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Friday, February 03, 2006


Super 14: Prop's injury spells bad news for Bulls and the Boks

There is bad news for the Bulls and the Boks: Springbok prop G├╝rthro Steenkamp was told that he would certainly miss the Super 14 competition and possibly the whole season with a wrist injury that is not healing.

Steenkamp had been struggling for five months with the injury and a scan in Cape Town revealed that a fractured bone had not knitted. He may need a second operation, which could mean 12 months of inactivity.

The news is as much a blow to the player as to the Bulls' Super 14 side and the Springboks, where Steenkamp is seen as the natural successor to veteran loosehead Os du Randt.

"The news wasn't good," Bulls doctor Tommy Smook said to the Pretoria News. "The bone doesn't seem to have reattached and the specialist is now consulting with other specialists to see if there is any other solution.

"But it may be as bad as Gurthro missing the rest of the year through this injury."

Steenkamp was shocked but pragmatic. "It was definitely not the news I wanted, but what can you do?" was his response.

The big prop has been beset with injury problems since moving from Free State to the Bulls at the beginning of last season. In fact he has played only two Vodacom Cup games and came off the bench once in the Super 12 last season since his arrival at Loftus.

Steenkamp will know his fate by the end of the weekend.
Not exactly more light-hearted, now is it?

Shame, poor oke. This is what we'd call a gatslag. Hope the op isn't neccessary, we need someone for Os.

In the mean time it might help JW explore and develop other players. (Just hope it's NOT Steady Eddie)

Watch out. Eddie is wpw's favourite player. After Gus that is.

He only does it out of sympathy for GLC
Hey donner, i'm not the one with the photo of gus on my profile.

Hey namboer, eddie will surprise many this season.

How is he going to surprise us. Is he going to catch a ball?
wes - is that the great Robbie Fowler you've got there?

Deon Carstens for Bok no 1 this season!
Yes Wpw, surprize us joining the Bulgarian Fistball league!!

Eddie for IRB player of the year!  
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pjld - wtf!?

Funny, though!
lol @ Chuck

On second thought no lolling @ chuck.

I can't see him so I may be moments from death!


You support Gusman?

Did you see he's hanging out here these days?
yip robd, the great robbie fowler... best striker of his generation...  
Have anyone seen my pappa?  
you see he's back with Pool?

It's the Growler! Robbie Fowler the Prowler!
I see you peoples were not paying a lot of attention....

I eventually decided on 'ol Gus's pic and said the following should go along with it: "You'll never know how much you appreciate missing something if your don't see it every day."
Had Ollie's on for a post or two, but it very nearly gave Vleis a heart attack. Also had one of Streauli staring in to space, "A man with a vision," and I wondered if he had a Survivor-like vision for the Tjarks: "The Bride has spoken, Goodbye!"

Got it?...Get it?...Good!

Speaking of Gus, I gather he is being replaced by Greef and whatchemecalit is on fullback.
Pieterson, think that's the name I'm looking for.  
Hmmm - when it comes to fullbacks called Pieterson, WP appear to have drawn the short stick.  
wes - having fun over on  
ja robd, but the okes didnt wanna bite. davids was a bit too soft i think. its probably cos he's white and i'm not. it's easier to insult your own race/kind that to talk shite about another...  
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