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Friday, January 20, 2006


Super 14: More bad news for Bulls

Team to play Russia announced

Source: News24

More bad news arrived for the Blue Bulls yesterday: Victor Matfield's injury is worse than expected and will keep him from leading the side for a considerable time. Matfield is also one of the ten players announced from which the Bulls' Player of the Year will be chosen.

The knee injury which Matfied picked up in the warm-up match against the Cats at Ellis Park last Saturday is not responding to treatment as expected and is likely to keep him sidelined him for up to six weeks. The initial report indicated only a month.

The new prognosis means Matfield will probably miss the Bulls first Super 14 match against the Cheetahs on 10 February, as well as their clash with the Brumbies the following weekend.

This makes the Bulls warm-up match against Stormers at Newlands on Saturday an mportant trial for Gary Botha and Francois van Schouwenburg especially. Botha will captain the Bulls on Saturday and with Matfield's vice-captain Fourie du Preez also out injured, Botha should prepare himself to lead the Pretoria side against the Cheetahs and the Brumbies too.

Van Schouwenburg, the new man in the No 5 jersey, has huge shoes to fill, but is not someone to shy away from a challenge.

Players of the Year

Matfield is one 10 players that have been nominated as the Blue Bulls' Rugby Player of the Year for 2005. The others are: Anton Leonard, Bakkkies Botha, Gary Botha, Jacques Cronjé, Wynand Olivier, Johan Roets, Fourie du Preez, Akona Ndungane and Bryan Habana.

Team to play Russia

The team to play Russia at Loftus tomorrow is:
Riaan van der Bergh; John Mametsa, Joey Mongale, Jacques Louis Potgieter, Trompie Montshinga; Len Olivier, Danie van der Merwe; Pedrie Wannenburg, Derek Kuün, Hilton Lobberts, Cliff Milton, Wilhelm Steenkamp, Ruan Vermeulen, Kobus van der Walt, Harry Vermaas.
Reserves: Adriaan Strauss, Werner Kruger, Tonie Gronum, Hendrik Blignaut, Lutho Nyenka, F J Pienaar, Dawie Steyn, Emile Verster, Jerome Williams.

bad news this for the bullies  
This could just be the edge the Cheetahs need to beat them in the opening game.  
Bad news for the Bulls, somehow I think that with the depth that they have it won't affect them too much.  
Errm yes, pretty dissapointed really.I wanted to join in with this "brachsnachwhatthefuck" last night....but I couldn't understand anything?

Why in Afrikaans?
Afrikaans is a crap language and of little to no offense ment. Are there still kids learning to speak it? Why's dying out.

I will push any kids of mine to learn to speak Russian,Chinese or Indian.Between 25-35% growth per annum.Not the steady 5 or something percent like SA. the future English please(because it is the glogal language).....or Russian...for the benifit of our kids.


PS: Doesn't matter about big Vic...all that will happen will be that the Bulls team will be on the edge of the edge come game time.

Ah, it's a cultural melting pot of all things and we are after all a rainbow nation, so you would have been welcome to join in and everyone would have spoken English to you.

ps. And exactly how can you tell from StP that Afrikaans is dying?

The fact is it is one of the few languages in SA that is growing. Listenership to its radio stations is incraesing. Afrikaans tv programmes are consistently the most popular native language programmes on tv, and culturally people are spending more and more money on its existence.

As you can see from the language that I am writing to you in, that does not mean I simply reject English. It is a useful communication lingua franca.

However, in my heart, Afrikaans is my preference as a language and I will speak it to my family and friends whenever I feel like.

I'm teaching my kids Afrikaans and they've already been entered into an Afrikaans school.

There are literally 100's of different languages in India (the biggest are Gujerati and Tamil) and and the same for China, so I'm assuming you'd want Mandarin or Cantonese as the most spoken languages. Russian

Well I wouldn't mind learning. It's a beautiful, powerful, emotional and evocative sounding language. Both my daughters have Russian names, so maybe I should get them taught. My eldest already speaks Afrikaans, English and Sepedi. Any ideas where I can get lessons like that?

ps. On Big Vic.

Bullshit. He's the best line-out jumper in the world. Even the Kiwis wish they had someone like him available to them. The loss of one of the players of the century so far would hurt ANY team.

Although I reckon the backups are competenmt and international calss, I certainly don't think that the Bulls can actually say his loss is not going to hurt them.
St petersburgBok

It seems that you and Mallet suffers from the same problem.

Afrikaans matters to us - who speak it- so with no due respect- your comments does offend me- because it identifies you as a person with an intolerance towards others- ea the imperialistic attitude behind apartheid.

Please count the number of children that you are raising under your roof- and if they are able to converse in English Russian whatever- be thankful and raised them within an tolerant environment- because you Sir like St Mike's offspring will be be part of that global village and guess whom will not fit in. Not the Afrikaners participating in Brannasnachting- but those fucking dumb Anglo shyte who still think they rules the waves- You Sir, are an idiot- and your so-called exposure to the world had not expanded your mindset- just your chance to contract sexual transmitted disease. So go roll a pastry- and when you want at least to participate by understanding Afrikaans and post in English like Ras do- be sure that you will find the Brannasnacht community a very tolerant one.

I always thought that StP might be one of the HSM identities- now I know it does not matter- as as you are as intolerant as Nick Mallet with regard to Afrikaans/ Afrikaners.

PS Tell the dumb british broad who offend Afrikaners that Afrikaans does not matter when Richemont withdrew their advertisements from the newspaper/ magazines that she(used) to work for.
Just to add my two cents,i cant speak Afrikaans well but i have absolutely no problem with it because it is a language unique to SA.Plus watching the bokke play with Afrikaans commentary is just awesome man,it gives the game a cool feeling.  
Ahh,I expected as much.

Although I'd agree with much of what is said, I stand by my comment.Afrikaans is a kak language and pretty useless.I also never said that no one should ever speak it, just stated my opinion why it should not.Particularly as this is the and English is the global language, weather you like it or not.I also...did not make it the global language. did we get on to England ruling the waves? Typical defensive hysterical Saffer traits?

Again, I stated the facts from a strictly business and responsibility stance.Would it not be a responsible thing to a equip your kids for the biggest and fastest growing global economies? Or will you gladly condem your kids to not even having the choice to choose, once they are adults, if they would like to remain in SA or have the ability to work elsewhere in larger economies. can survive in SA without speaking Afrikaans. is extremely difficult to survive in Russia,China or India without a means to communicate. Although, it must be said,locals from these countries know it rapidly increases their chances of success if they speak they try and learn to speak it as well.

Also,I find it hard to believe that Afrikaans is growing, particularly given the fact that it is no longer(to my knowlege) enforced at English schools?

PS:I studied German and French at school......German is also a kak language in my opinion.Both have been of no use to me for almost a decade and as a result I have forgotten most of it.

Face it......not only is it pretty useless but particularly hard on the ears.If you are so intent on speaking a language that is unique to SA, why not at least teach your kids to speak Zulu or Xhosa, at least there are more people speaking it......?

Nope, opinion is unchanged.

Short sighted and insecure???

Klingon is aparantly the galaxy's fastest growing language. That's right those bumpy headed aliens of Star Trek seem to have managed to get ahead of everybody, maybe we should all learn to speak that instead.

Afrikaans is very much alive and seems to be going through a revolution of sorts, this is obvious by the attendance of young South Africans (black and white) at various cultural events across the country; Oppiekoppie, KKNK, etc. Afrikaans artist are also making big inroads at international music festivals like Pukkelpop in Belgium, so to say that it is a crap dying language is wrong. Afrikaans is also something that bonds expats abroad, hearing people speak Afrikaans at Grand Central Station in NY made me feel proud to be a Saffa!

All that aside,
Закройте ад вверх. Языки не быть обсуженным на этом website.

It would probably be Cantonese as is my understanding.

Mandarin is the Hong Kong region?

The Chinese are trying their damdest to turn Shanghai and Beijing into the business hubs of Asia......and away from the colonial Hong Kong.

You've misread what I said.

My kids are learning another native SA language. Why? Because they ARE SOUTH AFRICANS

And they're learning English.

So, much like you in fact, although they will be able to communicate golbally, they will know and understand their roots and they will have cultural roots as South Africans and Afrikaners.

In case you're not following news, cultural identity is very much in vogue internationally. The Global Village is not - that was the nineties.

So, you have your opinion and I have mine.

Besides, how can someone sitting 1000's of light years away in a place where tpoilet paper gets thrown in dustbins next to the toilet where frozen snow falls 6 months of the year, the cops are so crooked they run taxi services with polce cars , the top criminal bosses are more influential in policy decisions than the prssident and the army hasn't been paid for years and their greatest moment in history was when they were ruled by the most horrific bloodthirsty dictator the world's ever seen.

I can see that your perceptions and holds on reality can become skewed in such an environment...
Ja StP

It's part of their South Western Economic Co-operation Region. They're hoping Shangai will become bigger than Hong Kong (it is)

I don't think they're actually doing as much about Beijing though.
Short sighted and insecure???

No St Pete just realistic

If I were a person with a laager mentality- Afrikaans only- then your points on the global village will be correct.

point is, my son is an attending an english only school where his playmates are other afrikaans speaking children- the traditional english speaking children of Bloem- the children of the new african so called elite and the children of most of the ex-pats from beijing- malaysia New Delhi that is working in Bloem- due to the "global village"

So - your points is not valid- and let us not forget the start of this debate- it was your unhappiness that something "good"- otherwise there is no reason for you wanting to participate- is done in a language that you despise- therefore my mentioning of your intolerance. So it is excluding you- but mainly due to your mindset- because it is not excluding PissAnt or Rasputin.

So Sir- I pity you- because there is no need for me to convince you that Afrikaans is not a "kak" language- because even if your opinion is offensive to me- it has now become irrelevant. You may be able to be part of the anglophone world- but you use that ability- well at least on this site- to speak "kak".

A pastry rolling SACS boy rooting for the bulls- eish talking about insecurity...

Still wondering about you being an HSM front....

I must tell you, I am totally dumbfounded.

As ONE of the webmasters of this site, I occasionally make a subtle remark about the, sometimes, OVERusage of Afrikaans, and i am totally surprised by the immediate reactions of apologies I get from people like vleis, Genl. Joubert, etc. This is for one reason only and that is that I know (from our statistics) that we have a lot of visitors and readers from NZ, Oz and the UK. We are also busy establishing closer links with people/institutions/websites in these Countries and we therefor understand the need to discuss things in English.

Aldo is still a problem though! :)

I think you will find that ALL of us will immediately change to English the moment you join us for Brannasnacht. The whole idea is to have people joining us from all over the world - time zones permitting!

I also have the privilege to host the Breakfast programme on a local Communiy radio station. In Afrikaans. Playing 80 - 90% Afrikaans music. And I get a lot of Xhosa people phoning me in the Studio and, on air, talking to me in Afrikaans, requesting Afrikaans music. As such I also get invited to these Communities all over the Southern Cape, to act as Master of Ceremonies, with artists like your Theuns Jordaans, Steve Hofmeyers, Karen Zoids, etc. In their own communities!!! Thousands of them attending. Treating these artists as THEIR Idols. Not wanting them to leave.

I suggest you visit SA again before making statements like these.

Jy praat kak.

Dis hoog tyd dat daardie kort, eksplosiewe, beskrywende Afrikaanse kragwoordjie, kak, in sy regmatige internasionale plek bevestig word. Dit is van onskatbare waarde in die raak, bondige beskrywing van onsin; van die onwaardige; van gekheid; van nonsens. Ek dink kak moet uit die kas klim.

Afrikaans is SUPERIOR, bôki.

Kyk net wat moet die Soute alles sê om nie eens aan kak se gat te hap nie: shit, crap, nonsense, bunk, folderol, codswallop, ballocks, trumpery (in business?), applesauce, apple butter, tripe, hogwash, drivel, all my eye and Betty Martin (ai, die Soute darem), boloney, bologna, balls, bollox, banana oil, bilge, blatherskite, booshwah, borax, bosh, bughouse, claptrap, cobblers (rhyming slang – cobblers awls = balls), cowyard confetti, crock (of shit), duck soup, eyewash, fiddle-faddle, fiddlesticks, flannel, flapdoodle, flubdub, gammon, garbage, guff, hooey, horsefeathers, hoo-ha, jiggery-pokery, krazin, magoozlum, malarkey, mumbo-jumbo, phonus-balonus, phooey, piffle, pigshit, poop, poppycock, rannygazoo, rhubard, rollocks, rot, strunz, toffee, tommyrot, tosh, trash, tripe, twaddle…

Daar’s ook ’n lieflike Jiddiese woord, “mishegoss” – A wacky, irrational, absurd belief; nonsense; hallucinations. A state of affairs so silly or unreal that it defies explanation. A piece of tomfoolery, clowning, horsing around. A fixation, an idée fixe.

En op Afrikaans? Kák! Maklik, nè? A fulminant monosyllabic tour de force.

Hoekom beywer ek my vir die vestiging van kak? Sodat ek nie lang essays hoef te skryf om te antwoord op die kakpraters se taal “argumente”(?!!) nie.

Afrikaans is ‘n great taal – en nie ‘n bangat taal nie. Afrikaans sal groei, let alone survive, solank liefhebbers dit práát. En Springbokrugby word in Afrikaans aanbid. Klaar gelag.

Dis kak.

Hoor Hoor
province, why you sucking up to these afrikaans boere thugs?
English is THE language. Afrikaans will die a slow death one day...
Yusus wpw

If I recall YOUR forebears invented the damned language. You should be prouder of it than we Boere Thugs are!!!!


And listen to your token brother.

Try listening to Afrikans commentary on the rugby. It gives the game SO MUCH MORE atmosphere, even if you don't understand.
Way way Boety,not sucking up,like i said just giving my two cents worth.  
Afrikaans is the language of yesterday.

English is the language of today.

Russian and Chinese are the languages for tomorrow.

That's it.....I didn't make it like that.Don't ridicule me for stating a blatantly obvious fact.

No Laager mentality???
Just look at the defensiveness.(open both eyes)

The 1 endearing quality of Afrikaans is that you can sommer praat two taals at the same time en al daardie mense ken what you are saying.Something like that.


You are right, the Russians are an enigma....I still find it hard to believe they were the first in Space, breed more millionaires than anyone else per year.......and that Hermitage place, what a disaster!!!

PS:I think I know a lot more about Russia and SA than you do.

PPS:I'm moving on in the next couple months, so far it look s like Bali,Beijing or Jaipur.

cheers Afrikaaners
114/4 chasing 245 Dippenaar and the rest of the top order goooonnnneeeee

ps Zero

Nice picture!

Do not, dear sir, take your frustration about your inability to master more than a single language out on people who are superior by the very fact that they can, are able and willing, to use more than one language. One is twice a man when bilingual, three times a woman when... you get my drift.

I hope. That you get my drift. But I may be wrong, I probably am.

I love Rugby. Let's talk Rugby. I'll even learn another language if I can talk about Rugby even more.

And let's rather bash ôzzies and ôblêks and the poor motherless roses from Liza's little isle... rather than take on our own.
ja,got thelive scoreboard on ,Smith delivered another sterling performance!WPW,plus DavidS called me cultured yesterday,im still chuffed.LOL.  
DavidS- speaking on tolerance- howcome you mentioned Dippenaars name and not the other three of the "top order" ;-)  
Boeta didnt do too bad,Greame Smith a wopping 9.nice one!JEEZ!  
Because he just lost his wicket  
18 overs left and rr required over 7

Well done Proteas!


Russia: Agree, and I would LOVE to visit the place

SA: Don't think so

Like you said. You're airing an opinion. Don't get tense when people respond and say they disagree. That's not being defensive or having a laager mentality.


Will you change your nick?

BeijingBok (Nice alliteration with the B's)

BaliBok ( make sure people there KNOW that our government supports the Muslims and Al Qaida etc)

JaipurBok(Doesn't have a cool sound to it)

You'll be on a nice time zone to give Tackler more crap on keo!!!!
120 for 5 it just gets better!  

Up till the 80's they built the best and most ingenious military equipment too. Their stuff was as good as the Western stuff, but made so simply that a conscript could use it while the expensive super advanced Western stuff needed professional soldiers before they could effectively use theirs.

The AK47 is probably the best military rifle ever built and that was designed in 1947. In Angola we found a rusted old one in the bush. Must have been there for years. Anyway, we cleaned it out with our own rifle kits, found some 7,45 mm ammo from the Unita guys and tied string to the trigger and tested it from afar. It fired as though it had just come out the factory. There is no R4 that's be able to survive in the lements for any length of time.


Cos as I was posting, it was for 3, but then Dippenaar, who has top scored for us inthis game so far, got out playing on.

Point taken on Dippenaar- just protecting the Orangemen from abuse- much like an Orca would

On the AK- seeing StP 's abuse towards german as well- AK was modelled on an earlier German design- made more rugged and voila- the worlds most acclaimed infantery assault rifle- good for many a revolution to come.

Tell the Fat Lady she's ON IN FIVE!!!!!

To quote Jim Carrey
Yup OO, I know that.

Was based on MP34 I think.

Most of the best Russian equipmet was based on designs their KGB stole from the West, simplified and then delivered to their own armed forces.


Left arm wrist spinner Brad Hogg is ripping us to shreds.

Drum Roll for the Fat Lady's GRAND Entrance
FOR EIGHT!!!!!  
Kandas, well said.

Stp, I can't believe what you posted. I have always respected your views on rugby, but what you have said cut me deeply.

I am a young Afrikaner (went to an English high scholl, so I'm totally fluent in Eng and Afr) working in SA, a country that a lot of English speaking people are leaving because they no longer see a future for themselves here.

I find it interesting that in a recent survey taken amongst SA youth, that the Afrikaner segment came out as being the most positive about SA's future. You want to know why? Because we see that there is place here for us and our culture.

Unfortunately you will never understand it until you have experienced something like the KKNK or an intervarsity rugby game between Maties and Kovsies.

We have no problem posting in English, but your argument that Afrikaans is kak because it is not a global language is as kak. Does this make Italian and Swedish and a host of other languages kak as well. Surely the same standard must apply.

Basically, you are talking about something you know nothing about.

Jammer oom.

Italian,Spanish,portuguese, especially Swedish and the other flemish mumble jummblers............all kak.


That's where it's at baby!!
None of these Afrikaaners can bloody bat!!!  
St pete

Just a fact seeing that this line of debate has got no future

Russian - although 136 M speakers have no bigger future than Afrikaans

In a 100 years- the four mainstream languages on our globe will be english, arab, mandarin chinese & hear hear another kak language according to you, spanish.

Sir- you are out of your comfort zone-

My personal opinion is that all the "community languages" will survive- as long as there is a community willing to use their language for their daily to do things.

You are right on one thing- you have your opinion and it will not be changed...

nuff said.
Yeah, fire them all- replace them with Anglo Saffas, like Greame Smith  
lol OO  
St Peterpoepol

Jy soek nou sommer net kak.

En jy ook, WPW. Kan jy darem ordentlik Engels praat?
Polly just klapped a few sixes  
Hey province Polly is cool just not the sharpest bowler anymore

What is the Cape talk on the kallis/ smith tiff?
Oh St Pete

my very last comment on this issue

See that Afrikaans and Swedish are so kak- why dont you go to Amazon get a dictionary for the three languages- obviously Anglo is the third- and read(compare) it collectively-

man it is going to scare you more than your Russian babe without her make-up
Why bother further with the idiot, he is merely feeling very inferior being able to speak only one language. Maar hy maak my die bliksem in!  

its like tackler- do not feed the monkey

but, some things will not be let go unchallenged.
Howsit OO,i still rate Polly as a bowler because he still doesnt concede
much runs.
On the Kallis/Smith story?Havent really heard much,been too busy listening to you guys talk rugby.But Kallis gets alot of stick for being a "selfish c%*t"

Yip Polly should be replacement bowler- as shown today no mug with the bat, so deserves his place in the team.

I would like to see Ntine & Nel opening the 5 dayers.

On Kallis- maybe it affects his game as well- or maybe he's got a crush on Minky

My solution for SA Cricket

Beg Woolmer to come back, Van Zyl to coach bowlers, Jonty to RUN the training, so that they can be fit again.

Smith to get him another girl- minky is bad news for South African Cricket

LOL about replacing the Afrikaners. Smith must start pulling up his socks. Can also not believe they sent AB home for the one-dayers.
Yip Cronjaar

AB- had a bad test series- but seeing that he is part of the long term future

But I suspect some bad inter team dynamics there- not just the Ozzy pressure on & off the field.

Out Cricket is becomming a mess- at least the rugby is strong in some places, but lets hope I am wrong.
F$%king hell! I am so tired of these bloody cricketers screwing up. And then the excuses, "The Aussie fans are tjooning us, we are homesick, etc etc."

Rugby, cricket, both professional sports and we have the right to expect better from these highly paid individuals!
cant add much to what has already been said to StP.

don't attack people's culture's and espicially their language by insulting it and defend yourself by saying it is an opinion.

maybe you should study the difference between an opnion and statement and come back to us on this one.

it is because of "opinions" like that we had apartheid for over 40 years in SA.
and wpw is just pulling the piss guys  
I agree with ZERO  
Yip PA that why WPW was not assaulted verbally, ;-)

What's up in Windhoek?

can't add anything more to say to you that hasn't allready been said.


Just want to correct you on the issue of Bali.

Although Bali is part of Indonesia, there population is 93% Hindus. That is why the extremists don't mind bombing the place, because they don't see the Balinese as part of them.

Just for interest sake. Did you know that Bali is the only place in teh world that has a church where all religions gather on a Sunday morning at the same time and together.
Thanks, must spend more time on me own blog ;-)  
not much OO, enjoying the rainy weather, heard the states is still a bit dry?

oh and the arti is up on OORB.
I'm back, how all my fair skinned brothers doing today? i see we lost to the Aussies by 59 runs. How nice.

Why the hell was AB De Villiers sent home? Why didnt VD Wath bat? (not sure). What about Loots Bosman or damn! I cant even think of a decent batsman to replace Prince or Smith or one of these overpaid overrated WP losers!!!
Hi Wes

Agree on AB

Keep Prince there, I really rate him- but you are right Loots Bosman deserves a chance- he can replace Gibbs or even Boeta

I just feel for Boeta- as he really is the cinderella man of South African Cricket.

Smith- he has a lot of pressure to cope with- Jimmy Cook reckons he is falling over, wonder what Arthur is making of that statement


the Ausies must think he is bending over- hehehe
PA has written an excellent arti on OORB- so stop writing crap on the cricket and go read it at  
As for Spanish......

Although it may be one of the most spoken(south america/mexico,etc)........................

those countries have been in recession for decades, and don't look like coming out of it anytime soon.

Teaching your kids Chinese or Russian would still have more benifits.

I didn't know that, I do know that it has a bloody nice beach though!!!
Yeah St Pete

I agree- helping your kids to be fluent in as many languages as possible is a good thing.

How did I miss all this fun??????

Man oh man.

Ja, swaer.
It must be said, predominately,the English speaking nations are plonkers withregards to learning a foreign language.

And places like the USA,Oz,Nz can't seemingly even get their own language right?Bravo to the Frogs and Krauts for understanding their language is kak and learning to speak English or the(on the face of it now that it has been debated) not so kak Spanish.
Ahh Rasputin, posssibly you'd venture an opinion on our beloved(but kak nonetheless) Afrikaans?  
LOL, St Pete, you certainly know how to stir a thread up!

English the lingua franca? Mmm, go to Rome and all the bloody information boards are in Italian!

I mean, how dare they! Have they no sensitivity!

Speaking of which, maybe even I have to concede that St Peter's Cathedral might be a finer, and more impressive, edifice than Newlands......... could be a lot worse, imagine growing up to speak Welsh Galic?

Is that a language anyway....or just some sort of sound?
Errm Rasputin,
lets not confuse Italian in Italy with Afrikaans in South Africa.

Italian is without a doubt the official language.

Afrikaans is possibly not even the 3rd or 4th most common language in SA.
And anyway, "Pizza" is English now days isn't it?

See that's what's brilliant about English....we just steal and adopt words from other languages.
St Pete, considering I'm married to an Afrikaner I would like to take the 5th Amendment for fear that anything I say may be taken down and used against me at a later stage!!

One thing I can guarantee all readers is that if they jump in on Brannasnacht they'll find plenty of people only too happy to revert to English to include them.

But, I should advise that the level of discourse on Brannasnacht (Brandy Night, thanks to OO) is one of jollity, irreverence and general nonsense, totally unrelated to rugby. It's a night that we welcome recipes, gossip, childhood memories, more gossip and if we could attract more unmarried women, perhaps even a little mild flirtation!
St P
Zulu and Xhosa have by far the most mother tongue speakers in the RSA. Afrikaans is third on this list.
Unlike Zulu and Xhosa, Afrikaans is a fully developed academic language in which the most complicated concepts can be explained - be they mathematical, medical, scientific etc.
But I'm sure you know this.
English BTW is way down on the list at no. 5 or 6 - which does not alter its value as the lingua franca, of course.

Common courtesy demands from everybody - you included - to have respect for the language, religion and culture of everybody else. Please don't let your upbringing down.
Hey Ras

Please define

"mild flirtation" ;-)

Great stuff guys.


Liie I said there's a move to home culture again.

Afrikaans is in vogue man! Get widda prgramme homes...
OO, if she has a short skirt, long blonde hair and a figure to set off volcanos I'll go one better than 'describing' mild flirtation, I'll show you the Rasputin Charm in full swing!!! ;-)

Only in the interests of science and education, mind you!
English is down on the list but as the population becomes more educated, are you suggesting Afrikaans would be chosen over English as the language of choice by the masses?

Don't even get me started on Religions.

You see.....all this could've been debated last night if you had just used the globally recognizable language of choice.
We'll have to have a Brannasnacht dedicated to the art of flirtation.

Tafeltjie and Heksie can be our practise subjects with the strict proviso that Donner cannot flirt with Tafeltjie and PA may not flirt with Heksie.

That way we'll all be prepared and in rip roaring form when St Pete introduces all these Russian dollies he keeps threatening us with!

I think the female market is one we have tragically ignored on this site and it must be rectified forthwith!

Having said that, it would be sad to lose Kandas because his ageing heart wouldn't cope.

Better scrap the idea. St Pete, no nubile Russian nymphs please, in the interests of our fellow blogger.

(As for being chicken, damn right!)
So please St Pete

Provide us with your take on religion, I will be here after 0900 tonight, have to go and shout at my kids , in Afrikaans nogal
you bloody sad bastard Afrikaaner.If you think I'm hanging around on the internet on a Friday night, you've got another thing coming!!

No man you crazy old monk!!!!!

Let StP bring 'em on. Hell I'll speak the 'Universally recognisable language' if they reciprocate.


Ja StP, you'll be working cooking shouting at sous chefs, handling customer complaints etc...
ST Pete

You are really comical, but enjoy the nightshift in St Petersburg- it may influence your choice of words

HSM - very likely - and very funny
Hey, while searching for widgets for my blog, I stumbled upon and wow! I found what I wanted. A cool news widget. My blog is now showing latest news with title, description and images. Took just few minutes to add. Awesome!  
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