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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Rugby Administration: Nine provinces to support Hoskins?

As everyone knows, elections for the vital position of SARU president will be held on the 24th February.

One of the contenders, Oregan Hoskins, president of the KZNRFU is quietly confident that the incumbent's days are numbered.

Speaking to Dale Granger of The Argus, Hoskins said, "It might be early days to count widespread support and in rugby there are no guarantees, but the early indications are positive,"

Given the archaic nature of rugby elections in South Africa, the power behind the throne is not, ironically, the wealthiest most powerful unions but actually resides in the 9 small unions who have been known to frustrate the ambitions of the Big Five before.

The Hoskins camp, however, are counting on pledges of support from the Bulls, the Lions, the Sharks, Western Province, Griquas, the Griffons, the Cheetahs, the Pumas and the Falcons.

Inevitably Brian van Rooyen has refuted these claims, in turn claiming the support of 9 provinces. Van Rooyen, who it is widely believed was originally helped into power by Andre Markgraaf and Louis Luyt, has said, "I will not be stepping down as president of Saru and will be standing for re-election," seemingly shrugging off pending legal investigations he continued, "At this stage a charge sheet has not even been compiled."

Granger further reports that, 'Van Rooyen's ability to keep pace in the race will almost certainly be determined by his ability to woo the support of the three southern Cape unions - South Western Districts, Eastern Province and Border.

These three provinces are themselves embroiled in bitter, internal power struggles and confusion reigns over who will represent them at the annual general meeting.

Each of the 14 provinces have three votes at the AGM and Hoskins believes that even if Van Rooyen does get some support from the southern Cape unions, this could be nullified by a split vote.'

Hoskins has furthermore criticised Van Rooyen for promising support to the SEC which, reading between the lines, he believes has not been delivered. Additionally, he feels that awarding a major test against the All Blacks to the Leopards is ridiculous because SARU will not maximise revenue from a 30 000 seat stadium.

What is often forgotten is that it is not just the position of president up for grabs but the deputy and vice-presidencies. The GLRU's Jannie Ferreira has already made himself unavailable for both, "The reason I am hesitant is because I have no major obsession to serve in higher office of Saru right now and feel that I can make a bigger contribution as president of a major union."

Hoskins once again repeated that, "We need to clean up the image of rugby and continue to work on issues that have tarnished our reputation, here and abroad."

I also disagree about the Rustenburg test being awarded to the Leopards.
Not only will the income from ticket sales be more than halved, but it won't be "home advantage"
for the Boks on a field they've never been on.
Ah, the price for staying on the SARU Gravy Express...
Interesting that the leopards have not 'pledged' yet.  
"The wheels of the bus goes round and round...."

Here we go again! Quote: Hoskins once again repeated that, "We need to clean up the image of rugby and continue to work on issues that have tarnished our reputation, here and abroad."

Haven't we heard this one before? Over the next 2 years there will again be knives out for Hoskins, senior officials discrediting him, conspiracy theories abound etc. until we are left again with another candidate promising to clean out rugby.

Look, I am no fan of BVR, but as long as there are union presidents abusing the structures for their owen benefit, continuously politicking behind the scenes and basically acting like spoiled brats we will have never-ending replays of these infights. Ah.. how I long for a strubborn bastard like Doc Craven with rugby pumping through his veins to take over. Unfortunately Hoskins is not it - mark my words!
Granting a test to Rustenburg is a clear indication of the stupidity of the present Administration.  
you should have taken bacher's deal BVR - you clown  
Anyone but Brians Circus can surely do a better job? Hoskins seems like a clued up guy playing the moral highground and all but i hope he can fight dirty if he has too.  
I hope they leavbe the Scotland test in Durban no matter what happens or else myself and 5 mates have tickets to a weekend in Durban for no reason!  
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