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Monday, January 23, 2006


Super 14: Cats' flyhalf problems = endless pit

According to, Andre Pretorius is set to miss half of the Super 14 competition due to the ankle injury sustained in the EOYT against Argentinia.

The plaster on his ankle was only removed last week and without him the Cats has a serious lack of experience at flyhalf. Although players like Nel Fourie, Tiaan Snyman, Jodi and Earl Rose are available, they are all untested at this level. Nel Fourie is also struggling with a injury which causes even more haedaches for coach, Frans Ludeke.

Pretorius told "That March 6 is the follow up visit to the doctor," "From there it is another week or two, if all goes well, before I'll be back on the field. I certainly won't take any contact till after March 6 and depending on the doctor's decision," he added.

We all wish Andre a speedy recovery, not only for the sake of the Cats, but one feels that Boks will need his talent later this year. He remains optimistic and stated that the three months rest away from rugby will leave him fresh and ready to go.

vleis is a boere thug!!!
Wes sucks Hendrik Verwoerd's Gravestone.  
Anyway, the Cats really do have trouble. They dn't even have a capable replacement on paper!  

mondi (davids)is going to be pissed about this.
LMFAO @ Aldo  

You said it. We have a serious problem, but ja at least Jean de Villiers wil be able to play flyhalf,...... and centre,..... and wing,..... and hell maybe scrumhalf as well.
Too fast again, damn.  
Okes - has it occurred to anyone that we don't even have enough quality flyalves in this country for 2 Super 14 teams, never mind 5?  

Any posibility of a "Paper-Mache Folding Super 14" taking place?

LOL. Very sharp, eina!!!!!

This has been coming for a while now. Everytime someone seems to look the part, they are rushed in and when they fail, the search begin again.
hmmm - these comments end up getting out of sequence sometimes...

I reckon the only 10s we have in this country that are capable at this level are AP and Butch James. Jaco would probably also make it, if he ever came back. The rest have just failed too often. Meyer Bosman is untested at this level, as is Grant, but Grant looked crap in the Currie Cup. De Waal, Steyn, Hougaard and Russell have all played more bad games at 10 in the Super 12 than tey have good. Who am I missing?
no one unfortunately robd  

I agree with you, but still think that in Butch James (depends on his form after a year lay off), Jaco vd Westhuizen, Andre Pretorius and the likes of young guys like Steyn, Grant, Hougaard, Dollie and Rose, we have enough talent in this country. A bigger worry for me, is the way they are managed. don't think they're managed well enough. They need to identify the future bok flyhalf and send him to all the bok training camps. Even if he doesn't get selected to play for the boks, he needs to get used to the structures. He also needs to start out with the protection of much more experienced players outside of him. For me that is the biggest problem in the bok backline at the moment. A lack of experience.
one thing mallet said (in his few moments of genius he seems to have lately when he does not get a brainfart) aldo which i agree with, is that young players and coaches should start considering exchange training camps with other nations.

for example a young grant is send to mexted's rugby academy for 2 months.

there is huge benefit in this.

you are trained in different styles, by different coaches, in different conditions (out of comfort zones) and more likely than not by guys who are in their own right legends, grant fox, sean fitzpatrick, etc
robbie fleck?  
Net 'n kleinoodjie wat ek met julle wil deel:

Bababeer gaan by die trappe af en sit in sy klein stoeltjie by die
tafel, en hy kyk na sy klein papbordjie...

"Wie't my pappies geëet?", vra hy in 'n huilerige stemmetjie.

Pappabeer kom by die tafel aan en sit in sy groot stoel. Hy kyk na sy
groot papbord, en ook die is leeg.

"Wie de duiwel het my pap geëet!" vra hy in 'n bulderende stem.

Mammabeer se kop verskyn in die luik tussen die kombuis en die
eetkamer. Haar gesig lyk soos 'n hoëveldse donderstorm.

"Genugtig, hoeveel keer moet ons met julle idiote deur hierdie proses gaan?

Dit was Mammabeer wat eerste opgestaan het.
Dit was Mammabeer wat almal in die huis wakker gemaak het.
Dit was Mammabeer wat die koffie gemaak het.
Dit was Mammabeer wat in die koue uitgegaan het om die koerant te gaan haal.
Dit was Mammabeer wat die tafel gedek het.
Dit was Mammabeer wat die blerrie kat laat uitgaan en sy sandboks
skoongemaak het.
Dit was Mammabeer wat die kat en die pappegaai kos gegee en versorg het.
En dit was Mammabeer wat die sitkamer aan die kant moes maak na julle
TV-kykery gisteraand".

"En nou dat julle uiteindelik besluit het om julle flenter-beergatte
ondertoe te sleep en Mammabeer se kombuis met julle befoeterde
teenwoordigheid te kom vereer, moet julle nou mooi luister, en goed
luister, want ek gaan dit nie weer sê nie".

"Ek. Het. Nog. Nie. Die. Fokken. Pap. Gemaak. Nie!!!"
hehe Namboer. Dit moet in Brits wees onthou!


I agree, your favourite looseforward, Bobby Skinstad, said that provincialism is the biggest problem in our rugby. Obviously, we didn't have BvR back then, but in some ways he's right. In the 2003 S12, the Stormers didn't have a fi flyhalf. Derrick was at the Bulls, but didn't get gametime. Now according to me, Straulli had to have made mention of him to the S12 coaches, so when the Stormers were without a flyhalf, the Bulls should've offered to loan them Hougaard. Just my opinion, cos he ended up playing a WC quarter final without proper S12 experience, or any Springbok experience. He was never loaned to the Stormers, because we belive in every province for himself.
I think mamma bear has a bad dose of PMS...  
Ok - quick poll. Who are the top 5 flyhalves in the country right now? No particular order...

I reckon Pretoors, Bosman, De Waal, James and Jaco, although of those 2 are injured and 1 unavailable to play S14. Not a great situation...

v/d Westhuizen
de Waal
Eish my typing is bad. I spell like my arse today.


You name Butch James in that list of yours. I know on form he's one of the top performers, but when last did he play. I also don't rate De Waal as being in the top 5 anymore. Bosman needs to prove himself as well. One good game doesn't make a boy wonder.
Oh sorry, my list:

V/D Westhuizen
Gafie (I rate the guy, so shoot me!)
Steyn (replaced by James if he's on form after his long lay off.)

Agree with Gaffie, but would rather have him at fullback
aldo - I gree Butch is a big call, but the guy has delivered the goods at this level in the past. Gaffie? C'mon - they guy basically defines failing at Super 12 level. He has all the skills, but his temperament is not suitable for much above Vodacom Cup. Hougaard is good at what he does, I guess, but I just don't see what he does as being good for the game of rugby.  
"For me that is the biggest problem in the bok backline at the moment. A lack of experience."

Hell, Ryk van Schoor and Tjol Lategan were legends in their time - yet they only played something like seven tests together.
The Bok centres (wings, scrummies, props - the whole bloody lot) have all played 20 tests or more.
boertjie - ask Jimi Hendrix...  

Looks like the paper mache Kitties are on the way to knuckle junction.....

Damn Damn Damn
Kan almal op hierdie site asseblief my klein geheimpie op Keo stilhou. Sienende dat ek van nou af op Keo gaan chat...  

Ons sal vir jou ons Bankrekening besonderhede gee. Afhangende van die bedrag wat inkom kan ons natuurlik gesels :)
dis ok reinhardt stormers supporters is welkom daar  
Ha, ha...
Ek het eintlik van my ander geheimpie gepraat. A.k.a. my ouderdom. Wil kyk hoe lank dit vat voor iemand agter kom hoe oud ek is...
Reindeer, our lips are sealed.  

In those days it was the norm. A guy only played a max of ten tests his career. These days you play 13 tests in one year. What I mean is that the guys haven't had that much time to gell yet. De Villiers played half of his test at wing. There was a long period between test for Jaque Fourie. Same for Andre Pretorius. So to just take the amount of games they played is pointless. Rather take the amount of time in the squad and in a certain position.
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