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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Super 14: Waratahs changes rugby tradition

The Waratahs have decided to swop the traditional numbers on the backs of their jerseys for initials. Waratahs head coach Ewen McKenzie said the idea was the result of pushing for a "more flexible playing style".

Following in the footsteps of the Aussies' Twenty-20 cricketers, the new-look Waratahs
jerseys will replace the player's traditional positional number with their initials for the Super 14 season, beginning with a pre-season match against the Crusaders in Sydney on Saturday.

"I think it's a great move," said Lote Tuqiri. "The blue jersey already means a lot to me but now it's really personal.

"The numbers aren't significant especially with our roving game plan so I think it's an initiative that makes sense rugby-wise too."

Waratahs head coach Ewen McKenzie said they felt there "was too much fixation, internally and externally, on the numbers the players had on their backs".

"The players shouldn't be inhibited by their run-on number.

"Sure, we'll name a traditional one to 22 and have numerals on our shorts but that doesn't define the Waratah game."

New South Wales Rugby Union chief executive officer Fraser Neill said he expected the change to be popular with supporters.

Source: News24
Sorry Boertjie.

It seems that I jumped you with this story by posting it as a comment in the De Wet Barry post. If I could, I would sommer have posted it as a story.

Sorry again.
This whole thing is hogwash. Whats next. Having 30 players per team run on and off the field the whole time substituting each other while whearing moerse padding and helmets. Oops, well the Yanks are doing it already. Thats why their rugby union team is up to shite.  
what an absolute KAK idea  
No problem. You're welcome to mail me or anyu of the Board Members with stories - see addresses on homepage.

Ja, this is the biggest shyte I've heard in a long time. Running around like the netball girls who have initials on the front stuck on.

There should be laws against stupidities like these. "Floating game" se gat - at least with numbers we can see who has "floated" where much easier.
Like I said on teh Barry thread, this is to confuse the officials. To hell with floating game. Don't think the IRB wil settle for this.  

You know who else will float around. All the players from the SA team that gets religated from the S14 will be floating around hoping the other S14 teams would pick them up and offer them a contract. What will some of them say if they keep on floating and nobody picks them. They will have to put EISH on the back of their jerseys.
hehehe firefly  

Better still: 4 SALE

The IRB will allow this, and you all know it. The IRB only condems things that can give them a uick score. Aussies and Kiwi's gets away with way to much for them to be in trouble over something like this.  
Oh, and Wes puts "BvR personal assistant" on his shirt!

And Province's says "Will work for cheap papsak!"
Trust the Aussie sluts to come up with this, I always wondered how they managed to count to 22 so consistently. It looks like there are cracks appearing in the system!
I wonder how long the education process will last to teach the forwards what initials are?
Aldo, you have been practicing!As soon as i stop laughing ill hit you with a comeback,might be next week  
The Aussies seems to be flexible on a lot of thing. For one, they feel no need for numders on their jersey, cos of their flexible gameplan, secondly they don't mind swopping their wifes for sheep. Thirdly, they don't mind flexing over for the good of the team.  
Eish, this site is flippen quiet today!  
Do you think it's safe to leave a bulls supporter alone on this site. Imagine the havoc I can cause!  
howzit aldo!  
HIER KOM DIE WEEPEE!!!!!!Aldos favourite club is SK WALMER!!!!  
Howsit Robd, how are things in J'burg today?  
Hehe Clayton, wellcome to my private party, make yourself at home, grab a bulls shirt and listen some Steve Hoffmeyer!  
The most beautiful and corrupt city in the world is K@K hot today,34C  
aldo's actually an albino!!! LMAO

robD sucks Stroolies nuts!!!
im more of a Dozi guy myself thanks.
Bulls shitt.only use that for my lawn buddy!
So how will their teamsheet look:
Starting with the LH prop, ending with the fullback?
Or will they release it in alphabetical order?
Or just plain scrambled, like in "free floating"?

Coming from the only nation that gives a cricket score the wrong way round, one can expect more stupidities to follow.
hehe wes

Clayton, you have a wise lwanmower buddy!
Yip Boetjie and their scrumhalf will be the go to man at halftime, or should that be the bend over man?  
Wise,nooit bru  
Is true Clayton, go read my joke on the referee thread. Just a word of warning, it's in kitchen Dutch.  
going to go check now  
Don't some of the Pom teams in the HC / ZP play with letters instead of numbers. I can recall seeing them with A, B, C etc on their backs at one point.  
Now that you mention it: I've seen it too.
RASPUTIN: Any input?
Yes, Leicester used to have letters.

Some clubs, notably Leicester Tigers and Bristol used alternative schemes consisting of letters, whilst others Bath and Richmond used a scheme with no number 13. Leicester's numbers were from 1 to 15 corresponding A to O with the exception of the openside which who wore H which is the eighth letter of the alphabet. English Zurich Premiership sides have ceased using these numbers/letters to better aid the understanding of those new to the sport.
Isn't this a case where SANZAR should step in if the IRB doesn't stop it.

As one other writer suggested, it will be difficult for newcomers to understand the game without positional numbers, like reference to the programme wherein the players are numbered - and what about commentators who are not right up with each particular team.

It also becomes a problem with critics like myself who watch every game and rely very often on picking up the number to see where a player is spending much of his time. You can't remember every face.

This sort of malarky should be nipped in the bud right from ther outset.

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