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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Super 14: Warm-up Games: Stormers 73 - Spears 5

Our man Donner, with his trusted cellphone, is ready at the Wellington Stadium in the Boland to bring us the latest scores and updates from the Stormers' warm-up game against the Southern Spears. Whilst Donner is settling comfortably into his seat in the stands, myself will spent the time behind the PC to make sure that you can share in history in the making.

The teams are:

Stormers: Werner Greeff, Rayno Benjamin, Piet van Zyl, Jean de Villiers, Jonghi Nokwe, Peter Grant, Bolla Conradie, Adri Badenhorst, Schalk Burger (c), Luke Watson, Andries Bekker, Ross Skeate, Eddie Andrews, Hanyani Shimange, JD Moller.

Replacements: Schalk Brits, Attie Winter, Henk Eksteen, David Hendricks, Neil de Kock, Naas Olivier, Joe Pietersen.

Southern Spears: Baldwin McBean, Gershom Ramazan, Basil de Doncker, Vusumzi Mbulali, Reinhard Gerber, Isma-eel Dollie, Warren Malgas, Ashley Johnson (c), Davon Raubenheimer, Maurice Reid, Jaco du Toit, Lean Combrinck, Eugene Maqwelana, Gavin Williamson, Petros Methula.

Replacements: Wayne Bennett, Marius Mostert, Hein Potgieter, Pietie Loots, Daniel Philander, Spencer Wakeling, Ashwin Scott, Brood van der Westhuizen.

No score after 10 minutes. Spears just lost a chance to score when the ball was knocked. First two line-outs went against the throw. Both Dollie and Malgas are not playing. Were replaced by Wakeling and Philander.

Ashley Johnson yellow-carded in 14th minute. According to Donner, the Spears are impressive and running at every opportunity.

After 20 minutes still no score. Stormers making a lot of mistakes whilst Spears backline looks very impressive although they are on the backfeet as the forwards are suffering in the scrums.

Shimange scores in corner in 30th minute after kick was dropped by Spears' left wing. Conversion not over. 5 - 0.

Try by Luke Watson. Converted by Greeff. 12 - 0.

Fight broke out in 33rd minute. Red Card to Eugene Maqwelana, prop of Spears and yellow card to JD Moller of Stormers.

Score by Skeate in corner. Conversion by Greeff. 19 - 0. (Grant is having an off day with the boot).

Half-time and score is 19 - 0.

Second half on the go and Spears took off their Left wing in order to field 8 forwards.

Try by De Viliers after De Kock (who is on the field in place of Conradie) broke. Another try by Benjamin. Conversion by De Kock. 33 - 0.

Another try by Watson. Converted by De Kock. 40 - 0.

Eksteen on for Bekker and Gus Theron in place of Van Zyl.

Score by Wakeling for Spears. Conversion missed. 40 - 5.

Score by Schalk Burger and converted by De Kock. 47 - 5.

Brits and Olivier on for Shimange and Grant.

Second try for Benjamin after 70 minutes converted by De Kock. 54 - 5.

Spears down to 13 men after another yellow card by referee Marius Jonker.

Score by Nokwe. Conversion missed by De Kock. 59 - 5.

Nokwe breaks on own 22 and scores. Conversion by De Kock. 66 - 5.

Score by Pietersen converted by De Kock. 73 - 5.

End of match. 73 - 5.

Donner's match report to follow tomorrow.
donnerse lucky bliksem  
good to see ashley back.

nokwe to rip a new ass out of the spears!!!!
Go Donner
Go Kandas
Donner = Stormers fan, with cellphone
Kandas = Spears fan, with PC...

......I can see kak coming up! ;)

No bias, Kandas!
hehehehe ras.

soon we will see an update:

"Due to technical problems Donner was strangled with the sound cable and we wont be able to do live updates"
Ja you Stormers lot. Lets see where this one is going.  
So, just to avoid the usual unpleasantness as Kandas unravels, will the score be on the comments or on the article??? ;-)  
so i take it there is no score then yet?  
both Ras  

maak net seker jy het klere aan

die idee van n naked scorer of updater is net te veel...
No score yet. Getting worried, PA?  
is jy nog nuger genoeg om te spel knadas?  
onhou aan die einde van die game moet jy ik:

Sormer 74

Spears 14
Sheesh, poor Andre Pretorius, pretty embarrasing for him.  
quite ras

ek gaan ge-bliksem raak op KKNK
Ja, I don't fancy your chances, PA

Kandas has a few weeks pent up rage to expend.

You better take Heksie with to flirt with him for a while.

Mrs Rasputin has had a 300 mile exclusion zone around Oudsthoorn imposed on her!

problem is heksie is not blonde....
ja die donnerse spears skelms!!!  
Check the article!

Yellow card to Ashley Johnson!
According to Donner, the Spears are impressive and running at every opportunity.

hey get a bloody biased supporter there man, who cares what donner thinks!!!
dis a DF

next time we get clayton to report!!!
24 minutes and still no score. PA? Ras?  
5 - 0 to Stormers. Conversion not over.  
pieter must sort that tight 5 out!

who is kicking, grant?
any more on the fight, is there a lot of feeling in the game  
12 - 0  
Tell Donner to look out for PD!!

He's there.

how the hell is he supposed to see PD unless he sits on him or steps on him.

dawie die kabouter!
Hey, great going there, Kandas!!! Just noticed the story updating!

Way to go!
A red card for a scuffle? Who's the ref?  
Ross Skeate over for a converted try!

19 - 0 Try by Skeate.  
Like the new pic PA

Did you get my mail?
Shyte Kandas - ek hoop jou span kry darem punte :-)
Moet erg wees as jou voorspelers sukkel en nou is hulle net sewe...
Half time.  
oh hell yes ras.... i wanted to post the pic for myself..... but PA said I was to think about Knadas' heart  
The game has been destroyed by the sending off.

I wonder how bad the offence was.
Yip. Kandas can you try and get some short general comment from Donner re the fight and the way the match is going?
He should be doing this at half time - not drinking :-)))
Brilliant pic Heksie!
Reën dit nog in Windhoek?
Hehehehe Heksie!

I think PA may have been right this time!

Doesn't happen often but there is a first time for everything! ;-)
i loved them ras, pity i have no clue what the arti said!!!

how many languages do you speak?

oh and as you can see i eventually got heksie registered and logged on.

plus she chose her fantasy rugby team, and i must say, it looks wicked
De Villiers en Benjamen het gescore! Telling: 44-0  
Jammer: 33-0  
reindeer get oof the spar letta bru  
There is quite a delay between comments appearing here and on the main thread.
Reindier, waarvan praat jy? Wie speel?
jy het my nou ernstig n calculator laat gaan soek !!  
eish knadas, i reckon like ras said, the sending off has just spoilt this one  
Geluk Spiese!
40 - 0  
knadas jy moet seker joke met gus, he wasnt even in the reserves!!!!!!  
i like the look of wakeling, he makes a huge contribution every game  
40 - 5  
With pics like that, I can read any language PA ;-)

Great to see Heksie registered. I notice Blondie is not here...:))

Reindeer, nice to see you!

Pity for the Spears about the yellow and red, difficult to judge the game now.

Not bad scoring a try with only 14 guys though.
Schalk Burger!
60 minutes and still 40 - 5.  
See what happens when you wear Schalk Burger Puma boots!!!  
convered by De Kock

knadas seun, los die rooi sap tot die game klaar is seuna
of werk die "t" knoppie nie?  
niela jou uister.... wys daai pale wies baas.  
niela jou uister.... wys daai pale wies baas.  
GREAT job Donner and Kandas... is just like being there

Howzit All - Seems all has gone well for the Stormers so far.

But how much can one read into the games? I suppose not a hell of a lot other that conditioning for the players.
Spears down to 13 men after another yellow card by referee Marius Jonker.

not good

red and yellow cards will give a false sense of security.
oh and you know PD is gonna rip the shyte out of this one..... being a WP at heart (ummmmm)  
Heksie, perhaps so.  
I see the fantasy league on is up and running  
Weer Nokwe
has the game finished yet?  
a nice warm-up for the stm's, and an even better learning curve for the spears. Don't read too much into the scores, rather think of this as a great opportunity for the Spears. One thing for sure, they are not getting worse.!!!!!!  
Are red cards really necessary in these matches?

Why not just tell the coach to replace his guy?

Seems damn silly to me.

The whole red card thing needs a good looking at.

Only the most serious offences should be red carded, otherwise it should be left to the citing commissioner to deal with after the match.

Watched the Bath/Wasps game today, both hookers belting ten kinds of crap out of each other in front of the linesman, not a thing happened.
agree ras, these plonker love playing god  
Heksie, love the pic

It is SO you
Great going Reinhardt  
Doing my best... ;-)
Don't really know why i am posting it here again...
ras, don't know whether too see that as an insult or a but what the hell....  
I hope the mountain goats do not think too much into this. I hope they realise that with this whole exercise they realise that they are helping a fellow team. As far as i am concerned, that is the only reason why I follow this - to see how the other (spears) team develops and addapts. It can only help all in sundry.  
Because you are a Team Player, Reindeer!!!

The Sparletta will be on us next Brannasnacht!
tx knadas & donner - good match report  
Yes, Kandas and Donner, thanks for all your hard work  
ag knads' as jy nog nigter is...(which i seriously doubt)... or even clothed (which i doubt even moe).. thankyou very much.

Donner.. dankie skat, dit was uitstekend.!!

Klink my jy en PA is gesuip!!!!!
seker nie eers naaaaaby aan die toestand jy is nie skat.....!!!

het jy al jou joks gekry....erens da innie die omgewing?? lol
And yes... as predicted, WE are. Would you expect anything else?.  
Eish, Tafeltjie is going to donner you, Kandas!!  
Do they drink in Namibia?  

Hulle suip- verskriklik daar

Nie dat ons kan sê ons doen nie!! :-))
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