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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Rugby Administration: Stofile vows to resign

To be brutally frank, I'll believe it when I see it but Mike Stofile, vice-president SARU, has vowed to resign if Brian van Rooyen is re-elected.

We have been down this road before so it will be interesting to see if it is a sincere threat this time.

Stofile is adamant that his future participation is dependent on the ousting of the incumbent president, Brian van Rooyen.

"If he (Van Rooyen) is re-elected I will resign immediately. I can no longer work with that man," he has said.

History of 'resignations'

Stofile has somewhat of a history of threatening to resign, having been previously quoted on the IOL website on Aug 9 as saying that, 'he sent an SMS to former SA Rugby judiciary committee chairperson Koos Basson on Monday to inform him of his intention.'

"I am also tired of what is going on. This is not good at all. We seem to be going nowhere," Stofile said at the time.

Prior to that Stofile, along with Markgraaff and Lategan, were reported in the Mail & Guardian on the 25th of May as having resigned after the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc), backed by Minister of Sport and Recreation Makhenkesi Stofile ordered them to.

Nothing came of that either as Brian van Rooyen simply refused to vacate his office.

So perhaps Mike will bear with us if we don't all experience a sharp intake of breath at his latest threat.

Voting for Hoskins

Stofile will be abdicating his seat as Saru vice-president and has accepted a nomination from the Blue Bulls Rugby Union and Free State Rugby Union to stand for the position of deputy president.

Stofile also reiterated that he has no ambition of becoming Saru president and that he will be one of the members of the presidents' council who will be casting his vote for Van Rooyen's adversary, KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins, at the AGM.

"I have always said that the best person to take over the reins at Saru must be Oregan because he is a calm and collected individual at all times," Stofile has been quoted on News24 as having said.

Never approved Van Rooyen's office

He is also adamant that neither he or Oregan Hoskins had anything to do with voting to approve an office for Van Rooyen at the cost of R1m to Saru.

"This matter was discussed in a finance committee meeting where I do not occupy a seat and neither does Oregan. This matter was never put to a vote at a presidents' council meeting,"

Not influenced by Big Brother

Stofile has also gone to great pains to deny he is influenced by his older brother, the Minister of Sport, Makhenkesi Stofile.

"My name is Mike Stofile and not the minister's brother. My involvement in rugby is not influenced by the minister. He is my role model as an older brother and he is the one guy who taught us rugby administration in our home town of Alice.

"I respect him as a leader. However, I am not taking advice from him when it comes to rugby.

"This tag of the minister's brother really makes me angry. Regardless of what happens I will not be deterred and I will stand for the position of deputy president. I will continue to serve rugby whether I win or not," concluded Stofile.

That's all very well but various incidents over the years will lead to many fans still feeling a little sceptical over the Stofile brothers influence.

Sounds like someone threatening to throw his toys out of the cot.

Thanks heavens he is not "influenced" by his brother, since the minister has himself admitted he knows "nothing about sport" and that he cheers for the All Blacks.

So the politics are in full swing. Luckily ANCYL is focussing on the municipal election otherwise we might have heard from them aswell.
If we are extraordinarily lucky, they'll both go.

Mike Stofile threatening to resign, have you ever heard a paper tiger roar?

Mondi Mike, who cares. Go if you will, stay if you will. You have no place at the head of South African rugby except your connections.
The wheels of the bus goes round and round, round and round........  
ANCYL are a bunch of plonkers. They ask the nation to stay calm and not be to critical of Banana Banana, but then has mouthfull to rugby. Anyway, it's the state of the nation adress tomorrow, so I believe they have other concerns at the moment.  
Any other dutchman got any more racist chirps 2 make?  
SABC reports WP, Cheetahs and Bulls have also announced they're not backing BVR in the coming election, but they are backing Mike Stofile!!!!!

Bunch of copycats.

The Lions already did it!!!
Yeah Aldo, and right afterwards, Thabo Mbeki made a speech in which he severelt criticised ANCYL and the Bafana

He said they dishonoured the sacrifices of 1976.

Geez that's harsh criticism, and yet another rebuke to ANCYL.

Mbeki is slowly but surely destroying the Zuma faction's biggest supporters inside the alliance.

COSATU's already toed the line. The Woman's League was first and ANCYL is the only one not toeing the line yet.

I won't be amazed if ANCYL gets a new leader at the next national council election.

Nothing racist about it anon.

ANCYL is the lunatic fringe of the ANC. The last time they had decent leaders was in the 60's when Mandela and Tambo ran them. Since then?


Peter Mokaba...please....

ANCYL and the Woman's League is where the ANC puts rabble rousers that embarrass them.

Even in the 60's Luthuli was stringly opposed to the violent change Tambo and Mandela advocated.
Anon, why don't you post with your name? I take it that you are referring to me. Tell me in what way my comment was racist, please, cos I fail to see the recism in any comments on this thread.  
I agree with you Davids. Mbeki is a clever and intelligent man. Not to mention ruthless. He gets his way no matter what. Frankly, I think he's a good president. Yes Mugabe is a bad mark to him, but we don't know what he's been doing, hence it being called silent diplomacy. I like the man's financial views for SA. And he reminds me of a strong leader, the type you need to run SA in africa. Loved the way he called banana banana unpatriotic. I wouldn't be surprised if like you say there is a new leader elected for the YL this year. Have you read the book on his life and how hard he fought to become president? Brilliant! Just can't remember the writers name.

Anon, your name please, if you are gonna make allegations or ask stupid questions, at least be man enough to make them under a name.
Ja Aldo, and I actually don't feel uncomfortable with the ANC trying to change the constitution to give him a third term.

Aside from Mosuia Lekota nobody in the ANC is actually stepping forward. Lekota has his health and being Tswana counting against him though.

The VP is an unknown factor, but I'm worried about her involvement with sideline issues, like the Oilgate deals when she was at Energy and Minerals and the new Gravy Plane situation.

She cares me.
I'm not a supporter of her or her husband. both seem to have to many shady dealings. If she becomes the next pres, which is not impossible, I fear a huge scadal in the proportion of the "intelligensie skandaal" on it's way.

Would love Mbeki to have a third term, if only to give the time for someone to step forward. I don't like the idea of Zuma as president, he just doesn't give me the same sort of comfort as Mbeki. Can't see any other party taking over from the anc right now, so I don't know who else to name as possible pres. I like the IFP's Buthelezi as well, but to much infighting amongst the Zulu's to be a true contender.

How much do you know of the intelligensie skandaal?
Zuma's been sidelined. You can be sure of that.

He tried to rabble rouse and get ANCYL, Woman's League and COSATU behind him.

Mbeki was quiet and he quietly used all his tact and diplomacy to isolate Zuma. The only people still openly supporting him are ANCYL, but what's the bet ANCYL gets to toe the poarty line by the next election....

Donner I read about it but I don't get what the fuss was. Somneoine sent an e-mail with threats or information to cabinet or something like that and the sender oke has sudedenly vanished?

The ANC is Xhosa dominated. Zuma was never going to be president of SA. Never. He's zulu. His appointment as VP was to appease the Zulus and win their votes in the elections and to win KZN. That was it. You okes think the boers are insular and self important in their thinking...

Never met a Zulu yet have you?
Not to much Donner, just what I've read in books and the newspaper. I'm still young and it was a bit before my time, but I love reading books about our history and of the world wars and actually anything to do with History. I love books about our past rugby tours etc. So, nothing first hand.  
Yip, right you are Davids. My father stayed in Natal and my uncle was a cop in Zululand. Zulu's belive they are better than Xhosa's, from their the relationship between the them. It is true that Zuma's appointment was just a clever move to make the Zulu's happy. Reckon the IFP will win the next election in KZN again. What is funny though, is that the Zulus outnumber the Xhosa's by a huge amount, but most of them vote for the ANC, which is pre dominantly a Xhosa party.

Oh and Daivds, I'm referring to the one in the Apartheid regime.

Get hold of Eschel Rhoodie's autobiography "The real Information Scandal".

Aldo it is available in afrikaans too. I know Kalahari stocks it, but you should find a copy in the local library.

Very interesting read. It wasn't so simple as people thought it to be. Rhoodie was the guy who took the fall.
Oh that scandal.

I thoight you were referring to the current one in the intelligence service.

I know the INSIDE story on that. Makes for juicy telling. Rhoodie took the fall for some heavyweight NP boys.

Guys like PW and Pik were covered by Rhoodie's taking the hiding!
Also visit

For a full list of the books his published. He wasn't a great fan of die Krokodil
Hey Don't patronise me, I can read in "die taal van die antichris!". Hehe

anyway, I'll get it Donner, thanks.
Share a bit when you have the time Davids. Maybe email me, but I'm gonna read the book Donner refered to as well.  

He and Connie Mulder was made the bad guys.

Funny thing is that if Connie Mulder was elected prime minister, we could have had a full democracy in SA by 1980 allready. Imagine, no sanctions, no sports boycotts, etc.

Just google Rhoodie's name. You will get a shit load of links
Anon, I'm still waiting for you to show your face and tell us who you really are, and to show me where I made a racist remark. Are you afraid to own up?  

He and Connie Mulder was made the bad guys.

Funny thing is that if Connie Mulder was elected prime minister, we could have had a full democracy in SA by 1980 allready. Imagine, no sanctions, no sports boycotts, etc.

February 02, 2006 11:33 AM

Donner pls explain

even if you want to mail

Mailed you.


I was a student when the Info scandal broke, and was a staunch Connie Muller/Eschel Rhoodie fan.I believe that ER was probably one of the most effective govt employees ever (he was not a politician). The whole rationale behind the "scandal" was the hi-jacking of the premiership by PW and the wannabee Pik. Interestingly enough, Luyt was part of the setup. That was in exchange for govt bailing him out of bankrupcy with the Gazocean deal in the old Transkei.
The Afrikaner politics (pro PW or pro Connie) was extremely bitter in those days. Imagine Connie and Eschel as architects of the NEW SA.
When Connie was ousted, all semblence of political morality also left the (then) govt.
The secquel that Eschel Rhoodie wrote To his book "The Real Information Scandal" was called "PW Botha - The last Betrayal". That descibed how PW himself was stabbed in the back by FW and.... who else but Pik? As the saying goes: What goes round comes round.  
Ja, and what role Lang Hendrik vd Berg? Vorster was devastated at how his friends an colleagues lied to him and betrayed him.
Ultimately he paid the price for misdemeanors that was not all his making.
BTW Rhoodie was never found guilty of anything.

I thought you went to bed.

Rhoodie was found guilty, but it was over turned on appeal. After that he left for USA.
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