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Friday, January 06, 2006


Super 14: Stormers to lure Irishman?

It is being reported that the Stormers are in discussions with the Irish flyhalf, David Humphreys. The Stormers are also reportedly looking to lure the promising young Leopard, Naas Olivier whilst Louis Koen is back training with the hope of resuming his playing career.

Stormers Head Coach, Kobus van der Merwe has told the Independent Online,, that, "There is the possibility of Humphreys taking a sabbatical (from international rugby). Ireland are thinking of saving him for the 2007 World Cup,"

"The problem is that he has a contract with Ulster, and there are one or two complications getting him out of that. I'm positive. The talks are still alive."

He goes on to say, "We're hoping for the best. I think our chances of getting him are 50-50".

Van der Merwe is at pains to point out that Peter Grant is first choice but with the departure of Gaffie du Toit and Chris Rossouw, the Stormers are in need of sufficient back-up, as injury cover and to afford Grant a rest.

Naas Olivier is a talented youngster and a move to a bigger union like the Stormers could really launch his career.

The biggest surprise, no doubt, is the news that Louis Koen has dusted off his boots. Apparently he is being eased back into training due to the major knee injury he sustained. At 30, Koen is no spring chicken but the 34 year old Humphreys proves that rugby needn't be only for youngsters in their early 20's.
Kerrigold Drake

Soo die Skoen pas ;-) lol wonner wat se mallet rerig hieroor
Cool,I dont see a problem with this but it is a short term solution.  
agreed province, very short term, but looking at the relegation factor, short term is all that counts at the moment...


the cheetah arti is up
You cannot be serious about Louis Skoen.  
desperate times it seems  
i didnt even take note of he Koen comment,that is scary but like PA said.desperate times.....  
Yeah, OO, I wonder what Mallett really thinks.

Kind of sounds like scraping the barrel really. Still, as Province say's, if it's only a short term stop gap then it's better than nothing.

Jannie de Beer will be dusting off his boots next!
Naas Olivier is also VERY young and inexperienced and he's already signed for the Leopards this year.

I wonder why the Cats didn't sign him into their squad.
good observation davids, after AP you dont have much to write home about...  
Ek wonder of Naas Botha wedstryd fiks is. Lyk my die Stormers wil by die Sharks oorneem as die span met die naam "Geriatrics". Louis Koen is 'n goeie skopper, maar dit is dit, mind you, hy was eens op 'n tyd gereken as 'n hardloop losskakel. Wonder net hoe vinning hy nog kan hardloop. Wat het geword van die Jaco v/d Westhuyzen storie.  

as dit by die wp kom weet ons nie wat de @$## aangaan nie, ek dink nie hulle weet self nie.
I know PA and with the injury ghost ever present I wonder if that was such a good idea. I think maybe ole Fransie Ludicrous will look at Earl Rose to fulfil that position. I sincerely believe we're going to see Earl in positions different from where the WP used him.

Nel Fourie is a poor man's version of Willem De Waal. Solid, dependable and nothing spectacular.

I still think that

1. Naas Olivier is much to young to go into S14; and

2. He's just too inexperienced, even at CC level.
LOL Aldo  
i agree with DavidS on the Rose comment,i think we will see alot of him @ flyhalf  

i tell you what, if you guys give him (rose) some game time at center you might just find the next bryan habana.


We'll find SA's next Micheal Du Plessis.

He's going to be our version of Aaron Mauger and Matt Giteau ....only better.

ps. Did I mention he's got a pretty damned good kicking eye too.

I think he kicked 100% for WP last year in the semi after Peter Grant was injured.
Maybe but he doesnt have much distance in his kick  
Ja, and once his boet has completed his bulking up training, we're going to have a hell of a midfield in 2008 with Rickie, Jodie, Earl and the speedy mountain Thabang Molefe at o/s centre.....


Gets me slavering just thinking of the prospect....

Nice dillemma for Ludicrous then. With experienced Wayne Julies, Jacque Fourie and Andre Pretorius oppsed to those three young guns....

Man what a cool dillemma to have...
Koens a solid player, had a very good season for the Bulls in '03 if I remember correctly. are not going to turn a mule into a race horse ever.
Touche StP

Looks like Looney Tunes ruling at the Stromers this year.

How is it having the family there? Are they living with you and Czarina or in a hotel of some kind away from you?
Ja Davids, please let the Cats/Lions turn young Earl into the next Habana or star player of whatever name, we need a few good buys again! ;)

Just kidding, St Pete, Koen had a solid season, which is why he played for the Boks that year, but let's be honest, he's never been spectacular, he's allways been solid, but that where he stays. He's the old age home's De Waal.

remember that the experienced boys will all be at the WC in 07, nice time for old ludi to field those youngsters.
yes stp,

his 03 season got him a WC spot, but then it also got jorrie muller one too......

If Heyneke leaves the Bulls- who will be outta contract to leave with him?

Why? So the Bulls can grab him and waste all his talents on the wing too?


And this year the Boks aren't playing in CC either so I can see boys getting some value added experience soon.



Like which players would follow him if he left?
You mean how many players will go, I can name a few OO. Welsh is coming back next year, because Heynecke wants him there, he was not to happy that the Bulls managment couldn't keep him. Dries Scholts will also go back to Griquas, me thinks, allthoug I'm not to sure about that one. Players like Danie Rossouw would go if they are offered another deal like Province offered him this year. Believe me, the day heynecke leaves, the Bulls will be down for at least two years, unless they start looking for someone now and get him to gain the players' trust. They all know the deal with Heyecke, so it won't shock me if the Bulls allready has a few people in mind. Just not Bailey, please!  

Look no further than discarded Aussie Eddie Moans!!!!!!

ps. I'm actually serious..
The Stormers still have a formidable side, if they can get enough ball for their tight 5, they'll do well.I would also be concerned about the wings and full back.All pretty small and inexperienced.Umanga running into Rose or Chavanga is going to hurt.

Nonetheless, as good as any as long as they keep Gus away.

Alas.....those bloody injuries!!!
Interesting thing about Heynecke, after the 2002 CC final, the Bulls we're out doing their parade in PTA. Their last stop was Hatfield square. The players sat and signed autographs, when one of the Restaurants brought them all beers. They all jumped up and took one, untill Heynecke saw it. He walked to each player and took their beer. Without any comments or backchat from the players. They understood his reasons and respect him to much to backchat him. His reason for this was that there were a lot of youngsters in the crowd waiting for an autograph. He felt that as rolemodels his players will not drink in front of their fans at a public appearance. When they go out on their own it's another story, but not at a public appearance, made by the Bulls. I got a lot of Respect for the man on that day.  
Daivids, you think someone's contacted him already. It would be awesome, as much as his moaning irritates me, he's a brilliant coach.  

On the Umpires

You said it boet.

On the Stromers.

Earl Rose has left the ugly mountain behind and moved to vibey Gauteng to start a rugby career with the Lions/Cats from this year.

The side's definitely a bit on the young side and the back three are going to be sicknote and Chavanga/Rhylans I should think...(idiots dropped Seconds out of the S14 squad!)

Nevertheless with their backline as potent as a returning Marius Joubert, DWB and Jean De Villiers and rising Peter Grant, they have enough firepower to waste most teams provided that back division gets some ball.

We'll have to wait and see which of Justin Melck, Lukie Watson and Schalla and JVN are the loosies. With those four the Stromers should be good for the rucks and mauls, as long as the Light 5 support.
Davids if the mountain is so Damned ugly,then why are you and Mr van Rooyen always spotted catching sunsets up there?  
Great story Aldo and proves that the coach cult is an important one to the team's success at the Bulls.

They actually need a dictator.


If Eddie comes on board will he do that thing about if you could eat another player how would you prepare him joke with the Bulls

Danie Rossouw: I wants to eat you Eddie

Eddie: How mate?

Pakslae: Raw
And they recalled Seconds to the training squadmhence he couldnt participate in the George7s,but ja,why he wasnt included in the 1st place is mind boggling.  
Heheheh Province

I was on the ancient mine dump by the sea in 1995 and it was awful.

Never again.

I catch my rays in the beautiful privacy of my suburban East Rand garden.

But if I could choose it'd not be CT, that's for sure.

I wouldn't mind catching rays in knadas' area, maybe Knysna or Sedgefield or Groot Brakrivier, the Natal Midlands or White River....

Those are my three favorite places in SA.
Didn't realize Earl Rose has moved to Jo'burg, thought it was the younger Rose.

Does that mean both are with the Cats?

Nonetheless, Greeff hasn't done anything for years and even then, he had just that one good season.

He's more likely to pull a snicknote than deliver a performance.

Just more proof that at the moment Looney Tunes rules Stromers world
Dave email address please boety,got a few pics id like to share with you regarding CT,BUT i wont argue with you on Kandas neck of the hood,you gotta love it,Knysna,Sedgefield,GrootBrak...stunning!  

Ludicrous managed to convince their dad (who's their manager) that they should both move. Jodie is the older brother and Earl the younger.

I was just joking about Sicknote, but given that Earl's left, I don't see anyone else available to go to 15 for the Stromers seeing as they've also lost Huffy The Toy (as Tackler calls him)
well they do have that guy from boland too, but obviously very inexperienced.

i must say i get quite a good feeling about our teams this year in the Super 14. but no cup yet i am afraid, unless the Bulls can bliksem everyone in their path and end top of the log. they had just better watch out they dont play the cheetahs in the super 14 final............
Ah, don't forget Nokwe will be playing for the Stormers.

Maybe Chavanga at fullback?


Even a scarier prospect.
You can't run around him.......but you can just run over him.

But if he gets the ball he can run around you so fast your hands will tackle clean air.....


With Chavanga, Nokwe and Rhylands the Stromers will have three of the fastest wings in SA rugby in their squad. Remains to be seen if they can maintain the defensive lines though, although I assume with the three Bok midfielders there there is a possibility of seeing JDV or Marius Joubert on the wing.

After all Marius played wing in his younger years while JDV has hardly done the Boks an injustice there.

Maybe the Stromers will be best suited to playing a rush defence.

What scrares me is that, aside from an injured Dean Hall at the Sharks, Henno Mentz (also Sharks)and Egon Seconds, we really don't have any big powerful strongman wings like the Kiwis do in abundance. No new Ray Mordts or Niel Burgers seem to be coming through the ranks.

I actually have a sneaky suspicion that Ncgobani Bobo might make a more than useful winger...
damn right davids, if there was ever a center that needed to pass a damn ball it is bobo  
Andyou guys still ridicule me when I want to play Roets in Green 14

hehhe short term memory loss
Stormers and rush defence,mmmm,didnt Gary Gold help create the damn thing,if so why the hell didnt they implement it last year.  
Damned interesting you mention that province

Isn't Brendan Venter, the co-inventor of the rush also working at the WP high performance academy?

OO, so why Roets in Green 14?

Who at 15?


He's more likely to grubber the damned ball to the opposition than pass the damned thing to his wide open winger!!!

Maybe wing is his real position and he is a big physical fast boy too
no man, the stormers need creative flyhalves like Spencer and Van der Westhuizen to get their strong backline moving, not static players like Humphreys and Koen.  
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