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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Super 14: Showing South Africa how it's done

In yet another admirable gesture from a New Zealand coach on what it means to put national interests first, Robbie Deans, the coach of the most successful Super 12 team the Crusaders, has agreed to rest some of his key All Black players for the inaugural Super 14 kicking off in February.

In a country like South Africa where we constantly question the merits of decisions administration and unions make for the good of the game and the players, it comes as no real surprise why New Zealand leads the way in world rugby and why South Africa will always play catch up rugby with the current mentality of our decision makers.

Speaking to The Press newspaper Deans said the Crusaders share the views of All Black’s coach Graham Henry, simply because they always believe the players best interests should always come first.

"We're not poles apart in our thinking."

"Essentially some of the initiatives that they are taking are initiatives we have been implementing for a while anyway. We have always acted in the best interests of our players and we will continue to do so.

"It's just a matter of what detail they put around that."

What is more amazing is that with no less than 8 All Blacks in the Crusaders team, they will be the hardest hit by such a move. Something I cannot see happening in a team like the Bulls and the Cats where many of our first choice Springboks come from.

Deans, ever the optimist, believes this will not impact negatively on his teams chances in the extended competition.

"I don't think so, no ... We are more than happy to work with them [the All Blacks]. At the end of the day they are seeking our co-operation and as long as it doesn't compromise us totally, I don't see any reason why we won't be supportive."

The Crusaders resumed training this week even though they are officially on leave until the 23rd of January.
Protecting the goose with the golden eggs.

Like you say, we will be playing catch up again.

Funny thing is that our young talent seems to put us in a very strong position for 2011, but I fear by that time they will also be on the edge of being overplayed.
Good heavens

Resting All Blacks for S14....


i see 2 comments for this arti on the main page but only donners is here...

site is kf'ing again
You tell me. Noticed it about an hour ago. Something funny going on.

Funny enough last Brannasnacht, somebody answered Tafeltjie's question. I could see the answer on my computer, but se could see the post on hers. All teh rest was there except that one.
damn weird  
One should remember the modus operandi of Canty Crusaders. Their main aim in the Comp, is to reach the top four, and get into the playoffs even if it is in

They appear quite attuned to tossing a couple of early games to give star players a decent rest period. Results would suggest there is little wrong with their formula.

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