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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Super 14: 'Rushing the Spears will only embarrass SA rugby'

Twelve months is just too short a time for the Spears to get it together, and embarrassment beckons for them and South African rugby if they are pushed too quickly, says Gavin Rich of SuperRugby.

Rich states that, based on what the Spears had delivered in their four warmups, it would be far more intelligent to delay their Super 14 debut until such a time as they have built experience as a playing unit and developed their individual talent through their participation as a team in the Currie Cup.

He acknowledges that the Southeastern Cape does hold a lot of potential, provided the administrators can find a way to make it all work. Having a strong team in the region should ignite the interest in the black communities. But more time is needed to put structures in place to ensure that the "vast reservoir" in the region is properly tapped and nurtured.

Rich says coach Pieter de Villiers is reminding everyone that he is building his team over three years, and maybe his team should be given three years to develop "before being thrown for the wolves in the Super 14."

"The franchise that finishes fifth out of the local entries in this year’s competition is going to have to be extremely woeful to be weaker than the Spears.

"For a start, they are going to have to recruit a tight five, for the pack was completely ineffectual against the Cheetahs. They were not much better against the Stormers, and will have to bring a lot more muscle to their Super 14 matches if they are not be blown off the planet."

(The Spears will play in this year's Currie Cup competition, which could theoretically also include one of its feeder unions - SWD, Border and EP.)

Gavin Rich is seeing this from a very blimkered point of view and he invariably writes to appease his reader base, so he would do well to understand that his reader base in the Argus, actually understands the need for a 6th franchise whoever it is, to hold a blow torch to the feet of the South African competition.

Competition is great and this promotion relegation creates a competition within a competition which will ignite the South African fans passions and drive their franchise to new levels - otherwise rugby in this country stagnates.

The main reason for the 6th franchse is to break the deadlock of development and transformation in South African rugby and accelerate this and create better teams.

We hear continuous moaning of what revenues would be lost to the relegated side - consider for a moment what revenues have been lost to the franchise in waiting - why only see it from the side to be relegated. Besides which this is gate money only here.

The sponsors sign for 3-4 years unless this sets a new trend in sponsorship and sponsors only signy for a year with an option to renew if the side gets promoted/relegated.

It is imperative that there is an equitable distribution of financial and player resources in South African rugby.

When last, if ever did Bakkies Botha or Victor Matfield play against each other?

How good are they on their own, or how much better could they be?

Jake has never seen these guys jump, ruck or maul against each other.

What if he drafted one into the spears for a Bulls/Spears match? That is the kind of electric excitement that this system creates - not some Ho Hum match again.
not quite on the same trend as tony here - but i mentioned the reasons used for the exclusions of the spears at this stage is a bit pathetic.

so they got pumped by the CC champs.

they got thumped by the stormers side with one man short...

but what these guys dont tell you is that they held them scoreless for more than a quarter of the game, and only once a player of theirs was send off, where the stormers able to score points.

they also dont mention that apart from teh injuries, that this was a full strength stormers side filled with springboks and guys with years of experience.

the cats could not put 30 point past this team.

and yet the western force got blown away by a 40 plus point margin by the bulls. does the whole of australia suddenly demand that the force withdraw from teh S14 and only compete in 2 or 3 years time?

hell no, they still sign up for memberships with the franchise and support their team. btw, they have the biggest support base (over 20, 000 signed up members) and i read somewhere that their members have already eclipsed the stadium capacity which they will call home!!!!!

now just imagine if SA can get behind their teams like this?????

even if they are not quite there yet, like the force.

Take a look at

all organised by a South African lady Irma Cooper - sister in law of Rob Louw.

it should read they got blown away by the BLUES..

and they have the biggest support base in AUS, not too sure how they compare to other franchises.


this is exactly my point. why does it seem to be ingrained in south african mentality that we shoot something down first before we support it?

everything needs to prove itself first before we decide to 'give it a chance'

we dont only see it in sport but everyday life.

initiatives like this brings people together - but we seem to rather shoot something down because of misguided attitude's than going out and saying, "hey lets see what we can do to support it!"

as with davids' last transformation piece, which i think you guys where the instigators of, we need to not only put numbers in and force things - we need to make people understand or encourage people to change the mindset behind certain things.

everyone thinks tranformation and quotas is negative - and it is because of the way it has been implemented in the past.

it is forced without reason or purpose - and thus, people hate it. what they should have done is educate people on the positives of a project like transformation, buy into the idea, and in that way, feel positive about it and contribute to it.

man i can only dream this will happen in SA one day.

Do not despair.....................

It is happening, only too slowly for you, but it is happening.

This David & Goliath franchise battle going on is such a case in point.

We have gone back to the roots and will instillin our three regions this credo of fellowship, sportsmanship and competitiveness.
well if that is the attitude of the spears and the three feeder unions then, i wish you guys all the best Tony, if the rest of the country catches on, SA and Springbok rugby can yet again set the trend of rugby worldwide.

because after the IRB WC bid process it is clear, that this david and goliath battle does not only exist in SA rugby, but rugby worldwide where 'old boys clubs' are hanging on desperately to past powers they believe they own - only to let the game of rugby stagnate and suffer and not grow or develop the game at all.
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