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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Super 14: South Africa - Super 14 under the spotlight: The Bulls

It is January 2006. The South African Super 14 teams are getting ready to start the final preparations for the inaugural Super 14 competition. And as always, there is a lot of expectation and optimism from the South African rugby public. Will this be the year for South Africa?

Over the next couple of days I will give my views on the 5 South African franchises, discussing each team individually. And what better team to start with than the in-form South African Super 12 team of 2005, who handed out the biggest “pakslae” in South African Super 12 history, against their more favored opposition. Yes ladies and gents, today the spotlight falls on – “The Bulls”.

The Blue Bulls have been the top team domestically in SA for the last 4 years. Having won the Currie Cup 3 years in succession from 2002 to 2004 is testament to this, but up and till 2005, they were average to poor in the Super 12.

In 2005 it almost looked like we would be in for a repeat again judging on the Bulls opening games, but luckily, Heyneke Meyer and Anton Leonard managed to pull the boys together. Once they returned to their beloved Loftus, they basically demolished every team who dared to set foot on the hallowed ground called Loftus. Who can forget the 75 point drubbing against the Stormers team, who boasted a host of current Springbok players.

It was great to see a team who consistently performs on the domestic circuit, for once carry their form over into the premier club/union competition in the Southern Hemisphere.

I think the reason for the Bulls success can be attributed to a lot of things, but none more so to the hard work Heyneke Meyer has put into Bulls and Blue Bulls rugby over the last couple of years, and the strong leadership skills they had in Anton Leonard.

It is in most South African rugby’s fans’ nature, to judge our teams and form predictions based on the form and success displayed in domestic competitions. It is because of this reason, that we place very high expectations on our teams, and yet, year after year, they fail to deliver on the promise they created based on the form they displayed in the Currie Cup. It is for this reason also, that I never judge or predict a team’s chances in the Super 12, now 14, based on how they performed in the domestic competition. For the simple reason, that it is just that, a domestic competition.

We seem to forget that the players, who play in the Currie Cup, have played against each other from school level upwards in some cases. They have grown up and developed together at club level, through the age group levels, and basically in every level of rugby up to the premier competition, the Currie Cup. Guys, who now oppose each other, were center partners in U/21 teams, or club teams. They know each other’s games back to front and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better than they know the names of their cousins.

It is because of this simple reason that I believe we can never judge a player, or a team for that matter, simply on their performances in the Currie Cup competition.

Until they prove they can maintain that form in the SANZAR competition, they are simply not good enough in my book, to be classed as ‘world beaters’ or first choice Springbok players.

So what did the Bulls prove in 2005?

Well they showed me two things, number one; they are good enough to win the Super 14. They have the players, they have the coach, and they can mix it up with the best of them. Number two; even though they have what it takes, they still can’t win away from home.

For the Bulls to win the Super 14, they will need to do two things. First off, they will need to believe they are good enough to win away from home and go out and play in Christchurch and Sydney, like they play at Loftus. Secondly, they had better hope and pray that Big Vic can fill the very big boots of Anton Leonard.

Not many people realize how important Anton Leonard was to the Bulls and Blue Bulls team. In fact, I believe most people don’t realize how important a good captain is for any team in the game of rugby.
People constantly sing the praises of Heyneke Meyer and what he has accomplished at the Bulls, and rightly so, the man has done a hell of a lot, but they forget that no matter how good you coach a team, or who you have playing for you, if they cannot put it together on the field every Saturday for 80 minutes, it means nothing - and that my fellow rats, is where the captain plays a huge role. The Stormers and WP are brilliant examples of this.

This is where Anton was a genius, he might not have been the best number 8 in Bulls camp, but he was by far the best leader they could ever hope for. When the chips were down, he got stuck in and pulled the guys together.

Not to dwell too much on the coaching and captaincy subject, there is just one example or phylosophy I would like to use to further illustrate my point.

I see the coach in modern rugby as the middle man. Above him, he has the union and administrators who hired him, and who he reports to. Below him, he has his team and support staff, who he is responsible for and who he must mould into a winning combination or team.

Every coach has his own ideas of how he is going to be successful and what he needs in order to achieve that. What is vitally important for the coach, is that these two units, buys into his vision, and for that, he needs the big honcho’s as his allies and the main characters to buy into it first. They in turn, then motivate it to the rest of the individuals in their respective units.

Heyneke had this in Dolf van Huysteen, and Anton Leonard. Luckily for him, Dolf is well respected in Bulls and South African rugby, so if he bought into Heyneke’s philosophy, it was a given that the rest of the board and administrators would follow suit – he did.

In Anton, Heyneke not only had a friend and someone who has come through the ranks with him from South Western Districts days, but also a player who every single Bulls player respected and looked up to as a player and captain.

Thus, success for the Bulls was only be a matter of time. The management and administrators bought into his plan and vision and supported him 100%, so did the team through Anton Leonard. The result - a close knit unit that believed in their style of play, their coach and their captain. A winning recipe if ever I have seen one.

South Africa has seen this a couple of times, just think back to the 1995 World Cup, or the all conquering team of Nick Mallet. Okay maybe Nick did not have the full backing of SARFU…

The only other team that came close to this formula in 2005 was..... Yes, you’ve guessed it, the 2005 Currie Cup champions, but more about them later.

This year the Bulls will be faced with a very difficult challenge. Not only have they lost Anton through retirement, but also Dolf who has taken up duties at SARU. Add to that the signs shown by Heyneke earlier this year, by distancing himself from the Blue Bull setup and Blue Bull rugby as a whole, you get the feeling that the tide is somehow turning in Blue Bull country.

It has been stated that Heyneke wants to spend more time with his family and away from rugby, which is fair enough. But it just raises questions in my mind as to the mindset in the Bulls camp, and if everyone is as focused on the objective of winning the competition as they were last year. I also believe this will be Heyneke’s last season with the Bulls, who will in all probability follow suit to what Leonard did and retire from the game or become involved in a much lesser extent.

But then the Bulls could come out and demolish everything in their path in 2006, Victor Matfield proves to be an outstanding and inspirational captain, and my theory goes for a ball of s***. In which case, I will apologise to all Bulls fans.

Players to watch

The Bulls has a great squad this year, and for the first time in my view, they have the backs to compliment and perform on the same level as their formidable forward pack has for the last couple of years.

The back three has not fully developed into a formidable unit yet, but I believe the only reason for this is the lack of games they played together as a combination. Johan Roets had a dream season in 2005 and can count himself extremely unlucky to have missed out on a Bok call up at the end of 2005. His positional play and defensive qualities are probably the best in South Africa at the moment. Add to this his explosive attacking play we saw in 2005, and you have arguably the most accomplished fullback in the country at the moment.

If he can repeat his form in 2005, himself, with Habana and Mametsa, can become one of the most dangerous counter attacking units in the Super 14.

The one area of concern with the back three is Habana’s positional play. If he works on that part of his game and combines well with Roets and Mametsa, they will be the best back three in South Africa in my view.

If the Bulls are to move away from their traditional, perceived playing style of 10 man rugby, Wynand Olivier will need to have the season of his life. There is no doubt this youngster has the necessary skills and talent to perform at this level, but he will not only be up against the best opposition in the world for the first time in his career effectively, but he will also have to fight the ghost of the late Ettiene Botha.

Unfortunately, a lot of people, including players and fans alike, will measure him against the late Bulls great. Whether he has the maturity and mental strength to move beyond this remains to be seen, but at least he has a very classy partner in JP Nel who can rip any defense into shreds and is a formidable defender.

One of the biggest areas of concerns for me in the Bulls setup is in the flyhalf position. Look, it is great to have to really classy flyhalfs compete for the number 10 jersey, but it could also create a lot of frustration within the team setup and for both players. What Heyneke has to manage really well this year, is to clearly define the roles of each of his number 10’s, and make sure they understand exactly how they fit into the setup.

A lot of people believe Derrick Hougaard is damaged goods, but I heard some rumors that we can expect Derrick to wear the number 10 jersey more often than not in the near future. Morne Steyn is a good player and he had a very good 2005 season, but I believe he faded towards the end of the season. In my view, Heyneke will do well to give Derrick more game time than what he was awarded in 2005. I just refuse to believe a guy of his class cannot bounce back and be the player, and play the type of game, we all know he is capable off, he just needs to regain his confidence.

Fourie du Preez was dethroned as the number one scrumhalf in South Africa in 2005, and I could not help detect a level of frustration in his play. In situations like this it is vital for Heyneke and the captain to assist the player in channeling his energy in the right way. More often than not players tend to try too hard in situations like this, just to prove a point, and more often than not they end up looking and coming out of it a lot worse than when they started.

Bolla Conradie, and his season with the Stormers and WP this year springs to mind as being very similar - where he had to play second fiddle to De Kock, and when he was afforded game time, he hardly looked good enough to play for a club side. Fourie must guard against this, he is still the best tactical scrumhalf in SA and next to Davidson has the best pass in my view.

One thing he should look at working on though is his speed around the park and to the rucks, he seemed to have slowed down a bit in the last couple of games. Another thing he could look at, is something all South African scrummy's seem to suffer from, apart from Ricky January, to clear the ball as quickly as possible from ruck situations and stop pointing opposition indiscretions out to the refs.

The Bulls has arguably the best pack of forwards in the competition. But there are 4 players specifically that will need to come to the party if they are to be successful.

Jacques Cronje had one of his worst tours in a Springbok jersey, and must be really low on confidence at the moment. To complicate matters, with Anton Leonard gone he will really need to step up the plate and perform well at the back of the scrum for the Bulls. Anton did a huge amount of work carrying the ball forward for the Bulls, and Jacques will need to take over that role for them if they are to gain forward momentum and put their backs on the front foot - easier said than done.

I know it is not yet decided who will take over the number 8 jersey form Anton, but Jacques seems the logical choice as this was his position within the Springbok setup, but Heyneke might want to consider Danie "pakslae" Rossouw for that postion too in my view.

Pedrie Wannenberg is as good, if not better, than the another loose forward I regard as the best in his position in the world at the moment, Juan Smith. If Pedrie can stay injury free and build up confidence, the platform the tight 5 will give him could, and should, just give him the edge over all the other loosies in in the Super 14 - and maybe even a deserved first choice selection in the Springbok setup.

Victor Matfield is going to be one of the most important cogs in the blue machine if they are to be successful, not only as lock and player, but also as the new captain to lead the Bulls. I have my doubts about his abilities to lead a team, but I sure as hell hope he proves me wrong.

No team in the world, can do without a fit a firing Richard Bands. Since the departure of Kees the Bulls now more than ever need his experience and bulk in the front row. Yes it does seem that the Bulls franchise is a factory for producing good props and locks, but as Os has shown us against the Argentineans, there is nothing that can substitute experience when it comes to performing against class opposition in the engine room.

Logical Prediction

The logical conclusion based on the facts as mentioned above, says the Bulls are going to be one hell of a force to be reckoned with, and will probably be carrying the SA flag in the inaugural Super 14 competition.

Add to that the favorable draw they have, nothing less than a top 4 place will be good enough for the team and their fans. The team’s personal goal is probably to aim for a home semi final, and rightly so, they are more than capable of doing that.

Personal Prediction

My personal prediction is not as rosy as the logical one. Some might say my prediction is based on emotion rather than fact, but I will counter and say that the emotion within the Bulls camp, and rugby in general, make up a huge percentage of the end result. Now with emotion I refer to passion, believe, confidence and guts.

I believe the loss of Anton Leonard was, and will be huge, and that Big Vic, although a great player and the best in his position in the world, will not be able to accomplish as captain what Anton did.

I am reminded of another situation in the Super 12 a couple of years back when Joost was injured for a large part of the competition, and it was not known whether he would play a part in South African rugby at all. The Bulls played the worst rugby I have ever seen in my life that time, but strangely enough, when Joost returned, and committed to Bulls and Springbok rugby, it was like seeing a completely different team with the same names next to the same numbers that played so poorly the week before.

The Bulls will not be the bottom feeders again, not for a long time, but I predict a middle to top of the table finish for them. If they reach the semis, they would have exceeded my expectations.

Worst possible log position prediction: 8
Best possible log position prediction: 4

With all due respect boet

Only people in the Western Cape regarded the Stroemers are 'more fancied' in that Loftus clash. Everyone else knew the Stromers were going to lose....but not by that margin.

Agree on the rest though. The Old Northern Transvaal went through a similar slump in form once Naas Botha retired and John Williams left in the early nineties.

The team seems to be built on a cult of personality. If they do not have a personality to fixate on, then the team performs poorly. Look at the people like Thys Lourens in the seventies, Frik Du Preez in the sixties, Naas in the eighties and Joost in the mid to later nineties.

They've always had to have powerful and influential coaches too. People like Buurman Van Zyl and John Williams and now Heynecke Meyer spring to mind.

It remains to be seen whether featherman Mike Bailey (a so-so provincial player from WP) can fill the massive shoes of his predecessors....

ps. Rugby365 reckons this is the year of Morne Steyn.....

Why do you disagree?
Great article PissAnt, and I agree with a lot of what you say. I definitely agree on emotion playing a huge part in the Bulls camp. Over new year, I talked to a guy who supports the sharks, and he wanted to know if all Bulls supporters are as passionate as I am. My answer, yes, each and everyone that counts themselves as real supporters, the ones who stand by their team through thick and thin. Which is according to me one of the reasons why we didn't win the CC last year. The guys were emotionally exhausted. I just have to look at myself and the way I reacted to the late Ettienne Botha's death to see this. For two weeks after that day, I wanted to cry when I saw video footage or pictures or articles of him. The team must've taken this worse than I did. Hopefully, they'd have put all this behind them this year, cos like I said on OORB, if the Bulls doesn't make a success of 2006, I see rough times ahead.

The Captaincy is a major problem in the Bulls team of 2006. There is no logical replacement for Anton Leonard. The team has never performed under Victor matfield. After Joost there was Anton, after Anton, in my view, it was supposed to be Ettienne Botha. I believe Fourie Du Preez might be the answer, but I don't believe a Springbok should be a provincial captain, he won't be there in the CC, so there is no bond. Same goes for big Vic. I can see one guy raising his hand, but he needs to pick up his game and his position is to highly contested. It is the Highly talented Hougaard, who I still rate as the top Flyhalf in this country. Agree or disagree, that's my opinion. Enough on the captaincy, cos I can go on for hours on this point.

There is another thing bothering me about the Bulls team, and it showed in 2005. I don't believe there is BMT. Now your gonna laugh at me, I mean, before last year, the Bulls allways won their big games, in the CC anyway. But that's just it, in 2005, the Bulls played in the Vodacom cup semi and lost, S12 semi and again lost, in the CC proper, they won 9 out of 9 matches, to lose in the Final. It is a trend that I'm beginning to worry about. If they can prove me wrong and overcome this, then I'll be a happy man.

Last point I want to make and it adds to my previous point, Habana didn't score tries in the CC final or the S12 semi final. He missed out on two oppertunities that he would normally score. In both games he knocked the ball when all he needed to do was fall on it to score the try. Maybe it's just bad luck, maybe it's nothing, but I haven't seen him score in big games when he had the oppertunity (don't count the Springboks). In 2004, he didn't play well against the Bulls in the semi either, allthough I'm not sure whether or not he scored. Anyway, that's just my take and I hope the Bulls will be able prove me wrong, because I would love for them to play a home semi this year.

I reckon this will be the year of Hougaard, he was regaining form before the semi's and Steyn didn't perform in the final, so my logical call would be to play Hougaard in the beginning of the S14, allthough most people wouldn't agree with my logic!
Eish, I see there were more racial remarks and we threw away our tight grip today. What a test series, just as you think we're doing well, we throw it all away. This game's gonna end in a boring draw. We should've bowled them out for 270, stil a good lead and enough time to bat, set a huge target and bowl them out again, now we don't have the time. Our bowlers needs to step up to the plate for us to win this one, they'll need to bowl Aus out in one day! And our batsmen will need to stop batting so damn slow, for us to reach a respectable score. Lets hope we can pull something out of the hat.  
Oh and on my Post to Davids, I meant to say, that most people wouldn't agree that I have any logic!  

Glad to see the best post of 2006 on the RugRatRing.

I , for one agree, with your personal rating, because the Bulls best weapon- their momentum running-will be less effective without anton leonard and on the captaincy issue- well I am glad i do not have to make that choice.

They should have bought Wikus
Hallo OO, PA het nou so half my idee vir 'n artikel "gesteel". Ek wou iets skryf oor die kapteinskap en die moontlikheid dat die Bulls BMT kort. Het dit nou alles in my post gese, so ek werk aan een oor die nuwe agterlyn afrigter van die Cats, Alistair Coetsee. Hehehe, nou gaan hulle moer goed verdedig, maar alle aanval moontlikhede gaan daarmee heen. Hoop maar ouens soos Andre Pretorius en (HAHAHA) jorrie muller, het aan hulle onderskep werk gewerk!  
hehe Davids,

come now man i know you were secretly backing the Stormers. the reason there was a strong believe the Stormers could do it was because they seemed to have each and every South African team's number in the Super 12 for so long. Add to that the names in their team and most people would have backed the Bulls to loose, seeing they had nothing to win or loose in that match as they were already in the semi's.

I am with Aldo on Derrick. A source close to Heyneke revealed he is considering making Derrick his first choice this year... we'll have to wait and see I guess, but personally I do not rate Steyn.


The captaincy issue is huge, in my view, this is why WP and the Stormers are so shit since Corne left.

I agree on your take on Derrick, even the one as captain. Another character they might want to consider for this role in Pedrie, or even pakslae. Fourie will not be a captain in my view.

I however don't agree with you on the BMT thingy. That is one thing the Bully boys has, and that is guts, attitude and balls to back it up. I do agree however that they were physically, and mentally tired in the CC final.

Look I think the Bulls will be the best Super 14 team for SA, which does not bode well for the rest...

hello maat. moenie worry nie ek werk aan n kwaai Cheetah artikel net vir OORB oor die Super 14 met Rassie as die main fokus punt.
I agree that the Bulls have all that PA, but last year they lost all the important games, I'm not counting age groups. It just seemed that they lacked commitment, but in the S12 it might've been the travel bogey and in the CC I think they were emotionally drained. Anyway, all in all, if 2006 is a failure, expect me to become a highly irratated and alcholic person. Because I think we'll have a long time waiting before we win another one then.

Eish, I hope we can come up with a replacment for Heynecke if he leaves, in my view, Bailey is not the guy. He's a good assistant coach, but that's where it stays, I feel the same about Carel du Plessis. He was a good assistant coach for Gert Smal, but never materialised as a head coach.

I think the Bulls must consider buying Strontlie. At least we'll have someone to blame in three years time and then I can write a book about being the right fan at the wrong time and make millions! hehehehe
PA, jy moet eerder fokus op die Bloemfontein girls, baie mooier as Rassie!  
Hi Howzit guys!!! :)

May the prosperity bore the s*** out of you in 2006!

Only realise now how difficult it is going to be for me this year being a Bulls supporter and now having to throw my weight behind the SWD Eagles and the Spears.

Anyway, I'm sure the Bulls will be able to look after themselves.

By the way, I am also a huge Hougaardt fan, although, at one stage last year I really thought his downfall was due to arrogance. Might be completely wrong though - hopefully!

Welkom terug- yip ek hoop rerig die Bulle is groot hierdie jaar- sal nie maaind as hulle met 'n verloor afskop nie maar ten minste is die game mandoza

PA- ek warry oor niks nie PA- net gatvol karre en Premiership nuus ge cut & paste- jou artikel was lekker om te lees. Sien uit na die ander.

Kandas- ja, jy is mos 'n kloset bull daar oppie hoorn- maar wie se brood jy vreet die se woord jy moet spreek- ;-))

in my view there is not a coach good enough to take forward what Heyneke has created, they will have to look overseas to find someone - Mains might not be a bad option - so to old eddie there is a thought.

OO has a good point in Wikus, i think they missed a trick there.


Same to you, but like I said, they will be the form team for SA this year, so dont worry too much.
I'm sorry, just off the topic for a moment, but those umpires knifed us!!! We could have had the Aussies on the ropes. Two piss poor decisions against us and then loads in favour of Aus.

Not a bad idea about Moans, PA. Just one question jumps to mind, can he speak Afrikaans?  
never stopped nick mallet mould together a great team, with a lot of afrikaans boikies aldo!!!!

yeah ras, and to think i actually thought bowden was a good umpire.

here is a trivia question, does anyone know why officials are at times referred to as umpires and other times as referees?
No I dont know the answer to that one PA, lets refer it to the crowd:

"Ja, jy met die kots geel hemp en pers kruisbande!"

Davids:"Uhm ja, ek weet ook nie, maar kan ek maar die geld kry?"

Johan:" Nee wat boet, julle kinders van vandag vat net te veel kanse."

Anyway, I agree that the umpires on this tour was almost as bad as our catching, but Symmonds was given out when he wasn't, so I don't think we're being cheated, just that the umpires are cracking under the amount of prussure this tour is putting them under.

Oh and PissAnt, Mallet never coached the Bulls. Dont think a soutie thugs will be able to coach this bunch of boere thugs. We eat people like Moans for Breakfast. Would be great though. Maybe get woodward to coach us, mind you, there goes our junior teams. lol. On a serious note, didn't Heynecke "steal" a lot of his ideas from woodward? He was influenced by the man on a tour he was on, I think as part of NM's coaching staff.
ja aldo,

say what you want about the guy, but woodward revolutionized coaching in teh modern era - his only flop, that being the lions tour.

and the reason, he wanted to use an outdated "world cup" game plan with outdated "world cup players" when everybody caught up with them and moved on.

he ignored the best players from other teams and that is why he failed, there was a lot of bad blood between the players and they were never going to gel as a team - let alone play as one.

i will give the answer to the trivia question soon, lets see of someone gets it first.
Middag Almal
Nice to see a thread with some comments.
prvince jou token poster, welcome back  

Jy vra vir moeilikheid hier....

Anyway PA.

The Stromers should have gone to Loftus with blindfolds, a few choice last words like "Fok julle Bul bliksems" and smoked a last cigarette in the tunnel.

There was no way the Stromers were going to win that game, even with their past record against SA teams. After all, their big names had all woefully flopped in every game they played before.

The captaincy and coaching issue for the Bulls is a massive one. Like I said, a personality cult always surrounds the coach and skipper of successful Bulls sides.

I also see that the lack of speed in the Bulls pack is going to come back and haunt them. The Lions at Ellispark and the Cheetahs at Loftus showed the way to beat them. Now it'll just be a question of time before the rest follow suit and use fast loosies to beat them to the the breakdown. That said, an existing tight five that competes at said rucks where the loosies are winning the ball is a plus. Without that.....the Stromers are in for another torrid time against the Bulls.....


Can't believe you actually support those blue bliksems....

Tim Lane was pretty successful with the Cats so maybe calling in ole moans wouldn't be a bad idea, and he has the thing of making creating a cult of personality around him and the team skipper....., just look at Gregan!

The full Cats squad of 42 players has been named by the way.

It will be pared down to 26 for S14 duty, but Earl Rose is in the squad. I see his grown a bos of "woes" hair. The other Cobus Grobler (lock, not Baywatch)is staying with the Cats after all too. Wikus is skipper.
Hell province

where's your token boetie WPW?

This place is looking very pale without the two of you!
To my intense disgust, Jorrie Muller has somehow managed a Gus Theron and kept his contract...

And as for why we've contracted Natalian Dave Von Hoesselein....

Geez okes....

anyway, check it out at
Good to be back boys,actually i never left.Been a slave while you guys were on leave,Dont worry DavidS,you BEE % should be pulling right soon!Fekk its nice to hear from you ous!  
Was @ gym two weeks ago,ended up training next to Mr Mallet,word from the wise,if you gonna badmouth him,keep it on this site,the ol man is a strong MF and im sure he could deliver a snotklap of note!  

The cats have Jorrie in the midfield, Von Hoeslin at scrumhalf and our friend Coetsee as a backline coach. Lag my gat af. Davids, sorry my friend, but you will have to remain with a paper puff girls team for another year. Jorrie and good old Dave are still okay, but Alistair as a backline coach. even JdV lost his attacking flair under that guy.
Hey Province jou lekke ding. Goed om terug te wees. So jy moes slaaf wees. Dis reg so, jy kan mos nie verlof kry nie, as al julle token mense af vat, wanneer moet ons Boere thugs afkry?  

is dit nou oor die Kots geel hemp of die pers kruisbande dat jy kwaad is?
LOL Aldo
It was cool though,i did what us tokens do best,ACT like im busy,just watched movies on my PC.
PissAnt, nounet jou chirp op OORB gelees. Nogals skerp hoor, kon nie help om te lag nie.  

Ek gaan jou oë donner dat hulle dieselfde kleur as jou span se jerseys is...

En jy sal jou kos deur 'n strootjie moet eet.


I've met him in real life too.

Yusus does he look like one bedonderde oke though. It's as though if you had to lip him you'll REALLY get a snotklap. I always think that the end of James Small's discipline problems came under Nic Mallet.

I was at a function with Mark Andrews and he was sitting with a friend of my Dad who was an old boy of the same school Mark went too. Anyway, Mark told him that on the first team gettogether James Small was all "Nic" this and "Nic" that till Mallet told him that he was either "Mr Mallet" or "Coach"..... end of James Small discipline problems...
Province, now your doing something you tokens do even better, JY PRAAT NOU KAK! Rather say, Stormers to get knobbed from behind by a drunk ProvinceJouLekkading!  
Nee sies man Davids, eerste dag terug en jy wil my klaar donner, ek dog jy sou nou uitgerus wees in die nuwe jaar!  
We will see boety,ive got a good feeling about this year!!!Ive said my prayers,been a good boy,kept all my real teeth in my mouth,i think my team can win a game!!I deserve it!  
Cheers People of the palace. I've got to go buy something for supper, wife says there is no power, yes I did pay my bill! Any suggestions, don't know what I want to go get. That's the bad thing about staying on a farm, if the air just smells like rain, the power goes of.  

Die vrou het hele blerrie af week diaree en verkoue gehad en ek moes die familie host Kersdag en al twee die kinders die heel tyd oppas dag en nag terwyl sy op sterwe is, tot sy ewe skielik besluit sy's beter eergister.

Toe't ek natuurlik gister werk toe om te rus hier!!!!!!

So ek's nog meer bedonders as wat ek was voor Kersfees....en sleep deprived. Een liggie is dat No. 2 begin loop het gisteraand....alles my goeie invloed natuurlik....
Cheers people

I'm outta here.

Pizza...... not Debobleecchhh though.

Get nice ones.
Lol Province, I think Mallet has something up his sleeve. I hope so, otherwise, I see a long hard season for you guys. Any suggestions from you for supper?  
Cheers Davids, jy gaan nou eers afkak, as baba begin loop, begin ma en pa hardloop! Geluk in elk geval. So lyk my dis pizza, nou net om 'n pizza te kry wat vroulief sal eet, sy eet nie knoffel nie, ook nie enige soort pepper nie ook nie uie nie, ook nie eier nie, ens, ens, ens........  
Sorry buddy,if i suggest anything you might have to take your family for triple bypasses,i kinda enjoy your co. so ill keep my mouth shut!  

Ja julle jonges darem.....

Your wife as full of crap about stuff she'ss eat as mine then...

Mine won't even eat chicken when it's not in a filleted breast that doesn't look like a chicken. If it's a flattie there's no ways she'll eat it. Same for fish. If it looks like a fish it doesn't get eaten....

My motto in life is that I'll eat anything once....

Difficulty in the kitchen when I cook.... (which I do often and damned well)


You better insert the right Cats logo boet.

It's changed for this year so get it right on paper for once....
dont worry davids, i got the new logo, looks great on paper as always....  

PA vs DavidS

Subtleties on paper...

Hey Pissant,

So you're a keen Cook. What is your favourite meal - please explain in detail,

Patrick, I will personally guarantee you a Rugga World day of Cooking Recipes!!!!

Especially stuff you Kiwis struggle with, like cooking on an open fire, or BRAAI.......

Please feel free to submit your best, we WILL post it, without any silly comments.
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