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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Super 14: Stormers back in training

The Stormers have returned to training today in Cape Town as the inaugural Super 14 tournament looms.

With their first game of the year only 17 days away, a friendly match against the Bulls at Newlands on Saturday 21 January, the team is gearing up for the first Super 14 game, now only five weeks away.

“The players have been working hard in their off season on strength and conditioning, and now we begin again with on-field and skills sessions,” said Stormers Head Coach Kobus Van Der Merwe.

“The season starts earlier this year, however I am happy with the preparations done before the break and the athletes are looking keen and sharp.”

The Stormers play two warm up matches before kicking off their Super 14 campaign in Johannesburg on February 11 against the Cats. After the opening warm up game against the Bulls the Stormers then face the new South African franchise, the Southern Spiers, on Saturday 28 January at Boland Stadium.
Will the Cape teams restore their pride this year - or will it be more of the same?
Who will make room for the Spears in the S14 - Drizzles or Guppies?
Evening guys. Well at least you didn't get bored over Christmas time.  
i am sorry to say - i dont get a good feeling when i think about the stormers - not relegation, far from it, but its gonna be a dissapointing one me thinks...  
It is my opinion that the team that will get relegated after the Super 14, well their supporters are not even comtemplating it yet.  
Why OO

Are your fans all still riding on the high of winning the CC?
I dont expect my Stormers to win the S14,all i want is for them to not be K@K!!!i wanna go to Newlands and see them win a few games.  

Yip, Orange clouded sunglasses surely gives you a blurred vision of reality DavidS- but in all seriousness everyone seems to be cocksure that the Cheetahs, Sharks or Stormers will be the bottom feeders....

Well I just throwing my baaisiekel spanner in the works by saying that it might just be one of the more fancied teams..... because rugby is like life cruel and complacency have no place.

I am really concerned that it can be the Cheetahs- because this is a new stage for us as a team- in the past we could blame the enforced connextion with the Cats- now we have to blaze our own trail.

In other words- I am not so cocksure that it will not be the Cheetahs that goes down- but I honestly believe that it will be a sad bunch of supporters that mourns a lot this year and they are not even comtemplating it yet.

I am of the opinion that the Stormers and the Sharks will not be relegated. Human survival instinct dictates that opinion.
On da udda hand OO i think Rassie will be anything but complacent, i think they will be coming into the S14 on a high and will be putting everything into the competition.  
Howzit province

I agree with you province- maybe I am just conservative by nature- :-)

I am just of the opinion that the Cheetahs will have to produce 13 games like they played in the latter half of the CC 2005, not the first half.

And I will really be surprised if the Stormers or the Sharks go does- I know it is against conventional thinking but....

I can smell an upset.

Who-ever goes down- you can bet your bottom ZAR that the Saffa sides will play with an urgency that was not there before.

I also wonder how watertight are the Spears contracts and if we are going to see some of their guys getting 2006 Super 14 gametime?
goes down- typo strikes early in 2006  
Well then,im looking forward to an exciting S14 then!i cant wait,like you say,that sense of urgency will play a big part in how our teams play.  
I reaaly don't know what to expect from any of the SA teams. So many times in the past have teams failed to deliver on their promise. For all we know the Sharks might be th top team this year.

I for one just hope that one of the teams can bloody win this thing in 2006.

I'm with you on that one.

Unfortunately the Cats are the most unpredicatble of the whole bunch.

In 2002 we had the same team (save for Andre Pretorius), the same coaching staff, Bob Skinstead as skipper and everything looked good for a repeat of 2001 and maybe better then we crashed.

In 2004 the Sharks won most of their away games and then came home and lost almost everything at the Shark tank, even to the utterly woeful Reds.

On paper, (heheheheh I'm enjoying this) the Stromers looked like they were the best SA team in the comp in 2005, and they couldn't even defend their home ground against the worst of the Kiwi and Australian teams.

Before halfway through the comp you can sure as hell never tell who's the SA teams performing and which are spluttering.

The mind says that on form, the Sharks are going down and on paper all the other four look good to stay up, but with this comp you know only a few sure things.

1. The Brumbies are always good

2. The Crusaders are always good.

Other than that there's nothing sure about S14...
I dont expect as many upsets as you say OO. I know you were aiming at the Bulls as your eam to get relegated, but I find it a bit strange that you use complacency as your reason. The Bulls lost on loftus in the CC Final, believe me, the coaching staff, players and supporters are all worried about relegation and we are not complacent. I rather fear the wheel turning than complacency, cos I have this feeling that this will be our last year as a dominant force (maybe last year was, but I hope not). I think it was Davids who said that the Lions and Cheetahs showed how to beat us, the rest will son follow. I don't hink we'll go back to the lows we had in 2000/2001, but I fear this will be the last year that we can seriously compete for the S14. After this year, we'll need to find a new head coach first, cos signs show that Heynecke is gone.

Anyway, I don't have the faintest idea who will be relegated, because I know by now, that SA teams are about as consistent as promises made when you're drunk. They don't happen. We all say that on form the Sharks must go, but I think they might just perform this year. So no predictions from me.

I am not targetting the Bulls- because I put the Bulls, Lions & Cheetahs in the same basket here.

I agree however with most of your post- it is just that the margin for error in the Super 14 2006 will be extremely small.

A person closs to the Sharks team has highlighted some problems with the best team on paper- Cats- does it mean that they will go down-?

The point I am trying to get over is that the Sharks & Stormers are getting hammered by their own supporters as the most likely to go down. They will have firmly entrenched the will to survive- first & formost. Ok WPW may sit on the Shytehouse dreaming of a Stormers snotting of the Bulls in the 2006 S14 final at Roftus- but most likely the players & coaches will not be dreaming that.

My prediction is that- when I try to look objectivly at it- the relegated team will most likely come from the other three- because their expectation is a semi-final- not survival. These teams- rightly or not- will be affected by dreams of glory- no matter what press they spin.

It will be difficult to reverse a loosing trend in 2006- so when things does not happen as expected -it may be even hard- impossible- to salvage survival.

My comments on this issue is generic- and I am debatting as a S A rugby wannabee analyst- not a passionate Cheetah Supporter
Ag kom nou OO, ons almal weet jy post as 'n oranje sienende Cheetahs supporter! Net 'n grappie, maar ek dink nogsteeds "complacency" gaan nie veroorsaak dat een van die ander spanne uitval nie. Vorm, of ontbreking daarvan, gaan bepaal wie verloor. Om te mik vir 'n semi gaan nie jou laat faal nie, en as jy nie vorm het nie, gaan die wil om te oorlewe jou ook nie help nie. Feit is, dat die beste spanne gaan bly, of hulle vir 'n semi mik of vir oorleweing veg. Jammer maar dis hoe ek dit sien, en ek dink die afrigters ook. Hulle gaan nie rely op survival nie, maar eerder op voorbereiding, want hulle weet dat vorm gaan bepaal wie verdwyn.  

Blogs runs- spins rather- on symantics.

Yip die vier SA spanne met die beste vorm gaan bly- die vyfde een gaan af. Stem saam

Nou vir die volgende woordspel

wat bepaal vorm- oftewel die gebrek daaraan?
Ag ne Orakel. Ek dink jy maak 'n groot fout.

Die enigste span wat moontlik gaan kyk na 'n semi realisties gesproke is die Bulls.

Die Cheetahs sal wil verhoed dat hulle die eerste jaar van deelname die vertroue van Norman Arendse verbreek.

Vir die Sharks en Cats gaan dit eersten gaan oor oorlewing en dan enige iets anders. Hulle mage die twee spanne wees wat die mees desperaat sal wees om te wys hulle hoort nog in die kompetisie.

En realisties gesproke, met die uitsluiting van intelligente manne soos PA en donner, elke jaar wil die Stromers fans almal vooraf laat glo dat hierdie S12 "hulle seisoen" gaan wees en hulle het nog net 2 keer deliver.

Die ander drie van die spanne, met uitsluiting van die Bulle wat natuurlik hoog gaan mik en met werklike reg daartoe, gaan almal desperaat veg daarom om relegasie te voorkom.

Ek dink nie jy het dit reg nie.
STORMERS WILL NOT GO DOWN!!!!Except maybe on there hot as hell girlfriends!  

Ek verstaan hoekom jy met my verskil- maar is jy doodseker dat Jacque Fourie nie iewers glo dat die Cats goed genoeg is om die Super 14 te wen nie- en die gepaardgaande "drome" het nie?

Of is dit net ons piete wat droom?

Ek is super realisties oor die Cheetahs se kanse maar dis nie net die Bloues wat 'n kans(semi) het nie- of het ons almal drek die afgelope 10 weke gepos?

Oor Norman Arendse

Sy komittee het die Cheetahs 2de & die Lions/Cats 4 rde geplaas of was dit 5de?

Ou spoke hierdie

Ek moet nou 'n bietjie werk.
Klink my OO raak al weer kwaai. Die soort van ding het die manier om mense opgewonde te maak. Ek dink die jaar gaan ruggaworld nog 'n paar "heated debates" he. Hoop net nie die mense raak so bakleierig en persoonlik soos op keo nie.  
hehehe Aldo

Ek was nie eers op Keo al kwaad gewees nie.

Debatteer maar net my mening.

Maar dis reeds gese dat S14 2006 nie 'n normale kompetisie gaan wees nie- en dis swaar maar iemand gaan later tjank- hoop nie dis ek nie.

As die span nie glo hulle kan wen nie dan moet hulle eerder nou al vir die Speares laat speel nie.

Ek is meer realisties wanneer ek dink dat die Cats en Sharks sal wil afsien van die afgelope drie jaar se vernedering en probeer om desperaat te wys hulle hoort in die kompetisie.

En na my mening is dit die wyse waarop daardie spanne die kompetisie gaan aanpak. Eerstens kom ons maak seker ons word nie relegeer nie.

Per slot, dit hoort die eerste uitgangspunt van elk een van die spanne te wees.

Daarna kan hulle kyk na die res van die kompetisie.

Ek weet dis baie negatief, maar dit sal moet as die spanne Viodacom en SAL en wie ook al wil behou as sponsors.

Ja sekerlik glo Jacque Foiurie miskien kan die Cats dit die jaar doen. Miskien glo Frans Ludeke dit ook.

Maar die belangrikste ding is om daardie gesogte posisie binne die kompetisie, en die gepaardgaande geld te behou, en dis, myns insiens, die enigste ding waarop daar hoort gesteun te word vir die apnne op die stadium. Ook, as 'n span nie relegeer wil word nie sal hy in ieder geval ten eerste al sy Suid Afrikaanse ewe kniee moet klop. Dan moet hy bo hulle op die punte leer eindig.

Myns insiens is dit die manier waarop die SA spanne na hierdie jaar se kompetisie gaan kyk.

Maak verskille openbaar tussen jou drome en jou realistiese benaderings.

Ek herhaal. In ons drome en planne (okay myne) wen die Cats die jaar. In realiteit, het hulle elke jaar die span om te wen gehad die afgelope paar jaar en die jaar is nie anders nie, maar ons almal weet wat hulle vermag het. So dis real;isties om te speel vir die gesogte vierde plaek en te probeer wegbly van daardie gevreesde 5de plek.

Dis jy wat realiteit met drome meng, nie ek nie.

Norman Arendse se besluit het daartoe gelei dat die Cheetahs in die S14 ingebring is - dis wat die verwysing beteken het. Jammer oor die subtitliteit daarvan.

Ieder geval bly ek by wat ek voorheen gepost het en ek herhaal - jy's my mening.
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