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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Super 14: Silverfern rates the "Kill Me" Cats

Written by True Blue

The Cats have had a horrific time of it in S12. The reasons for this can be traced back to the interference of Louis Luyt, the politicking of Laurie Mains and the ludicrous arrangement whereby two proud unions were rolled into one to be based in both Johannesburg and Bloem. The end result was a series of highly talented but unhappy and savagely underperforming teams over the past years.

The Cats have been the perennial easybeats for almost a decade, but the signs are there, like the resurgence of the Lions in the Curri Cup, that this may be coming to an end and that Ellis Park may have something other than Springbok victories to celebrate for a change.


Frans Ludeke has replaced the out-his-depth Chester Williams and that in itself is hugely positive as Ludeke is well liked and respected by the playing staff.


The Cats have tremendous striking power out wide in the form of Aswin Willemse (finally fit again) and the experienced Wylie Human, with Conrad jantjies at the back. The midfield looks solid with Springboks Jacques Fourie and Wayne Julies, backed up by Grant Esterhuizen (back from France). In addition, the Cats have signed earl rose from the Stormers and have Doppies la Grange and the experienced Jorrie Muller as back up for the first choices.

At flyhalf and scrum half are the Springbok paring of Enrico January and Andre Pretorius, backed up by Dave von Hoesslin and the exciting newcomer Tiaan Snyman.

The loosies are experienced, with a hard edge and led by Wikus van Heerden supported by the likes of veteran Russell Winter and the promising U21 Roland Bernard.

The second row is literally an embarrasment of riches in the form of Gordon Gilfillan, Willem Stolz, Jannes Labuschagne and Trevor Hall. The front row in the form of Lawrence Sephaka, Lukas van Biljon and Pietman van Niekerk will stand back for no-one.


Despite a very strong line-up on paper, the Cats are serial easybeats and the biggest problem that they will have to overcome is establishing a winning culture. A few early close losses and they will be right back to the bottom of the draw.


The Cats travel early, and if they can get some points on the road v the likes of the Brumbies and the Canes, tghey may just be up for a bit of a season. If not, they will have the chance to salvage something back home at Ellis Park


Will they be able to put the mental baggage behind them?

Will their paper strength translate into performance on the park?

Look out for:

Gordon Gilfillian, Earl Rose


The Cats will serve up a mixed bag and place around 10th.
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1. Gordon Gilfillan is nothing to write home about. The players to watch are whoever is flyhalf and Earl Rose.

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