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Friday, February 03, 2006


Super 14: Participation agreement still unsigned

The inaugural Super 14 competition kicks off in a weeks time, but still the participation agreement is not signed by the six franchises in South Africa.

How can rugby be viewed as a professional sport if the people running it shows such incompetence and blatant ignorance. The decision was taken 9 months ago with regards to the promotion/relegation system, but they have waited till the last minute to challenge it.

According to News24, Johan Prinsloo stated that the relegation system and the lending of players to the promoted franchise remains problems that needs to be discussed.

Prinsloo doesn't feel that the fact that the agreement will be only signed at this stage is serious. He stated "No one is going to jump off Table Mountain if the agreement is signed late."

This is unprofessional in the highest regard. A foreign sponsorship has all ready been procured by the Spears to the value of R15 million. Should the decision to allow the Spears to play next year in the S14, be revoked, it will be an embarressment for SA Rugby that can only be compared with the Kamp Staaldraad fiasco.

These guys feel nothing for the supporters of SA rugby. They waited this long on purpose to try and force Van Rooyens hand with the election pending.

The gravy train just picked up some more speed.
imagine all the unions and all administrators in SA rugby working together for the good of the game.......  

Ja and Santa Clause is real and lives next door to Alice, who married Tom Thumb
I have made this comment before and I am going to make it again. The S14 CEO's are shit scared that their own gravy trains will derail if they take the fall from the S14, and that is why they are going back on their word.

If they decide that the Spears can't play, let the Spears' lawyers do their thing off the field and the players do their on the field. Come on Spears, shut them up one and for all. Come end of the season, we'll see who has the last laugh.

If it turns out there is nothing we can do about it, maybe Tony McKeever should start his own tournament and include teams like Argentina, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Japan, Namibia, Kenya, Canada, USA and the rest of Europe. You know, all the teams who suckle from the back teets of world rugby. Have a truly global tournament and tell the S14 bosses to kiss his ass when it becomes bigger than the S14.
thanks donner.

the bastard still owes me a bike from 20 years ago...

nice idea about the global comp - hell if only someone can sponsor that.

i wonder if we are not close to a situation where unions/clubs will consider breaking away from SARU.

i remember a situation like that not too long ago.......

hell it might even happen in world rugby!!!

supporters are slowly but surely getting gatvol - the Super 14 and heineken cup with the ever so predictable and boring 3N is killing our game.

will be interesting to see what happens once viewer numbers goes down......
This is the reason SA rugby will sruglle to reach it's full potential, these dinosaurs have stolen the game and use to further their selfish aims and try to hang onto control of it no matter what the cost to the nation.  
This is the reason SA rugby will sruglle to reach it's full potential, these dinosaurs have stolen the game and use to further their selfish aims and try to hang onto control of it no matter what the cost to the nation.  

I agree. The S14 has become predictable as well and the 3N is becoming boring. Now they even expand the n to more games. Where are the days of a team touring a country with 3 tests and a midweek team playing against the A team, a Baabaas team or some of the provinces / regions. This is why it is important for a region like the SE Cape to make a chance from the old way of having only certain people / regions getting something out of SA Rugby. And yes, a global competion excluding the current S14 teams would be a good idea, even if I have to say so myself. Maybe they should talk to the sponsers Japan had lined up if they won the rights to host the World Cup.
Where's the honour gone?

Doc would never have stood for this

He must be spinning in his grave!
Shyte David - get real!
Honour amongst gravy thieves?

Agree the S14 and especially the 3N is becoming a boring, repetitive competition.
The Lions Tour in NZL showed the way to go.
Don't ask me any score of 2005's 3N - rather ask me the scores in the long tours of yesteryear - They still stand out in the mind.
The tours doesn't bring the gravy guys.

Imagine what people will say if they stand to lose 28 million in commission
i can tell you guys one thing.

if they do break away and these okes, with a little financial back-up will attract fans and viewers easily eclipsing the S14 and 3N - the only reason we watch it is because there is nothing else...

i am with boertjie, look at the interest during the lions tour - i said it before that i believe one game on the lions tour probably made more revenue for NZ rugby than both 3N games.

firefly i dont think we should totally get rid of the S14 - but alternate the competition every second year when the WC is not played... and include more SH nations, not only the big 3.
The 8 June agreement in principle said that a written agreement on the issues would be drafted and signed IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  
You need to have a big pocket to finance something like that PA & Firefly.

Murdoch effectively monopolises Australasian tv and satelite shows.

That's why he can afford this.

Nevertheless the 3N should be a every four years event two years o/s of the RWC.

The S14 regional comp has lost its glamour. I mean the original idea was for our best provincial teams to play theirs. Now it's become a weird different comp with completely different teams playing each other from the provincial teams. Pathetic. The AB's and Aussies effectively use the S14 as AB / Wallaby trials.

And we stumble from one fiasco to the next. One team in the semis, one 7th and two at the bottom.
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