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Friday, January 06, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Southern Spears announces team for warm-up against Eastern Province

Port Elizabeth – South Africa: 5 January 2006 18H00: Peter de Villiers this evening announced the Southern Spears squad to play Eastern Province on Saturday the 7th January 2006 at 15H00 at the Eastern Province Rugby Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

This match on Saturday will afford de Villiers the opportunity of running all 28 players in his squad as their warm up before the Southern Spears plays the Vodacom Cheetahs on Saturday the 14th January 2006.

The intensive three week schedule of “warm up” games that awaits the Southern Spears is something of a baptism of fire and resembles a Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final in reverse, with them playing the Cheetahs on the 14th January, the Cats on the 21st January in East London and the Stormers on the 28th January in Wellington.

The long awaited debut of de Villiers Southern Spears happens this Saturday and much is expected of them.

There have been frequent questions of, ‘Where are the “names”?’ and this is all too often confused with the high profile given to players in the media, when in fact these self same “names” were themselves unknown some 18 months ago. In addition, it is an understated fact and perception, that these high profile players are injury free, when they have incurred serious injuries that makes their own mental toughness suspect, when they come up against players like the Southern Spears who have everything to gain.

SOUTHERN SPEARS TEAM against Eastern Province

Baldwin McBean (Fullback)
Rienhard Gerber (R/Wing)
Spencer Wakeling (Centre)
Basil De Donker (Centre)
Luvo Shogidashe (L-Wing)
Is-Maheel Dollie (Flyhalf)
Warren Malgas (Scrumhalf)
Ashley Johnson (no.8)
Devon Raubenheimer (Flanker)
Maurice Reed (Flanker)
Lian Combrinck (Lock)
Jaco du Toit (Lock)
Anton van der Westhuizen (Prop)
Wayne Bennett (Hooker)
Petros Methula (Prop)

On the Bench

Hein Potgieter (Lock)
Kenny Snodgrass (Lock)
Tewis De Bruyn (ScrumHalf)
Vusumzi Mbulali (Centre)
Gavin Williamson (Hooker)
Pietie Loots (no.8)
Gersham Ramazan(Wing)
Ashwin Scott (Centre)
Daniel Phillander (FlyHalf)
Lonwabo Matimka (Prop)
Kaunda Ntunja (Flanker)

Let the Battles begin!!!

Must say, I rate the wing and flyhalf of the spears.

Kandas, lyk my jy't die skimp vir 'n storie gevang!
I can't help but be reminded of that one line from that baseball comedy "Major League".

The part when one Cleveland local says to the other after looking at the teamsheet........."Who are these guys,I never heard of any of them?"

....of course in the movies there is always a happy ending with the Cleveland Indians winning the Worls Series.

Real life does not have happy endings most of the time though.

You want to come over for Dinner? I'm cooking.
St Pete, I must say, you're one of my favourite posters. Right to the point, and as you rightly point out, life is not a fairytale. It's too soon to expect much from the Spears, give them some time, they don't even have a proper cc team yet, so give them a year's chance before giving them so much shit. They will win this weekend, but I think we'll see just how good they really are in the next few weeks.  
still cant believe we lost dollie as well.

F@$@%$@#$%$@^ stupid bloody WP admin
Who the fuck is Dollie?

Why so dissappointed about losing a bloke who hasn't done anything yet?
Not that well informed, are we, StP?

I'll let you answer those questions yourself at the end of the season. Maybe even when the EOYT Team is announced.
well the majority of WP supporters rave about dollie as kobus and nick, and keo actually rave about grant (actually punting him last year as a real possibility for the EOYT for 2005)- and i have never raved about grant  
Listen Kandas,
if you are going to keep bloody crying everytime anyone states the blatantly bloody obvious concerning players from your place of should just stay off the

Dolly Parton hasn't done anything yet, if he ever does, he will be rightly praised.

At the moment he's a nobody in a team full of nobodies.
Quite frankly, you should be paying me for my motivational expertise.

Dollie was Bok U/19 flyhalf a two years ago.

Won the final in France for the Boks against Australia with a dead eye drop goal from real far out in extra time.

He's very young but rated as a new Naas Botha by many who've seen him.

He skippered WP U/21 last year for most of the season until Paul Delport took over near the end.

Paul Delport is another 'no-name' you should keep your eyes on.


Is Ashley skippering the side as predicted?

There is one typo in the release...who wrote it?

ps. Are you going to give us the lowdown commentary on the game come Monday?
Ja Pissant,
but you can't expect the truth out of Keo withregards to WP.He's so far up Mallets ass he'd believe anything he's told.

Shit, Kobus van der Merwe is so mediocre he couldn't even make a name for himself as a big loser ala Heyneke Meyer.....2002 S12 whipping boy?
heheheheh StP

What you're doing is not motivational speaking.

What you're doing is the kind of thing Pieter De Villiers should stick up against a wall in the change room before his players run out to face the CU so he can get them worked up really hard.

Nevertheless knadas, I think that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Yes the team is a young one and yes the youngsters are very promising lot, especially Gerber, Wakeling, Dollie and Johnson.

Nevertheless we'll be able to see how muchthey've learned and how good they are against EP.

To be brutally honest the best these boys can expect is to look good against the three S14 franchise teams and not lose by too much.

If they win one game then they've done damned well. My concern is that CU, the Cats and Stromers will use these as warmup games the way they did last year with Rassie Moans and Ludicrous just testing combinations and chopping and changing their sides as they go along and not really caring about the outcome.

The players also won't be too willing to mix it up with the youngsters because nobody wants his S14 terminated by an injury in the warm-up games.
The only thing about Dollie that worries me is that he looks out of shape,was @ the Clifton beach challenge and a few bokke and local players were there looking set for the season already EXCEPT for Mr Dollie who looks like a little Lardy.But hey,i hope he has a good season.  

I'll be able to tell you a bit later about the Captaincy. The release is from the Spears office. I'll inform them. Thanks.

I'll try and report back tomorrow afternoon.


This Dollie will give you two big feet. :)
I mean the 'match' between the Bulls and Sharks at Sun City last year was a joke.

The Sharks kept chopping and changing throughoput the match so they never got fluidity.

At halftime, Heyneke Meyer changed the entire Bulls team and effectively played the second half with a different team.

No, these warm-ups are no guage of the Spears yet. In fact, I reckon Stromers, Cats and CU were really dof to agree to games against Spears. The youngsters are going to come at them like Pit Bulls in heat and the franchise players are going to be amazed and try their best not to get hurt before the S14. The coaches are probably going to be pissed off at Pieter De Villiers too.
Yip DavidS

It is sad- that the Spears start-out is warm-up games.

i hope the Cheetahs give the context of the game the respect it needed.

logic dictates that if the Cheetahs does not snot the Spears by 35 points- all will say the Cheetahs is crap.

If they do, everyone will say- see we told you so.

For me the game 14 January 2006 starts a new journey- and all the players who had been playing the race card must just start playing and hopefully in a couple of seasons time they would be winning

You sure that's not bulking with creatinine?
Exactly OO

It's a lose lose situation for the franchise teams and especially their players.
I wish Supersport wakes up and broadcasts these games. That will open some peoples' eyes.

Looking forward to the game against the Cheetahs.


Where is the game against the Cheetahs being played?
Exactly DavidS

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Some things look great.....but taste like shit.
No Dave
Mr Delport is on some shite,keep an eye on that boy this year you can see his been working hard on his size,dollie had the weight around his midsection,i was disapointed to see that.
Port Elizabeth Donner  

Big Big Pity!!!

Outeniqua Park would have been awesome. For Tafeltjie too.

BTW did you get my mail on titled Various.
I can't see any of the franchises looking forard to the games vs the SEC.Everyone knows that the franchises will use the time to test combinations and give their players a run around.Winning will not be the priority.

Unless of course you are an SEC player.For them it's the bloody worldcup final.Bust a gut and all that sort of mentality.

Quite frankly, the prospect of playing the SEC is about as attractive as getting a blowjob from a 70 year old.

Yes...we want it, but not like that.
OK StPete

You just spoiled my appetite for a week. BJ from a seventy year old. Damn man how lonely are you?

Got your mail. Will come back later.

I reckon the franchises are probably ruing the decisions to warm up against the SEC now.

Seeing as the SEC is working into a frenzy while the other team is actually just trying to see if their players know the calls and the combinations gel well together.


I'm sure Pieter will have worked on that. Paul Delport....what a prospect. I wonder why the Cats scouts didn't target him with the Rose brothers.


I thought the point you were trying to make is that the SEC team looks shyte!

Is it true in the reverse too? Some things, like Oysters, look kak, but taste great!
Anyone recall the joke about the similarities between getting a bj from a 70 year old and a bungy jump?

It's really nice but the thought that's in your head with both is:

Don't look down
The only reason I will be keeping an eye on Paul that he is a SACS boy,

and I know exactly how shite we can be sometimes.
Just a good thing he is not from Plumstead because then there would be no hope for the boy.  
Must say I agree with St Pete. Even with all the passion and commitment shown by guys like Tony McKeever, the game is still played on the field. This game will server little les than to prove what we allready know, the three S14 teams playing the Spears are better than them. Sad, but true. They will not beat any of the three teams they play. These guys needs to play some proper rugby first. The good thing for them is that they're all playing in the CC premier division this year, so they will get some sort of exposure. Next year, they will hopefully be better than this year, but for now, I see these matches as a waste of time.  

I disagree

The Spears may win one or two

But that'll be because the Franchise teams won't be committed to the matches because they'll be too busy concentrating on combinations and getting themselves ready for 'real' rugby later on.

Nevertheless the Spears are going to come out smoking for each one and that may scare the franchises shitless, because of the real possibility of losing players before a game is played in anger.
now in know why you are the way you are StP, as SACS boy.

province, wasnt gogga adams a plumstead boy?

okay............shit question, ignore that one, i just proved your point.
Well done guy to come out of Plumstead who does his thing is Mike Banardo!that guy kicks some ass!  
Nah Davids, I don't agree with you. The Spears are gonna come out smoking, but let's be honest, the S14 teams can probably play their 2nd teams against the Spears at the moment and still beat them. I say this in the nicest way possible, but this team will not be a factor this year. I know Kandas and Tony McKeever are not going to agree with me, but these guys do not have the experience to compete against the other teams. Luckily they will only be competing in next year's S14, by then these young guys would've had an entire season of proper CC rugby and not some watered down version behind them. I say it again, these guys will come out smoking cos they feel that they've got a point to prove, but that will only last them 10 min, after that experience takes over. Sorry, just my point of view.  
My sentiments too Aldo, but I think the Franchises won't care about the outcomes of the games.

They'll be more interested in making sure THEIR game plans and players and combinations are tested and gelled for the real rugby. They won't be focused on the SEC players at all, excepting insofar as there are another 15 players onthe field.
Give them a chance guys,cmon.Yes they mite get there arses handed to them but @ the end of the day they will learn alot.  
Peovince, I'm not arguing that point, just think it's pointless for the S14 teams to play these games.


I agree there, but the S14 teams will still beat them. I agree that they won't take notice of the SEC players, just another 15 guys playing them. Like I said, hopefully next year, the SEC will come storming.

Just heard that they will finalise the Captaincy tonight but speculation has it that Ashley Johnson might be the Captain - at the age of 19!!!!!

I will also be able to bring you the scores, etc. tomorrow evening after the game.
19????!!!for a Super14 team.....MISTAKE!oh well,ill still give them my support,SEC Spears gonna be like Middlesborough(spelling)my second fav no matter what  

He captained every side he ever played in. Also Province u/13 and u/19. First non-white captain of Paarl Gimnasium's First XV.
Playing Position: Eighthman Province: Western Province Honours: WP Nike U12 & U13 Craven Week 1998; WP Craven Week 1999 (Captain); Boland, Stomers & Nike (Captain) U15 2001; WP 2002 (Captain); WP U18 Academy 2003; SA U18 2003; WP U16 Grant Khomo Week 2004  
and by the way StP, guess which school Dollie attended?

Wait for it....

SACS!!! :)
Thanks Kandas,ok he seems to have the credentials,thats settled then.  
Which, I think, will make Ashley the youngest ever First Class Captain in SA.  
Bigups to him,gentleman it was great to have you guys back,work isnt half as crap anymore,have a good weekend and ill chat to you ous on monday,this solitary coloured is outta here.  
I wish I could see these matches! Whatever happens it will be interesting.

The good thing is that the Spears team are a bunch of new-names, mostly. Not just retreaded old timers on a last gasp pension run.

They will need to bolster their squad with some experience for next year though.

I'm with St Pete and Aldo, I think they'll get their butts handed to them but everybody has to start somewhere.
Province, where's my bruvva wif anutha mutha, WPW?  
Afternoon Gentlemen!

Noted your comments, positive and otherwise.

Factoring out all the judgements, today really is one of great excitement for us to field a team that has been borne out of huge animosity and sceptism.

We will set up web streaming off the net next Saturday to enable those enthusiasts to watch the game from afar. We will advise co-ordinates and the system for you to use to do this.

In the meantime stay tuned and I will give you feedback of what is going on.

This coming week is a SANZAR of our South African Super 14 rugby teams coaches and CEO's.
Thanks Tony.

Lets show these poor Stormers/Cats/Cheetas/Bulls/Sharks supporters how things are supposed to be done.


Thanks Tony

So who is the Techno freak now ;-)
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