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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Super 14: Is David Nucifora having a quiet chuckle?

The transformation in the Brumbies fortunes has been remarkable. From perennial S12 challengers they didn't make the semi-finals last year and this year hasn't started any better.

Following on from their season opener 21-5 defeat to the Waratahs last week, on Friday the Brumbies slumped further by being beaten 40-7 by the Hurricanes.

The 6 tries to 1 feat apart, the Brumbies never looked to be in control and it may portend an annus horribilis to come.

It should be remembered that the Brumbies have always prided themselves on being a player-led franchise. From their uncertain origins it has been the senior players who have tasked themselves with driving the success of the franchise forward.

So I suppose it shouldn't have surprised us when they were leading the 2004 campaign with 5 rounds to go and informed their coach that his services would no longer be required after the competition.

It sure as hell surprised Nucifora though, who said he was, "bitterly disappointed" and added, "Despite the appalling way I have been treated, I am committed to the success of the team."

At the time the Brumbies chief, Rob Clarke, was quoted on the BBC website as saying, "The task that David was employed to do for us was to introduce change to the squad, with a particular emphasis on the development of younger players.

"We believe that he has completed this task successfully and the next stage of the team and rugby programme development requires another set of skills.

"We need to think of the future, and believe we require another coach."

However, it is widely believed that it was a player revolt by the senior Brumbies players that led to the palace coup.

History tells us that the 2004, Nucifora coached, Brumbies went on to defeat the superb Crusaders 47-38 to lift the Super 12 Trophy.

Will they turn it around, or were they too hasty in discarding Nucifora? We are about to find out.

I hope that they struggle to turn it around and that the Saffa teams will cash in heavily

I magine if the Brumbies ends 5 nil down against the Saffa's

that is 20 point positive for us.

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