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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Other sport: Aussies warned to expect 'racial backlash' on SA tour

Former test batsman Darren Lehmann has warned the Aussies to expect a "racial backlash" on their SA tour later this month following the ugly taunts experienced by the Proteas. Other Australian players are bracing themselves for a "baptism of fire."

Lehmann, who toured South Africa with the Australia side in 2002, says Ricky Ponting's men will feel the full fury of African crowds angered by the racial slurs which have followed the Proteas around Australia.

"If our crowds have been doing that, it's wrong for a start," Lehmann told Fox Sports. "What will happen is there will be a big backlash in South Africa. They will treat our players pretty harshly and cruelly when we play there."

Fox also reports that South African fans have a "history of abusing visiting players".

Keeper Adam Gilchrist was subjected to intense abuse at Johannesburg's infamous Bullring in the last tour in 2002 during which the Australians were also spat on.

In 1994, Merv Hughes was fined for bashing his bat towards a spectator after being abused as he left the field.

Champion spinner Shane Warne knows he will be targeted. "When we go to South Africa it is going to be pretty hostile there. They are going to rip into us and nail us," Warne said.

Test opener Matthew Hayden and strike bowler Glenn McGrath say they expect to be abused in South Africa but are determined not to react to any retaliatory racial taunts from irate fans.

Australia leaves on February 20 for South Africa where it will play six one-day internationals and three Tests in a six-week tour.
I'm sorry, I couldn't give a fig what anyone says, our players are babies.

Grow up, get out there and hammer the Aussies and the taunts will stop.

Nobody condones the racial taunting of anybody, never mind international sportsmen, but the quickest way to shut them up is to thrash them.

We are developing a really whiney culture in South Africa.
Ja Ras - our guys and Lorgat is really going overboard.

Well, at least over here the Aussies won't have trouble from their national bird - the fly.
I've always wondered how many flies they swallow, the way they chew their gum with open mouths.

Is this not regarded as uncivilised any more? I see our own players following suit.
I hope us fans don't resort to the same behaviour that the Aussies have been giving us. But knowing South Africans, we will probably be worse than the aussies.


The chappie thing irritates me, it seems to have been a problem in cricket all over the years. I can remember Brina McMillan (spelling) doing it as well. Greame Smith should stick that chappie of his where the sun doesn't shine!
Im with Aldo on this one,if we do the same thing as their fans then we are no better than the Aussies,the sad thing is that our fans are actually going to give them a pile of racist shyte to chew on.Not on.  
Oh Gawd,i get called a boer once and now im siding with Aldo....HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  
Hehe Province, it's like bird flue. You'll never be cured now!  
Sorry Ras & Boertjie,

I disagree big time. The Proteas are well respected in terms of their behaviour and discipline, do u really think our guys would resort to such extremes for small jibes & chirps? Please. Of all the countries our guys have toured and been abused in, they've never considered "not touring there again". If Cricket SA supports Smith, why don't u rather take the players' words for, as opposed to assuming how mild the racial taunts are.
went to go and price a khaki shorts yesterday,and a comb to shove in my sock....wont do me any good because of my kaaskop but hey,gotta go the full monty  
Yip PJLD, and don't forget the vellies! Remember, a true boer doesn't wear jeans, as they are from the devil.  
I have to disagree with you Ambiorix. Yes we have been known for our discipline in the past. It is not that way anymore. Not anymore, and it shows in the games we play.

I'm not saying the taunts shouldn't be taken serious, but our players needs to go out and klap their bowlers stukkend and then say, see what this K can do to you. We give them the same abuse when they play here and then they just shut up, and go out and moers us stukkend on the field. The best way to shut the arrogant fans up!
Ja Ras, our players may be soft little girls lace panties, but geez our crowds are harsh.

Shane Warne has told cricinfo and anyone who'll listen that SA is the harshest place to tour, not for anything but the absolute and intimidating crowd hostility.

This is going to be worse. Expect LOADS of SHEEP related banners!!!!
I was at the Wanderers in 94 when Hughes lost it. It all started when Hughes was on the boundary near the cheap seats late on day 2 (Australia had just been bowled out for a low score) and a bunch of youngsters were waving their programmes and bats to him to sign, as is pretty normal in cricket.

Hughes just wasn't interested - maybe he was miffed after the team had taken a bit of a slagging from Alan Border - but he refused to even acknowledge the youngsters. From there, the crowd behind him started giving him the jeers, and he turned into a marked man for the rest of the match.

He brought it all on himself and deserved the fine.
And please everyone, by all means abuse the Aussies when they're out here, but let's make it clever and subtle?

How about a banner spoofing a cellphone company ad, offering Shane Warne x number of free SMSs?

I still believe the very best answer is to klap them on the field.

That generally shuts the racists up pretty quickly.

Additionally the authorities must do what they can as well but I don't agree to threats of not touring in future etc.
At least the visitors never had to duck a roast chicken tossed at them as was the case wit Pat Symcox in Oz.

Perhaps the Aussies should get Symonds to trim his dreadlocks and stop putting that white clown make-up on his lips. Sjeez, he will be a great target for the crowd :-))
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