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Friday, January 27, 2006


Super 14: The Spears

Yeah, I know the story, you don't feel the Southern Spears deserve to be remotely considered as a Super 14 franchise.

Well, as it happens, I agree with you. Read on.

The thing is, whether anyone agrees with it or not, they are now a part of Super 14 history.

They will be the first Super 14 team to be promoted into the competition.

Will there not be squads of legal teams out to oppose the introduction of the Southern Spears when the eventuallity rocks round? Of course there will! This IS South African rugby we are discussing!

However, nothing will change the inevitability of the Southern Spears getting their day in the sun. It is far too cast in stone for that, there are far too many politicians who've hung their hat on the finality of the process. It will happen.

So, we may not like it, we may not support the concept or the deviousness that got them into the position but that is surely no reason not to support the CEO, Coach and young squad, who never put themselves into this melting pot in the first place.

These guys, from top to bottom, are busting a gut to prove themselves. Every match they've played has emphatically shown they hold their own in the last 30 minutes. This proves that they may not be the most naturally gifted team around but they've worked overtime to be as fit and well conditioned as their better paid, better equipped, better resourced and better known, opposition thus far.

Do yourselves a favour, visit their website, , get on their Fan Forum, explore what they are trying to introduce into South African rugby and you may very well come away pleasantly surprised. These guys are not hanging around, they seriously mean to establish themselves in the firmament of South African rugby.

Whether you agree with the political machinations that got them a spot, or not, open your minds and judge them on their full-hearted efforts to date.

They may not win any trophy but it certainly won't be for the lack of innovation, energy and team spirit. May I remind you, with very limited resources.

Go on, I dare you, explore their website, at least give them a chance.
BAFANA,BAFANA BAFANA is the best team in the world!!!!
EISH!Ras,dont you sleep!
oh bollocks,say the time incorrectly!  
WHAT THE HELL is going on this morning..i "saw" the time incorrectly  

Apropos your comments on legal teams that are waiting to step in and challenge this relegation system established and agreed upon on the 5th June 2005, on the 2nd February 2006, at SA Rugby in Newlands, 6 CEO's of all the 6 South African Super 14 Rugby Franchises come together to sign off the SANZAR Franchise participation agreement.

Bang and right there is the watershed moment for developing rugby in South Africa and a most defining moment at that.

Good for South African rugby to have some competition structures that shatters stereo types and removes dinosaurs from rugby, so that we have a better distribution of talented rugby players throughout South Africa to give all the fans and TV viewers better games.

This agreement outlines the rules and regulations of the Franchise Participation Agreement and to SA Rugby's credit, it is being done before the kick off and whistle of the first Super 14 Franchise game on the 10th February.

This makes all and sundry, the nay sayers as well as the proponents of the relegation system, signatories to one agreement through to 2009. No arguments. You sign and you commit your Franchise to the system.

If there is any opposition to this, it has to be challenged before the 2nd February, but we all know all that lgal talk and challenging was sabre rattling.

This is a go situtation and it is best for South African rugby.

From the Southern Spears part we are implementing an Elite Spears Youth Squad system - identifying 30 talented rugby players in each of our three Unions in the U-13; U-16; U-18; U-19; U-21 age groups - 150 in each region and 450 rugby players in total to register, develop, train and coach to be the best andf take on the best with confidence and start winning from the Craven Week Tournaments.

This comes into effect today when our 3 Unions become signatories to this development system.

Times are achanging in South African Rugby.
and its about bloody time too  

4.3 SA RUGBY in terms of the Implementation Agreement has undertaken that it shall ensure that its respective Franchise shall enter into this Agreement, whereby the provisions of this Agreement shall bind the respective Franchises.

4.4 SA RUGBY has the exclusive prerogative to determine the nature, conditions and extent of all competitions in which professional rugby players shall participate on a professional level, including the Competition, and in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws and Regulations Relating to the Game of the IRB, Constitution and Regulations of SARU and SA RUGBY, and the Implementation Agreement and / or decisions of SANZAR adopted from time to time.

4.5 SA RUGBY has decided on a promotion and relegation process whereby in 2006 the five (5) SA Participating Teams, excluding the Southern Spears, shall participate in the Competition. At the end of 2006 the lowest ranking SA Participating Team as per the official SANZAR log shall automatically be relegated and replaced by the Southern Spears team for the 2007 season. The Southern Spears team will be entrenched in the Competition for the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

4.6 At the end of the 2007 Competition, the lowest ranking SA Participating Team, other than the Southern Spears team, as per the official SANZAR log shall automatically be relegated and replaced for the 2008 Competition by the SA Participating Team which did not participate in the Competition in 2007.

4.7 At the end of the 2008 Competition, the lowest ranking SA Participating Team as per the official SANZAR log shall automatically be relegated and replaced for the 2009 Competition by the SA Participating Team which did not participate in the Competition in 2008.

4.8 At the end of 2009 the lowest ranking SA Participating Team as per the official SANZAR log shall automatically be relegated and replaced for the 2010 Competition by the Team which did not participate in the Competition in 2009.

4.9 Should there be two or more lowest ranking SA Participating Teams with equal log points, the applicable regulations pertaining to equal points as contained in the Competition managers manual shall be applied in order to determine which SA Participating Team shall be relegated.

4.10 The terms and conditions of this Agreement remain effective irrespective whether a Team does not participate in any given year in the Competition during the term of the Agreement. A Franchise therefore not participating in the Competition in any one year cannot conclude any agreements in that year which would preclude the Franchise from delivering on the terms and conditions of this Agreement in the subsequent years.

4.11 The parties have agreed to revise the franchise system on or before 31 December 2009, which will come into affect after the termination of this Agreement.

4.12 SA RUGBY desires to enter into this Agreement with the Franchise in order to govern the participation of the Franchises in the Competition in accordance with this Agreement.
Tell them Tony.
Go SPEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So boeties, save money on legal fees and rather put it into development. Real development.

Accept it now. One of you IS going to be relegated.
Had a chat to Chad Alcock at his fishing tackle shop in PE over the weekend. He is still playing but has no contract and has not been approached in any way by the Spears. I would have thought his experience is what is needed in that part of the world, even if only in an advisory capacity.  
jj - agreed. That oke is a legend.  
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