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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Super 14: New boy Schalk Brits to lead Stormers against the Bulls

Source: SuperRugby

Newly contracted hooker Schalk Brits will lead a second string Stormers team in their warmup match against the Bulls on Newlands on Saturday. Naas Olivier will play his first game at flyhalf alongside Paul Delport, whilst many Bolanders get the chance to stake their claims.

Brits learned his rugby in the Western Cape and played for WP u.21. He was not highly rated in his home town, moved to Gauteng and made name for himself with the Lions and the Cats before he was contracted to return to his roots.

Stormer's coach Kobus Van der Merwe said that Brits was captaining the side in the absence of De Wet Barry, recently operated on but expected back for the opening Super 14 game, as he had impressed with his leadership skills in the time he had been in the Cape and was also a good leader of the Lions pack last season.

"When I left the Cape I never wanted to come back. I was so bitter about the way things were done here that all I wanted to do was beat Western Province on the field," said Brits on Wednesday.

"However, Nick contacted me last year and he convinced me that even if things have not changed completely just yet, they are in the process of changing. I felt that the style of rugby played by WP and the Stormers would suit me.

"Some say this is a second string team, but we are playing the Bulls' top side, so we can prove quite a point both individually and for the team."

Brits leads a side loaded with newcomers. Justin Peach will play his first game for the Stormers at fullback, while Bolander Piet van Zyl is in for his first game at centre. He partners Gus Theron, who is not even in the official Stormers squad at the moment. As expected, Naas Olivier plays his first game at flyhalf alongside Paul Delport, the South African under-21 captain who was drafted to the Cats last season.

Justin Melck is another in a long list of second stringers getting a chance to stake a claim. The flanker is partnered by Hendrik Gerber, who played Currie Cup rugby last year but was injured for the entire 2005 Super 12 campaign.

Bolanders certainly get more of a look-in under the new management than they did under the old. Henk Eksteen is at lock for this game, while it is anticipated that Jonghi Nokwe and Ryno Benjamin, who have impressed in training, will play the final warmup game against the Spears.

Stormers team: Justin Peach, Egon Seconds, Piet Van Zyl, Gus Theron, Tonderai Chavahanga, Naas Olivier, Paul Delport, David Hendricks, Justin Melck, Hendrik Gerber, Gerrie Britz, Henk Eksteen, Attie Winter, Schalk Brits (captain), Dougie Wheatley.

Reserves: Huia Edmonds, Tommy Dixon, Duimpie Theron, Mpho Mbiyozo, Charl Blom, Jacques Badenhorst / Sarel Potgieter, Johan Pietersen.
Looking at the Stormers squad, you wonder why they even bother with this game. Warmup games are there to give you the oppertunity to test combinations and get your team matchfit. My question is, how many of these guys will get S14 gametime. I don't see the use of playing these silly warmups, but if you're going to play them, give your guys some time on the pitch. Or are the Stormers management allready looking for excuses for a 50 pointer at Newlands?

Okay that last part was just to get a cheap shot in!

Why would they have to make excuses for putting up 50 points against the Bulls.

You are not making sense this morning.
lol Donner  
KvdM is being smart about this game, why bother playing key players in a warm-up game that we all know is gonna be physical. The Bulls on the other hand are taking big risks and looking to injure some players. I remember from school rugby that the hardest games we played were warm-up matches against the second team, those guys always gave 110% because they had a point to prove...  
Hell I always like to see the Bulls-Stormers tiff- tend to bring the worst outta their fans ;-)

Must say - the Stormers fans have a lot of internal anger at this stage- it will be fun to read the comments when they will manage that first win against the Bulls ;-)
I dont think we stand a chance on Saturday. Gus Theron is in the team... So you know what that means... We are disadvantaged just like the Cats when they have Jorrie in their team... lol
Its gonna be ugly,WPW are you gonna go watch?If i go itll only be to watch Delport play,there is a GHFM thingy happening on Camps Bay all weekend,itll be easier on the eyes.  
Well well well,so was the rumours about Britz and the captaincy then true????Just goes to show,you cannot trust those okes in the south with a bloody Marie Biscuit!  

That is why we eat Salticrax.

I have my eye on you boet,jy soek vir kak!!!!!

Ja,you only eat saltycracks 'cause the rest were stolen or eaten already!Or sold for a couple off pennies to buy new make-up for those bloody "Showponies in Drag!"
But,the question remains,is this evidance that the rumours were true and that Britz was lured to the Cape with promises that he will be captain??????  

Your guess is as good as mine. You know my feelings to the bs that the powers that be in WP rugby seems to be spinning.

I wonder if they know what they want themselves.
Ja,I know how you feel about them,and it is just this kind of bull-shiiting that will 'cause a team to under-achieve 'cause they know they cannot take the coaches/management on their words!  
Are any-one gonna guess a score?  
Fok,moenie vir my vertel almal werk nie,wat gaan aan????  
Stormers 65 - Bulls 17!!!Gus to run in a hattrick!  

I think Stormers 83 Bulls 12.

Gus running in 5 tries of his own and making the Bulls backline look average.
Hi manne,

Het gatvol geraak vit my ou nick aangesien dit die Afrikaner nasie genoeg verteenwoordig nie.

Baldrick is dus dood en Genl. Joubert is gebore.

Oor die wedstryd Sat. Ek dink die Stormers gaan 'n lelike pakslae kry. As hulle agterlyn een keer die bal op die voorvoet kry sal ek verras wees.

My telling: 42 - 13 vir die Bulle


Het jy al vordering met daai Cheetah true gemaak. Die S14 lĂȘ nie meer ver nie.
Donner et al,it is unhealthy to start binge drinking so early is the morning,dit laat julle yl!  

Die game beteken nie baie in die bigger picture nie, maar as jy 'n score wil he. Bulls 50 Stormers 8.

So by the way, op die homepage is daar 'n link na Oranje Orakel se blog. Ek het 'n artikel daar geskryf wat ek sal hou om jou opinie van te kry.
So, het iemand al aan die theme vir brannasnacht gedink? Ek het dringend een nodig, so ek is definitief vanaand aan diens.  
BTW,the only way Gus can score 5 tries is if he scores them behind his own goal line,or if the opposition fails to arrive on time,or if the Bulls plays with only 5 men,and they are all blind folded,and even then it will be a stretch!

Does Gus even know how it feels to stand behind a goal line,other than his own,especially against the Bulls?
Aldo,sal gou lees,moenie weggaan nie!  
Vleis,did you ever read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho?You should!

"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."
Unless your dream is totally unrealistic!  
Hehe vleis!  
O sorry, ek dog hy doen.

Tik in

Hoop dit help
Waar kry ek OO se blog,die l;ink wys nie op die Homepage nie!  
LOL Vleis,can Gus catch a ball?  
Hi Manne,

As ek mag vra, hoekom onderskat julle die Bulle so?

Ek sal later die Brannasnacht thread opsit. The tema sal wees Springbok legendes pre 90.

Ek is net gou besig met 'n paar ander goed. Sien julle later.

Aldo,ek het jou stukkie gelees,en ek sien nie juis iets waarmee ek kan verskil nie,behalwe op scrummie kan ons dalk sukkel as FdP nie speel nie,en ek dink Leonard se afwesigheid gaan ons harder tref as wat ons wil glo,nie net as kaptein nie,maar ook as link tussen die voorries en die agterlyn.Maar ja,ons het baie om oor te smile!
Want behalwe vir een of twee Bulle fans,is die meerderheid WP manne,en hulle leef in "perpetual hope"!  
Vleis, jy sal sien dat ek nie die skurmskakels as 'n sterkpunt genoem het nie, want ek reken ook sonder Fourie is ons in die moeilikheid. Heini Admas is ongetoets op die vlak en ek rate nie powell nie.

Anton was 'n groot loss. Ek hoop Danie of Jacques kan sy skoene vol staan. Hulle is goed genoeg, maar ek weet nie of hulle sy never say die attitude het nie, maar ek glo met tyd sal hulle regkom. My grootste worry is die kapteinskap. Ek rate nie Victor as kaptein nie en glo ook nie 'n bok moet kaptein wees nie. So Fourie wie ek rate is ook uit. Ek sou Derrick Hougaard kaptein maak. Anyway, ek hoop maar die jaar gaan goed vir ons spannetjie. Anders as Donner, glo ek nie ons gaan so vinning val soos hy wens nie!
Ek hoor die ouens in Pretoria stop nou al vir die Oranje lig by die robot omdat hulle al so baie teen die Vrystaat verloor het........  
Aldo,i agree,Vic is no captain,he was not even capt. of his school's 3rd team when he played there,and was not capt. of any of the sport teams he played in,also not the cricket team.  
Uh Uhm... :)

Just when I wanted to ask about the British Language...
Kandas,moment I started writing that comment,I knew we were pushing it!!!!!HAHAHAHA,sorry boet!  

i am not hoping for the Bulls to fall. I am just saying that every team must be very careful of complacency

When do I get some recipes vleis?

Have you seen Methos' one?
Kandas,yes I saw it,and I will prepare a couple for you,I thought about it this morning,so dont fear when Vleis is near!  
So jy wil he ek moet Brits praat Kandas. Ek sal probeer, se maar as dit nie uitwerk nie en ek moet teruggaan afrikaans toe.


I can likes to agree with you. Victor cannot likes to be choosed as a captain for mine team. He are such a bad capatin, that we almost never won anything! But he can likes to spring in the linestand. I'm tuning you once! he, is the best linstand springer in die world. He can spring almost as high as a childrens on a springingmat. So he can like to be choosed for my team.

I thought we must choose Hougaard as captain. He will not be a bok as long as white is liking to are the bok coach.So he can likes to play in the cc also. And he is a geborn leader. Plus, he's receiving his form again.
Shyte Aldo,they will start a petition to force you not to post in English!!!!!!!

Ja,maybe Hougie,but I must be honest,I dont know who will be the best choice!Thing is,will Hougie be picked in front of Steyn,will he be seen as the best no. 10 in the squad?That is what is bothering me about choosing Hougie as capt.
Thanks vleis.

I think we can expect a fight to the bitter end from Genl. Joubert on the language issue though.

Better go dig my trenches.
Oh my

Trenches on the Wset flank for Aldo as well.

I hate War!

I can likes to think Hougaard will be kicking for the sticks and the outline very good this year. He can like to get his confidence back as well. Me thinks he can kicks Steyns arse. He can be liking to be choosed as the no 1 looselink in the team.

I can be attacking from the north, not the west. So you can like to preparing your trenches, but I is one step ahead and can be attacking from the other side.
If this is the Stormers' second string team then they have a lot to be worried about - where is the depth?

The Bulls are not fielding their first team (although 60% are probably featuring there) and their team probably looks the best on paper than any of the other SA S14 teams!

Do hope though that Naas Olivier and Justin Melck have good games.
Eish, I give up. This will never do. I'll go crasy if I have to type like that all day long.  

You dig Paul Coelho.

A man of culture then. A scholar and a true gentleman.

Aldo & Vic

The capable replacement for FDP is Neil Powell. More of chance of him running than Heinie IMO. He's playing style is similar to that of FDP and Joost.


But it's damned funny.
DavidS anyone who has read something of Paulhos digs Paulo,you cant not!
But hey,quiet on the culture bit gonna spoil my rep!
Aldo, byt vas met daai taal. Ek het nou hardop gesit en lag hier in die kantoor.

Davids & Province, that was a brilliant book but I enjoyed "Life of Pi" even more.
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