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Monday, January 09, 2006


SA Unions/Teams: Bulls appoint shrink for S14

Source: Morris Gilbert, Beeld

The Bulls have employed a sport psychologist to help them prepare for the tough Super 14 series. He will look after the players individually and make sure that their present and future leaders are developed properly.

Bulls rugby coach Heyneke Meyer has confirmed that a former Western Transvaal hooker, Jannie Putter, a sport psychologist, has been appointed the team's head shrink.

Meyer says regular courses for the present leaders will be one of the first steps in realising this aim. Victor Matfield will be this year's "head boy" and the Bulls will also rely heavily on Fourie du Preez.

"Even though he is just 23, Fourie is not just a champion in his position, but also in the manner in which he can read match situations and take the right decision. Everything's in his favour to become a great captain."

Meyer thinks the forwards Gary Botha (hooker), Jacques Cronje and Johan Wasserman (loose forwards) also have the potential to become Bulls captains, while "we have to hone the skills of our backs to become leaders, among them young players like Derick (Hougaard) and Wynand (Olivier)."

Referring to the matches against the Cats (at Ellis Park on Saturday), the Stormers in Cape Town a week later and the Sharks at Sun City on January 28, Meyer said: "The purpose of warm-up matches is to experiment with regard to combinations, changes in the playing pattern and the rankings in every position. There won't be talk of a shadow team until perhaps the match against the Sharks.

"The two teams to play against the two teams from the Cats will be more or less of equal strength," Meyer said.

I have absolutely no problem with the Bulls getting a psychologist in. In fact, I welcome it.

Additionally, he is a former top level player, all the better.

If we've lacked anything in SA it is the scientific approach.

Let's laud teams prepared to look outside the box in the search for those crucial tiny improvements.

Good on ya, Bulls, good on ya, Heyneke.
Yes, Ras, I agree. The reasons why the Bulls are best (sorry Cheeetahs!) is that they are professional to the N-th degree and are also planning far ahead.

If only this could be said of our own poor stumbling, disorganised Province/Stormers...
Province? Stormers?


Who dey?


So there's the answer to the leadership issue.

Damn hell is this Heyneke Meyer good at his job or what?

He's making Nic Malett look like a total poephol with his organisation of Bulls rugby.

Getting in people to identify and grow potential leaders. I recall that Clive Woodward was the one who said that although Martin Johnson was 'skipper' of 2003 England, the team had a number of onfield leaders depending on the situation, like JW being backline leader, some else being attacking leader, someone else being defensive leader etc. This seems to be what Heyneke is doing. Dilution of the traditional Bulls cult of LEADER metality. Good work.

And damned obvious intensive succession planning.

PLease Frans please...we're getting all these top level advisers in for Frans Ludeke. Please get us some professionalism in player preparation too.
Well they just keep on climbing the professional ladder.

On the other hand it could be that they still need councilling after the CC final. :-D
This eases my mind on a lot of worries that I had. Thank goodness for Heynecke. I know he rates Fourie du Prees as a leader as well as Hougaard. Wasserman to a lesser degree as well, didn't know about the rest though. I'm exited about this year, as it takes us into a new era and even though I'm a bit worried, this is the year that will determine how the Bulls will perform for the next 3 years, IMO. Good on you Bulls.  
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