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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Super 14: It's a surprise at the Stormers as Barry is the novel skipper


SARU website, reports that Kobus Van Der Merwe has named De Wet Barry as his skipper for the Stormers Super 14 campaign. He has come up with a novel way to ensure Barry plays all the games. One that may leave Stormers supporters scratching their heads. Read on.

Stormers coach Kobus van der Merwe has put an end to speculation over who will captain his team in the coming season by naming Springbok centre De Wet Barry as his leader.

It is a decision that will surprise many Stormers supporters as Barry captained the side in the home matches during the Super 12 last year and was in charge during some humiliating defeats. With Jean de Villiers and Marius Joubert also on the Stormers books, it was also debatable whether Barry would play in all the matches.

However Van der Merwe has come up with a plan that will ensure that Barry should play in all the games. And he has confirmed that Barry was the unanimous choice when the players were asked to vote for their choice of captain by ballot. This is an indication of Barry’s standing in the squad.
Van der Merwe’s plan to make sure Barry plays all the games revolves around a shift of position from inside centre to outside centre. This is good news, as it will enable Jean de Villiers to campaign in at least some of the games in the No12 jersey that he also wears for the Springboks.

Barry has of course played most of his games at first class level at inside centre. He has played there both for South Africa and for his province and regional team. But he did play outside centre when he was an under-21 player and was part of the successful national team at that level in 1999.

He was not a success there when Harry Viljoen tried him there in a test match against France at Ellis Park in 2001, but then he was paired with Japie Mulder, and they were a bit of an incongruous combination in that they have a lot of similarities. Having the more silky Jean de Villiers inside him to create space will make a big difference to Barry’s ability to make a success of the position.

He also has a lot of experience of playing left and right, and did so quite a bit when Robbie Fleck was trying to gain experience of inside centre a couple of seasons ago. He certainly does not lack the required pace for the position, and his at times faulty handling might be better accommodated at No13.

Not that he will not play inside centre at all, as Marius Joubert is fit and ready to start the season and is expected to get quite a bit of game-time. But this will suit the plans of Springbok coach Jake White, who would like to see De Villiers rested for a couple of games as well as possibly tried at flyhalf at some stage.

Schalk Burger was the other top contender for the job and was entrusted with the Western Province leadership at the end of last season ostensibly because the management were looking at him as a potential Super 14 captain. However he was in charge when WP lost their semi-final to the Cheetahs and there is also a view that he should be released from leadership responsibilities to play his natural game.

Burger is however the vice-captain and could see himself leading the side if Barry is injured. Like De Villiers, Burger is a player who should see some time on the sidelines during the Super 14 in order to be fully fit for the international season.

Scrumhalf Neil de Kock was named Stormers captain at the start of last season but ended up on the bench during the home leg of the Super 14 to enable Bolla Conradie to get some time on the field. De Kock remains an important member of the Stormers' leadership group

Barry at 13 - I must say I don't like that idea. It looks like VDM's problems in juggling his star midfield has already started.

Not going to do player confidence very good I fear, especially if we are having a situation where the skipper is not to sure about if he deserves his spot and he's being played out of his favored position that Jake White prefers him in.


I also think this confirms that JDV will start in the 12 jersey and not get a run at 10 as JW wanted.
Isn't it same thing as what Jake White is doing by keeping John Smit as captain of the Boks? That way he keeps his spot in the team and keep the 3 or 4 better no 2's out.  
I don't agree with Barry at 13. But then again Van der Merwe is sitting with one hell of a problem in teh midfield.

Barry is the best candidate for captain, but how do you play JdV and MJ around him.
Radical idea donner

12: Barry
13: De Villiers
11 or 14: Joubert

If I had to play MJ on wing it will be 11. The normal flow of teh game usually goes to teh right. At 11 he can even come in on Grants outside or if De Wet takes the ball up on his inside. Then he can also go on De Wet's outside and have Jean and Nokwe or Chavanga there too.
Playing De Wet in all the games. Not good I think. No one will be able to play the entire S14 and still do national duty. Maybe rest the guy in 2/3 games? Bulls are going to go that route with Matfield, I think it will be best for all provinces.  

At this stage it doesn't look like De Wet will be too much involved in national duty.
He will do some duty, or I hope White starts to rotate his squad. That's all he needs to do. I believe the guy has close to the correct group of players, but he needs to start rotating them.  
Play De Wet Barry on flank

The fact that he wqas unanimously elected as captain makes it an open and shut case for me.
Kobus can of course also move MJ or JdeV to wing?
BTW there was very strong talk pointing to Barry as captain a week ago already. So this is not a surprise to me.
Schalk is obviously not the man.
He's always been the obvious choice for me too boertjie. I don't know why there was even a debate.  
I agree that this comes as no surpirse, but why make Schalk the captain in the CC then? Did they see he wasn't good enough or what? I think it's the right choice, but I'd like to know what they're gonna do to give Barry some rest.  
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