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Friday, January 13, 2006


Super 14: What a "Naas" Surprise


Naas Olivier just could not believe it when he heard the Stormers rugby squad needed his services.

"It was quite a surprise when I heard the news," Olivier said.

The Leopards flyhalf arrived in Cape Town on Tuesday and started training with the Stormers on the same day.

"I went from the airport straight to the training field. However, I fitted in quickly with the other players because they made me feel very welcome."

Olivier, 23, finished fifth on the top points scorers list in the Top Eight phase of the Currie Cup series last year. With his 71 points he was just eight points behind Peter Grant, the other Stormers flyhalf.

Grant is probably the No 1 flyhalf in coach Kobus van der Merwe's squad, but Olivier is excited in being involved in Super 14 rugby and sees it as a chance to be grabbed with both hands.

"It's always nice to get acknowledgement for good play," the young flyhalf said.

The youngster from Potchefstroom says it is his aim to take the step up to top level competition. After playing in the Craven Week, Under-21 rugby and Currie Cup, the Super 14 series is definitely the next logical step.

Van der Merwe said he had to get another flyhalf in his squad.

"In the absence of Gaffie (du Toit) and Chris (Rossouw) I need extra cover at flyhalf."

The coach has a pretty good idea who will be in the team to play the Bulls at Newlands in the Stormers' first warm-up match on Saturday next week.

The other warm-up match will be against the Southern Spears in Wellington the following weekend.

"I'm going to use the Springboks in my squad sparingly, because they had a longer season than the other players.

"The match against the Bulls will be very physical and I'm not going to take a chance with players.

"I'll rather use the Boks against the Spears, because I know their quality. I'll include the other players I want to experiment with in the warm-up against the Bulls," Van der Merwe said.

I havent seen this guy play yet,how is he?  
now they want to use the players sparingly - and not risk injury?????

what happened to hitting the ground running and playing the warm up mathces with huge intensity to get the guys on a winning way going into the competition according to paarwater?

ffs the stormers pr and management camp is so full of shit it is not even funny - do these guys, (coaches) actually talk to one another before they talk to reporters?

do they actually talk to each other fullstop??????

cause one seems to have quite a different idea to what he wants than the others...


Maybe ole Moaner rates the Spears higher than the Bulls.

Why did they let Gaffie go, if this was going to be the case. Guess they never expected the Roses and Dollie to leave.

What happened to the guy they sent over to Mud isle to learn from Merthens.

Moaner seems to have no idea what's going on around him.
yeah donner.

surely when it became clear that gaffie was on his way out - which was obviously known for some time before the rose fiasco, surely the management should have had the intelligence to make sure that their back up flyhalfs in rose and and dollie was secured????

and not this bullshit of a gentlemans agreement - ffs this is business and if you cannot run a team or union professionally as a business unit which implies certain risks to be involved, i.e. your assests or staff being headhunted (even more so in rugby) get the f#@k out!!!

the bloody pumas has a more professional setup!

this is bloody shocking from one of the oldest unions with one of the proudest traditions in south africa.

it is time for mallet to pull his finger out of his arse and start concentrating on affairs directly affecting WP rugby and leave the academy shit until the union is running effectively.

otherwise the players being coached and nurtured in the academy will have no union to bloody join - not that i would want to anycase.

i am sure davids and the lions are happy though, we are just developing brilliant players for them and other unions at the end of the day.
Boys in CT

From yesterday 14h00 to some ungodly hour last night I had no electricity.....

Now being allowed home from work early was nice.

Not having electricity..... not so nice.

Seems jhb and CT are getting real damned good at this.

Now couple this disaster to the one Tuesday night when a tree fell over in our street and the Metro pitched up and felt the irrepressable need to cut it up with chainsaws...... at 03h00 in the morning....

And you will understand that I am running on empty here and the temper is a bit frayed, especially seeing as I lost lots and lots of work I was cleverly working on at the same time yesterday to prove I can multitask (which I can by the way).

OKay with the bitching out the way, thank you for not blaming me for all evil in Brannasnacht.

Please, however feel free to address all cvomplai9nts to the stupid gits at Citipower....


It's brokken again....

I can't believe....

So in the angered candle lit DavidS household, last night was the very last night that DavidS Jnr No 1 had to start her Terrible Two tantrums....  

and it hought WP had problems davids - i would have used a chainsaw on that tit if they come around at 3 in the morning to pull a stunt like that
chaps, how do I contant any of you without having to post or is this a private site and I am messing you chaps around by intruding.  




And no this is not a private site.

Everyone is welcome.

Our focus is a bit broader than the other site though...


I took my gun cos I thought someone was trying to steal a car in the street. Then I went into the street, saw what they were doing, went over and threatened them and got told that they'd call the cops and arrest me if I didn't go back to my house....

I didn't fancy a few hours in the cells when I was already sleep deprived...
Thanks a lot - I only found Kandas but as someone said he must still be asleep.  

The oldest union with a huge tradition. I think that may just be the problem. They think they can ride that line, but haven't yet realised this is professional sport now.
good point davids...

but firing a couple of shots when you could not be seen and quickly running back into the house might also have done the trick....

smacks of what we see in teh irb too donner.

old boys clubs'
Ida pissed in bottle and chucked it over my wall....but thats just me!
Good Morning gentleman!

Thanks but the only thing I could think of was killing them and that really wasn't an option.

I mean both babies were predictably awake and I'm sure Mommy wouldn't have wanted me to go to jailand leave her taking care of them alone....

The mind is a weird thing at 03h00 in the morning...



Thanks for all the kickers WP is distrinuting so freely to other unions. Naas Olivier has signed for the Leopards for CC this year though.
Morning Province

Thanks for the advice.

He's promising, but he's young and inexperienced. A good kicker and he performed well at a union that got hammered the whole season.
Julle ouens moan verniet, gisteraand toe poach hulle ons grootste rooibok ram. Blerrie donners, ons het tot omtrent twaalfuur gisteraand hulle gesoek en toe opgegee. Ons het seker 2 jaar laas die soort kak gehad. Maandag aand toe breuk hulle in by ons bure, selfde storie, tot laataand die fokkers gesoek. Selfde mense, of hulle dra dieselfde skoene. Predictably, skitter die polisie in hulle afwesigheid!  
En dan het hulle die temerity om almal te laat dink die kommando's is onnodig ook....  
Shotto DavidS.Lets hope he has a cool s14  

Hulle is mos onnodig, die Poilisie het dan so baie reserviste. Of dis wat die regering besluit het. Kommandos is nie nodig nie en sal deur reserviste vervang word, grootste grap wat ek in my lewe gehoor het.
Has anybody spotted thetackler on this site? Hope not! Hahahahaha

Only got back from vacation yesterday and I am humbled by the site that you guys have got going here!! Good job!
Zero, it's only because of my highly intelligent comments that you are humbled by this "Craapy site"! ;)  
Hey bad luck Aldo

hoop julle kom oor die crime wave
Nie regtig 'n crime wave nie, net drie ouens wat nog nie vir Wagter ontmoet het nie. Dis nou ons kwaaiste volstruis. Hulle is seker nuut in die omgewing, want anders sou hulle geweet het hulle gaan in die hospitaal beland. Moes al 4 mense en 1 polisie man hospitaal toe vat oor sy kak!  
Bad night Aldo?!

Hoop julle kry die fokkers!
Ditto Aldo

Pasop net vir wie jy vertel as jy hulle in leeukampe gooi.....
Thanks Zero,

Glad you popped in. We will be here for a long time.
The only reason George Maluleki became a judge is because of his political connections.

I had the displeasure of litigating against him several times with personal injury cases in the 90's when I represented insurance companies.

Ran rings and rings around him every time. He was NEVER a good lawyer.
ps. Zero

the tackler's welcome as long as he behaves himself.
Yip Zero bad night.


Gaan hulle nie in leeukampe gooi nie, ons is gecover, want ons het waarskuwings borde op, so ons vat hulle hospitaal toe en hulle kan ons niks maak nie.
Didnt he pop in once?  

no that was me taking the mickey....

Jy wil nie soos Mark Scott-Crossly opeindig nie...
Dis hoekom ons hulle nie in leeukampe gooi nie. Ons volstruise is die gevaarlikste wat ons het. Vir hulle hoef ons net 'n waarskuwings teken op he. As iemand dan ongenooid op die plaas kom rondloop en die kak word uit hulle geskop kan daar niks aan ons gedoen word nie. Ons vat hulle hospitaal toe so ons soek hulle nie dood nie.  
Beter plan  
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