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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Super 14: Rugga World Super 14 Fantasy League now open!!

Calling all RugRats!!! Rugga World is happy to announce that our Super 14 fantasy league is now officially open. The competition works the same as most other web-sites’ fantasy league competition, but our own league challenge comes with a twist…

In typical Rugga World style, we give our readers and contributors that added extra in our very own Fantasy League challenge, not only will we compete with one another on a local level as South Africans only, but also on an international level with other rugby fans from around the world thanks to our Kiwi counterparts from The Silver Fern.

Yes ladies and gentleman, we have challenged the old foe to prove once and for all, that although they might reign supreme on the rugby field (for now), there is no question who the most knowledgeable supporters of the game are - and we are out to prove it.

In addition to showing the Kiwi’s and the rest of the world which country’s fans knows their rugby better, we are also throwing in a couple of prizes for the overall division winner, plus a South African Rugby Collectors item prize, for the RugRat that manages to whip the Rugga World’s combined Admin team's butt.

In teaming up with our Kiwi Mates from The Silver Fern, we will compete against rugby fans from all over the world including the Aussies and Poms.

The Silver Fern and Rugga World will reward the overall division winner with a case of each country's finest brew. We will DHL the ‘prize’ to the lucky winner, but we want to make one thing absolutely clear, we do not intend, or plan, to ship this case off to Pommieland, so you had better get going and pick your team to help the Southern Hemisphere keep its reputation in tact!!!

In addition to the overall division prize, Rugga World will internally acknowledge the RugRat that manages (like that is ever going to happen) to beat the Rugga World’s Admin team at the end of the competition, by shipping of a truly magnificent, and a one of a kind, rugby collectors item to the unlikely winner.

Details of this collector’s item will be revealed in the next couple of days.

As you all know, entry to this competition is free, and the main idea is to have fun while we enjoy the Super 14. Weekly updates will be published in both Rugga World and The Silver Fern to keep our readers up to date on how their teams are shaping up against those of the other international rugby fans playing in this division.

To register your team please follow the following guidelines:

• Log on to
• Click on “Play Super 14 Now”
• Register a brand new team

o NB!!! Some of you may already have teams registered competing in other divisions or leagues – but because we are competing against The Silver Fern readers, we will need for each of OUR readers to register a team followed by adding “RW” (Rugga World) in their team name

o This is for the owners of both web-sites to know which team represents which web-site/country as we will be awarding some prizes at the end of the competition (we don’t want to give a Pommie a South African Rugby collector’s item now do we!!!)

o For example, if your team is called: Mondi Maulers – you will need to register it as Mondi Maulers RW so we know which country or web-site you represent

o Obviously you can register exactly the same team (selections) as you have selected in any other division you are competing in already, just amend your team name

• Pick your team name (remembering to add RW at the end of the name) and password
• Complete all the required personal details as per the web-site
• When you are prompted to select a division, select the division called
TSF Super 14
• You will be asked to enter a password to join the division, simply enter the password: plonker
• You should now be able to select your team and compete in the Rugga World and Silver Fern challenge

If you run into any problems, pop us a mail to the e-mail addresses found on our main page.


Division: TSF Super 14
Password: plonker

Now let’s go kick some Kiwi, Aussie and Pommie butt!



That means that the Toiletpaper Pufters must now be Toiletpaper Pufters RW. Don't use to many Cats players though. It is just a name. No need to justify it.
The administrators team will be known as the "RugRats Admin" team - we challenge any person that 'thinks' he can compete against our collective genius to put up or shut up.

(BTW - the prize for any member beating us is a pearler - we just need to confirm final details but will let you know what it is in due course)
Rasputin RW is up but I see that none of the SF guys are putting TSF after their names.  

the RW is for us and the 'rugga world' prize mostly - obviously the guy that wins the division will need to supply an address to ship too.

if a name does not have a RW after the name it is a fernie.
posting from our mates on the fern:

go to
SUPER 14 5 playing
conf name: TSF Super 14
password: plonker or could be plonkers...
Conf: TSF 6N 2006
Password: plonker

Fantasy Super 14 rugby we have been challenged by the Boers at to see who is the best of the best of the best. Overall winner gets a couple of boxes of beer - one from each website, brand negotiable, but at the moment, Castle Lager and Steinlager, the national sponsors products!!"
Right - Dylanites RW are good to go.  
Boers at, what arrogance, I'm the only guy with the right to be called Boer!  
i want that case of beers making its way to SA boys.  
Oh my gawd,ive been reffered to as a Boer!Thats a definite first for me,can i print that and go camping in Oranje?  

That now officially gives you the passport to move to Bloem, boet! Welcome to the 'volk'!

Even Wes is allowed to wear a safari suit now.

Yes now wpw can wear the same clothes as his hero. Kortbroek.
imagine that. A chick winning the RW fantasy league in it's birth year. Shweeet  
Im on my way,luister,i have many respects vir old Lukas van Biljon but can someone tell me WTF he costs so blarry many moneys on the that game thingy and stuff.  
clayton - sure;y you ain't buying ANYONE until the team sheets for week one have been released?

Lukas costs a lot 'cos you need to put down bail money for him ahead of time.
just looking @ the prices of the players boety!AAAh it becomes not unclear to me anymores  
apparently if you refer other players to the site, you can get more cash  
I might register, just to embarrass Kandas...  
C'mon blondie go for it!

I mean c'mon knadas embarrass yourself!

So can someone explain to me who the hell decided Jorrie's price?

Is it because you get so many good players in Super 14 that when you get a real kak one then he's a treasure?

ps. PA

The legal papers are on their way. Mondi Maulers RW is a now a trademark with a logo.

Anyway c'mon kiddies. remember this is a virtual competition and it's ON PAPER that mattesr now, not onfield!

The Mondi Maulers RW (trademarked) are up and going!

Try me boeteys try me!!!!
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