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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Super 14: Jake to plea to Japan for Jaco

Source: Die Burger

Springbok coach Jake White feels so strong about Jaco van der Westhuyzen that he will plea in person to the Japanese club authorities to let the flyhalf play in the Super 14 in preparation for the upcoming Tri-Nation series.

The injured Springbok flyhalf told Die Burger that White was accompanying him to Japan in two weeks time to hold talks with his club NEC.

"Jake is going to ask NEC's permission to allow me to play for one of the South African Super 14 teams so that I can be match fit for the Tri-Nations series.

"In accordance with my NEC contract, I'm not allowed to play for any team in South Africa, except the Springboks, but I'm optimistic they won't stand in my way to play Super 14 rugby."

The 27-year-old player says he is recovering well from the knee injury that kept him out of the Bok team that toured Argentina and Europe last year. He hopes to be fit in six weeks, which can see him in action in the second half of the Super 14.

Stormers favouring Peter Grant

I will depend on White for which franchise he plays. As things stand, the Sharks are keen to play the former All Black flyhalf Tony Brown, whilst the Central Cheetahs, Bulls and Cats have established flyhalfs under contract.

That leaves the Stormers, although coach Kobus van der Merwe is on record that he sees Peter Grant in this role.

"We believe in him and we think he will succeed at Super 14 level. His performance last year should be seen in perspective. Remember it was his first season playing Currie Cup rugby."
I think Jake is doing a wonderful job trying to get NEC to release Jaco.

Jaco seems to have a bit of wanderlust in his soul and I don't know if the money was outstanding but it's just not right for a Springbok flyhalf to be playing in the Japanese leagues.

No offence to the Japanese but I'm certain Jaco will stay far more match fit and reaction sharp playing S14.

He was fine playing for Leicester, in fact he seemed to gain massive confidence but he looked like he'd lost his edge last year, at least to me.

Jaco is now reaching maturity and I still believe he's a very underrated player, let's get him back.

Full marks to Jake for exploring every avenue.
Petoors is the better kicker by far; Jaco has more physical presence and - I think - speed.
But they both remain the Poor Man's Flyhalf...
Let's see if Meyer Bosman developes. I honestly can't see any of the others making it - and that includes James, De Waal, Hougaard et al.
I just wanted to personally thank my WP buds, PA and wes, for standing up for Butchie on that other site. You akes are kings!  
ur welcome robd
If Mallet had any sense he wouldve offered Butch a contract and a house in Camps bay... Butch will fir in well with all the pre-madonnas at WP. lol
Naaa - he's way too much of a complete flyhalf to fit in in Cape Town :) Besides, WP only exports flyhalves. They never import!  


So true
on jaco,

he had a real good 2004, not flash, but good. i have never been a big fan, but he could only strengthen the stormers' cause.

grant should be nurtured - the CC showed me he is not even ready for the pressures of a semi there. he might have the talent, but nurture him then - give him 20 or 30 minutes in a couple of games during the S14 - he can learn a hell of a lot from jaco.

jaco's fitness is something i question though.

another thing is moaner might not take to the idea of jaco - if he does not it wont surpirse me, he has proven himself to be an idiot too many times before.


no problem buddy, i dont like james personally but to deny he was the best flyahlf in 2004 just because of personal feelings show your ignorance and arrogance of the game. and unfortunately there are a lot of fans out there that does this.

i also never liked roets and julies, but they had great 2005 seasons and i rated roets the best fullback last year and very unlucky not to get called up for the EOYT.

what boggles my mind is that mallet rates butch very highly, probably the best we have - so why not try and get him to the cape????

i suppose he shows a lot of loyalty to the sharks, they have really looked after him during his time off, not many other unions would have done the same.

pitty and a loss for WP
We imported Peter grant from natal... (i know it was just after he lfet school)
What do you guys think of my new pic? The most underrated prop in SA... Watch him in 2006...  
lol @ Rob

Everyone seems to forget that with Butch firing in 2004 the Sharks won almost all their away games, then he got hurt and the lost allmost all their home games, ending 7th.

That was all thanks to Butch James.

I for one think he's matured into a damned fine player in the 2004 vintage. When Jake White was appointed he was heard saying often that Butch was his first choice flyhalf.

If he plays like he did in 2004, he'll waltz into a bok squad. Th size of Honniball, the speed off the mark of Hennie Le Roux and the boot of Naas -
wes - good point. Forgot about that. Bunch of bladdy skelms! Anyway, he's "kuk" so you can keep him.

PA - I reckon everyone has serious doubts as to what sort of a player Butch is going to be when/if he ever gets back on the park. If he comes back well, I wouldn't be surprised if a few chequebooks come out. In that case, I hope his loyalty holds...

Hey the Sharks are good at playing checkbook tango- why would his loyalty not hold?
Mondi - the thing that I rate so highly about Butch is his ability to dictate a game with his boot. When on song, his tactical kicking is right up there with the best, yet somehow he has been typecast as a bulldozer. Even Lem took far longer to turn into a capable kicking pivot. Butch seems to have an instinctive feel for it.

wes- preferred the old pic. BJ Botha is the most underrated prop in the country, boet. Eddie Eyebrows can't be, as he's a current Bok ;)

pls send me a mail again I will reply forgot to save your address.
OO - thanks for Strauss, BTW. Care to send Juan Smith and Meyer Bosman our way, please? It's been a while since we poached quality. Breedt has been a disappointment, frankly. Pienaar is good and Bismarck has yet to show anything either way, but you still have some ground to make up after the Louwtjie Louw debacle!  

We Will watch but I doubt that we will see the same result

Hope he doest get his ass handed to him again

A good career move for Eddie would be to play for a team with a strong pack- he got enough to prove & learn as it is- staying long term in the Cape- commendable but the wrong choice.
Like I said you guys are good with the Cheque book Tango

Send my unpleasant regards to Theo and his gang

Yip Strauss is good- a talented player but an even better leader - someone to groom for your guys

Bismarck, yes that was abad one to loose- on Ruan I hope that he solidify his stake in SA rugby in 2006.

I, for one do not believe that the Sharks is going down- and its based on the on-field stuff- not the legal stuff that will follow

I love you new nick david...

As for Steady Eddie, i know he aint as strong as CJ and maybe a few others but he often does the basics right. If only he could learn to catch when he finds himself in the backline. lmao
Add learn to scrum as well. Well, at least he aint as bad a scrummager as Richard 'Vetgat' Bands...  
What did Ollie say about Bands?
Something like: "Hy het nogal baie gepraat, veral toe hy op sy gat gesit het."
Yip Boertjie

That was a good tjirp for the Hamburger himself
ne day, Jimmy was walking down Voortrekker Road when he checked his china, Kallie, driving a brand new Bakkie. Kallie pulled up to him with a wide grin. He tunes Kallie: "jislike Kallie, where'd you get that bakkie,looks lekke man?"
"Sannie gave it to me" Kallie charfs.
"She gave it to you! I knew she kind of smaaked you, but a new bakkie???"
"Well, Jimmy, let me charf you what happened: We were driving out on the gravel road, in the middle of nowhere. Sannie pulled off the
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schemes: "Kallie, take whatever you want ''.

I swear, one time,broer! ...So I took the bakkie"..

"Kallie, you're blerrie clever, man! Those clothes would never have fitted you!!!
Scrumming is not about individual strenght only- Eddie is no weakling

It is just tuff to mature in a pack that is not mature- by default
oo - I'm being dof. Who's Theo?  
lekkading pls mail me again  
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end her life by throwing herself into the ocean. She went down to the docks
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He took pity on her and said, "Look, you've got a lot to live
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"He sure is, lady," the captain said.

"This is the Robben Island Ferry making trips between Robben Island and the Waterfront.
Good Morning gents
OO,you get my mail?
Theo Oosthuizen

The erstwhile coach of Shimlas who defected to the Sharks taken 9 of our best young blood with him- eish we will feel that in years to come

fuckin backstabber

but then let me be less emotional every story have three sides, mine the other guys take and the way it really happened.
lol lekkading

that is a legend bakkie then

maybe Sannie wast sharapowa either :-) anyway best option

Is there a canopy and a "matras" in the back?
yip lekkading prime stuff will publish with a story

pls mail me agin with your e-mail so that I can reply
lol @ wes

Real funny.


At least we have Lorry Sephaka and Marius Hurter unhurt so no matter what you capies throw at us your T5 is gonna get its ass handed to it.

ps. If Lukas Van Biljon clicks the way he did in his early career then nobody's scrum is safe against the Cats.

Some okes are going to be laughing through the back of their bums for calling Lorry, Lukas and Marius 'paper'
OO - what sort of coach is he anyway? I'm struggling to decide, but the Sharks vories aren't looking great since he took over. I reckon Balie was doing an all right job and you can have the Markgraaff Bok back.  
Thats standard issue shtuffs boety.mailed you again a few mins ago,ive got some more but they are kinda bright,i just thought you would enjoy those.  
How come all the injuries are in our backline?

Someone's sabotaging us.
Thats standard issue shtuffs boety.mailed you again a few mins ago,ive got some more but they are kinda bright,i just thought you would enjoy those.  
DS - I have to agree. Lukas in his first season was a sight to behold. Let's hope he rediscovers that form against the Stormers.

Lethal in a bar fight too...
Lukas is a mean MF,i wouldnt want to be near him after the brutha had a few Klippies and Cokes,all i will do i s RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!  

Maybe controversial but the last time the Sharks were any good was when Rudolph Strauli ran them.....

Since then

Hugh Reece-Edwards - eish
Putt-Putt - More eish
Dick Muir - double more eish

I reckon even the bouncers run when he's gotta couple of klippies & coke in him!

Can you imagine if one of those Aussie bouncers who got clever with John Smit last year had to try the same with Lukas!

Lukas would have to stay in Sydney to face the four murder charges when he's finished with ALL the bouncers.
Province - he will caaaaaaaatch you, boet. Better to hiiiiiiiide!  
davidS - Reece was before Rudi, but anyway. I for one hope that Oom Kartoffelkopf does lend a hand with whipping the vories into shape.  
I HAD a school friend like that.

He was a clever sporty guy but had MAJOR issues in his life. Feel terribly sorry for him.

He was the kind of guy who could calm bouncers down just by giving them a glowering look.

Which helped because I have a huge yapper.... not that I can't look after myself, but I could never get four bouncers calmed just by looking at them.

I recall we were in an Alberton pub after we lost that RWC match against Australia and I was drowning sorrows. So Martin and I were dopping and the three bouncers were sitting at the bar talking about why they hate lawyers. So Mr Clever says:

"Hey you bunch of c---ts! Stop talking k@k about lawyers!"

Of course that elicited the expected response and they came walking over to us at a rapid rate. Martin just stood up and looked at them in a certain way. They stopped. Then one says to me:

"Well some lawyers are real scaly aren't they?"

I say "Yeah I agree with that."

They go back to their seats.
Scary stuff!That requires a certain level of intensity that belongs in a psyche ward out of a Batman movie.  
So are the Rugga bloggers going to set up our own S14 rugby league game as well.....or are you all chicken and I'll massacre the lot of you?  

PissAnt is working on an idea. Will get back to you guys soon.
what's happened to the Fantasyleague on keo? Is there one?  

We've accepted a challenge from TSF

You got any ideas to challenge the experienced, knowledgable rugby luminaries of high paid professional sports jouralism?

Do you like men spanking you?

You're scaring me...

Geez, a few days ago you spoke like St Michel on keo and now you express thoughts similar to what that poncy Pom does.

You're starting to worry me.

Soon you'll be saying things like "Egad" and "Gadzooks" and starting sentences with "By Jove"
Good idea St Pete. We should use or rugby365. but I like's because you have money and you have to budget.  

You've got mail.
ok - I'm signed up on testrugby as the Wallflowers. Anyone who can tell me why wins a free drink.  

You have a message on the Newlands thread.
Guys, i hope you all gonna join the muppit league and we can see who's team will be tops...
I just registered now.

My team is called : WPW Breezes!!!

David, i will not be impressed if you dont go with the Mondi Maulers!! lol
what name can keo's team be called?  

You got mail too.


jy vra vir my pellie!!

I was thinking about

Tissue Tigers
WES,moenie die ou se Pielie soek nie!  

tell us what keo's team could be called.
the mighty midgets?
i have no idea...
you guys are more creative than me...
dont worry province, i wont give him the satisfaction by looking for his 'pielie'. whoever does, will need a magnifying glass to find it. lol
Chaps, on the challenge to TSF,

How are we going about it? Are the RugRats going to be involved some way?
surely you mean EINA?

General knowledge quiz for you.

What areas make up the Chiefs?

Prize, a drink with Andre Markgraaf.

Answers can be found in an earlier article.
Waikato and North Harbour?  
Waikato & Bay of plenty?  
hey guys,

we are definately going to get a fantasy league up and going.

the idea so far is to open a conference where we will compete against the silver fern posters. your team thus needs to have a "RW" after it and their posters will have a "SF" after it so we know who is from where.

we will also challenge the silver fern's administrators where our administrators will collectively choose a team initially and obviously bring on substitutions as the competition goes on.

the idea is to get all your input as well as to how the team should look and where we should use subs.

in the end, we will see if the AB fans are as good as they think :).

during the course of the comp we will discuss with them what the loosing site must do and off course the administrators on the loosing side.

plans are being finalised and we will have something up for you next week.

if you have any suggestion we need to consider mail us!!!

watch this space

Sounds Cool
What is this Branas thingy?

Will Kandas be there?
I play in my own fantasy league with Kandas...  

Bay of Plenty
Counties Manukau
King Country
Thames Valley

No prize, WPW!
Yay! Blondie is hot. Lucky knadas!  
Some breaking news for those who are interested:
It seems as if Hamas has won the election in Palestine. The Palestinian ruling Fatah party seems to have lost... The PM has resigned...
It's all going off on the fitness thread!!!!

They moved North Harbour to the Blues, didn't they?  
Why, thank you, RobD.

Are you married....

It's just that Kandas doesn't seem all that interested. And that tafelburg is very hostile to me.

Sorry about my pic but I model, just thought it would be nice to put one on.

Will you be at the branas thing?

North Harbour is the northern part of Auckland so why it was ever in the Waikato region they only know.
hey blondie.

I'm married to a feisty redhead and have a beautiful daughter... But anyway. I might just pop in at brannas tonight, though...
Jeez Blondie Even St Pete will be at the Brannas thing- hope that the drag queen hunters will not be disappointed though.  
davids - they had a weird situ at one stage where if they'd put Auckland and North Harbour into one franchise, they would've had like 40 current All Blacks vying for 22 positions. North Harbour ain't nearly as strong as it used to be, though.  
Shoutout to this Blondie cherrie - you sure you are in fact a cherrie??? Please do the following and share with us your conclusion:

*Firmly take hold of skirt/pants & panty/jockey/boxer in right hand.
*Move hand 5-10cm away from body while still clutching abovementioned clothing. There should be a space between the midrif and your clothing at this stage...this is where our next step comes in.
*Avert eyes and ogle metioned gap. (Pay attention closely now)
*Gently shake hips and observe the results. [Note: DO NOT shake too vigerously, scrambled eggs are only good for breakfast or, in the unlikely case that you are in fact female, you may lose your jamrag.]
Measure your results by this,
- if it shakes with a pendulous motion, you're male.
- if nothing happens, you're female.

See, easy.

thanks, namboer. Handy advice for any of us, should we ever be in any doubt...  
Hehe Namboer

Shit Blondie. If that is in fact you, I'm closing down shop and moving to Plett with the family. Allready have the house there, just need to get my wife's permission. Think she'd mind?
Aldo - what sort of criminal mastermind are you to be able to afford a house in Plett?  
Never said I own a house there, just said I have a house to stay in there. I'm still young and hope to afford a house there one day! The house is daddy dearest's and he only goes there over holiday season. That's 4 months out of the year, so he wants someone to stay there, just a pity that there is no real work in that place! Sorry if I misled you into thinking I'm some rich tycoon. Cos I'm definitely not that!  
I'm not proud. I don't mind sharing a house in Plett with someone who isn't rich.

Blondie - do you have a house in Plett? And does your dad own a brewery?
Dildo, i mean aldo, ofcourse you not a tycoon, you a boere thug who loves his brandy and coke and steve mofmeyer is your hero... you dig chicks who look like patricia lewis and joost is your hero...lmao  
It's scary how close to true that is WPW! I fit the boere thug profile perfectly! Just take out the Patricia part. Mind you, she did have one of my favourite artists on that crappy show of hers this week. I'm more into chicks that look like Angelina Jolie!  
Okay this ste doesnt want to accept my login details!  
pjld by the way!
If i use firefox it says its down for maintanence,if i use IE then i cant login,geez,i might go get some work done if this keeps up
pjld - try clear your cache and see what happens.  
Can someone help anonymous?

Anonymous, it often happens to me at, I find that by using your drop-down 'address' menu to select AGAIN (not the same as your first attempt) it generally accepts after the 2nd or third attempt.

In fact, it ALWAYS accepts otherwise I'd never get in here to post! Persevere!
Remember there must be NO spacings in your user name, i.e, Nelson Mandela must be NelsonMandela

Also, if you've forgotten your username or password there is a facility at to retrieve them.
No need to clear cache, RobD

Just a couple of new attemps will get him/her in
What the hell is an 'attemp'?

i did i did!  
Hey Kerels, wish me luck - going to practice for the first time tonight. Want to join a rugby club, but dunno if the required level of fitness is there. Also I'm 1,9m tall, but only weigh in at 75kg's.
Not really sure where I wanna play, I'll let them decide that.

I just wanna play!!
Namboer,enjoy iy my bru!
For the love of the game!
North Harbour is made up from the northern beach suburbs of Auckland and a largish slice of North Western Auckland. It was originally formed because the Northern beach fellas could never get a chance in the Auckland team - Frank Bunce and all that lot played in the Northern Suburbs. However, that didn't deter Auckland when the Blues were formed because they wouldn't pick any Harbour players over the City boys.

However, this has changed this year as the NZRU has stepped in and told Auckland to pick Harbour players on merit. When the team was first announced this year the Blues mob were instructed by the NZRU to re-select the team and include several NH players.

Harbour have about 240,000 population to choose from and Auckland has about 600,000 population to choose from.

Also someone was complaining how hard it is to log on to this site -I used to always have this trouble. Now I do the following,

1....Click on Other
2....Write my name in the now- yellowed portion.
3.....Write my password in the block called "Your Web Page"

This works every time for me,

Thanks Patrick

Soon we will be on the new software and i will be able to sleep again!

Unless Blondie is for real and she's got other plans!

Damn, when am I gonna get organised???!!!
Muppit jou poes!!
Ek het 'n huis in Plett, Steve and Joost are heroes, I dont touch b & c, (I only drink Johnny Black) and PL is a slut. I have also 2 post graduate degrees, I work 16 hrs a day, drive a X5, what else? Oh, I happen to support the Bulls. I hold no grudge, and Johnny Black does not speak thru me.

WHAT ARE U????????

U support a shit franchise, and try to cover your limited mind thru a shitty wit, that only you and your mother would appreciate!

That is very big of you. Rather choose a nick if you want to say stuff like that. wpw and Aldo has a constant joke on with wpw being the token black guy on the site and Aldo the boere thug. There was no harm intended.

One of the webmasters and I'm truly stunned.


Care to have a nick at least?
Anon,you need a sip of your Johnny black mate.  

On second thought, if you use language like that on this site again, your comments will be moderated.
knadas - agreed. We don't need keo-style aggro here.  
Wow Anon, I'm real happy for you. You meen to tell me you do all that and still you're a cunt? Wow, that's some sort of achievement. It was a joke. If you can't take it, go fight somewhere else.  
Oops sorry Kandas, I didn't mean to swear.  
Ja Knadas

I think language like that needs the secret of



Try k@k like that here agin and I'll personally delete your f--ing posts.

In honesty we are NOT as tolerant about that kind of language as what keo is.
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