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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Former Springboks to hand over colours


THE SOUTHERN Spears rugby team to face the Central Cheetahs in a Super 14 warm-up match in Port Elizabeth on Saturday are in for a treat this morning.

Each team member will be personally handed his playing kit by a former Springbok who played in that position.

The significance of the occasion - from the old to the new - should further motivate the Spears who have a mountain to climb against the Free Staters coached by Rassie Erasmus.

Former Springboks to grace the ceremony are Morgan Cushe, Makhaya Jack, Newton Kennedy, Charles Kleinbooi, Ronnie Korkee, Hannes Marais, Mbulelo Matomela, Archie Mkele, Bomza Nkohla, Eben Olivier, Godfrey Thorne, Zola Yeye, Temba Ludwaba, Cheeky Watson, Hermanus Potgieter and Hendry Parker all of Port Elizabeth and Patsa Matyeshana, Thobile Mtya, Roderick Jonkers and Vuyisile Zwelibanzi of East London.

At the close of the day yesterday, a total of 19500 tickets had been issued for Saturday's game and come Saturday, the Eastern Province Rugby Stadium should be a sea of red.

Following this game, the Southern Spears play the Cats in East London on January 21 in another friendly. - DDR

Almost like last years final. A sea of blue greeted the Cheetahs, but the overcame it. This weekend will be a lot easier. And then on the 10th of February, the real rugby starts for them.  
Wow, this site is quiet today.  
lol Aldo

Ja, but that's because most of us are actually part timers and we're working too.

I woinder why Garth Wright and Danie Gerber weren't invited. There were a number of other Boks.

The players selected are all old SARA players aren't they?

Brilliant for transformation

Absolutely brilliant. Creating a people's team for certain.

Well done Tony
Well Tony,

You know your marketing strategies. I hope the Spears can build up some confidence and win some of these friendlies if not all of them.

Relegation is a reality and we can't go into next year with a Spears team that feel they are going to be the whipping boys. Lots of people will say it, but they won't have to listen to them.

Good luck Spears

Sorry OO. Seems the Cheetahs wil be licking their wounds.
I also wondered what happend to Danie and Garth. Does anybody have an idea? Surely they should be THE people to have there?  

Of the field antics does not win games, allthough I take my hat off to the hard work done by the Spears so far, I can't see them threatening any of the current S14 teams. I just hope this year's CC is enough preperation for them.

Stranger things have happen
I know, but you can't seriously rely on some sort of a miracle. Miracles happen after you've done some hard work of your own. They don't just fall in your lap. At this moment, I believe the Spears have some hard work left for them.  

Very true. But hey they are in teh position that they have nothing to loose.

Oh hell the Sharks are in teh same position. Only nothing more to loose. :-D
lol @ donner!  
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