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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Super 14: The Cheetahs will be the team everyone steals from

The Cheetah is a graceful cat that uses its speed to hunt down prey. But it’s the smallest of the big cats and most unsuccessful at hunting. It expends enormous energy hunting, sometimes so much that it cannot defend its prey from even vultures and crows. Even lowly jackals often drive it away from its kill. The Cheetahs hunted down the Bulls in 2005. Their energy is expended. The Super 14 will see them being the team everyone feeds off for points. Read on and see why.

There are many reasons why the Cheetahs will fail at their first try. Their inexperience, lack of midfield depth and the loss of Naka Drotske and Boela Du Plooy are just three of many factors that will see their early demise. What are they?

History is against them

The Cheetahs were a big feeder to the Cats squads. Their best players played for the Cats. In nine Super 12’s they had two losing semi final berths and loads of wooden spoons. Now they are on their own. They can’t blame team dynamics for failure. They can’t rely on the Lions quality in Januarie, Pretorius, Julies and Fourie to hide their backline deficiencies. They are, in one word, alone. The players the Cheetahs will want to rely on have already failed in stronger Cats outfits. Nothing suggests they’ll succeed in a markedly weaker outfit.

They play the hardest teams away from home

They start against a Bulls outfit keen to avenge the Currie Cup final aberration. Then they head to Durban for the Sharks and back home to face the Highlanders. The Highlanders play poorly away from their Dunedin tundra. This may be the best chance for a Cheetahs win.

Then they hit the Hurricanes. Rather, the Hurricanes hit them. Tana’s team, containing internationals like Jerry Collins, Má Nonu, Piri Weepu, Tana Umanga, “Ice” Toeava and Rodney So’oiala.

Then it’s on to Newlands for the Currie Cup semi replay before the woeful Reds at home. Another good chance for points. Following this they hit the Antipodeans, starting with 2005 beaten finalists the Waratahs in Sydney, Then on to Canberra for the ever competitive Brumbies, fielding Wallabies like George Gregan, Steven Larkham, Matt Giteau, Clyde Rathbone and George Smith.

Following this demanding fixture, it’s the formidable Crusaders and All Black stars Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Rico Gear, Aaron Mauger and Mose Tuiali’I – to name but a few. This is followed up with a gruelling showdown in Hamilton against another All Black studded outfit, the Chiefs with Byron Kelleher, Sione Lauaki and dangerous Sitiveni Sivivatu.

The Cheetahs have their away fixtures against the toughest teams in the competition. This will be enough to destroy the confidence of the Cheetahs. On their return to Bloem it’s another Kiwi powerhouse, the Blues. The Blues are in confident mood this year and with players like Doug Howlett, Luke McAllister, Keven Mealamu, Joe Rokocoko and super prop Tony Woodcock in their line-up, who can blame them?

The Cheetahs then get a crack at Super 14 debutantes the Force in Kimberley, finishing their campaign off against the Cats at the same ground a week later.

The schedule is a strenuous one. The watershed game will come against the quality backs of the Hurricanes under the retired All Black skipper. Following this annihilation, there will be no way back and the games following this will be a litany of woe.

The important players will not show

The front row will hold its own. But, with Naka missing it may lack the cohesion we saw in 2005. Trevor Leota is just an effective impact player who can’t cut it in New Zealand and chose South Africa to further his career. With Boela Du Plooy in England the line-outs are looking decidedly vulnerable.

Ryno Van Der Merwe’s speed to the breakdown impressed in the Currie Cup, but the Antipodean opensider specialists will be too much for him. These guys are faster than the Bulls. And players offload first and go down if it’s the last option. Kabamba Floors will be proven as too slow at this level.

Willem De Waal has failed in the Super 12 for two seasons in a row. First with the Bulls and then the Cats. Michael Claasens was shown as pedestrian in the Northern Hemisphere and likely to crack under pressure. In the speedier cauldron of the Super 14 he will be found out, facing fast opensiders like George Smith and big scrumhalves like Byron Kelleher.

The midfield is the weakest point of the Cheetahs. Barry Goodes is a one dimensional so-so provincial player. Ronnie Cooke, though promising, is untested at this level. His size counts against him too. If Keith Lowen can’t get a spot in a Kiwi team, what makes anyone believe he is a quality player?

Then we have the outside backs. Gavin Passens is a Bulls reject who never cracked it. Eddie Fredericks is long in the tooth, whilst Vuyani Dlomo and Sinethemba Zweni are small and inexperienced. Huge fast guys like Sivivatu and Rokocoko are going to eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper. Bevan Fortuin has shown his promise and may be the find of the Super 14.

This leaves us with two conundrums. Gaffie Du Toit. Will he play a part? Yes he will but it will serve no purpose. Gaffie is a streak confidence player. He will not have that confidence in this competition. The Kiwis derisively refer to him as “Huffy The Toy”, because he cracks so easily. With the no performance from his forwards, he won’t be confident.

And Meyer Bosman? Jake White’s Boy Wonder found the world of slow moving northern hemisphere rugby a nasty baptism of fire. But this is the world’s fastest, toughest rugby. He is untested here. In fact we have to wonder whether he will get the test as second choice to Willem De Waal. He cracked in the slow moving conditions of France. This initiation of speed, agility and fury will be too much in his short but promising career. And with forwards constantly on the back foot without the ball, he’ll have no chance to display the flair he showed in the Currie Cup as a super sub last year.

Their astute coach will not save them

Rassie Erasmus proved himself one of the most astute coaches in the country last year with clinical victories over the WP and Bulls at the business end of the Currie Cup. He has played to the strengths of his team. Sometimes with little or none of the flair we associate with Freestate rugby, but it was effective.

But here’s the kicker. He simply does not have the players to match the opposition teams. Eddie Jones and Clive Woodward proved it in 2005. The best coach can only do so much. If his players are facing better players, then he cannot plan to beat the opposition, no matter how well he plans or coaches.

The Cheetahs will hunt small fry in 2007

The Cheetahs played their best match against WP in the Currie Cup semi final. They do not have the players, the speed or the power to compete effectively at this level. They will know the honeymoon ended with their warm-up against the inexperienced youngsters of the Spears. The Cheetahs will be hunting small fry in 2007 while the Spears hunt the bigger game.
The Cheetahs may struggle in their first season in the S14, but who knows, they may also suprise everyone. As long as they end higher on the log than the Sharks. (Or Cats or Stormers, but pref the Sharks).  
Hell, I hope the Cheetahs ensure their stay in the S14. They might not have all the "stars" to take them all the way to the top, but it is the team with the most "heart". I really respect the Cheetahs and Rassie's ability, humility and enthusiasm.

Continuous placement in the S14 will ensure that most needed finances start flowing to the union and then maybe one day we will see them in the final. They sure as hell deserve it for the fact that they have always had to suck at the hind tit whilst always giving it their best (in the CC that is). Very unlike some of the "star" provinces with all the talent but no results!
You sure are a glutton for punishment, you are going to get roasted five times by different people before the end of this but at least you have a 20% change of being correct and at the end of it all can say I told you so.
Very interesting and well motivated, but, surely, somewhere you must be wrong. jokes!!
he is wrong jj!!!

bring us the cats piece paper boy!

well motivated as jj said, but their success, or lack there of, is dependant on something we cannot judge or measure in my view - mental strength.

they got the players to hold their own against any team, but the deciding factor is whether they are mentally strong enough to do it home and away.

this is why where these boys are going to end up is tough to predict.

too many variables
hey firefly - why don't you kiss my ass?  
a bit touchy there robD? lol

It seems everyone hates the Sharkies. i wonder why. It cant be cos they the best. it has to be cos they think they are and are the most overrated team in SA. lol

Just stirring robD, just stirring!!!
ill mention it again, i am not the biggest sharks fan in the world, but they are going to surprise a couple of guys  
no matter my team's record against them, i am always very apprehensive in games against them.

if they put it together on the day, they can clap anyone, brumbies 2005 found that out

But hell I am getting okes hottened up.

I wonder if I'll still be welcome at OORB after this?


I WILL have a piece on the Cats.

The pinjt of the article on the mental side is that even with Rassie as assistent coach in a stronger Cats set-up these players didn't have the mental toughness. This year will be no different on that aspect.

Guys the point of these articles is to get people talking.

We can't keep having sweeping statements like:

"The Sharks are piss poor and they're going down. Bulls Rule!"

Or whatever one is in vogue this year.

Everyone of the teams has a chance to crash. I'm just saying why.
wpw - Stormers are way more overrated than the Sharks, china. No-one rates the Sharks anymore.  
And so the Suspense Ends

More Kerels, goeie ding wat julle hier aan die gang het...behalwe vir Dawie se vreeslike optimistiese arti's natuurlik!! ;)

So tussen die lyne deur sal julle agterkom dis ek wat gister onder anonymous gepost het {...buiging na links, buiging na regs en glimlag vir al die applous...}.
Jammer vir enige ongerief en misverstande, ek het glad nie probeer om krities, intimiderend of afkrakend te wees nie! Dis my opinies en julle is welkom om te verskil.

So sal ek alweer verskil van Dawie - donner man, you looks for everfink det is bed! Hell, I feel very sorry for OO now, even the Stormers one sounded as if it had a silver lining. But btw, naaice intro's bru, you sure do your research on that at least! ;) Can't wait on the one on the Cats...but I gues it'll read more or less like this:
"On paper they are world rulers, but they might need paper towels in abundance to wipe the grime from the snottings they'll get." Hehehehehehe....

Like said, I really hope for an exceptional year for all the SA team in S14 (even the Tjarkies, yes) and good luck to the Spears for their first year.

Kandas jou wetter, waar is daai spesiale stukkie oor die cheerladies huh????

Quick on the defensive there. I notice that you did not give a reason why your team won't go down. If not them, who then. I'm not saying the Stromers, cause I would probably pick up more ^#$#&*@# from the Stormers fans than you.


The Sharks are a very dangerous team as they are now when nobody expects anything from them.

And with the players they have now, they may amaze a couple of teams.
Howsit token boy wes! You never answered me, did you visit your grandpa's grave while on leave?

Davids, some hard points you make. OO's not going to like it, but I guess you're right, as good as it sounds, we can't keep shouting "Bulls rule!". Allthough it is true!

I already did a controversial piece on why the Stormers bubble will burst this year.

Trust you at least got a kick from it.

Die Cats een sal meer wees soos

"They've always been cellar dwellers. Nothing's gonna change."

Have you seen their schedule?


interesting point on the mental aspect, but then again, the cheetahs did not have it for 29 years and suddenly rassie gave them that........
Seen it yes, but can't quite remember the details. Very bad memory (mebbe that's why I still support die WeePee!)

Nice pics everyone, how do I get one for myself?


... so I was right!!!!
Nogal ja Kandas, but it won't null and void our little 'agreement' come KKNK.....

Op watter thread het jy gese dis ek, het daai stukkie gemis?
En se my nou man, is daar 'n stuk oor die Spearleaders of is daar nie? Ek het al slapelose nagte gehad en Google help nie eers nie!!
Enjoyed the piece on the Drips. Very sensible. Can't wait for your Sharks one...  
You ain't gonna like it Rob....  

The Stormers thread towards the end.

When we change over (very soon) to the new software and server, you will be able to get everything you want on the Spearleaders and Cheerleaders. Promise.

They are coming. :)
DavidS,jy slaan die spyker op die kop!Cheetahs gaan gou agterkom S14 is nie CC,en ek dink nie hulle het die diepte om 'n regtige groot impak op die S14 te maak nie!En soos jy tereg gese het,vanjaar is daar geen verskonings nie!  
Kandas,ek weet jy is 'n groot van van die Spears,maar ek moet eerlik wees,die gebruik van MK se slagspreuk sit my vreeslik af,en ek dink nie hulle gaan fans wen met dit nie.  
I can help you write it if you like :)  
Wat dink julle ander ouens daarvan?  
robd,how is the little one doing?Did you find a jersey for her yet?  
Watter een, vleis?  
Okes,i know this is not really part of this thread,but i saw Ol'Gus is still in the mix??!!!!???

"Die kat kom weer,en weer,en weer..."
Kandas,"Umkontho we Siswe"!Ek het dit in die lasste SA Rugby gesien!

Is dit maar nie dieselfde as om die ou landsvlag en 'n foto van Verwoerd en PW op Loftus rond te swaai nie?
More Vleis. Verduidelik "MK slagspreuk", dan gee ek my opinie. Jammer man, ek's bietjie toe vandag.

En dis nou mooi en alles dat die Ossies baie diepte het en als, maar hulle kans is ook maar net gelykstaande aan die afstand wat ek 'n bees aan sy stert kan gooi. Geskiedenis tel teen hulle, hulle neig te veel 1-dimensioneel en hulle kan nie travel nie. Maar laat Dawie jou mooi beduidelik, ek het net nie daardie slag met woorde nie!!
vleis moet my nie eens laat begin op daai kak nie.  

Put it in a question for me [ ] and I will get it to McKeever. We will probably have a live follow-up session with him on Friday where he will follow-up your Questions and his Answers. Please.
Kandas,will do so!

PA,na die CC final is dit een van die min dinge waarmee ek julle nog kan kak gee!Vergewe my!
Hey Vleis.

Caity is well - already crawling and got 2 teeth! Still haven't found a jersey. Will be in Durbs for Robbie Williams in April, so I'll look around then. How are you keeping?

BTW - is keo officially dead?
Aah, sien wat jy bedoel Vleis, ditto vir my.
En jou Bliksem, moet jy nou Gus ophaal op hierdie wonderlike dag!?! Ja, ja, ja, lykbaar is hy nog daar, maar daar is klomp outjies in daai span wat nie in die squad is nie. En ek het daai blad so vinnig toegemaak, dis net nie waar maag het gedraai en my ore gesing, my bene het soos jellie gevoel en ek was bleek soos 'n laken - amper nes die dag toe hulle my sussie se kat doodgery het. En dit alles oor daai WPwannabe span!!Waar kom die mense aan die klas 11-1-11???
Okay,ek het nou net weer die artikel gecheck,en dit lyk my dit kan Keo-hulle wees wat dit uitgedink het en dat dit nie "official" is nie,maar dit sal nogal interressant wees om te weet of dit wel hulle slagspreuk gaan wees!

Namboer,MK,die gewapende vleuel van die ANC,se volle naam is "Umkhonto we Sizwe",wat beteken,"The Spear of the Nation."
robd,Sharks fan,Robbie Williams fan,something you wanna tell us?  
robd,seems like keo is slowly starting to die,the site is dead,nothing happening,just the same old stories!Getting real boring for me...  

Rather not

I don't want it to be too negative...

There is none so negative as a fan dropped by the team too many times.

Trust me when I tell you I know this feeling too well.
O ja,ek wil dit nou net kategories stel,in 'n mate was ek baie bly dat die Cheetahs die CC gewen het,maar as daar nou een ding is wat my nogsteeds afpis en die moer in maak,is dit die foto's van Ollie met die sigaar en daai donnerse "smirk" op sy vet bakkies!Fok,as ek dit sien,dan droom ek van wraak en bloedgieting!  
Duduma + Umbane = Amandla

This is the 'slagspreuk' of the Spears.

Not Umkonto we Sizwe.

I know Amandla means power, but not the other two.
Vleis, net na ek gepost het, het ek jou verduideliking gesien, weet darem van Spear of the Nation.

Wanneer laas was jy by die jagveld? Het 2weke terug Donderdag 'n jong koedoebulletjie platgegooi, sommer vinnig-vinnig verander in steak, word en maalvleis.
I found a jersey, but a Bok one for my oldest.

Nothing from The Cats yet though.

Waiting for the new kit..... and the post Christmas domestic financial crisis to end!!!!
DavidS,so is it Amandla?

Even if that is the case,that word will always recall a pic off Winnie with her fist in the air,stirring riots and murders,so,still,it is a bit insensitive from them if they do use it.

Ek sien wat die volgende foto van OO gaan wees langs sy naam....

Jy moes dit net nooit genoem het nie.

Ieder geval is hy ysig vandag. Miskien hou hy net nie van die thread nie. Miskien sal ek voortaan OORB verbied word.
Namboer,ek was darem vir so 'n gou heen-en-weertjie Bosveld toe oor Desember,maar in die Noorde was dit toe nog vreeslik droog en moer warm,maar April maand kak hulle!  
Moerse snaaks Vleis, my innige meegevoelens!
DavidS,as hy dit waag,sal ek sorg vir die mees vernederendste foto vir die Cheetahs nog!  
(Dis nou die Bleodvergieting en wraak wat snaaks is, nie jou Bosveld trippie nie!)  
Namboer,dit is nie SNAAKS nie!!!!!!

A very good morning to you all.

Glad to see everyone is up and running.


When can we expect the piece on teh Cats?

You better hold back on the one with the Bulls. That should be teh most realistic one.
ek is saam met vleis, die spears moet versigitig wees met die slagspreke, dit het politiese konnektasies wat verkeerd opgeneem kan word en hulle kan meer vyande maak as vriende.

wat sal gebeur as die bulle begin eugene terblanche slagspreuke quote, of die stormers nataniel???

ek kan nie eens daaraan dink nie.
Donner,solank hy net seker maak hy "sugarcoat" nie die Stormers nie,Hewletts het nie genoeg om dit te doen nie!  

Davids die Stormers sugarcoat?

Hel ek het nie geweet jy raak so kinky nie. :-)
PA,die Stormers het nie nodig om Ntaniel te qoute nie,hulle leef al klaar sy lewens filosofie uit!  

I sent the mail to the address that x fire gave me.
Donner,jou ou grapgat!!!!!!!!!  
Donner,almal saam,"Gus Gus Gus.....!!!!!!Jy's ons man,ons weet jy sal nie kan,maar wat de hel!!!!"  
Nobody gave the Cheetahs a chance in the CC final, so lets just wait and see.

I agree that loosing Naka and Boela is gonna have an effect, but remeber that as in nature, cheetahs better their chance of making the kill by hunting in packs, and that is something that Rassie has managed to do, they really play like a team. I also think that they are going to be the suprise package.

I predict that the Stormers are gonna be the team that gets relegated...

Gaan jy ons join op Brannasnacht more aand.
just for the record - MY WIFE is the RW fan. I'm just going along for the jorl.

Donner - did you use I ain't got squat!
Jong nee,ek suip nie meer nie!!!!LOL!

Probleem is ek het nie internet by die huis nie,so,ek sit met 'n probleem!Maar salnog plan maak!

You know me and you will realize that I am much, much more attractive, considerate, forgiving, understanding, patient, fun-to-be-with, etc. than most webmasters out there :) but I just have to leave a thought for you to comnsider.

I see since last weekend that we have been invaded by our "friends" from NZ, Oz and Her Majesty's little Island.

Under the circumstances, and given the type of absolutely brilliant, professional articles that we publish, we should really consider showing our "friends" that we are quite intellectual and use the Brittish language a bit more.

Namboer, that means from now on you might consider "destroying a you koedoebulletjie" instead of "'n jong koedoebulletjie platgegooi". :))))

We dont want to confuse our mates from down under, do we? :)

Just a thought. Nothing worth killing me for.
... young koedoebulletjie ...  

En jy suip ook nie minder nie? :-D


No it was another one, but the mail doesn't matter now. Just wanted to invite you here.
O Thou Great and Forgiving Master of the Web,may I be the first to offer my humble and heartfelft apologies for using the Sweetest and Pure Language known to mankind!I am honest in my ignorance for not knowing that those persons you spoke about are not versed in the Sweet Tongue,and may they suffer for it!

Is it our fault that they are dumb,ignorant bastards and who are known as Cheaters,Convicts,Sheepshaggers and the Killers of woman and children?

Just asking......
Sweet. Found my way eventually!

Actually PA mailed me a link in December, but I've been away.
Donner,seriously,my Klipdrift consumption are at a all time low!I vowed to stop drinking untill the Bulls win again,so over indulging will be my future within a week or two!  

Geez what a great New Years resolution. You will be able to use it for the next ten years. Good on you.

Do you only ask once?


KANDAS has spoken.

In line with government policy, this site will henceforth only allow posters to post in ENGLISH and no other language.

Especially not that of the oppressive apartheid regime whose long legacy still affects the oppressed masses.

If you post in the language of the oppressor you are a racist facist and you will be forced to make a confession and then be banned for life by the RGTC (RuggaWorld Truth Commission) headed by stalwart politicians, Jacob "What arms deal?" Zuma, Tony "What Mercedes" Yengeni, Winnie "I never stole a thing from FNB" Mandela and Allan "It was struggle accounting" Boesak.

These four honourable people uphold values of truth and honesty. Their quest at the truth and their integrity is unquestioned.

Any questions?
Kandas, nothing worth killing want to phone a friend??

Ag man, between us I'll gooi Afrikaans now and then cause it just might upset the Pom/Aus/Kiwi treehuggers anyways.
I do my bit in Ingils as well, daai ou bietjie Afrikaans is nou ook nie iets om my oor te moor nie ;)

wat van n troef komiesie?  
Ich wolle Deutsch hier sprechen. Ist das in ordnung?  
This is actually funny. I got into SO MUCH KAK back on keo for suggesting people post in English only...  

I only ask once but do have the stamina to do it more than once.

Obviously Brannasnacht and the occasional article will lend itself to the overusage of the Sweetest and Purest Language. :)

Guys ang girls (read: Stormers supporters)

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation. It brings a tear to my eye and it will definitely not go unnoticed at the First General Annual Meeting cum Awards Ceremony of Rugga World!

That was only because the Boere thugs like wpw and Aldo struggle reading the posts.


Capish. :)

Although, Capice is this STUNNING Italian model.
kandas, das ist geficht, aber Sie sind der Webmaster.

So - when are the Spears going to take Grubber Bobo off our hands?
Uhmmm - that would be Caprice....  

Sorry, he's too ugly. Doesn't fit in with our Team Image. Sorry.

So that is the reason you are not working with the Spearleaders anymore? :-)))

Whatever. I'm definitely not going to say no to her just because of a little "r"
Ha ha farking ha! Nice one RobD!!!  

How do you get 45 girls out of the Dressing Room onto the field if they just want to stare at you? :)

Voila Kandas

Un, deux, trois, où est le roi?

Au revoir
This thread makes me think of Barry Richards and Greame Pollock. Possible century befor lunch on the first day.  
Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie!  
Kandas oui l'anmi

Qu'est-ce que c'est??
le table is here to scare Kandas


Achtung der lanwitch vill be der English auf dem website only verstehe sie?

Unt if you sink vee vill let you escape mit zee Sherman zen you haf anuzzer sink comink.

Vee haf vays unt meens you zee?

Et le table

In zees websaht we are speaking le Angleterre oui?

If you are, how you say, speak le Francais, zen we will shase you away savva?
Yeah - take that, Monsieur le Dwarf Poisonnee!  
Don Bradman is the only oke who ever managed it though.

In the first Durban test against Australia in 1970, Pollock was agonisingly close and the Aussies were trying to keep Ali Bacher on strike to keep the Don's record. Ali tried to play a stupid 'round the corner' shot against a straight one on off stump to get Pollock on strike...... no equalling record....
I can't believe this thread has elicited as much comment as the Stormers one!  

You should know by now - strange things always happen on a Cheetahs thread. Remember Trompie?
Who is calling me?  

Can you translate for us, please?
Sorry Donner.

Must admit. Never had to use French to conquer the ladies. That would give me a real unfair advantage. :)

I have another pick-up line for you.

I may not be as big as Arnie or have as much hair as Mel, but I can lick like Lassie.

Try that one next time.
do any of you okes actually have a real blog on this thing, or is it just me?  

Only because we didn't know how to register without a blog.
lol robd


Steek zat in le pooper you stupeet menkee


Did you see Trompie's moved to the Bulls!

How come you guys didn't grab a hold of him?
What do you mean rob?  
Nice blog you have Rob. The wife doing everything? :)

Regards to the little one.
just so byrre way,do Cape Flets engliss also cyownt?  


Just imagine what can a plain boerenooi show you, if she knows French AND shaves!!

For you we'll make the exeption.


We'll make an exception for provincejoulekkading and wpw because they're from a previously disadvantaged community.

The rest of you facist white racists had better polish up on the Queens English or

WE will not be amused
I mean does anyone else use this site for their personal blog  
Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie!  
Aside from which their obvious lack of education and ability to speak the Queen's English is a CLEAR legacy of the oppressive apartheid regime  

Is this how you are going to spend your birthday?

Giving Kandas hot flashes

How can you call wpw a boere thug?! I reserve the right to be called a boere thug, only for Bulls supporters and us Afrikaners. Even anc supporters like Davids, but a coloured, now you're going to far! Wes will never forgive! He's our token, you'll make us lose BEE status by calling him a Boere thug!

Just had to, but it seems he is still finding his feet at work.

How about soek 'n noot? Meet you there.

What is it? (qu'est-ce que c'est)
Is Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie, Tafeltjie surpose to mean something to me

Please call Zelda to stand by for the pils
Guys, I need your help. Apparently the games this weekend are not covered either. I've got the Spears/Cheetahs game covered to bring you up to date scores, etc., but I nee two people that I can contact to email/Yahoo Messenger me the live updates on the other two games. Any ideas? Maybe guys close to the Management of the teams and obviously they will have to have access to the media centres.

Sat 21 Jan
Spears vs Cats

Sat 21 Jan
Force vs Cheetahs

Sat 21 Jan
Stormers vs Bulls
Newlands, CT

Sat 21 Jan
Brumbies vs Waratahs
Wollongong's WIN Stadium

If we can get someone for this last game, we can cover that as well.
I don't rob.

I see someone invited Salacious Sally today too.

Or given the French I suppose Salacious Seline would be a better description.

Poor Kandas.
Shaved Frenchwomen, red g-strings, school girl dresses.

Geez this is going somewhere I don't want to be at.
Happy Birthday Tafeltjie!  
Did anyone find out who that "Anonymous" bloke was yesterday?

PS: I guess Keo will start getting pissed off soon.This site is stealing his clientelle base.

Why not? To see Kandas in his schoolgirls dress must be hilarious.

It was Namboer.
The only thing this site still lacks is some big name journalism.

Maybe I should right an in-depth and insightful article?

Where's the mad-monk these days?

Well you obviously have the one covered I would have (I assume the reference to the Cheetahs is a mistake). There don't appear to be games in Gauteng this weekend so I really can't help.

I will try and see what I can do about the Stormers game.
lol Donner

He should stick with the name "anonymous", it has much more cribility.
Sorry - CATS. Geez, this Cheetahs thread and the Cape Town Mountain has got me all confused here. Sorry DavidS.  
No donner seeing him passed out kaalgat on his bed with nothing for company but a half finished bottle of red wine after all his bragging about cheer leaders would be f---ing hilarious.

Besides, he'll tell you the schoolgirl dress helps him get in touch with his femine side.

Next thing he'll be wanting someone to spank him or something like that...


Don't think so. Different markets, different clientele different content. I think the sites probably complement each other.

nasty nasty
Okay St P

We're commissioning you to right (sic) us a piece on why the Bulls will end 14th in the S14 this year.

Yes I know you think that's a horror fantasy, but let your imagination run wild and give us a credible reason why they're going to k@k this year.

Mad monk's on a holiday of some sort for the week.
Are the TJARKS actually planning on playing any warmup games, or are we too afraid we'll loose all of them?

Oh, wait. I think we're playing the Leopards, or something. Yawn.
You can title it

Why the Bulls will get the Californian Spike this year.

They play the Bulls at Rustenburg at some stage I think.

Aren't they playing their traditional warm-up against Quins this year?
and the bulls in sun city again robd  

You are making it very difficult not to reply with the following:

They need to preserve their energy at their age.

Sat 28 Jan
Bulls vs Sharks 'A'
Sun City

Sat 28 Jan
Bulls vs Sharks 'B'
Sun City

Wed 1 Feb
Cats vs Sharks
Thanks Kandas  
Yeah, thanks.

Donner, donner, donner. Please don't make me go and calculate the average age of the Sharks squad for you AGAIN!


Just had to.

The Sharks squad doesn't look bad at all. Things are going to get very interesting in the next six weeks.
I'm not worried about our pack, except that we need 1 more good loosie. We have better locks than anyone other than the Bulls and in Carstens, Smit and Botha, a first choice frontrow that won't move back an inch.

Scrummy is fine, as is the back 3. It's flyhalf and the centres I'm worried about, as well as general backline defence.

tony will be there before the competition starts, and indications are butch will also be ready.

with a backline of:

9. davidson
10. brown
11. mentz
12. butch
13. percy (hehe)
14. russel
15. pietersen

hmmmm, okay maybe you have a problem at center and wing.

Quite frankly, there's more chance of an Alien flysaucer landing on the Loch Ness monsters' head than the Bulls finishing 14.

The only way the Bulls can come last is if Osama Bin Laden blows up the plane the squad is travelling in on their way to Oz......and even then,if the U20's are called into action I'd back them to turn over the drama queens.

Yip, I'm guessing it would be harder for the Bulls to finish last than it would be for them to finish 1st.
StP - the bulls sure have a lot more experience finishing last than they do first... he he he.

PA - I'd play Murray at 13 (back the youngster - with some experienced guys inside him, he'll do the job. That sounded gross, but anyway)

14 has to be Mkhize for me. The guy has pace and guts aplenty. Brent would be my 15 any day of the week as well. Sorry for Percy. He can cover 10, 13 and 15 from the bench.

Well you are surely a good word-smith and when the job of TeufelsAdvocaat is advertised anywhere you should be able to fit the Requirements ;-).

On the issue "that you raised" on whether you would still be welcome on OORB after this arti- well you are- like the Cheetahs- us hardcore Free State Rugby fans do not tend to be prima donnas- and as PA so statistically points out week in and week out- the glorious game of the oval ball is played on the field- not on paper, or cyberspace for that matter.

On your article it self- with your permission and the rest of your board members, I will copy & paste the arti onto OORB with an accompanying piece that I will write.

In the meantime- take care

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