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Friday, January 13, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Live streaming of Spears/Cheetahs game

Photo: Full of confidence before their Super 14 warm-up match game against the Central Cheetahs in Port Elizabeth on Saturday - and showing off their branded T-shirts yesterday - are Spears players from left captain Ashley "Johnny'' Johnson, coach Peter de Villiers, eighth man Pietie Loots and winger Luvo Shogidashe.

The Daily Despatch in East London is so psyched about the Southern Spears match against the Cats on the 21st January in East London that they will for the first time in over a Century change their Blue masthead to RED especially for the game.

The Daily Despatch will run a Pole Poster campaign each day for ten days advertising the warm -up game next weekend in East London against the Cats to its readers.

In another first the game tomorrow will be streamed live on the Net.

For those of you interested in the live streaming, you may proceed to download Yahoo Messenger at;_ylt=AtfnP3jMHL_VgYc_.To0os1wMMIF and install it. (You may uninstall it again after the game should you wish to do so).

1. Once you have installed it you will have to create an account (free) with yahoo like

2. NB!!! Then send an email to requesting him to add you to his contacts for the rugby. You will have to give him your new yahoo mail address.

3. Open your Yahoo Messenger, click on "Contacts", then click on "Add a Contact" and then add storm_lee1@yahoo to your contacts.

4.The name Tony Foster should then appear on your contact list. If he is online, and the webcam is on, you will see "View my Webcam" appearing next to his name. Click on it and Voila!!!

5. You should be able to see the practices this afternoon. Have fun and enjoy!

Please do not expect the quality of a Supersport Broadcast - streaming will be via normal webcam!!!
So Mr McKeever

it seems that the techno heads are good for something after all ;-)
Shit, this is excellent marketing by the Spears. They need to use this year to sort out all glitches in their team, I can see them leading with proffesionalism. They just need to perform in next years S14.  
There's a lot of superb marketing and they're certainly showing some damned excellent professionalism here.

Sorry OO, but I sincerely hope they surpise the Cheetahs tomorrow, especially with a view to silencing those bloody doubter yappers at the OTHER site.

Even if they lose by a whisker, I'll be happy for them for proving their intent.
No need to be sorry DavidS I also hope they do well on the field- because then McKeever & company can address some of the Back office issues

I do not doubt the Spears- but hey if the Cheetahs rocks them tomorrow it will be just fine.
They don't have to win OO.

As long as they give a good account of themsleves...

I wish McKeever and Co all the very very best of luck.
What is this story about "while Kandas is sleeping"????  
Okay who changed the top!!!!!

Talking shyte while Kandas is sleeping?

Maybe that should be 'loering Kandas off through his webcam while he lies naked on his bed and everyone talks shyte....'
Only telling it like it is, I guess.  

So you acknowledge responsibility for this

Wonder of the Horing from Oudtshoorn has seen this?
Acknowledge responsibility???  
Hi guys,

Hope the Cheetahs give them carrots tomorrow just as a confidence booster for the S14.
cheetahs by 20 or more.

sorry guys, i believe it will be a frantic opening 30 but experience to pull through in the end.

also depends what type of tactic rassie will employ, this two team thing or not.
Welcome Baldrick :)  
Confess etc. donner

I reckon that's exactly what Tony wants though PA.

He wants the boys to come out smoking and then the Cheetahs to get a shock before they settle down.

Nevertheless my heart is with the Spears tomorrow.
The expectations for the Spears are too high. Nobody can expect Pieter de Villiers to put together a winning team in the time he has had, not to mention the admin problems he had to deal with initially.

They are being ridiculed and written off as no hopers on certain sites by all and sundry and this is extremely unfair and annoying. They are a bunch of youngsters who are going to play their hearts out and can only improve. Time is needed and nobody seems willing to grant them time to become a competitive team. The whole country should get behind them and wish them well, they will be one of the teams representing S.A. soon.

When looking at the result later on bear all the facts in mind and don’t forget that they are playing the Champs of S.A.

The marketing and admin. has been sorted out,and the commitment seems to be in place, its now just a matter of time.
Thanks jj

The type of reaction we need now.
Well said jj

I mean all Tony McKeevr and Pieter De Viliiers are saying is that they are a young and effectively green side and thet they are still building themslevs up.

All they are asking is to get a chance and to get some time.

I already fear that after tomorrow afternoon there may be some smug "I told you so" idiots about, when this is the very first real game for a bunch of talnted but inexperienced youngsters. My issue is that this may negatively affect black rugby aspirations too, because the Spears are effectively a black side so them losing may give the anti transformation racist lobby something to be even more smug about.

To my intense annoyance.
Effectively all these boys are saying is that they're going to come out and really give their very very best for their people after all.  
Very good post jj,

In my heart I wnat the Spears to win these games, but then thinking about it, the other teams need to start building momentum. The Spears has six months to play some more friendlies before the CC start and by then they should be a force to reckon with. We need every area in SA to be strong.

Good luck Spears. I would have loved to see this game.


Are you again in charge of the Spearleaders from tonight onwards.
Nope Donner

Not much to do with the Spearleaders. Watch out for the SWD Eagles Cheerleaders though. :)
My honest opinion on this is that the Spears will lose, and I do not say this to break dowb the boys. I know they are a young team, but they lack experience. Like I said, off the field antics does not count toward on the field results. But I must concede, they are a highly proffesional setup and I think they can thank Mr McKeever for this. I know that with time this will turn into a great side. But sadly, they're not gonna get of to a great start. Hopefully next year, they will surprise us all and be competative against everybody, except the Bulls!  

Stop threatening us with us with the SWD dollies!!!!

Deliver those promises now....

However, given that Tafeltjie can get you going so easily, I kind of doubt whether you'd be with the SWD girls and be able to say anything more than

"blub blub glurg gulum schmuurrgghh"

Never mind type anything on a keyboard...

Very soon DavidS very soon.

Did you guys have a look at the videos of last week's tries on the Spears site?
Where on the homepage kandas?  

Who said I got him going, you will never know if it was not the other way around
Given the reaction Tafelberg.....

It would appear as though he was the one who was blubbering and you were the one being wicked....I read the posts fromthe past few weeks Brannasnacht and every time you appear he suddenly and mysteriously disappears.

Just like he's done now.

Obviously just seeing your name scares him.

So maybe he got you going and then he was surprised at your reaction....


See you've chased him off now!
Kandassie, Kandassie waar is jy, wil jy nie vandag weer met my oor die lyntjie vry  

Look like he is realy afraid
Okay I watched it.

Who's the kid scoring the fourth try?

He's got pace to burn...
See Tafeltjie

I knew it.

You're the predator not him!!!!!!
Tafeltjie, hoekom jaag jy Kandas weg. Op wie gaan ons nou al die f opps blammer?  
He's gone.

I mailed him to tell him you're making suggestions about THAT conversation and he didn't even respond!!!!

I think he is terrified of you!!!

Where is the links to the videos?

Top right hand corner

Your wife is driving Kandas away again....

She can look after herself. Seems he is struggling a bit.

Jy soek vir my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, the webcam is live now and they're busy testing it.

That Basil de Donker the one centre.

You haven't given anyone here the URL yet
You told us what to download, but you haven't given us the URL of where the webcast will be from  
And don't forget the password.  

Check the full article again.
Shyte, that's a lot of trouble to watch something. There are better ways you know!  

Any suggestions?
Cheetahs training about to commence  
They will set up another camera - broadcast quality video camera  
33-0 to cheetahs at half time  
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