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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Super 14: Stormers v Bulls: The fan perspective

Report by Clayton (provincejoulekkading)

While the highly paid “professional” “journalists” of Ruggaworld spent Saturday bragging about "Fleyr" Du Cap and wives who don’t have headaches (you know who you are), half our resident BEE initiative, Clayton Saville (also known as provincejoulekkading) took his trusty camera down to Newlands and reported exclusively on the action, proving that he is not a token and prompting the Ruggaworld Board to appoint him as official news photographer for the Western Cape region.

This weekend an effective Stormers B Team faced what would probably be a close to full Bulls squad in a warm-up match for the Super 14. Coach Kobus Van Der Merwe would have learnt little from the A team, but he may have learnt a bit about the Bulls.

Not murdered up front

Surprisingly the inexperienced Stormers juniors managed to hold the much vaunted Bulls front row. In the tight exchanges the Stormers had more or less parity and managed to make themselves felt by the star studded Bulls powerhouse front row. Amazingly, the Bulls enforcer Bakkies Botha did not make much of an impression on the game. He ended up being a bit of a non event. Maybe the Bulls were in second gear, but the halftime score of 15-13 reflected well on the Stormers forwards who managed to stay in the game.

8th Man David Hendricks played a massive game and his commitment over the whole 80 minutes was outstanding. A worrying factor for the MIB’s will be their shortage of quality back-up locks to Ross Skeate. The boys playing on Saturday failed to impress. None of the up-and-coming locks appear to have the mongrel enforcer attitude and the Bulls easily dominated them at the breakdowns.

The halfbacks were good in a losing cause

Paul Delport had a scorcher of a match and he really dominated the scrum areas with his blistering speed. He was even quick to the breakdowns, competing for ruck balls showing up some of his own loosies. Delport’s pass is a potent weapon and former skipper Niel De Kock would do well to take lessons from the young up-and-coming star on how to pass from the base of a ruck and scrum.

In the first Moanerism of the afternoon the parity that Paul Delport lead in the first half was removed when he was replaced just before half time with by no name youngster who was completely out of his depth and lead to the Stormers losing the continuity their half back pairing had established. It’s the kind of thing that undeservedly ruins careers. Delport had one moment of madness that lead to a Bulls try, but other than that he was superb.

The upshot of this was that Leopards import, Naas Olivier had a similarly good match. In fact Clayton would go as far as to say that on his form in this match he’ll be due for a black jersey in the big time for certain this season. He even rates him as better as the Peter Grant we saw at the end of last season. Young Naas (an amazing irony that a Western Cape team fields a flyhalf called Naas against a team from across the Jukskei!) looked hungry, ready to fight for a spot in the starting line-up and his performance was more than adequate.

The backline, Gus and all, was awful

The Stormers centres let the team down badly. Without the Fearsome Threesome the Stormers midfield looks vulnerable and the boys playing looked completely out of their depth. Especially after being made the victim of classical Bulls play with a late crash tackle from JP Nel dispelling any early thoughts of running at him with ball in hand.

As for Gasman Theron? It’s time he shipped out to an awful overseas league in Japan or Korea or somewhere where nobody’s ever heard of him, they have no cell phones, e-mail, telephones, mail or any other contact with the outside world so that we never need to hear about him again.

Zaheer Raylands was made the victim of a typical Moanerism. Having just finished the 80 minute curtain raiser he was inexplicably drafted straight from there into the Stormers team to the wing. It showed, but it was not his fault.

What kind of a coach takes a young and rising star, and makes him play 160 minutes of non-stop rugby on a summer afternoon in a warm-up against arguably the best provincial setup in South Africa against arguably the best wing pairing in the country? Craziness.

The Bulls

Derrick Hougaard was ordinary. In warming up he was striking the ball sweetly, but during the match that rhythm seemed to desert him and he was not as good as expected.

In the second half the fitness, strength and size of the Bulls started to count and they took control of the match. This provided Heinie Adams with an opportunity to display some awesome box kicks that had Province in trouble every time with their weight and accuracy.

One Bryan Gary Habana was in awesome form and showed more of what we saw last year scoring five tries. His pace was blistering, his reading of the game astute and his sniping without equal. If this is the 2006 vintage, provincejoulekkading can’t wait to see him in a green jersey.

What can we read into the game

In one word, nothing. The Stormers guys were there to provide Moaner with insight into the Bulls and to help the Bulls players to use to ‘get into the swing of things’. The real Stormers stars never got anywhere near a pitch

What we did see is that David Hendricks, Paul Delport, and to a lesser extent, Naas Olivier, staked places for the Stormers starting line-up against the Cats on 11 Febrary 2006. The Stormers may just have a surprise in stall for opponents this year.

My grateful thanks to Clayton for going to Newlands, taking the superb photographs and reporting back to me on the game
Howzit everyone

Finally in for a quick chat.

Well done Province

Thanks for the heads up and the feedback

The new picture is my subtle joinder to the municipal election campaign....
Jy,ek voel soema famous!
my pleasure province  
Where can i get a picture of "kortbroekie"  
Ek moer jou if you show his face here.

I don't trust him one little inch.
and you shouldnt!What a poefter in life,i hardly take note of politics but that brah is a FU!  
Thanks Province.

I guess this just proves that these matches are a waste of time.

We know Delport, Hendricks and Olivier has the ability. All they need is the opportunity. Whether they get it is unfortunately up to the his Craziness in Cape Town

You little devil!

A man of many skills, thoroughly enjoyed the article.

Thank you!

Check out the superb photos province took too.
Maybe just MAYBE his craziness is on the right dosage of meds this year and can make a few decent decisions!  
Clayton, not too shabby. Ag, i mean good article...
Moaner is a chop! He shouldnt have been made coach. Garu Gold had to be appointed. Has more experience and know when to shut his mouth...
I see that when you click on the photo it enlarges big time, great action pic!!!  
Ras ive sent DavidS some older pics that i sure you will love those,if you want them you can drop me an email on  
Ja, province is a fantastic photographer  
An insight into the Bulls gameplan?


Are you nuts?

Like it is some sort of secret?

Just how many 40 point thumpings do you okes need before the penny drops?
who mentioned fleyr de cap?

and who's wives had headaches?

good stuf province

you token cape flats thug
The intro was mine Leo Tolstoy


Blaming our BEE initiative


Sri Lanka need 18 off 12 to win with 3 sticks left  
Come on Proteas!!!!
Close the bloody deal!!!
jeez,so much for relaxing lunch times
That was probably the tensest match of the summer.

Whoosh man.
Some of the harder working ppl probably thought there was a heated boardroom meeting going on with all the shouting going on!hehehe  
I believe we won the game... Cant get onto cricinfo, probably too many ppl checking the score...
I thought we were dead and buried at one stage.

Well done boys!!
Now follow it up with a win over the Ozzies!!
hallie you beaut.  
Great bowling from v/d Wath and Hall. Seems that v/d Wath might be the find of the season for the Proteas!  
Wes we went into the last over with them needing 11 off 6 with two sticks left.

Hall bowled the last over conceding only one bye, so effectively a maiden!
thats brilliant davidS.
I see Gibbsy is back to his best, i heard he scored 68 off 65 balls and really did well. I think we shouldve sent Kemp in instead of Polly...
In honesty we were about 30 runs short of what we should have acheived and yes, Kemp should always bat ahead of Pollock.  
Does anyone know if/where you can prebuy tickets for Saturdays game between the Stormers and The Spears.
Please guys,help me out.

Isn't it available at SHOPRITE CHECKERS as usual?
i am the man behind province jou lekker ding, excuse my afrikaans i'm an english speaking colured snob  
Where did you see that,all i see is S/C is selling tickets for Newlands games.
And now why must these Constantia Coloureds post anonymously,how sad.
I am not as much taken with this article than all you anti Bulls guys. But it is to be expected that the Cape Cabal will report on any game to their myoptic perceptions. I certainly think that a more objective view would be a better post.  

And call themselves snobs if this is an English site.

Besides we already know provincejoulekkading can

Gooi die taal when necessity features
El torro

We allow all sorts here.

Yes a majority of people are Cape team supporters, but then this report is a report from a Stormers fan who went to the game. That's the perspective you would expect.


He severely criticised the whole Stormers side excepting for three players and then criticised only three Bulls players mildly.


This is as two sided as they come.
And nevermind the Cape cabal

Once the CATS klap you lot stukkend in Fortress Loftus I for one will be a happy camper
Ha Ha
And to think I actualy rated your postings before???

Stormers website.
Okay,me stoopid,SC selling iTikietie

You lot can't even klap your aunt in her sleep. Exept if she's in the newspaper that is!
Aldo,nooit mah bruh  

An oke can dream can't he?

Besides El Torro

Let me rejog your memory of 2005

Lions v Bulls

Lions 1/2

Cats v Bulls

Lions 1/1

Um yeah, our 2005 record is 2/3 last year. Even better than FS.
Blerrie Bulls fans

Beating the dead beat capetonians and you think you're world beaters.

Yes please, not too many though, please mail them to

Province, don't worry, I changed it. Is this better. i was just kidding, I feel like having some fun on the site. Myabe I should leave this sort of thing for Keo!  
On keo they will lynch you for that man,smaak the new one though.
DavidS looks like im heading to Wellington this weekend,will let you know how it goes down.
Ras,ill keep the file size small,if you want the bigger versionn just send the name of the file back to me
Hardly world beaters!!
The argument was about reporting on a match. I am a Bulls supporter, but not myoptically so. I am of the opinion that the Cheetahs deserved their win in the CC final, on the day's play. I am also of the opinion that the Bulls were the best performing team in SA last year. I also on Keo expressed myself a few times about the slanderous posts of the "experts at FA". Surely one can support a team without running other teams down, like esspecially done by the Cape Cabal.
Anyway the season has not really started, and the proof of the pooding (read cup) will be in the drinking (of the champagne). Best of luck to ALL saffas teams, but GO BULLS, GO.
Thanks Eltorro

Next time the Bulls play in Pta, send us the match report if you go watch and the you can be as one eyed as the Cape Cabal!!!!
Just received some excellent pics from PJLD!!!

Thanks, you token wannabe-boere thug!!

Great pics.
El Torros

We'd welcome match reports from you. Give it some thought, let us know.

In fact, if there are any fans who'd care to participate in providing a match report here or there through the S14, pleae let us know and I'm sure the guys will consider it.

This is a rugby fan site for fans, essentially it's your site, help us to help you.

It might seem like it at times but there is no bias here, we hope to give equal coverage to all teams fairly.

Okay, we're a little SA biased.....

So, if you are keen, let us know and we'll consider it.

Ras ive got some more,DavidS i forget to send you pics of the Sevens!but anyway,ja Ras i are very much working on my dutch,and am wanting a chop for the evening eatings  
Thanks Ras
I am a better armchair critique than a journie, and I am afraid that I am even more critical to my own. Not that I do not admit to bias. I just perceive a problem of ISM amongst the supporters. Gone are the days when we had no international competition, and had to rely on local derbys. Although goodnatured ribbing is an essential in the game, amongst participants and supporters, what riles me the rabidity of some guys.
As I am no writer, I would rather suggest a topic. You guys that do the (objective) authoring can set it up.

It is like this:
Make a list of all saffa S14 players. Make a rating system of say 1-10. After every S14 game, we hold a discussion of individual players' performance, and have an overall seasonal rating (average) and so build a team on weeks performance and overall S14 performance. We can then build the ideal shadow team.
For this you youngster ITboffs must devise the "backoffice".

How is that in creating more of a common denominator than just breaking down other saffas teams?
Interesting idea, El Torros

I'll mail it to the others.
Provincejoulekkading, do you have more of those photos?

Oom Dawie, can you post it somewheres please man?
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