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Monday, January 30, 2006


Super 14: Stormers vs Spears – Match report

It has been a long time since I had such a feeling of disgust after watching a game of rugby. The Stormers won the game 73 – 5 in a game which will leave them non the wiser, nor feeling satisfied with their efforts.

Scoring summary


Tries: Hanyani Shimange, Luke Watson (2), Ross Skeate, Jean de Villiers, Rayno Benjamin (2), Schalk Burger, Jongi Nokwe (2) , Joe Pietersen
Cons: Werner Greeff (3) and Neil de Kock (6)


Try: Spencer Wakeling


In general this was a game that both teams would love to forget as soon as possible, but for different reasons. The Stormers gave a performance that was indifferent and could not dominate at all during the first 30 minutes of the game, even while Ashley Johnson, captain of the Spears, was yellow carded in the 15th minute of the game. It took the Stormers a further 10 minutes to score their first points.

The Spears showed a lot of guts during this first part of the game and at times looked very dangerous and full of running when they did get the ball. The first line out of the game was won by the Spears on the opposition’s throw. This alone seemed to give them a boost and in the following few minutes they attacked and was awarded a penalty within striking distance, but failed to capitalise.

The first twenty minutes of the game also revealed the attitude with which the teams came onto the field. The Stormers tried to intimidate their younger rivals with of the ball tactics lead by non other than the captain, Schalk Burger. I can’t recall ever the past two years that Schalla became involve in pushing and shuffing off the ball, but Saturday will never be forgotten.

We all know Schalk to be a liability when it comes to yellow cards and penalties when it comes to doing his job as ball hunter and slowing the oppositions’ ball down, but his behaviour on Saturday was unacceptable. The Stormers should have had the ability to overcome the Spears easily through structured play without the need to turn to off the ball intimidation tactics. This however did not happen as the Stormers could never play with any structure.

The Spears defended like demons and this must have frustrated the Stormers immensely. Twice in the first twenty minutes the Stormers were able to come within metres of scoring a try, only to knock the ball in the last pass. This continued throughout the game with Benjamin later knocking on the line and the supporters’ favourite player, Gus Theron, grabbing air with an open tryline. Overall the finishing and handling of the Cape side were poor and not even an U13 school level team would have made so many handling errors.

Game breaking event

Unfortunately the game was turned into an one sided affair in the 30th minute. After Watson’s first try, all hell broke loose and after conferring with the touch judge, referee Marius Jonker, red carded Eugene Maqwelana and yellow carded JD Moller, both frontrowers. This effectively ended the game as a contest and it became a free run for the Stormers after the Spears sacrificed their left wing to enable them to stay competitive in the forwards.

This as such was a decision that is very questionable. How two players both involved in a punch up, could receive different penalties is mind boggling. The carding as such was however not surprising, but could have been avoided if the referee took charge by talking to the players at previous occasions when the Stormers’ intimidation tactics turned into off the ball pushing and shuffing. This was not the only mistake the referee made, but unfortunately the most important one.

To put this in perspective, one can only look at the 9 tries scored afterwards. Seven of those tries were scored towards the gap that was left by the left wing of the Spears.

What can the Stormers take from this game

Not much. Overall structure in their game was not present. They could only get the upperhand over a very inexperienced and young team after they were only opposed by fourteen men. If the Stormers were to play against the Crusaders like they played in this game, I have no illusion about the fact that they will be down 30 points after 20 minutes.

The performance of Peter Grant was worrisome and his place kicking was poor to say the least. The only positive in my opinion was the fact that they now have backup kickers in Neil de Kock and Werner Greeff. This could offer coach Kobus van der Merwe the chance to make the much speculated move of Jean de Villiers to flyhalf. This move as such will enable the Stormers to field a total different looking backline from one week to the other.

The forwards is difficult to rate. They did dominate most of the scrums, but the line-outs was nothing to write home about. Mauling towards the end of the game did play a big part, but one must keep in mind that the Spears were tiring due to the increased defensive workload playing with 14 men.

What has become clear however, is that if they are able to spread the ball to the wings, they do have some flyers who will be able ask notiable questions of the opposition defense.. Players that stood out for this supporter, were Luke Watson and Rayno Benjamin. Although Werner Greeff was not tested that much, he did look full of running when joining the backline. Neil de Kock made a differance when replacing Bolla Conradie with his tactical kicks from the base and as mentioned his place kicking.

What can the Spears learn from the game

Like many this was the first time that I saw most of these guys play and to be honest, they did impress me. There is a lot of talent in this team and to question their dedication would just be plain blasphemy. Inexperienced showed in the first half as they were playing with the wind and a low setting sun, but not once was there an up and under put up on Werner Greeff or any tactical kicking. The first line-out would have given them the confidence to take the Stormers on in that area, but they failed to follow through on it. It is part of the game to use the surroundings in your favour and they will have to learn to use it.

Another thing that also bothered me, is the fact that when they reached the stage where they realised they couldn’t win anymore, they also loosened their game and by doing this played right into the Stormers hands. I would have thought that this would have been a perfect opportunity for them to even practice their structured game in a match situation. This could have most probably helped them keeping the score down.

The Spears have no reason to doubt themselves, as the scoreline definitely did not reflect the true abilities of the players. The Spears should look at the first 30 minutes of this game and remember it. They played with heart and defended like demons. Believe me when I say that this team has a future and I will not, unlike some spectators around me, doubt them to deliver in the end.

Players that stood out for the Spears was Ashley Johnson (despite the yellow card) for his ability to still rally his troops after the red card incident. Others that impressed were the fullback, Baldwin McBean and Spencer Wakeling.


A game that was not very enjoyable to watch. Poor discipline, handling and bad finishing with the added poor refereeing decisions ensured that the curtain raisers seemed more interesting.
In a post-match interview Kobus van der Merwe told Die Burger that
"the Stormers is not the automatic candiddate for relegation" and that he is happy with their performance.
"The Ceetahs beat this side by 48-0 and the Lions only won by 29-11.
Our score shows that we will not go out without a fight."
He is however unhappy with flyhalf Peter Grant, who had a terrible match in all aspects.
Great Match report! Would just like to congratulate you guys on setting up such an interesting and informative site.
Nice one!

Excellent match report.
I am delighted that you were in attendance and saw what might have been had Marius Jonker not handled the match with such appalling unprofessionalism.

What has not been said is that this kind of refereeing leads to the SA Super 14 sides into believing that they are in the right and when they come up against the NZ and Oz sides they get blown to shreds, sent off for infringements that have beeen condoned by SA refs because of their partisan approach in these warm ups.

Andre Watson gets a communication from me this morning to register our position and we will publicise all three ref analysis' we have done that will go to the IRB for their consideration.
I was also @ the game,got pics if anyone wants,just drop me a mail to Donner,how damn hot was it?MY WORD!oooooooooh Peter Grant had a shocker,while young Ismail Dollie had IMHO a great one,It was also great to see the reception he got @ the Boland stadium,the folks there love him  
To all the Rugrats:

I ahve to apologise for the wrong information given during my report on teh game. Just before the start the announcer at the stadium saod that Dollie won't be playing, but as it turned out he was wrong.

He earns the noddy badge of the day. Even Gus was better than him.
Moaner is plucking at reeds to stay above the water-level

Well done Spears

Seems that you had to play the Rev as well.

Even if you cannot keep to a structured game plan- yet...

keep your administration clean

then South African Rugby is the winner

Cheetahs must sign The Johnson Fellow & Spencer Wakeling- how about it Tony ;-)
And sorry Donner

Great effort!

Did you take a look at the photo of Johnson. To think the guy is only 19 years old. I promise you he is huge.

BTW, sorry about the quality of the photos. I had to give up my photographer classes to keep you guys up to date on the site. :-)))

Rather let Clayton take the pictures from now on...heheheh


Let's have a decko at them pics.

Anyone know where our Kandas is seeing as Heksie and PA got totally off the wall ripped on Saturday and chased him away..... shame...I suppose apart from fornicating and getting drunk there's not much to do else in Namibia...

You have a picture of Gauteng lightening as your picture

Are you moving on to a better place then, a place where you can see thunder like atht eevry day?


Only fornicating & drinking in Namibia- and the other things we want to do in SA?

Lotta energy I see ;-)

Donner, yes it seems that he is quite a strapping fellow- feisty as well, willing to take on the might of the Stormers!

Spencer Wakeling seems to get a lot of good press every game

Man- those boys will look good in Orange

I wonder what kind of contracts Tony have with them - any ideas?
great report donner.

and well, to be expected really.

forget saturday, it was all good banter - and the streamers have problems.

by all counts grant was piss poor - yet moaner insist that they back him and he WILL start.

the same mindset that saw us have to endure gus and chris rossouw week after week last year.

what does a guy need to do to get dopped???

great to see luke back - hell moaner, we could have told you a bloody year ago the guy is class, he just needed game time.

the less said about refereeing, the better.

it is really beyond me why these bloody idiots have to play god in a warm up match!!

sure sort the guys out and fighting has no place on the field, but if donner's report is anything to go by, this could have been avoided.

schalk - well that is why i did not want him as captain for the team. he may be a very good player, but he is not streetsmart.

if he tries that shit with george smith or mccaw, they will murder him.

all and all, a red card spoiled match, we might be the cats, but mark my words - the sunday newspapers will be full of quotes such as "if they expect to play like this against NZ and Oz teams, they will get murdered"
sorry, should read:

....., we might beAT the cats,......

I see Hollenbach dislocated his shoulder this weekend. Any idea how long he'll be out for. I really rate the guy.
Hey oom Dawie, watchit man!

You might have bliksemstrale and smog in Gauteng, but it's no reason to dish the good ol' Dorsland. Then again, were not going to be 'dors' for a while now, it's still raining! And that's enough reason to get drunk. If you continually have to mop up leaking water, it exempts you further from any acohol-free supplements...
se hulle namboer, se hulle!!!  
Oh ja,forgot to mention Luke had a great game,except for when he passed the ball to nobody 5m from the tryline,it was funny though,and Gus was in fine form knocking on with his first touch!  
Good morning PA, hope neither you or the Heksie is still mopping up water, things might get nasty after a while!

I was impressed initailly by the score, but after reading Donner's report the happiness faded. Schalla did so well the latter part of last year and got very few red cards, now this. I am glad however that we seem to have a good back-up kicker in the unlikely form of NdK. Also glad he had a good game otherwise, always knew he was our man. Well done Watson, Nokwe and Benjamin too, there seems to be hope yet.

PA, why no reports on the other SA teams {sigh} must I go to Keo's again?
Yip Genrul

He is cooking- look like six weeks

Then Cooke will have to come to the paartie
Great report Donner and thanks.  
not much to write home about in the other games.

rassie's men whipped the italian boys, but they suffered 2 injuries as well.

marius goosen (playing for this italian side)is being headhunted by the cats - they are in big shit!

the sharks second stringers beat the bulls second stringers 13 - 10, shows the sharks have depth and could be - as we predicted - quite good this year.

the first team of the bulls gave the tjarkies pakslae but the lost gary botha with a knee injury - this means matfield (definately), du preez (in a fight against time) and botha (fight against time) will miss the opening game against the cheetahs.

The news just keeps getting better for the Cheetahs. Can't we organize the Bulls another warm-up game this weekend.
Thanks PA. Very, very worrisome all the injuries. If I was a Bully boy and anyone said my name and 'captain' in the same sentence, I'd start running. Hard, far and fast.

Sheesh, arme Vleis.
Another cute picture PA?

My little girl started creche today...
davids - how old is she?  
Two years and two months rob.

And ja I'm a typically overprotective parent and the creche is just two houses away from our house and I'm still concerned about my baby girl.
Bulls looking double plus ungood here.

Poor Aldo and Vleis
Howzit guys?  
Can someone plse explain to me how Gus makes the team?

Please!!!! This is supposed to be the starting line up for the game vs Cats at Ellis Park.... If Barry is injured, will Gus play? LMAO

I wont be watching the game then.
Hmmm - not sure when mine is going to start creche. Not anytime soon, though.

The Bulls are looking a bit stuffed, aren't they?
sup wes?  
Ours is just over two and the wife reckons she's not getting enough stimulation at home or social interaction, all limited to housekeepre who is a lovely caring lady, but not capable of stimulating her properly seeing as she cleans the house and looks after our VERY demanding nine month old too!

So it's off to half day creche for stimulation and social interaction.
Hi Wes

Looks like you're as stuck with Gus as we are with Jorrie for another year.

Sorry boet...I know how it feels...really I do...


Imagine with all the Cats injuries on 11 February we see Gus marking Jorrie....eish....

He wasn't on teh team sheet, but I think it was a late change. Either that or they were feeling guilty about the Spears playing with 14 men and wanted to level the playing fields.

Would have worked if the Spears other prop didn't receive a yellow card at the same stage
Hmmm - the sooner I can get Caity into a creche, the sooner my wife can go back to work and the sooner I can actually have money again.  

You won't be sorry. They need it.

Both mine went to the creche at the age of six months. I tell you it makes a huge difference in their personalities and the way they interact with you.
Ja, we'll see soon enough Donner.

Lots of friends told me the same thing.



I know what you're going through. Maternity leave was NOT a cool thing in our family....
in my wife's case, it was completely unpaid. She's resigned now anyway - it's just not worth it.  

Know what you are going through. Cried the whole day the smallest Donnertjie went to creche. Moved him in August to the same creche as the oldest Donnertjie and he is a new child. They really do need the stimulation.
I'm feeling pretty mopey the whole day so far Tafelberg.


if my wife had to resign we'd lose our houses, cars , tv's, pool, kreepy krauly etc etec etc.

She earns like double what I do!
Looking for a creche for your kids?

Send them to Staalraad.
As for jobs and salaries.......

my penultimate day at work in this place.


Happily unemployed for a spell!!!!
good on you StP - moving to the islands so soon??? or are you going to take a break?  
No StP

I'm not gonna get moered by my own girls!!!!!!!

They'll come back tougher than me and I did national service in the 80's!!!!!!

BTW, are you heading for Beijing, Bali or where?

How's the Czarina taking all this?

Spears thread and they talk about Kids in chreches and wifes...

Come on Kandas, you must know that @ some point every thread goes to Shyte.  


It always goes to pieces.

Knadas, maybe publish an


And make them talk RUGBY RELATED

The Tsarina is quite excited at the prospect of moving.However, my contract is at it's end...not hers.She can keep working until the day we move.

Nothing decided yet withregards to location.Definately count Jo-burg out though.

Obviously the trick once you leave a to have the next one already lined up.However, there is never any movement in the hospitality recruitment business over that was out of my control.Ideally I'd like a couple months off before starting somewhere else, but this is where it gets tricky, you don't want to turn down good offers not to recieve another for the next 4 months........which has also happened in the past and is very unnerving.

Anyway,I've had a couple interviews lately......and these(with any luck) would be my ideal locations of choice.

This is where a bloke needs a little luck.Operations like these usually recruit okes a little older and more German than me for positions like this.

The Joburg one is a seriously cool place.

All the African American actors / stars coming to look for their roots (i.e. Danny Glover, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Wil Smith and Samuel L Jackson) always look for their roots at the Jhb one.

My cousin reckoned if you took it you would have had your "Gat in die botter"

Mind you, he can talk being in some f-ing luxury game reserve in the SEC.....

BTW, the two you showed me are obviously breathtakingly more beautiful than Jhb in every sense.

I've got a little property near the Kruger I'm looking to develop. Maybe one day I can set up a kitchen and use you as a chef....that'll be like ten years from now though.....
St Pete,

Why don't you go to one of the private luxury game losges in SA?

The $4000 a night ones?
Can't think of anything better myself.

If I had your skills I'd be there in a flash.

They'd no doubt find something for your good lady too and you'd both probably love the experience for a few years.
Oooops, didn't see your suggestion, DavidS  

We can do a trade, you can use my expertise to set up your kitchens and I can use your legal advice withregards to opening my own place.

Also, I work in a very pretentious proffession. Although, I'm sure there are some excellent game lodges to work at .......what exactly does it do for your CV though? If I wanted to move abroad after that I would be screwed for work.

I could honestly not name you one property off the top of my head that I know of........which basically says it all.Even the place in Joburg, which is "A Leading Hotels of the World" property(which is basically a whose who of hotels)....I had never heard of.

I tend to stay as mainstream as possible with world famous names.

I was more thinking about you partnering me and using your skills to make me a cool kitchen while I use the remainder of my legal and HR skills to build the place and manage it properly!


That's exactly what I want to do with my possie - at the moment it's f--ing hot and you can camp there with a tent, if you reckon lions can't tear it open! Or elephants can't trample it.

And you don't mind driving your own water and everything there.

Chicks generally don't dig it and getting pissed can see you become a meal to some weird animal predator.

It has potential though...
Did you guys forget about the rugby?  
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