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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Super 14: Baksteen has lost his cement

Source: News24

Cats prop Baksteen Nell has announced his retirement from rugby with immediate effect.

The 30-year-old Nell's decision to end it on the rugby field came after a hard workout one afternoon. "Like everyone else I was thinking of the New Year and what I wanted from 2006. It dawned on me that I needed more time with my family and my business that I started two years ago."

Nell would have been a kingpin in the Cats squad for the Super 14 this year having recovered from an injury that he sustained in the 2005 Currie Cup season.

Cats coach Frans Ludeke said he was surprised when Nell informed him, but that he respected his decision. "I understand that Baksteen has got more responsibilities with the birth of his second daughter and we fully support him in his decision. He will be missed."

Retiring at the age of 30, I always thought this is the age where props only matures. Well who will cement his place in the void left at the Cats?

Good luck Baksteen,

All the best with the business and family.
like with tana, i have the world of respect for a guy that calls it a day to put family first.

good luck baksteen, i am sure the cats fans will miss you...

Bad bad bad news for the Cats although I don't think he'd be a first XV starter with Lorry and Marius Hurter holding those.
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