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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Brannasnacht: Kango Wines

Kom al julle maatjies, kruip uit julle gaatjies, dit is tyd vir Brannasnacht. I know we have focused on Klipdrift since the start of this site, but I thought it maybe interesting to look at other not so well known brandys, specifically the cellars that produce them. This week it is the turn of Kango Wines. Seeing that we have a representitive in Oudtshoorn, he might give us additional information on Kango Wines.

I heard a rumour that Blondie will bare all and tell us who she really is. Be sure not to miss it. For those of you that tire easily, please take a quick nap at five o'clock.


Kango Co-op was founded in 1926 as the Kango Co-operative Tobacco Company. The tobacco buildings were built in Park Road South , Oudtshoorn. Due to a demand by local grape producers the board of directors decided on the 25 th of May 1973 to establish a wine cellar, the construction of which started in July 1974 right next to the tobacco buildings and the first grapes were taken in during the 1975 harvest.

Today, the harvest yields approximately 3500 metric tons from our members situated in the Klein Karoo, Western Cape and Swartberg Areas.

Today Kango Head office is situated in Van Der Riet Street , which includes the bottling, labelling and distribution as well as the Wine House where the public can taste the fine range of products on offer.

The cellar in Park Road South is where you can find the winemaker and tours of the cellar can be arranged on appointment. If you are lucky you can go and have a look at the rolling of chewing tobacco still done by hand.

Brandy products

Kango Buchu Brandy
Colombard grapes and a Buchu punch are used in this Brandy which has a distinct buchu herb character.
Varietal composition: Colombard/Buchu Punch
Alcohol: 43% VOL
Buchu has been used for hundreds of years and is famous for its medicinal properties especially in curing stomach ailments.

Kango Hanepoot Brandy (3 years)
Hanepoot grapes are used for this distinct brandy and it has a distinct sweet hanepoot nose and raisin character.
Varietal composition: Hanepoot
Alcohol: 43% VOL
This brandy is a must for any brandy connoisseur and is enjoyed best on its own or on the rocks.

Kango Honeybush Brandy
Kango Honeybush Brandy is made from the indigenous African Honeybush. This herb is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and together with its great taste offers a refreshing brandy for any occasion.
Varietal composition: Colombard / Honeybush Punch
Alcohol: 43% VOL

Kango VO Brandy (3 years)
Colour: Deep amber.
Aroma: Fruity nose with nuances of straw and almonds.
Taste: The aroma is distinct on the taste . This brandy has a smooth character with no harshness when swallowed
Alcohol : 43%VOL
Grape Variety : Colombard
Enjoy with a cigar after any meal

For more information on Kango Wines and the other products they produce, please visit

al weer mamma slat vir pappa aand  

More likely wicked and angry Tafelberg moering blondie once and for all
shame... does blondie still think tafeltjie is a bloke? maybe she bats for both sides?  
Hello everyone

I'm looking for my boy. I'm hoping he pops in here tonight. I would so love to have a rapport with him and regain all those years we lost.

Can you maybe help me davids and heksie?

He calls himself Pissant

Please I need to see my boy.

My words fumble like a Jean De Viliers pass in my fingers with an open tryline beckoning.
blondie that is.....  
You shouldn't tell kandas that.

It'd just get him hotter under the collar

In fact any man.....

Except my brother of course seeing as he has had the experience and says that the fantasy is dead.

Double effort rather than double pleasure it seems . . . .

I feel that we have so much in comman. You are looking for your son and I am looking for my pappa.

Maybe we should join efforts.
Getaway from me child.

I'm looking for my boy. I've seen him here and he ripped my heart out!

I can understand it though. I've been out of his life for so long....

I need to make it up to him, maybe like a knock on or a missed tackle in a crucial CC encounter...

Thank you very much for choosing Kango Wines as our theme for tonight. Really appreciated.

I might just add that they are really famous for their variety of Brandies, especially the totally unique Hanepoot Brandy. Also a very nice range of wines including Cabernet, Pinotage, Shiraz and my favourite Merlot.

We might just be lucky and a representative of Kango Wines will join us tonight.

Remember to all together ask him very nicely for a Sponsorship! :)
I want to be here but I'm having awful troubles with my email, can't get OE to open for some reason, so if I'm muted, please forgive me.

Also, please forgive the lack of any replies to any emails.

Anyone know what Msimn does?????

Give me some time I'll come back to you now-now!
See my posts on Stofile thread.
You're a star, Kandas!!!

May all the Blondies in the world be yours! ;-)
By the way, I've just been to to download Explorer again, hasn't helped.  
Ctrl, Alt, Del =

'Msimn (not responding)'

When I try open Outlook Express all I get is the blue welcome window which just freezes.

You are having problems opening your email client so your 'mate' gives you this advice:

(the best thing i can think of is :

go to dos prompt and type the following

c:>format c: )

Which I nearly followed....:-(((

Nice one, bruvva!!! Hehehehehe

P.S. whatever you do, WHATEVER you do - do NOT follow that instruction, no, not even as a joke or as an irresistible temptation!
What do you guys think of Error Doctor? They say its 'free', what's the catch?  
Where is everyone. Still too early I assume. Will check back in later.  

Check your mail.

If all else fails, re-install windows.


Could only be the Mad Namibian telling you to format c:


That era was interesting. I share your view on Connie being the architect.

Always said that if I ever do my masters, I would do a whatif scenario of where SA would have been today if Die Krokodil, wasn't such a doos and Connie did come to power.
Hay mon!

Heavy Politics!
Siembamba, mamma se kindjie
Siembamba, mamma se kindjie
Gooi hom in die sloot...

Ja, well, you can only hope, he?

Did you take that nap as I suggested?

You were talking about me?

Kandas, welkom vir die volgende uur
Yes I am talking about you.

Don't want to hear about falling asleep naked again.

Any news on the whimp. Is he nervous?
Has my first born pitched yet?  
I dont associate with whimps. So dont know what you are talking about.

Maybe thats why myself and Aldo, although we are both Bulls supporters, will never really get along. Too much of a whimp you know!

But thats just me you know.
I am talking about the whimp we discussed earlier on the phone.  

Verskoon my vanaand. Ek probeer om my nuwe website gelaai te kry.
Geniet die gesels.

Will get back to you later.
Ag nee Boertjie,

Wat is dit dan nou?
Piepiemier en Heksie smaak my droog water op.

Miskien wil hulle van Gus 'n oupa maak. Dan het hy ten minste 'n verskoning om soos een te speel.
Is there anybody out there?  
Nou dat ek op en wakker en reg is!

Waars daai Blonde Bom?

Die een met die borste!?
Hello, hello, hello,
Is there anybody out there,
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is there anybody home....

Kom aan Noot vir Noot. Snit, album en kunstenaar?
Nie so rondborstig nie.

Sy sal seker opdaag saammet PA en Heksie. Driekuns stories.
Nee, die helle raak weg soos reenwater in die sand.
Okay, my probleem het uitgesorteer geraak. Oplossing was net 'n foonoproep weg.

hoeveel keer moet ek nog vir jou sê, ek is nie blond nie :-))
Baie bly om te hoor Boertjie.

Smak my die manne is maar stil vanaand.
Het julle clues nodig?  
Kallie & Mike se oudste spruite het pas gehoor hulle
gaan Graad 3 toe.

Mike: "Ek is so trots op daai laaitie. Gisteraand vra
ek hom om vir my 'n sin te maak met "bysin" en "gesegde". Soos blits sê hy toe: "Ons was ons gesegde in die bysin."

Kallie: "Dis niks, Klein Kallie is in 'n Ingelse klas en laas nag het hy my sy tuiswerk-boek gewys:

Mike: "Nè?"

Kallie: "Hy moes 'n sin maak met 'attack, defence & quarrel'.
Toe sê hy: 'I climb over defence to pick attack of grapes & eat them quarrel for quarrel.' En om te dink hy's net 19!"
Watse nuwe site?  

Ek dink Kallie het hom gehelp met dit.
Nee, ek probeer maar my dienste op die internet adverteer.
Wie weet, dalk sien Blondie dit raak...
Hoesit bliksems!

So wakker soos 'n rakker!

Uitgekak deur boertjie
soos 'n opregte hoertjie


Wat doen julle as julle nie water opdroog of bote opblaas nie?
Ek wonder of Blondie sal weet om sites te kry. Klink my sy sal vir iemand se om format c: te tik in dos.  

moontlik, vrouens het die gewoonte om van ouer mans te hou
Kom aan Kandas,

Weet jy wat die song is?
Ja, PA is dalk besig om sy hele hardeskyf te vervang nadat hy dit self probeer het.  
Ai Boertjie

Het jy nou die Horing ontstel?
I'll meet you at midnight?  
Nee, daar is baie maniere om 'n volstruis te vang :-)
Uitkak is nie een nie en nie my styl nie :-)
Hi Guys You're all so funny LMAO!  

Nee. Die album was geban in 1978 agv een liedjie. Hulle was bang dit veroorsaak chaos.

Daai liedjie se eerste lyn was "We don't need no education".

Die groep het een van die beste liedjie skrywers ooit as hoofsanger gehad, maar hy het in die laat tagtigs die groep verlaat.

Waar is die pic?

Is PA en Heksie nog besig?
En toe kry hulle "no education" en nou sit almal met die gebakte pere...

Dit is van te veel in die son sit en niks doen dat hulle met gebakte pere sit.:-))
Sorry about the pic guys I'm not on my own computer and I can't remember how I did it last time.
I'm not very clever with computers. LMAO!
Don't worry Blondie. You have many other great features.  

If you log in your pic would be there.
Where is that guy Tafelburg tonight? Is he still cross with me?  

You dumb bitch!

What you want me to do next?
Tafelberg is relaxing in the bath. Seeing that you only showed up so late.

Don't worry, she won't hurt you. A lead pipe against the head is rarely very painful.
Hi Kandas Why are you so rude with me? LMAO!
I hear you are good with websites and I want to design a new one. Must you come to Plettenburg Bay to do it or must I come to you?

I guess it depends where and if you want to.
Watch out for Kandas. He's not all he's pretending to be.
And he sleeps naked!

You have mail.
Kan ook nie my gat draai nie, dan flirt julle klomp met Blondie

Wat is die verskil tussen 'n kruiwa en 'n blond?
Die kruiwa loop nie agter jou aan as jy hom klaar gestoot het nie
Oh shucks now I remember Tafelburg is a woman. Silly me to forget.
jis maar n ou kan baie kak gegee word selfs al is hy nie hier nie!

hier probeer ek arme ras help met sy mail en ek word uitgekak van n kant af....

Blondie is wpw! LMAO.

Dit hoes nie, dit nies!!!!
OROS is weer laat vanaand. Aldo ook.
BTW Kandas,

Pink Floyd, The Wall, Comfortably Numb.
Ek dink OO is klaar met huiswerk na die drie laaities  
Hi Zogman that's a new name. I don't want to be in trouble again so I will ask if you are indeed a man.  
doesnt the 'man' give it away???  
Is die Piepiemier hier?

Wat het sy vanaand met die baked beans gemaak?
toast met kerri gold butter donner - was befok

Nee, sulke ouens probeer gewoonlik nog EEN keer vir 'n meisie.
En dan het hulle VIER seuns...

Ek weet!!!

Ek's besig met ander highly secret missions!

Kan nie eintlik praat nie!

You try hanging on to a gravy train!!!
Ofr course yes I should have realised that zogman is a man.
But what does the zog mean?
Has my son pitched up yet?  
ek het gravy gehad vanaand

was nogal lekker

dink ek gaan daarby hou
no he is sleeping over @ davids' place - convincing him that he needs to get in touch with his love child jorrie muller  
Hou sy die rys vir more aand?  
Het vir my 'n dubbele skaapnekbredie gemaak en myself oor 'n mik gevreet.
Valiant Swart

Ek wens jy was hier...

Ek het nie geweet jy het 'n ding vir Valiant nie. Dawn sal baie jaloers wees. :-)))))  
Is hy dan beter as Bles en Stefaans Stofsuier?  

ja so iets, rys met vleis ding of iets

Net soos Robbie Wessels se "verbode vrugte is donners lekka"

Net so befok
Waar is Heksie dan?  
Okay, so reloaded Windows and ****all has improved!!!! Still cannot open email, now I'm really!

Out of options now.

Anyway, trust Brannas is going well.
eish boertjie, stuur resep man....

ek wil n kwaai potjie maak vir die opening naweek volgende week.... enige idees?

en wildspotjies is natuurlik meer as welkom
Ai jai jai jai jai  
Donners is altyd lekka.  
you should have followed my advice instead of volstruis boer's ras!!!

ok i am going to shower, back in 20

Help vir GLC met die potjie jong.
Gus, have you found your son yet?

Seems my dad has left this place.
I don't understand, who is that blonde?  
She talks a bit like me, I suppose

but it's not me

Kandas!!!!! At last LMAO

You are here!!!! ROTFLMAO
Ons kan onder ons eie name inlog op Brannasnacht en daar is nog steeds kak!..  
I know I'm not like the brightest thing around but I do know how to show my pic at least LMAO

still, Kandas, I wouldn't mind a website of my own, can you help?
Sal my resep stuur. Baie eenvoudig, en ek vat sommer kortpad met 'n drukkoker.

Jammer om te hoor. Maybe it works tomorrow :-)

I'm just joking, that early blonde was me but I found my pic now


sorry guys
It seems the real Blondie has pitched up!
Nah, boertjie, it was me but I couldn't remember my password

then I remembered I wrote it down on my fridge

Ja, I must go too.

Bye all!

Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite LMAO

Sorry, but I am going to call it a night. The medication is kicking in and I don't want to pass out infront of the PC.

Talk again tomorrow.
Vat sommer die dag af, dan kan jy baie gesels!
Hoop jy word beter.
En hier sit ek nou by my vinger alleen!! :-))  
Lyk my Kandas het weer gaan slaap.  
Ek gaan vanaand 'n Kandas trek, met die verskil ek groet voor ek uitpaas.
Het baie lanklaas so vroeg vaak geword - seker die hitte.
Kyk mooi na die siek Donner.
Nag almal.

Night, night.
Ja die man was vanoggend werk toe, en het terug gekom. Lê al heeldag in die kooi
Lekker slaap, weet net nie wat ek nou gaan maak nie, so wakker soos 'n akker
ai tafel,
smaak my dis ek jy en heksie as sy inkom van buite af

nou wat soek sy buite, jy haar uitgesluit?
En hy kom Brannas saam.
So siek EN so getrou soos 'n hond.
Gou gestort, maar nou moet ek jou verlaat.
Dalk kom Piepiemier terug na sy laaaang 20 minute.
Miskien het iemand die seep laat val :-)
LOL Boertjie

Lekker doeks
Sorry this may be a response top late post

"Blondie said...
Ofr course yes I should have realised that zogman is a man.
But what does the zog mean?"

Nick is derived from Calvin and Hobbes. One of the alter egos of Calvin is Spaceman Spiff from the Planet Zog

she is blonde.....



nee girl, ek het nie eens sleutels in die plek nie.

nag bortjie, chat more en kry daai resep deur vir my asb.

van resepte gepraat, weet dit klink ga-ga, maar is moerse lekker

Tuna tert

Groot 1 x smoke beef chips fyn vir kors

Meng 1:
1 x suurlemoenjellie, 1 teelepel gelatine en 1 k kookwater en koel dit dan af

Meng 2:
2 blikke tuna
1 k mayononaise
1 k gerasperde chedder kaas
3 hardgekookte eiers
1 groot ui - fyn gekap
visspeserye, sout + peper

Meng 1 + 2 en laat afkoel in yskas en geniet,
Trust the brandy threat to get more comments thatn the rugby ones.  
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