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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Super 14: Lets banter people

With all the seriousness surrounding the present annoyance with Brian Van Rooyen making accusations of dishonesty against Ali Bacher of all people, and the election dirty tricks department starting their usual banter, DavidS thought it’d be best if we took some time out and started looking at the reason we’re here. To talk shyte about rugby. So in a true Ruggaworld tradition, let’s talk insults!

It’s the silly season. There’s no real rugby news apart from injuries and DUI’s. Of course there’s the election circus with insults exchanged in the mainstream media. Well, forget it now. Let’s get to the rugby and talk who’s going down and who’s going to win. I’ll get the ball running:

The Cats

Well, there’s not much we can insult them about. They’re powerful, balanced, all conquering and superbly fit with a full complement of Bok stars.

No matter which way you look at it, the only thing you can say about this team is be afraid if you’re not a fan. Be very afraid.

aka: The best rugby team in the world. The Super 14 winners.

Forget about those guys in black in the hick sticks in long white cloud cuckoo land. They’re only doing so well because they haven’t had the chance for the Cats to destroy their aura.

The Breezes

Lioghtly fluttering from the sea. Not the black clouded storms that occasionally batter Cape Town. No, this is summer so rather expect the cool relieving summer breeze that you get occasionally while you’re lying on Clifton’s 4th beach trying to get a shot of that topless babe with your camera cell.

The one that takes the edge off the worst of summer. That casually lifts that chick’s sarong so you can see she’s wearing a g-string.

Do you really think a February breeze can do well in a competition that features a team called THE HURRICANES.

Oh, and let’s not forget the uniforms. Made by the best designers to frequent Graaf’s Pool. Who are they trying to kid? All Black? Sorry Breezes. The all black dressing is taken. In fact it was taken years and years ago.

Aka: The Gay Town Boys

The Cheaters

So we had Jonathan Kaplan help you win a Currie Cup? How much did you pay him? You coach was clever enough to figure out what all the punters on keo knew months before. Maybe he learnt to read while watching all those videos, trying to simulate Jake White.

Just how hard can it be to beat a team that has a coach who thinks the best style of play was John Willimas’ “maak dood voor” style of play? You lost almost every other game of consequence and only managed to win two in a row with the help of a one eyed referee.

Guess what? Jonathan Kaplan won’t be there when the Crusaders make you look like the Breezes at Jade Stadium in Christchurch!

Will be known as: The Undeserved

The Cows

Your style of play harks back to the thirties. Any wonder some young player with half a brain cell figured you out? It’s a damning indictment of SA rugby that the Waratahs did it long before and the provincial teams only saw it in October.

Anyway, your run of good fortune is about to come to a sticky end. No Anton Leonard, No Heyneke, No Cup…eish

Relegation or regulation as Aldo calls it.

Maybe that’s a better way of calling it.

You’re going to get regulated and culled out of the Super 14 and it starts when the Cheaters take you apart 11 February!

Aka: The Dutchman’s Team

The Guppies

Why Nemo? Why not rather the Sardines. Flopping about your shark tank with mouths agape at the atrocious disaster jokingly called “Sharks Rugby”.

Sardines charge up the coast every year. With sharks (the real variety) dolphins (not your cricket team which is just as awful) and tuna and people and barracudas catching you all the way, you’d think they’d learn after a few thousand years, but no.

So this year it’s the same old same old and then you can watch the Spears take part while you enjoy the surfing at North Beach and try to bury thoughts of “RUGBY” for a season or two till you fail in yet another Super 14.

Aka: The sardines and Nemo’s pals
davidS fingers BVR!!!

province manicures keo's nails!!!
Hey, it's not my fault that my English is kak! I am after all a Dutchman supporting the Dutchman's team! Silly season it is then.


Your self proclaimed biggest supporter (Davids) is a commie K boetie! (Just had to get that one in, Davids made some remark about no one on this site being the sort of person who'd call someone that!). The all conquering mondi boys.

We call them : Paper puffters.
Forget about the Super 14

The Sharks pic rocks!

But then DavidS is from the East Rand- strutting his stuff like a Cyber Sandtonian


GROM SAAM boet the Country Couzins is coming!
Still no comments?

How cool was that Guppy Girl picture?

Real anime type stuff.

I don't see where the rest of you are actually going to have a chance. Why don't you just play a little knock out league between yourselves to decide who should actually just give up right now while the Cats go and win the damned thing.
david, you are really asking for it... the cats the best team in the world. bwahahahhahahaha'
you sound like blue blood to me.

i was thinking of selecting some cats & bulls players for my fantasy team but i only chose Januarie, as for the Bulls, they will either be relegated or not finish above the Breezes...

Sharks, 11th or 12th is all they can muster in 2006...
So DavidS

That is why you dont do Brannasnacht

trawling the japanese anime sites!
wpw supports Liverpool!

Now let's see a clever comeback from that.

Worst insult I can think of.

wpw is Kleintjips' lovechild!!!
He support the European Champoins

Go Wes Go Liverpool Go the Kop
whatever mondi.

go bail your only chance of ending up higher than 9th out of jail.
lol PissAnt

please send me trhat arti as well- the one you mentioned to CaB
Ja, that Sharks pic is seriously cool huh?

Cats one is the sexiest though?

Aldo where are you?

Robd where are you?

Come out you fearful timid creatures!

Defend yourselves!

All the Breezes readers got all misty eyed about Graaf's Pool and are reminiscing instead of posting.

wpw spends weekends at Graaf's Pool

davidS supports some doppie team! Cats done have brains at no 10. They have a dronkie who got nailed in the bum by his own team mates buddies in the police cells. lmao.

Go Ashwin you gangster thug...

P.S. Did you see what happens when Ashwin gets into a fight on the rugby field, he wants to go for his back pocket. So used to rukking out a mes when he used to gang
That the best you got Graaf's Pool fan boy?

Your black clad all black wannabes who can concede 70 points to the Bulls in a year when a so-called paper team can even beat them.

How many times did WP beat the Lions last yr? 3 was it? Oh, and dont forget the Cats? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What a joke.
but fail to beat the breezers for what, 3 years running?????  







mail my gou man, ek het my pc re-install
Not by 70 + points at least thank heavens.

Bragging about beating the worst team in the Super 12 for three years.

Ja dinge gaan maar kak in WP land if that's the best you can brag about!
Ja but remember the Paper Pufters failed to win against those Mountain goats the whole of 2005. And 2004 and......  
Don't forget the CC  
The Stormers Team

The only team that wears brown lace panties to hide the shit stains when they see anything BLUE anywhere near them.

In fact last year was so traumatic the reason why none of them go to the beach anymore is that they kak themselves every time they see a blue ocean.

Which explains why PA's hiding away in the desert where there is no water or anything else remotely blue!!!!!
so you admit you have the kakkest team????

and barr the bulls last year, we beat every SA team for 3 years running
And also why donner's not at the sea but on this website all the time.

All capies were relieved for the fire last week, because they kak themselves every time they see blue sky!

Fah Fah Fah donner

Let me take you back to 2004 CC

One Bryan Habana.


Lions Outside centre who made De Wet Barry, Marius Joubert and Jean De Villiers his ho's

Not bitches, because then there'd be an element of pride in that.

No, the whole Newlands came to watch a sex show.

They watched hardcore gay porn.

The Springbok midfield f--ed in the bum unprotected without forepaly for 80 minutes by the Bryan Habana Show!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo Iwayo
Yizwa imithandazo yethu
Nkosi sikelela thina lusapho Iwayo

Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso
O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho
O se boloke, o se boloke setjhaba sa heso
Setjhaba sa South Africa
South Africa …

Uit die blou van onse hemel
Uit die diepte van ons see
Oor ons ewige gebergtes
Waar die kranse antwoord gee

Sounds the call to come together
And united we shall stand
Let us live and strive for freedom
In South Africa our land
Davids you ninny winny. Tell me, are you gonna go visit Jailbird Pretorius? Maybe take him some photo's of the East Rand to remind him that the outside can be worse than what he's going through on the inside?

All you WP Puffters, your team is more likely to be bitten by a flea invested Cat than to beat the Bulls in the near future!

Oh, and one for Wes, Wes sucks the glow of Davids's Mags!
Kandas, since when is our national anthem an insult!  

Is this what you in Jo'burg call masturbation?????
Nope Donner, that's when he goes to the jailhouse to visit his master, Andre Pretorius, Then he calls it masterbation!  
DAMN!!this happens when i have to go on a call!
WPW is KEO's call gril
DavidS waxrs BvRs butt
PissAnt wishes he was a ballet dancer
Pissant wishes he's a ballet dancer! BWAHAHAHAHA!  
Unite people Unite!  
Now i get it

DavidS's wife is a dominatrix with a "lelike sweep"

That is why he is gunning the breezes so much


Hehe OO

Wonder where Mondi's dissapeared to, seeing as he started this whole mess!

Get baking boet, make sure you put a file in the cake.

You've got a jailbird to break out!
Plus, I could find you MUCH better pics of the Stormers girls! Your tardiness in searching speaks volumes!

Still, nice one, any excuse to get some pics of scantily clad girls on here.

Anyone know a famous downhill skier called......hehehe
The gangsta, WPW, would be back here every day if we had more girls!

We'd even keep it quiet from his fiancee'.
Ras check out my technology stories on OORB

Damm aussies is faster again

Ek dink hondekos sal beter wees.


That the best you got Bulletjie?

Losing to the Cats in the Super 12 opener and then again in the Currie Cup.

nly team with a better win/loss ratio than the Bulls.

Only SA team that beat their asses in Super 12!!!!

Try another one blue child.

And Cheater man!

Don't give me any kak.

You baby cats can hardly talk. You can't even help us win the Super 12, how are you gonna do it on your own?

You're not.

Andre Pretorius prison stint is a clever startegy by Frans Ludeke to toughen him up without paying those Staaaldraad consultants a bunch of cash to do it.

Now Ashwin and Andre will go for their "goanies" in a rol. Coome you cape nionnies. you Cheater kitties , you carcasses from Pretoria!

Where is your best stuff!
Doring wrote, on the Stormers vs Spears thread:

"Doring said...
Did you guys forget about the rugby?

January 30, 2006 10:23 PM"

Not a WP Breeze a Cats breeze.

Give up now.

Accept the dominance of the Cats gansters and jailbirds.

The people from the toughest city in the world.

Julle hetie 'n kans nie!
ras, i am done with that stuff as donner can testify. lol.

davidS has a white wife! (Now that is an insult) lol
Will do, OO  
guys, suddenly i feel guilty. sorry davids for bringing your wife into this.

aldo bends for the catholic priests...
guys,we won the cricket. finally. smith got MOM award. Prince and Bucher the not out batsmen!!!

As i said b4: Maak al die Cobras Proteas!!!
Somebody rang, I believe.

-Ahem- Aandag, Aandag...More is Maandag! -Ahem-

DavidS supported BvR when he was still chasing string balls at Kitties Hq and is secretly wanting for him to be the next Madiba (....I can hear him softly humming Leon Shuster's "| an' we all want Madiba | to be our next Cheerleada' | so we can do the Madiba Macarena!! |" with a picture of BvR in his head!

There are no pretty Stormers girls.

They're all wizened old embittered twisted women because all the men are skew.

And the hot ones there are all from here.

Had to settle for a pretty one from another country.

Besides Rasp, I simply can't match your web trawling capabilities. I have different skills and I have to acknowledge when someone is better than me at something.

Well you're better at web trawling than I am.

Ja wpw

Damn that.

At least her family has a 'touch of the tarbrush' in them!!!!!
And as for the Kitties 2006:

You gave our investment SB back with dividends, thank you.
We entrusted you with a double investment in the form of the Roses, btw the skinniest two Coloureds in CT!! 'Cept for wpw in his Tazz, hehe!
You still got Jorrie IN the squad.
Your 10's are cursed as are the Billies' cptns. Only reason why the stand-in isn't injured yet is because it says "Ball Boy" on his actual resume and your grabbing at straws. hehe!

Wont sum more??
The Cats are the best in the toughest place in the world.

That is if they can just get a continious power supply.
Nam we never supported BVR at the LIONS

If you recall we warned you and voted against him the first time too. Johan Prinsloo was running the Lions then!

We know conmen in Joburg, but you CT fools fell for his lines!!!!

Now you get rid of him.

ps. Andy TUrner is the only man who's come out and out and out issued a sstatement that Lions will NOT VOTE FOR BVR AGAIN!!!!!

Fah Fah Fah!!!!!

Bring it on lace panty girls!!!

Ja, you're gonna look pretty stupid when you first choice flyhalf gets shown up as a useless git by our seventh choice makeshift flyhalf on the 11th!

At least we have a whole set of them.

You don't even have a decent first choice flyhalf!!!! You have to poach teenagers from the Leopards just to have a backup. Man, I could play better rugby at flyhalf than Peter Grunt

But then again Grant handed the Lions their asses at the game on Newlands last year
That's because the Lions weren't worried about that game.

They'd already made the semis, so it didn't matter. They didn't want to risk their best players when they had to play a real rugby team a week later in the Bulls.

They felt sorry for him so they let him think he was anything just so a useless git like Willem De Waal, yet another WP discard, could show him up for being a fool a week later!!!!!!

This year his humiliation starts on 11 February. By the end of S14 2006 he'll be the next Kleintjips Rossouw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C'mon you panty liners!!!

Bring it on!!!!
Erm, erm Frisky are we!?

At least we HAVE backup, boetie, and let me rather not mention the names JdV and JvdW. Nja-nja-nje-na-na!!
You have a whole set of what - Ball boys??? I believe so yes, must be why you turned to Eugene's man of he moment AH, who played in the absefabulutely hard and taxing Portugese league. Naaice, ekse!

[As for BvR, I was taking the piss (above also, I got the impression this is what this thread is about) and don't recall your wanrnings as was not a muppit then.]

Oh, and you have a prop playing on 12. A prop with good hands, mind you, but a prop nonetheless!!


Ja qualified for the semis and then got your asses kicked by a average Bulls team.
Aldo starts fires on Table Mountain!  
So the Kitties weren't worried about any of their S12 games in 2005, they were "saving themselves for the Bulls"? Great plan, but it wont save you from relegation or humiliation!! Same for 2004, only then they didn't even beat the Billies!


Hehe. I'm not a foreigner. So I'm going to plead not guilty!

Wes wishes he could date white girls!

Shees Davids, you really thrive on these insults. Must be because you're a East Rand Boytjie!
aldo, i've had a few of them. nothing to write home about. come to think of it, all 3 of them were sluts!!!  

Why so hostile?

Did they swipe your mags?

Or did they mess up the fur on the dash?
LOL Wes,in all seriousness,@ high school,the fair skinned maidens were very much,um SLUTS!!!!

The only way the Cats will look good on paper in the future, is if it is toilet paper.
Wes, you just proved my point! They were probably all sluts cos you had to pay for them! Remember, it is not slutty to not say "I love you" to a client!


For some reason I'm struggling to get a proper insult for you, but let me give it a go.

Province gives head to homeless whities!
Aldo has a a toothless suggamommy from MitchellsPlein!
Nou waar's oom Dawie dan nou, stil weggeraak soos 'n winddronk teen wat in sy broek gepiepie het.

PJLD shops at N1 city....
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