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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


General Discussions: South African Rugby Legends

The South African Rugby Legends (SARLA) is a vehicle for ex-players worldwide to put something back into Rugby.

Durban will host the World Rugby Festival from 19 - 24 June 2006, where it is expected that over 4000 people will attend.

The purpose of the World Rugby Legends Festival is to promote the brotherhood of amateur rugby across all sectors of the rugby playing fraternity. It is SARLA's vision therefore to have a rugby festival incorporating the following sectors of rugby: International Legends, Golden Oldies, current Club Players and Schoolboys.

As John Allan, CEO, SARLA say's, "The main purpose of the Legends brand world wide is to highlight the need to support amateur rugby at all levels. Most money generated by rugby goes towards the professional code of the game which caters for less than 1% of the players. This has led to the neglect of the amateur code on a world wide scale. It is now time to focus on the full spectrum of rugby from schoolboys at grassroots level to the veteran players who have played the game for over 30 years for fun."

The tournament is endorsed by Oregan Hoskins, "By honouring our past rugby legends we are ensuring that the link between the past, the present and the future will remain steadfast and true and that rugby will always prosper as a sport in our country."

The Springboks most capped Test captain, Gary Teichmann has also added his endorsement, saying, "In 1995 the game of rugby changed dramatically. There are certain principals in rugby that must not change and that is what the concept of Rugby Legends is about. The friendships that are formed through rugby should never be lost but should be cultured through time. For ex-players it is a way of giving something back to the game, a game that has given us so much enjoyment."

The deadline for registration has been extended to the 25th February.

Find accomodation and venue information at:
Something to keep the spirit of the "Old Era" alive in the face of today's approach.
Great stuff!
Robbie Fleck is a LEGEND!!!!  
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