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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Rugby administration: Who is sitting in the jacuzzi on the gravy train?

The AGM of the SA Rugby President’s council is scheduled for 24 February 2006. The presidential race is on and everybody in the media has been focussing on the candidates. When it comes to Brian van Rooyen the focus is on the inquiry into poor corporate governance and his own position, but is he the only person who profited from all his dealings? Who else is involved? Who are the real beneficiaries? Who sits in the jaccuzzi on the gravy train?

After reading the reports from various sources over the past two years, it seems that the one person got the sweet end of the deal all the way through, was Kyle Nel.

SA Rugby gained millions?

It was reported that when the new deal was brokered with Newscorp, that SA Rugby would receive an additional 2% in commission that would translate into an additional R20 million going into the bank account. This is wonderful news for SA rugby. But was not reported is that SA Rugby would have to pay Insport Management Pty Ltd, commission to the worth of R28 million. Who is Insport Management Pty Ltd?

Non other than Kyle Nel. The company with a registered address in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town is owned and managed by Kyle Nel. Who is Kyle Nel and what links does he have with SARU?

Kyle Nel was the commercial manager of SARU. He is still quoted in news reports as being the commercial manager, but if you look closely this is not true. Brian van Rooyen authorised a contract for all the duties of the commercial manager to be outsourced to Insport Management Pty Ltd. In other words, Kyle Nel is no longer a employee of SARU. His company is an independent contractor to SARU.

Why is all this relevant? This contract is being stated extensively in the report of poor corporate governance. Johan Prinsloo was instructed by Van Rooyen to sign the contract. Some would say that it doesn’t matter, because Van Rooyen won’t get re-elected anyway, but it is not as simple as that. What if this contract is fixed for a number of years? The Newscorp deal has been signed until 2010 and the terms of this contract could have easily been aligned with the Newscorp deal.

This contract could cost SA Rugby more than Nel managed to negotiated extra at the closing of the previous Newscorp deal. Inevitably this will have to be recouperated via the supporters. Maybe Nel’s statement on the question of why certain costs for test matches could not be covered by the sponsors or TV rights, makes sense now: “It is too complicated to explain.”

We will have to realise that Van Rooyen did not operate on his own. He couldn’t do it without the help of other people inside and some outside SARU. 24 February 2006 will mean nothing, unless Oregon Hoskins will be able to not only stop the gravy train, but to throw this jacuzzi with all its inhabitants down crocodile gorge.
Great Stuff Donner!!!!!

Name and Shame them.

Yip OO, name them and shame them!

On a lighter note, thinking of a bunch of big hairy men sharing a jacussi isn't a nice prospect!
Great arti Donner.

Bloody bastards.
Nice one Donner,where do you get this stuff boety?  

It's all over the Internet.

Go to Google, type in "Kyle Nel" and you'll be amazed.

Great pic!
Ah and kandas awakes. So what is your answer to the newest alligations Kandas?  

Answered you on the other thread.

I feel very sad and hurt, almost suicidal, to the allegations being made that Blondie is my alter ego. Especially since I truly believe that Blondie is none other that Liewe Heksie.

I never had to create a fictitious woman to satisfy my needs and wants. This is like saying that I keep a bow-up doll hidden somewhere!!!!

Really hurt, I must tell you. But I am sure it will go away with time. Like most other things.

In the meantime I will just have to deal with it.
I mean "blow-up" :)  
... and whilst you guys are busy googling Kyle Nel, you might want to have a look at all the other names attached to him and his business dealings. The plot thickens!

Like TheButcher says, follow the money!

Sorry, I categorically state that I am unfortunately not Blondie. In anycase, going according to that piccie she has, her boobies look a hellova lot better than mine. *sulk*
Superb piece donner

Let's see the gravy train derailed on 24 February 2006!!!







Then Blondie must be Aldo!
Yeah heksie, if she does exist, she does seem to have nice boobies!


I'm sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings, need a good shrink? I can get you with one, he helped me get over the Bulls final loss last year. He might be able to help you deal with this obsession of yours to become a woman, even to the point where you think you've fallen asleep, just to notice that you've posted as blondie again!
Leon. you sure you don't have some sort of affiliation with the ANCYL?  
Nope, Kandas, we allready decided thatn I'm a colored dressed up as a boer to fit in at Loftus. Same reason why I listen to Steve! Sorry to dissapoint you.  

I see you started to follow the money.

Kyle Nel's ride on the gravy train needs to end.

Pity the money didn't lead you further. There is still the question of the R1 million bonus he received last December.
Hey knadas

It can't be Aldo.

Being a Pretorianer Bulls Boer he would have thought Patricia Lewis would be the hottest blonde if he were going to pretend to be blondie

Okay, so who else can it be.

I have a theory....

It's Keo!
ANCYL wishes they had a leader like Leon Trotsky  

Like Kandas said, it all over the internet. WE have been reading these reports for two years, but never saw the complete picture.
Nope Davids, why do everyone think I like that stupid woman. I'd go for my hero's wife, Amore!  

Can't be keo. There is nothing small about Blondie!

She's not blonde though...

So there you knadas

She must be real, given the hostility of your menage a trois friend in Capetown's obvious hostility.
LOL Kandas  
Kandas, allthough her boobs look lovely in that pic, her she only has a B cup. so not to big either, or I am spoilt with my wife's cup size.  
Heksie is not me.

Neither is Kandas.

I'm me.

Just little old me.

will you be at the branas thing tonight?

You didn't come last week.
Nothing wrong with a nice B cup,although im a fan of the C.
By the way where is that other good for nothing coloured 2day,WES,STIEK UIT JOU BANG DING
PJLD, that's the way we've become used to by now. We employ you tokens to let the numbers look right, but then you just do nothing. Hence the name token!

Anon, please sign in as blondie, then we can discuss your issues, or you can go back to real life and sign in as Kandas.
Oh and PJLD, never said I have a problem with a B-cup, used to be quite a fan, just said it's not big!  

He's still hiding away after the insults of PA and Aldo yesterday.

Can't come up with a new post yet, although he'll probably be the only one here to post first on a new thread with some insulting remark about everyone of us!
lol @ Aldo

Ja, PJLD you're the token who actually isn't a token, because of your photos and contributions. You're a merit rugrat.

wes is the REAL token...

And speaking of which

Where is Gus Theron's Lovechild (GLC) aka PA today?

Still too traumatised because we discovered the truth to show his ugly mug!
Aldo,aint SA just grand...!!DavidS,ja he must be hiding,i never received one job threatening email yet today.  
WOOHOO!im a rugrat and a BOER!!!  

I'm afraid you have to leaqve the Cape now and move to Pretoria to become a boer like that Bryan Habana traitor.

Ever seen an interview with him?

He sounds like an Affies matric girl with that accent and speech mannerism.

"Nee dis great dat ek speler van die jaar benoem is"

"Nee EEEK dink dis great dat ek vir die Bulle kan speel"

Dammit, I'm still embittered about losing him....
BWAAAAHAHAHA,maybe the ideas arent being bad to movings to the place of the blue bulle!KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!
By the way,all this talk of Lions being relegated is also KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!
i meant CATS by the way  
Place of the Blue Bulls is the best place on earth. Nowhere else will you find a Loftus or will I feel so wellcome in my kakies! And almost everyone has a Steve Hoffmeyer cd, so I never have to worry about the music when I visit someone! So jou moer PJLD! You can keep Cape Town and all your puffters and your burning mountain!  
GLC is at keo fighting it out with the anti Spears brigade  
Aldo,what you just said is exactly what makes me want to stay down here,puffter,burning mountain and all.  
Ja, then you can also learn to speak like an Affies matric girl.

Start every sentence with "Nee"

And say "great" at least once in every sentence.


"Nee dis great om in Petoria te bly"
Pissant who will henceforth be known as:


Um,who is GLC?  
Nee,dit sal Great wees om te weet wie GLC is!!
Like that DavidS?
Nee,jy's reg,dit is great om in Pretoria te bly.Jy weet,hier wen ons darem so nou en dan 'n ietsie jy weet.Nie soos daar in die Suide nie jy weet.Hulle het al toere na loftus toe geneem net sodat hulle weer kan sien hoe lyk die Currie Beker Trofee,jy weet"  

Gus's love child
Exactly PJLD

And anon was also right that you have to end each sentence with jy weet....

Only problem was he/she put two r's in Pretoria.

A real Pretorianer would just say the second one, as in "Petoria"
Hey you're halfway there already!

Go for it!

Now you've gotta move to Petoria
Become an Uncle Tom like Bryan Habana.  
DavidS,too much time on your hands?

I see the all those who are so jealous about Pretoria are once again up in arms!!!

To them,who still believe that the whole SA revolves around that bloody mountain:

"If a person tells a lie long enough,he will start to belive it himself as the truth!"
Ja baas David  
Same could be said about those who believe that the team who wears That blue jersey is all conquering in rugby  
No man

That's Cape Speak!

Nowadays if you're black in Pretoria and Jozi you're 80% likely from Malawi, Zimbabawe, Mozambique, Nigeria, DRC, Somalia, Angloa, Liberia, Kenya etc.

You don't speak Afrikaans.

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Geez you Capies are behind the times.
Says Vleis in Parys....

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Nut isn't that team all conquering PJLD?  
Cape Town is steeped in tradition!
We stick to ,Ho$ jy jou n@@i,staan vas anh ou jou man dop voor ek jou binne in jou ma se ... skop,jysie vollie ,jy staan bokant n witklip!
And such things

In line for R28m broadcast commission

KYLE NEL, the SA Rugby employee who, with rugby boss Brian van Rooyen, co-signed an SA Rugby agreement with the Accelerate Sport company, himself owned and controlled a company that had reached an outsourcing agreement with SA Rugby.

Attorney Frikkie Erasmus reported that in September last year Van Rooyen discussed with Nel the outsourcing of his duties to a company called Alkara, later renamed Insport Management.

Erasmus said it became known at the beginning of the year that, when the agreement was signed on December23, Nel owned Insport Management.

Erasmus said the conclusion of the agreement had also been undertaken by Van Rooyen without the knowledge or approval by the management committee.

SA Rugby MD Johan Prinsloo, who signed the agreement, later told president's council chairman Theunie Lategan that Van Rooyen had authorised him to do so.

Erasmus said that Nel and Van Rooyen's discussions coincided with the time that an agreement was entered into with Global Sports Management for a club competition and the contract with Accelerate Sport as co-signed by Nel and Van Rooyen.

In terms of the outsourcing agreement, Insport Management was appointed as the exclusive commercial management agent and media rights agent of SA Rugby.

In an e-mail from Lategan to Van Rooyen, it appeared that Nel could receive commission of R28 million on the broadcasting renewal.

"It is significant that a contract of this magnitude and nature was not discussed or submitted for approval to the board or to the management committee," said Lategan's e-mail.

In March this year attorney Johan van Gaalen of MT de Bruin Attorneys in Johannesburg, on the instructions of Prinsloo, reported on the proposed relationship between Insport and SA Rugby.

Van Gaalen asked why Nel suddenly wanted to provide services as an independent contractor. He questioned whether it was in the best interests of SA Rugby to outsource such services.

Van Gaalen said SA Rugby had a product that was in demand and there was no reason to give any of its rights away.

He said SA Rugby could not make any decisions in which a third party, who had a major interest in the decision, was involved.

On March15 Lategan sent a copy of an e-mail to Prinsloo to vice-president Mike Stofile.

In the e-mail Lategan made it clear he was not in agreement to outsource SA Rugby's core business.

He also pointed out that the SA Revenue Service resisted the use of independent contractors.

He later wrote to say that he and Prinsloo had told Nel they would not consider the outsourcing of SA Rugby's commercial and broadcasting arm.

Links to Anglo-SACup and 'substantial commission'

THE DEPOSED former SA Rugby chief executive, Riaan Oberholzer, is involved with a sports company which would have acted as an agent for an unauthorised contract binding South African and English rugby clubs.

In a document contained in the Van Rooyen dossier, it is alleged that the contract drafted between Accelerate Sport Ltd, SA Rugby and a company called England Rugby Ltd had been signed on October5 last year by SA Rugby CE Johan Prinsloo and witnessed by SA Rugby employee Kyle Nel.

The contract makes provision for an Anglo-SA Cup to be played. The joint venture between England Rugby and SA Rugby would own the commercial rights.

According to the document, the agreement had been reached without the knowledge of SA Rugby's board or management members.

When confronted by the chairman of the SA Rugby president's council, Theunie Lategan, Prinsloo said he had signed the contract on the instruction of SA Rugby president Brian van Rooyen.

Attorney Frikkie Erasmus, who compiled the document, said Van Rooyen at first denied any association with Oberholzer.

"However he has since admitted this association and Mr Oberholzer's involvement with Accelerate Sport Ltd," said Erasmus.

Erasmus noted that "at the time when Mr Oberholzer's services with SA Rugby were terminated against payment of a substantial severance package (Oberholzer and sacked national coach Rudolph Straeuli received R5m in total) Mr Van Rooyen publicly censured him and blamed him for the demise of SA Rugby".

Erasmus said although Van Rooyen involved Oberholzer in negotiations and concluding the Anglo-SA deal, he never informed any board or management member of his co-operation or involvement with Oberholzer.

In August last year Van Rooyen, also without the knowledge of management or approval by the board and according to Erasmus "totally without authority", signed a letter of agreement on behalf of SA Rugby mandating the Global Sports Management company to develop a cross-border competition, the Rainbow Cup, between English clubs and SA Currie Cup teams.

Erasmus said the letter of agreement, authored by Global Sports Management's Bart Campbell, referred to "previous meetings and discussions" as well as a business plan but questions remained of who these parties were.

He said there were no minutes of any meeting held by SA Rugby where authority was granted to Van Rooyen to enter into any discussions or to accept the terms of the agreement.

It was also strange that Campbell addressed the document to Premier Rugby Ltd, in brackets "Sarfu", stating that it acted "on behalf of itself and the South African provinces".

"It is a known fact that most South African provinces, if not all of them, did not even know about the discussions, let alone authorise them," said Erasmus.

He said the statement that Premier Rugby (Sarfu), on behalf of the South African provinces, authorised and mandated Global Sports Management "is therefore a fraudulent misrepresentation".

As had been the case with the Anglo-SA Cup, Van Rooyen also signed another agreement with Accelerate Sport to "source, negotiate and manage the exploitation, sale and delivery of all commercially exploitable rights associated with the Rainbow Cup-" The commission payable in terms of the contact was substantial, said Erasmus.

This agreement was signed, again without any approval by the board or authority, on behalf of SA Rugby, by Van Rooyen and Nel who, at the time, was an employee of SA Rugby. Campbell signed on behalf of Accelerate, which used the same address as Global Sports Management.

Erasmus said "once again this fraudulent misrepresentation was signed by Mr Van Rooyen validating it".

In April this year Van Rooyen sought a mandate from the president's council to have discussions with Celtic nations about the possibility of involving clubs of those nations to compete with South African clubs.

He received a qualified mandate, specifying that it be done without any agents and that the management committee be involved in any decision-making process.

Erasmus said contrary to these conditions Van Rooyen never involved any of the management committee and informed various unions that an agreement had been reached to play the competition next year.

He said information obtained indicated that, notwithstanding the directive that no agents be involved, Accelerate Sport was involved again.

Van Rooyen explained that Accelerate acted on behalf of the Celtic nations.
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