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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Super 14: Trial Game - Cheetahs 29 - Emirates Western Force 19

South Africa's Cheetahs will play the Emirates Western Force at Subiaco Oval this afternoon at 13h00 in a trial game (4 x 20 minute quarters) prior to the Super 14 competition.

This warm-up game can be followed from 1300 CAT on the web by logging onto

End of the first quarter and the Force is leading 14 - 3. After some initial sound problems on this side.


Try by Juan Smith converted by Bosman. Penalty also by Bosman. 14 -13.

End of first half.

Penalty by Bosman. Cheetahs 16 - 14.

Try by the Force. The Force 19 - 16.

Push-over try Cheetahs. Seems like Michael Claasens. Cheetahs 21 - 19.

Conversion by Bosman. Penalty missed by Bosman. Cheetahs 23 - 19.

End of third quarter.

Penalty by Bosman. Cheetahs 25 - 19.

Dont know how but 29 -19 to Cheetahs!

End of game. Cheetahs 29 -19. Well done Cheetahs!!!!!
They're playing the coolest music now! :)  
let's hope it is in English.

I'm in a very mellow mood now.

Don't mess it up!
Awww come on,
I thought it was quite a good chirp?
So when are the Spears playing?  
Kandas,and I have a mother of a babalaas,so,I really hope your mellow mood turns a bit foul,I dont want to suffer alone!  

The time differences with the internet that is.

Vleis posted before me, but my post is registered before his. do I get to market this time travel thingymajig?
Spears are on at 15H00.

Not a good chirp. :)


PA is also still pissed! happened again!!!  
Kandas,what about the story on the Spears and the CC,how are they going to do that?  

I'll post an article later this afternoon explaining everything. I'm already in trouble with Boertjie about this article - being late that is!
Great picture Vleis.  
Thanks StP.I knew you would be one who would really appreciate class when you see it!  

I have one of him in a Stormers jersey, Now tht is a good pic.
Kan iemand miskien elke 10 minute 'n update op die game gee? Ek is te lui om nou die stasie se programme te instaleer...

Gaan Army toe.

Word 'n man.

Soos almal van ons!

Updates to follow!
Ha, ha...
Daar is nie meer eintlik 'n doel op weermag toe te gaan nie, SA gee eerder oor as om te veg...
Dankie Kandas.
I cant hear anything! Help!  
kandas and all. use this link
open media player and paste the link  
Hello all  
force 14 cheetahs 3  
adds are also brilliant

they just advertised a air freshner called "effen fresh"

brilliant, gotto love them aussies
change the thread too, that other link sux  
they are playing in quarter, thus a break every 20 min. first quarter just finished  
hello zog  
now everyone is connecting cause my connection is kakking

os is on in the second quarter  
How in the name of sock can the force hook a tighthead against the cheetahs pack?  
tighthead by western force - imagine that  
Greetings PissAnt - fellow Namibian!  
Hi zogman!

Give PA kak please!
hell yeah zog, who do you post under apart from zog. wher in namib are you?

use that link
knadas stop k effing around and change the link on the main page!!!  
Bloody link doesn't work. What's happening.  

Use the new link!
loads of penalties  
PA I am relatively new here.

Been reading the blogs here and on keo for a while. Have'nt posted under any other names.

I am in Walvis for the moment. I presume you are in Whk?

in whk, visiting that area in feb. let you know and we can go have a beer
Thanks Kandas,

Got it going now.
Spears / Cats game to follow with live updates.  
lots of penalties generaal, couple of line breaks, penalty try against them in the first quarter, and a tighthead against them  
try cheetahs

try juan smith

Gee whizz, are they actually going to commentate on the game, or just keep jabbering about their training and players.

Sounds like the Cheetahs are battling.
Thanks PA.

Seems as if the Cheetahs' scrum is being pushed back a bit.
Try to Juan. Go boytjies.  
Good work Juan!  
Check the full article for updates!  
Please can someone tell Claasens to stop kicking the ball away.  
Cheetahs taking Force's lineout ball  
Blues lost to Reds. Who would have believed.  
Makes me think about the old days!

Pierre Fourie vs. Bob Foster. Early morning hours.

This is great!
true knadas  
generaal, maybe jones is going to pull the rabbit out of the red hat

try force  
Ref just robbed us. Try to Force.  
19-16 to Force  
Can domeone please tell the bloody Aussie commentatots how to pronounce Du Toit.  
Try to Cheeatahs. Mauled them over the line.  
at least one team can bloody maul  
aussies talk funny - has anyone told them this before?  
Australianse komentators giggel en lag soos laerskool meisies...  
soos die meisies in jou skool reindeer???  
Hey, Aussie accents!!!  
Ahhhhhhhh maaaaate, it's GHaffie Dutwat  
Howzit all

Is the game still on?
Ahhhhhhhh maaaaate, it's GHaffie Dutwat  
Very clear transmission though, great stuff.  
Had to go away a while.

What's happening?
The 'home-grown' Wallaby  
Darrem nie, ek's al in die hoerskool...  
Is ek nou stoksiel alleen?  
Is this Nathan Sharpe talking now?  
William De Waal?  
Sounds like Mitchell has done his job well?

Defensive problems for Cheetahs in the beginning?
cheetahs got this game bagged, well done cheetahs  
29-19 Cheetahs leading.  
Nice start Cheetahs!!  
knadas where is the spears thread??????  
17000 crowd for a hit-out, not bad, Perth!  
Good start Cheetahs!!!!!

Let's hope that this is the beginning of a lot of hammerings for the Force by SA sides!!!
Congrats to OO for tracking down the audio link, it was great fun!!!  

It did sound like there was defensive problems. Hopefully the guys are just rusty.
Sure Rasputin

Now it is up to the ZA RugRatRing to get our act together and ensure that audio of the games is streamed and then video must be pod-casted

i love this

pity that I had only joined after the match due to family responsibilities

But yeah- this is good.

The aussies are proud of their Royal Danish connection

This is not a bad station- I will do a piece on them on OORB
Yip genrul

being 13 something down in the beginning was not good

But like wellborne said- they are playing All Black rugby
How did the Bosman kid play?  
I'm coming round to your way of thinking, OO

It's great to be able to listen to a match from far away.

Who would have guessed we'd be listening to a Perth radio station broadcasting rugby.

Great stuff. Way of the future.
In fact, there should be little reason why each province couldn't organise something like this for themselves?  

Are you the same Vleis that used to post on M-Web ?

I'd like to suggest that 29-19 is not a very flash score against a NEW team with their best 5 players sitting in the stand.

Aye Patrick
Thanks for some perspective.
But seeming that Saffa teams can't travel...
This is the same Vleis that used to post on Keo - if I may answer on his behalf. Runs a liquor store in Parys, if I'm not mistaken.

What are your views on the Reds beating the Blues?

I haven't seen any details of the REDS/BLUES game. There may be something in the Newspaper Monday morning, but usually there is no copy on Lead-up games.

I was particularly interested to see how Mitchell's mob went,

M-Web was the first SH website that I can think of. I first posted on it in 94 or 95 - I can't remember.

I also did a weekly editorial comment as did Mark Keohane, Gavin Rich, and a guy from Europe by the name of David someone who wrote under the name of Bargepole - I believe he lives in SA now. It was a fantastic site and had some super posters from all over the SH.

Perhaps you remember Terry O'Connor?
The daily I worked on used to get him to do a column when the side was touring here.
Have you been to SA?
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