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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Super 14: Hough snubbed, Ashwin returns

The Cats beat the Falcons in Brakpan on Monday night by 25 points to 6. For the Cats supporters though, this game, given some inexplicable substitutions during the game itself by the coaching team, it will leave them with more questions than answers.

Considering the recent acquisition of the Griffon flyhalf, Andre Hough, only got 10 minutes on the park, one cannot help but wonder what Ludeke’s is trying to accomplish. It is the one area the Cats face some real problems, and an area you would expect Ludeke to give the back up players a decent run in these type of games.

Other players that stood out was number 8 Ernst Joubert and Lawrence Sephaka who destroyed the Falcons front row with good support from Morne Kruger.

Kleinjan Tromp might find himself out of favour with Ludeke, which could prove to be a lifeline for the Stormers team who seriously lack experience in this department.


Tries for the Cats: Ruan Lamprecht, Ernst Joubert, Trevor Hall
Conversions: Quintin van Tonder, André Hough
Penalties: Quintin van Tonder

Louis Strydom scored 2 penalties for the Falcons.

In other news, it is reported that Aswin Willemse will finally make a return the field in Thursday’s warm up game against the Pumas.

Loves Laura
hey donner, ek was lanklaas op daai site...

Ek probeer wegbly van sukke dinge!!!

P.S. Donner ry n Ford Cortina met fur oppie dash!!!
Probeer jy weg bly of bly jy weg???  
Ek bly weg donner...

Jy laat my dink aan n vriend van my, hy vertel my eendag van iemand wat ons altwee ken wat met n meisie wat 10 jr jonger is as hy involved was omdat sy baie 'vriendelik' was... Hy se hyt n SEKS DUIWEL. lol
Crap game really crap.

Nothing ventured and nothing gained.

Literally awful for the Cats.

I'm worried. I'm seriously worried.
you should be worried, you guys better pull finger this yr or the Sharkies will finish above you, then you really screwed. Not too mention relegated! lol
At this stage relegated is worse than screwed.  
At least Ash is back

Hopefully he'll show the form we saw in 2003.
davidS - come now. Enough of this nonsense. We all know it's the drips that are going down. End of story  
I know this is OT, but I just have to gloat. Just bought a new car!  

Blowing down to the relegation zone like a gentle cape breeze

The Cats can seriously damage the Stormers if they beat them straight out the blocks at Ellis for a change.  
Reault Megane sedan. My first grown-up car :)  

Who is the Kid?

A new WP lock signing?

As for me......I never got a liscence.
Why so sure the Stormers will go down? Please enlighten us...
Both your crappy team as well as the overrated Cats finished below us in last yr's S12.
Yes i know we dont have an experienced 10 and our tight 5 is maybe not the best but we will not be relegated. i can garuantee you that we wont go down...

Can i get a witness up in here?
wpw - kak tight 5 and no flyhalf says it all. Too many "loose" loosies as well.  

Good going. There is two things the French definately are good in; building cars and rugby
Never got a license, St Pete????

Let your legs take the strain, do you?

Does the Mrs-St Pete-In-Waiting have a license?

Do you and WPW celebrate the fateful day each month?
Congrats, RobD

Great feeling, isn't it?
Congrats Robd

I had just finished paying off my first grown-up car last year when some 19 year old in HIS first teenage car decided it was faster than it really was.

Outsurance wouldn't fix it.

Result - back in debt up to my ears.

Nice car though.

As everyone can see I have terminated the electioneering and exercise of my democratic rights in the ineterest of maintaining peace and quiet on the blog.

ps. Daddy's girl sure is prettier than Madiba though isn't she?

Their dollies have quiet nice accents too.
When I arrived in the UK to start work I was 16 and could not afford lessons.

When I could afford them I was in London and no car was needed.

Then came France, cruiseships,Middle East and Russia.

Maybe I'll be able to buy one down the market in Jaipur?

The missus is pushing me to subsidize her lisence.But I've seen how she cooks and quite frankly,I want her to stay well enough away from anything that requires hand/eye co-ordination.
St Pete

No need to speak that way of your fiancee. Ag nee man.:-)))
ag moederkies!
im just gonna steal me a car!

Leave mine alone. You don't want to awake somewhere between Wupertal and Sutherland chained to a post, do you?
What's with everyone's kid photos'?

Can I posta picture of my favorite dish?

Heheheh - my missus almost killed my baby citigolf many times while I was teaching her to drive, including bending the tie rod ends!!!!!

I was not happy. Today she can mix it up with any BMW in f---ing Sandton maniac traffic! Scary.

Are you gonna use your excellent professional skills and share one or two secrets with us in the cooking articles section?

Would you care to express an opinion regarding French dollies? Is the accent a misleader or a great taste of what's to 'come'
As long as she's hot StP  
St Pete

I posted a nice recipe last night.

We define our personalities by our offspring.

We're all pathetic.
BTW - my pic is NOT of my kid...  

LOL. I should hope so......

Although there was that one night in the Drakensberg when you were drunk.
She sure is, DavidS!!  

Seems the idea of REAL rugrats scares the Russian Capetonian Bulls man immensely. We've driven him off.
Yeah, St Pete, where's your bloody contribution to RuggaWorld recipes??????

St Pete, are you going to write us a piece on being a top chef?

The pressures, pleasures, realities etc?
It has been my experience that French women should be avoided at all costs.

Visiting the folks who where based in Frankfurt while i was in between cruise contracts.I went out a couple times with a French stripper.The first time I dated one of these sorts(I was to later go out with the Russian and far superior version in Moscow).

So anyway, jeesh.....what drama.

After going out twice i had totally lost interest in closing the deal....and that after I'd had ,had highly erotic lap dances with her.

trust me.
How did you get pics of your children on? I want to do that as well. Please, will someone enlighten me?  
All strippers should be avoided St Pete. I dated one before I met my wife, you do a shit load of hard work, but don't get nothing. Cos they're tired of being kind to horny young men by the time they get home!  
No wombats in the Berg last time I checked...  
I take exeption at being called a boerewors suking vaalie. Firstly, I like woman. Secondly, I like Chops and steak, and thirdly, I'm a BOERE THUG! Not a boerewors sucking whatever!  
I think my recipes would be a little to sophisticated for most of these boerewors sucking Vaalies.  

I'll pop you a mail.
Only thing it's good for St Pete. My friends were kak jealous of me! Looks like it's only us Bulls supporters left.  
Ja....but it is bloody good for the ego though isn't it?  
Okay seeing as you professed such expertise in the simple and easily available, what about a steak sandwhich recipe?

So the accent is a misnomer then.
Sheez, the posts are messed up again. all my answers to St Pete are posted before his original post.  
St Pete. Go easy on the legend Craig Davidson, if you please!  

How do I get a pic of my baby girl on my profile?
aldo - I think the first step is to get a pic of your little one hosted somewhere... try setting up your own blog on this site. It's not that hard.  
Aldo, that's just because you are damned good!!!  
Oh shit I'm stupid. Thanks Davids. Will do so tomorrow morning.

Cheers people, I'm gone.
im still here im still here IM STILL HERE i also want to know how to gooi a personal photo on,but i aint got no kids that i know of or acknowledge  
lekker aand verder, Aldo. I hope you're gonna join in for real when I get the touchies going again...  
Anyone seen the anonymous blond!???  
Hmmm - them's getting my blood boiling on keo again...  
province you slut  
Why thank you PA  

As long as she's a babe...


Hasn't she mailed you?
Who's the blonde???  
By the way, you have mail.  

You cheating on me?
Never Tafeltjie

But check the Mealamu thread and then you tell me what must a man do about it!!!!

Fok, could have written it myself, but I am not blond

Iemand het 'fok' gese op die site!!

That's either moerse impressive or a cause for banning!!!

Is it our first 'fok'?
Eish, Kandas, she's after you! Can't you trace her? 2 messages from a mystery blonde, RuggaWorld's first romance possibly?  
damn, hoekie vir eensames - it will be a bigger hit than noot for noot!  
Ras, PA

Check the Mealamu thread. Now!

Only thing we need now is some wickedweasel bikinis and a mudpit.
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