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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Super 14: De Wet might let the Cats of the hook

Article by Donner

It seems that De Wet Barry will be out of action for most possibly the next three weeks. He could miss the start of the S14 against the Cats. This should be a relief for the allready injury battered Cats backline.

De Wet singled-handendly destroyed the star-studded Lions' backline in his first return match of the CC Premier league during September 2005.

In his absence Schalk Burger Jr will lead the Stormers team against the Spears in the warmup match to be played in Wellington on Saturday. The team also includes the two speedfreaks, Rayno Benjamin and Jongi Nokwe, both from Boland.

What should be very interesting to watch, is just how Schalk Burger and Luke Watson perform as the loosies. Watson will have the role of openside flank in order for Schalk to display his ball carrying abilites, according to Kobus van der Merwe, Stormers coach.

The Stormers team for Saturday is:
Werner Greeff
Rayno Benjamin
Piet van Zyl
Jean de Villiers
Jongi Nokwe
Peter Grant
Bolla Conradie
Adri Badenhorst
Schalk Burger (c)
Luke Watson
Andries Bekker
Ross Skeate
Eddie Andrews
Hanyani Shimange
JD Moller
Schalk Brits
Attie Winter
Henk Eksteen
David Hendricks
Neil de Kock
Gus Theron
Johan Pietersen

Kick off: 18H00, Boland stadium, Wellington
Tickets available at any Shoprite/Checkers
Ongelukkig word dit nie op t.v. gewys nie? 'n Jammerte... Ek is meer opgewonde oor Benjamen se buiging as Nokwe sin. Daar wag nog groot dinge vir Benjamen...  
So, is Kandas here tonight?

I can't email him but I got a profile thingy.
Uh Uhm

So, Blondie

I dont dare ask your email address as these assholes on this site will be unto you like the Bulls onto the Stormers tryline.

So, dear, you will just have to go through with it and mail me.
I really hope for you guys' sake there is no culprit. I'm still investigating though.

I will really sleep with one eye open.

You catch my drift....

The Gwyneth Paltrow thing isn't a dead giveaway knadassie?  
The Gwyneth Paltrow thing isn't a dead giveaway knadassie?  
I don't know if this is going to make a difference.

The Cats probably have the only midfield that can match the Stormers, but this is pretty much useless if the halfbacks are going to be Nicholas Eyre and Tiaan Snyman / Andre Hough, even Earl Rose.

Dunno why you Stormers okes are worried.
What I do find interesting is that Moaner seems to have discovered what the rest of the world has already known for three years.

i.e. that Burger Jnr is not an openside flank, but Watson is.

So this means for the first time we'll see the two operating in tandem PLAYING THE CORRECT ROLES in the Stormers.

Although I'm rooting for the Spears to do better than they did against the injured Cats, I sincerely hope that THAT duo play a massive game and show Jake White up for the idiot he is when he made that remark about not playing the two of them together in one team.

That is one thing I don't understand of Jake. He really seems to love shooting of his mouth. Don't know if it is because of all those quiet and lonely hours spent infront of televisions that causes it.

I will tell you one thing. If this combination comes of and turns out to be the best in teh country, Jake is going to wipe some serious amount of egg of his face.

And I am not saying this as a Stormers supporter. I rated Luke when he was still at the Sharks.
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