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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


SA Unions/Teams: Sharks skipper out for long

Source: News24

Sharks and Springbok captain John Smit will probably only start training on March 5 at the earliest.

Smit was suspended for six weeks after the last Test of 2005 against France in Paris after pushing an elbow into the French captain, Jerome Thion's larynx.

It was initially thought that Smit would return to the field against the Waratahs in Sydney on March 4, but coach Dick Muir said that because of an operation to a stomach muscle he would probably only start playing after that match.

"We hope he'll be able to start training with us from March 5, but that's the earliest we can expect to see him in training," Muir said.

Other experienced Sharks who could miss the start of the Super 14 series are three of their Springboks, Adrian Jacobs, Dean Hall and Butch James, as well as Tsepo Kokoali.

Jacobs (foot) and James (knee) are still struggling with injuries that kept them out of action for quite a while last year, while Hall will slowly start his way back to top level rugby.

They could play in the Vodacom Cup before Muir will consider them for the Super 14 squad.

Am I the only one that did not know about this injury to our National Captain? The first I heard of it was when he missed the fitness tests on Monday for the Boks, and even then they did not specify the nature of the injury. He has played almost every minute of every test, and the past couple of years has been something of an iron man. I know he had injury problems in the past, I hope he can remain healthy through the world cup. I believe he is one of the best captains around, always seems to be able to motivate the troops.  
Nope, I never had an inkling either.

Kept that one well under wraps!
you have to ask why though?

is it not that serious or are we seeing another marius Joubert situation developing here????

JW had better identify who he believes is the second best hooker in SA and even more importantly, identify the vice captain.
Did anybody know about this?


I think you might be right. No way this guy will be his best after the past two seasons.

According to Corne Strauli failed because he started listening to the wrong people. Seems we have the complete opposite in Jake. He doesn't listen to anyone other than himself.
well done chaps and the best of luck to you all. all contributors have in the past spoken sense so this should be a winner.  
cheers jj.  
Yip rest the guy

Him alone will not stop the drop- if the Sharks are due.

When can we expect the Sharks piece
So after the positives from yesterday for the Sharks, it all evaporates into a steaming bath of Deep Heat clouds....  

by latest tomorrow, but it should be up later today.

it wont take me long, something like:

"The Sharks are shyte and will get relegated - get over it." fin


There is no way that you will be able to keep it short ;-)
Hi DavidS

Whats the real story with Baksteen?

How can you acuse me of speaking sense? It is unacceptable that you can just come onto this froum and start accussing me of stuff like this. ;)

Anyway, I agree that JS alone wouldn't stop the Sharks from being relegated. I worry about the world cup. Jake doesn't seem to have a backup plan/team in place. He seem to think that if Plan A doesn't work, well then we just hope plan A will come together next time. What happened to his horses for courses policy he said he's going to implement into Springbok rugby? Never happened. Anyway, he needs to get a B Team in place and give them game time, otherwise I see trouble.
Hey Aldo

You are the odd exception ;-)

Have you gotten my mail?

I struggling here. Please man.

Are you sure the Sharks will end below the Cheetahs? :-D

I guess it is be bad to OO day.
Hey Donner

I see that you are struggeling ;-)

Come S14 time- man it might just get worse.

Ja it would have been a bleak outlook if I had to support the Cheetahs. Luckily I don't :-D
donner i have just send it from all my accounts and replied on your last mail, let me know  
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