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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Rugby Administration: Van Rooyen "will do whatever it takes to win this election."

Jan de Koning from Rugby365 is reporting that Brian van Rooyen is touring the provinces seeking their proxies.

A proxy vote would give him the right to vote (for himself) on behalf of provinces and once they have signed the proxy form, they would not be able to change their minds and support another candidate.

According to the rules of the election, each province has three votes, and the proxy could be used to split a union's votes, even if the mandate is to vote for the other candidate.

This is a typical example of where SARU lets itself down on transparency. This should not be an election held by secret ballot, each and every vote should be released to the media for public consumption.

They are electing the three most powerful positions in a national sports body, not a government, there should be no necessity or requirement for the votes to be secret. Let's have the provinces openly declare to the public for whom they will be voting.

This is the same Van Rooyen who has been requesting his opponents to keep things "above board" and not use "devious means".

He has now told Brenden Nel from the Pretoria News that he would "do everything in my power" to stay in charge of South African rugby.

"Yes, I'm asking for them [proxies]," Van Rooyen told the Pretoria News.

"And I will do whatever it takes to win this election. I am not breaking the rules, but this is a game, and in a game you do what you can to win. An election is such a game and I am not undermining the rules.

"I am not going to divulge my tactics, but I have asked provinces to give me the proxy to cast their vote for them."

"I will not be forced out. I was democratically elected two years ago and I will accept the democratic will of the SARU delegates."

Oregan Hoskins has apparently expressed his "horror" at learning to what extent Van Rooyen will go to remain entrenched.

"It's sad that anyone should resort to such means to get elected. I believe he is unsure of his position and does not want to rely on the democratic process of a secret ballot when we get to the 24th."

Van Rooyen and SARU CEO, Johan Prinsloo, have apparently met with the King of the Bafokeng tribe to finalise arrangements for the Test match against the All Blacks in August.

One thing is for sure, SARU's every action will be closely srutinised after this election in order to ascertain whether any favours were promised in exchange for votes.

Let's hope the 14 presidents vote for the candidate that has the best interests of South African rugby at heart, not personal gain.

News sources: and Pretoria News
THe Right Honourable Arsehole Bruin Van Ruin.

I dont know what else needs to be done but this brainless twat needs to be ousted from SA Rugby alltogether.

In the meantime he and his interlinked team of close buddies get together everyday to plan how they are going to remain on the gravy train. Without any consideration of the supporters of this great game.

But, typically South African, we just let them continue...
Are we really Kandas?

Three weeks till 24 Feb. Alot can happen, don't you agree?
Will we at least see the true colors of the Union Presidents?

Choo choo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gravy train leaving from SARU 24 Feb. All passengers on board.

Those who bought the Jacuzzi tickets, please report to Brian Van Rooyen asap.
Big Brian is worried that the other presidents, sponsors, government or fans might influence the president's choices between now and the election.

So Brian the Lion wants those proxies signed, sealed and delivered without any opportunity for the provincial presidents to change their mind.

It's certainly not an underhanded tactic, quite astute really.

So, which presidents will hold out? Because those are Hoskin's lads!
I think it might be safe to assume that 'Oregano' will not be getting the Leopards vote.

Though, a canny Leopard's president might choose to tell Brian the Lion he has his vote and then vote the opposite in the secret ballot.

Who is the Leopard's president, James Stofberg?

Hey, let's not hold these things against the smaller unions, they are all desperate to do whatever necessary to ensure the survival of their unions.

A test match against the AB's is like gold dust for the Leopards. Wouldn't he be derelict in his duty to his union to have turned down an opportunity like that?
Just to illustrate that not everything is as black and white as people think, below is a few quotes from the Leopard's president, James Stofberg.

I think we underestimate the lengths that the small unions will go to in order to survive. It's difficult to blame them and it is precisely for this reason that I get so furious when I read of waste at SARU - million rand IRB fines, proposed million rand Jhb offices, massive commissions that could keep 4 unions above water for a year etc etc etc

"At this stage I am not quite sure what is going to happen. Various unions have sent in different proposals (for the Currie Cup). The problem the small unions face is that we are losing our players to the bigger unions and this forces us to start all over again," he told the Argus.

"We need an extra R3-R4-million to survive and compete, and one way of keeping ourselves alive was to consider grouping together and form franchises We do not know how we are going to survive over the next five or six years.

"Over the past two years we have lost 21 of the players in our starting line-up to bigger unions and at the end of the year we are expecting to lose more. So even though we qualified for the Top Eight, there is no guarantee that we will stay there after next season.

"We can't generate any extra money and are slowly going backwards," he said
Hell it seems that BVR is cashing in his IOU early.

Does anyone know what the SAIL stance on this is

Siding with Supersport?

Then what have BVR in his quiver?

As usual, succinct and straight to the point!

Cashing in his IOU's early indeed.

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