I'm back

Where's GLC!


The way I read 8 June, there will first be a promotion relegation match in any case.


Simple reason for not going to court.

Danny Devito in Other People's Money:

"Lawyers are like nuclear weapons. They got 'em so I got 'em. But once you use them they fuck everything up."

My recollection was that they (SEC) were briefing lawyers and getting ready to go to court when SARU called for an emergency meeting to see whether or not a compromise couldn't be reached before the lawyers F---ed everything up.

Then with the cloud of litigation hanging over everyone, they ALL reached the 8 June agreement. The 8 June agreement was reached inorder to AVOID litigation.
There's a sying in the legal profession about compromises:

A good settlement is one where both parties walk away thinking they've lost.

In this case, this is exactly what happened. The Spears didn't get into the S14 on a meal ticket.

And the other five didn't get them completely excluded

And all of them will suffer from the relegation system.

Losers all round.

You ask why they did not veto the decision last year?

If Freestate last year told them that they did not agree with the decision, what are the bets that SARU would have told them to piss off and have given the franchise to the Spears.

They were just making sure they got their one chance to play in the S14.
Man, this argument is getting hectic.

PA and OO,

I agree with both of you to a certain extent.

PA, I agree that it is a sin to now go back on their words that they gave last year.

OO, agree that the decision was a bad one to start with in the first place.

To argue about it is not going to help. Someone is going to take someone to court about this no matter what happens.

None of the big unions are going to just accept that they are going to lose that revenue while the Spears will argue that they have been awarded a contract.

Die kak gaan spat, wat ook al gebeur.
yes my general,

as mentioned on the other thread - i agree, kak gaan spat no matter, lets just hope rugby wins for a change.

as davids mentioned, if they kicked the cheetahs out then, you could have expected a shit storm and most definately litigation.

the process was a farce, and to quote davids again, loosers all round.

thing is, how things have developed, it is becoming worse.

The day rugby actually wins, is the day it snows here in Durban.

Why can nothing ever be straightforward in SA.

As my dad said: " Afrika is nie vir sissies nie".
To me the issue is starkly clear and I stated it on Keo before the decision was made.

1 - The SEC should never have been given a franchise, they should have been given the tools to fight their way into contention.

2 - The decision was made and widely trumpeted, SARU & the Big Five cannot backtrack now.

It was always obvious that the SEC has enormous potential, long before a possible S14 franchise was mooted I was railing at SARU and the 3 provinces for their inept performance in developing such a promising area. The PE metropole alone has a larger population than Auckland.

They should have had their heads knocked together earlier - the corrupt should have been excised and they should have had a Hit Team seconded from SARU - with top class professionals to sort them out.

They should then have been aided to qualify for the SvS CC first and if they ever managed to finish in the top 5 of the CC they should have been given their bite of the S14 cherry.

Note -
They should have been given the tools to succeed.
Then they should have been made to fight to qualify.

SARU ignored all that in favour of political expediency and must now honour their agreement.
Yes there is only 3 teams: Boks, Cheetahs and Spears. Kandas etc please mention to guys at Spears to push for Spears as the representative union at Craven Week. This will get young boys into the concept.

Also schools such as Grey PE must be feeder institutions for the Spears and NOT the other monkeys. This is a great opportunity and i am all for it!

Go the Spears
Oh and by the way I am as from today only a blogger on Ruggaworld. Like most media in SA has sold out to its owners and the fact that the entire panel of writers are Stormers biased makes it worthless to visit the site for 5 minutes a day. Long live Ruggaworld. I will soon contribute something usefull to the site, like interviews with two friends Hendro Scholtz and CJ Vd Linde. Also have a great interview with old Cheetah legen Eben Scheepers!  
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