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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Super 14: Bulls injury worries dissipate


Bulls coach Heyneke Meyer on Tuesday received some timely good news. His first choice fullback, Johan Roets, has fully recovered from the hamstring strain that has sidelined him this season and will be available to play against the Sharks in a Super 14 pre-season match at Sun City on Saturday.

Roets, a stalwart in the Bulls set-up, trained with his teammates on Tuesday - the first time this year that he complete a full training session - and will be at fullback in one of the two Bulls teams that will face two teams from the Sharks.

He showed no discomfort at training and looked eager to get back on the park.

Meyer's other injury concerns also cleared up on Tuesday.

Monday's training session was canned when 11 players missed the practice with an assortment of injuries and ailments.

Derick Hougaard (shoulder), Johan Wasserman (neck strain), Danie Rossouw (neck strain), Gary Botha (lower back muscle spasm), John Mametsa (groin), Dries Scholtz (split lip), Marius Delport (shoulder), Akona Ndungane (rib), Danwell Demas (quadricep injury), Rudi Coetzee (stomach bug) and Heini Adams (sinus infection) all missed Monday's training run.

On Tuesday nine of those players took full part in the practice session.

Only Hougaard and Mametsa were still unable to train, while Ruan Vermeulen has picked up a throat infection. The Bulls coach wants to turn Vermeulen, who up to now has played loose forward, into a tighthead prop.

He has the bulk to convert to prop and must just acquire the necessary technical skills in match situations.

Bulls team doctor Tommie Smook said he expects the remaining injury concerns to have cleared up by Saturday.

Meanwhile Meyer has confirmed that Gary Botha will again lead the Bulls into battle against the Sharks and will most probably also be captain when the Super 14 tournament starts on February 10 - with the Bulls facing the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein.

Botha took over as captain in the 44-13 hammering of the Stormers at Newlands last Saturday, after both lock Victor Matfield (the designated Bulls captain for the season) and scrum-half Fourie du Preez (next in line to wear the captaincy armband) were injured in the pre-season build-up.

Meyer is expected to announce his two teams on Thursday.

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great news for the bullies.

and good to see roetsie back

It is good news for the Bulls, but what worries me is why are they all of a sudden so injury prone.

the question has to be asked.

and it is not just them, all the franchises except the cheetahs seem to be struggling

Not only the Cheetahs. The Stormers and the Sharks are bothered by injuries form lasst year still. Mostly the Bulls and Cats players are getting hurt in the warm ups.
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