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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Super 14: Warm-up games: Cats 29 - Spears 11

The second game of the Spears. Against the Cats. Kicking off now!

24 - 5 to the Cats at Half time.

This is like War correspondence. Damn!

In the first half, tries for the Cats by Jacque Fourie, Jorrie Muller and Jarno Vermaak. For the spears a try by centre Spencer Wakeling.

16 Minutes into the second half. Spears star left wing, Lovu, late tackled. Penalty to Spears. 24 - 8 to Kieties.

27th minute. Willem Scholtz, lock of Cats yellow carded. Score still the same! Go Spears!!! :)

31st Minute. Try by January. Not converted. 29 - 8 to Kieties.

Final minute of the game - penalty by Reinhard Gerber of the Spears. Final score - CATS 29 - 11.
Go Cats!!! ;-) Hehehehe  
knadas where is the live audio streaming?!?!?!?!  

Sorry Kandas, Tony!

Couldn't resist!

Tony posted a very interesting response on the Japanese thread.

The Spears are not lacking in imagination or ambition, that's for sure.
"I have asked the IRB to assist in the scheduling of Southern Spears home and away games against Japan, Germany, USA Eagles, Kenya, Madagascar and Namibia to up skill the Spears players, move them through the lower tanks of the Tier 2 countries and then to build bilateral trade and sporting relationships with these countries.
Naturally this profiles the sponsors int hese countries."
no score yet?  
hey knadas,

when will the 'more' follow?
ja nee, i think the current one is lying naked again somewhere....  
and i am gonna slap him with the soggy end of his 'tension' soon if he does not give us a score  
PA, do we need a new Spears correspondent????  
you are being kind StP...

you on the juice already?
At least he is building the tension up nicely.....  
Let's have a bet, after 20 minutes.....

Cats 15
Spears 6


Have a guess
seems the sequence of my posts are not what it should be......  
And I'm being generous seeing how they were "nilled" in 80 minutes last week.  
you are being kind StP...

you on the juice already?
must be StP
Where is Kandas??

Is he singing the anthem or what?
Howzit all

Hallo ST Pete hoe gaan dit met jou?

Kandas asleep again
nee fok weet OO, lets hope he has clothes on this time  
Yip maybe the Spears away kit?  

you guessed it ras, or am i just that damn good
20 minutes: Spears 3 Cats 15
40 minutes: Spears 3 Cats 34
60 minutes: Spears 9 Cats 43
80 minutes: Spears 12 Cats 55
Kandas has narcolepsy  
Interesting format of comments!

St Pete answers his own questions before they are posted!

I reply to PA before he asks a question.....

Is it all a moerse KF????
I told you he has a moerse hangover. Probably passed out on a Red Bull.  
As long as it was only a Red Bull he passed out on, Donner......

He's a hefty lad, our Kandas!

give us a score there donner!  

Just spoke to him. He is not very happy with you guys.
shit i am quick today......  
Check the full arti you arseholes!!!!  

It's been happening all day Rasputin.

I mentioned it earlier on the other thread.

Personally....I think we've got this "time travel" stuff almost ready for the marketing stage.

I'm think of selling an 80 minute time travel spot to McKeevers Spears.

eg: When the Cats score a try, the Spears can go back in time and organise their defence for the impending try.

Likewise on attack, when an attack breaks down, we can go back and play "dodgeball" with the defenders.

I think it'll work.

PS:As a matter of principle, all instructions and lessons for the use of "Time"......will be in English.

The Potgieters,Van der Merves and Bothas' will just have to learn or lose.
Hey....they got a try.

The Cats will be the laughing stock of SA!!!!
24 - 5 to the cats at half time  
Full arti reads:

"Super 14: Warm-up games: Cats vs. Spears - East London.
The second game of the Spears. Against the Cats. Kicking off now!

More to follow."
24 - 5 to he Kieties at half time.

More to follow from the trenches.

Must be my cheap PC
Me thinks Kandas needs a little more of our second article!!!

Hehehehe, stressful life down there in the SWD!!
He did give it to me. Can't help you.  

Piss off!
Kandas wrote:

24-5 to the Cats at half time

Rasputin predicted:

40 minutes: Spears 3 Cats 34

Anyone want their palm read?
does not look to bad for the spears....

where did this happen knadas? try scoring opportunity or just general play?

read moaner van der merwe and mallet's palms
i was of course reffering to the late tackle  
Sjoe, these comments are all over the place!

St Pete, like the time travel thingy, the prototype is looking good.
Try scoring opportunity.

Damn Kieties!!!

and no yellow for that????

who is reffing?
Final score 29 - 11. Those kieties were damn lucky!  
Second half 6 - 5 to the Spears.  
good stuff by the spears.

thanks for the updates knadas

That's either a bloody good result for the Spears or a worrying sign for the Cats.

Nice to see that the East London crowd were treated to a Spears try.

Well done Cats on the victory.

Very well done Spears on limiting that score.
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