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Saturday, January 14, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Cheetahs 48 - Spears 0

We sincerely apologise for the problems with the live feed from Port Elizabeth, but, needless to say, please thank your favourite Telecommunications Company. The Cheetahs are leading 33-0 at halftime (5 tries and 4 conversions).

The Cheetahs opened the scoring in the 6th minute with a try by their wing Vuyani Dlomo, converted by Willem de Waal 7 - 0. Desperate defence by The Spears kept The Cheetahs from scoring on a number of occasions. However in the 18th minute, The Cheetahs flanker, Kabamba Floors went over in the corner for a try, from a maul. Willem De Waal failed to convert. 12-0. Two more tries by Kabamba Floors and Willem De Waal brought the score to 26-0.

An injury to Os du Randt saw Wian du Preez replacing him just before half-time.

On the half-time siren, Barry Goodes broke through The Spears defence to score under the posts with Willem De Waal converting 33-0.

Soon after the start of the second half the Samoan born hooker Trevor Leota, replaced the Cheetahs hooker Tian Liebenberg and Ollie le Roux came on for Jannie du Plesis...

In the 56 minute Kabamba Floors ran in his third try after constant pressure from the Cheetahs. Willem de Waal missed from far out 38-0.

And Kabamba is a boytjie from Oudtshoorn, SWD!!!! Damn man!!!

Next to score for Cheetahs, was Barend Pieterse - score 43-0.

By the way, the Stadium is packed and everything is red! I just had to add that! :)

In the 17th minute Giscard Peters scored in the corner for the Cheetahs, while Willem de Waal missed the conversion, 48 - 0. A yellow card to the Cheetahs Ockert van Zyl.

whats the story boss? why is there a problem?  

What's happening at EPRFU? Such a promising build up but with no feedback (and no coverage on the skottel or SABC) it is impossible to read anything into the game. Is keo right that the Spears are screwed?

Ad Green
shields we refer to this as a "KF"

"kandas' fault"

please feel free to join in blaming him for everything that goes wrong.

hey KF update man

At least "kf" is on the right track - beats the hell out of all the pro-wp dribble at keo.
Sorry guys.

Welcome shields an co. :)

Check the full article.

More to follow.

right you are.
Must admit the score is really disappointing so far. Was at least hoping that a bit of passion and some talent would bolster the defence and create a few spaces on attack  
Still nil into the second half?

What a farce.

Poor guys.

Not quite the EP is it?
Different level this S14 calibre stuff isn't it?

All the good intensions in the world won't score tries.
you can take the boy out of hoorn, but you cant take the hoorn out of the boy, go kabamba  
Unfortunately I am stuck behind my PC this afternoon for work. I had to collect my daughter at the Boardwalk at about half time and couldn't help noticing a fair amount of pedestrian traffic in the parking areas outside The Boet.

Fickle supporters leaving already? Was the good support a one-off? Hope the ECape region stick with these guys and give them a fair shot at success.
Could be worse, could be 75-14.  
lol Kandas,
beat you to it!!!
Yes StP, and you shold know.

Does the score 75 - 14 come to mind?

Just asking.
me too AG.  
piss off knadas!!!!!  
latest score knadas you BB shithead  

is rassie employing the 2 team strategy?
Nope PA

Substituting individuals.

Good one StP :)

Can't wait to hear St Pete say, 'I told you so'
Is this what they call a 'Danie Pakslae' north of the Apies River?  
Not that it has any bearing on the match but who is the official in the middle?  
good question ad Green  
Not the nicest way to reward a Sea of Red but let's face it, The Spears have a baptism of fire over the next year.

If they have strength of character and a concerted will to succeed by all, they might come through it.

Damn, they really need that President's Council budget for a few big name signings!
knadas i hope we get something from mckeever after this, should be interesting to get his and de villiers' take on the match  

Nooit man, not even I'm as negative as that!!!
dont worry ras, they will beat the stormers  
i mean they are playing in paarl as well, not the best ground for our team....  
Very interesting, my replies are coming in before your questions!

Sheesh, I'm good!

Waar is heksie? Sy het gese dat Dallaglio is seker met 'n Fugly stick gemoer! LOL, very good.

We are waiting for the "I told you so"'s. Please send them, I want to make a list and then lets talk afer the S14 and then again after the CC.

Hard luck Spears. Keep your heads high.

Getting nasty again?
Tough luck, Spears, De Villiers, McKeever, Kandas et al

It's not the size of the dog, it's the size of the fight in the dog that counts.

tx for the updates knadas  
Thanks for the updates, Kandas.  
any news on the bulls and cats game?  
Well, at least it wasn't 75 - 14.

There is a lot of hope.

McKeever will comment.
or are they @ 5?  

The Bulls will be at sixes and sevens.

We were all talking a bad year for the Aussies, but it seems the past four months wasn't very good for Pretoria come final time.
can i stick around for the cats and bulls game too knadas you (75-14) slut  
Ja, what's the chances of a Bulls/Cats thread?  

Oegh, I just love it when you talk to me alike that!!!

Give me 5 and I'll see what I can do about the Bulls/Cats.
siek moer  
Thanks Kandas

At least somone is trying in this circus. Keep up the good work.

You wish!!!

Trying to get hold of Andy Turner, CEO of Cats, for live uodates.

Will come back to you now!
Ok So the Cheetahs delivered

especially kabamba- well that is good stuff

Welcome Shields- glad you found this site- been trying for two months to get hold of you but it seems that you do not want to mail me.

Would like to see the different daily match reports- as I did not see or heard anything it is difficult to put some perspective on this as the only thing that kandas will be harping on is that Kabamba is from the Hoorn

Hey dudes - this is the proffesional era !
Those who saw the game- is the 0 that the Spears scored due to toatal lack of ball or was the Cheetah defence good?  
Ok I have 29 years to learn to spell professional.

Those who saw the game- is the 0 that the Spears scored due to toatal lack of ball or was the Cheetah defence good?
Cheetah defence was good OO.  
Howzit kandas

Did you watch the game?
:)parts of it.

I dont think you have to worry too much about the Cheetahs this year OO.

Leave that to PA, Rasputin, Donner, Boertjie and DavidS. And whoever is supporting the Guppies.
I hope the Cheetahs were humble and not arrogant?

What was the yellow cards for?

Was there any ruffstuff from the Cheetahs

Did Meyer Bosman get a turn?
This Cheetah team is another "Bulspan" (excuse the pun) in the making. Hell, who knows, they might even also achieve a 75 - 14 win over you know who. Sorry PA.  
How did Ashlee Johson reacted after the Game?  
Kandas please pop me an arti for OORB, will appreciate

Would like to get Pieter de Villiers comment as well as the captain's

Maybee if Tony will comment as well- he was a bit disrespectful in December ;-)
I would like to discuss this game with anyone who saw it around 2100

cheers till then

Relax. You got an excellent team.

I will release info as the media releases come through and I'm sure Tony will comment as well.

You must understand one thing though. There was/is a lot of scepticism around the Spears. We are NOT going to let it go by just like that. We DESERVE to be part of the setup and a Kobus v.d.Merwe and Dick Muir saying that their players will not form part of the Spears should they be relegated suits us. F@@K them! We dont want them anyway. The Cheetahs were also where we are now. Give us the chance as well. Thats all we ask.

Jou bloue bliksem. Ek dog jy sou nie op die Horing gewees het die naweek nie.

You dont want to know where I am now!!!!!

To give you an idea, whilst updating this site this afternoon, I also had to give SIX radio interviews via telephone AND phone Any Turner, CEO of the Cats, amongst others. All for Rugga World. :)
Greetings Gentlemen...........

No excuses.

Here is what happened.
Raging wind in PE and the Spears played into the wind.
Half time score 33-0
Second half 48-0 and no score in the last 20 minutes of the second half.
Which says, "They did not roll over and concede 100 pointers the way the Eyties did" You are watching the rapid metamorphosis of a team, supported by 23,000 people!
The boys played with phenomenal spirit and fire and had to go through the "wall" of opposing the Cheetahs for their first game.
We are posting a few pictures that tell the story.

But the Cheethas atre out of here and I believe next week will see a much tighter game.

There were pices of sheer brilliance that captured the spectators hearts and showed up the mid field of the Cheetahs.

I think they will find the Western Force a hard task next week.

A bit of arrogance from Juan Smith and two of their boys sent off which does not say much of their discipline.

Kaplan did not ref well and when there was a 50:50 decision it went to the Cheetahs and he could well have let the game flow.
Thanks Tony.

Where would you get a CEO of one of the teams talking to the fans after their the game. Much appreciated!!!
I have Peter de Villiers with me for 10 minutes so fire away  
Hallo Pieter

How are you feeling. Really!
This is Tony for Peter.

Peter says,"Not too bad, we have a platform to build on and the playrs know what is expected of them and the vibe in PE is more positive than negative.
Peter, from all of us: Congratulations and we can only build from here. At least it was not 75 - 14 :)

Great what you are doing with limited resources.
What was the tigh phases like - you think this team can hold its own given time?
so rugby is not a game of numbers.
even if you got 43% of the players,they get slaugterd if the talent and conditioning is missing.
i have hopes for swd eagles if they can get many imports, but not for the franchise. eagles maybe can compeat on cc level but s14 is something different,
"no score in the last 20 minutes of the second half."

Well, that is a mini-result in itself.
I think most people are getting too carried away and expecting too much too soon.

These guys are NOT playing S14 this year. What's important for this year is that they gel, start putting the building blocks in place, retain the phenomenal initial support and don't embarrass themselves in the CC.

Do those things and there is a long way to go before S14 next year.

The CEO and Coach's biggest jobes respectively are going to be keeping the public patient and interested and keeping the players heads up.
Effectively it was:

First 40 = 33-0
Second 40 = 15-0

Now, given the Cheetahs experience, joie de vivre from winning the CC and supposedly better conditioning, that is a helluva turnaround in the second half from a team, in which you might have expected their heads to drop.

It's certainly not all doom and gloom.
you can look at it any way but there are not enough good players in the country to feed five 3n teams. even with four we usually filled 3 from the last 4 or 5 places. now this team is starting from scratch. the region obviously does not have the players so they will have to feed from existing teams and weaken the stormers, cheetahs, sharks etc.
the othyer problem is keeping the supporters happy. supporters support winning teams.
Look, SadSack

Those are relevant points you are making however, realistically, they have a year to prepare.

Quite a lot can happen in a year.
Kandas said

You must understand one thing though. There was/is a lot of scepticism around the Spears. We are NOT going to let it go by just like that. We DESERVE to be part of the setup and a Kobus v.d.Merwe and Dick Muir saying that their players will not form part of the Spears should they be relegated suits us. F@@K them! We dont want them anyway. The Cheetahs were also where we are now. Give us the chance as well. Thats all we ask.

Sure Kandas

Did you read my posts on OORB before the game?

I am trying to establish what happened, as my situation did not allow me to attend the game- something I desperatly would have loved to do, as I honestly believe Rugby History was made- hence my concern abou the way the Cheetahs handled themselves in the situation. I never doubted about the 48 points but is really impressed about the zero against.

I am worried about the 2 yellows and Tony mentioned that Juan Smith was arrogant- I would like to know what happened.

I understand that they had played the last 10 min with 13 men- and not conceding apoint- I am happy.

Tony is right, next week will be much tougher for the Cheetahs- well bloody hope so for John Mitchell's sake- I really rate him and if you believe their forwards coach rumblings it will be a very unaustralian effortat first.

So congrats for getting 23 000 people at the park- take the Stormers on next week and good luck for the rest of the year.

Just remember one thing

If you represent your community with honour- and keep a clean administration- the Spears are winners and through them all of us wins.
Thanks Guys!  
What rubbish.
The scoreline is dissapointing.

For a team that has spent the last 6 weeks preparing for this game,and I appreciate how little game time they have had not be able to score a point in 80 minutes is a worry.

The result was never an issue but I'm sure the supporters where hoping to see some points on the board?

For a side that is being hailed as a breathe of fresh air in SA rugby(by myself anyway), a side where skill,flair and bravado is the modus operandi.......the nil is the big problem.

Your boys keep scoring "nils" for you McKeever, and your 23000 will be down to a couple hundred family members in no time.

Quite frankly, reading all the hype lately, had I been a betting man...I'd have backed the Spears for at least 3 scores.

A 50 point to nil snotting is a bit of a shock really.
St P
Much as I hate to agree with you
:-) you have a point.
According to the Sunday Times their forwards were taken to the cleaners, being pushed off the ball more than once...
Now we all know that without at least some forward power even the exciting runners are going to suffer.
Let's hope something positive comes from this rude welcome to top tier rugby.
I know you guys are fanatical about your rugby, but let me give the likes of Sad Sack and StPetersburgbok some clarity on a situation before I climb in react to their comments.

1. I attended a Super 14 Coaches and CEO meeting Thursday in Jhb to register some 150 players (5 X 30) that SANZAR requires each franchise to register to prevent any drafting of these players between franchises.
2. Of these 150 players, 28 came from my Spears region. Black and white. These are untouchable to me so far until their contracts end.
3. Why on earth would I want to contract players from a side that had been relegated, as this would mean that the players themselves as a team were below par.
4. I will only consider players whose contracts end this year and who wish to be approached to play for the Spears - consider for a moment if I had access to the 28 that the other franchises are using for their own needs.
5. Do not assume for one nano second that while we were training the other franchises were holidaying - on the contrary, these sides were giving it stick with their own training camps, to the extent the Bulls had their training camp in George
More comments on the Spears game against the Cheetahs.

As much as the wind was against the Spears in the first half, a wind so powerful it was shredding flags, so was Kaplan's reffing. Not much to be desired for a world class ref and these chaps have this fancy game analysis called Fairplay, to specifically review their performance.

This morning I reviewed his performance using the exact same refereeing analysis that Andre Watson and his cohorst use and quite frankly it was abysmal.

But, I take that as the weather conditions - they need to be factored in to the equation of playing at this level. Now we can see how ell or badly the ref makes his calls and send a signal that we will review this and show this analysis to a greater audience for their own consideration and judgement
Back to the Super 14 Coaches and CEO meeting on Thursday past at which the National Coach and SA Rugby's President and CEO attended.

If you supporters thought you had any confidence in your respective Super 14 franchises - you would be appallled at he lack of foresight and planning these franchies have.

They are dinosaurs and think only into the next month and possibbly into the approaching Currie Cup.

The greatest planning these franchises do is sign players for 3 years but do no strategic planning themselves in developing their players.

Players are exchanged and traded in a manner that resembles a prep school play ground exchange of players cards. Who wants him? He is available from February. I am short a fly half. Any one got a spare full back? etc etc.

In addition the lack of care of players has left the Super 14 franchises with a string of injured players that smacks of a cavalier handling of these guys - if theplayers only knew how their handlers were trading them as in a meat market!
It seems I am the only chap on his soap box this afternoon, so will end with this thought.

I am proud of the way the guys played this Saturday against the Cheetahs.

We lost 48-0 and if the country would have you believe it we were thumped and slaughtered etc etc.

We were vulnerable in the tight five and we exposed and denuded the Cheetahs back line on numerous occasions to the extent that the Spears handliing was crisp, fast and spun the ball out wide.

On a final note, i leave you with a note I received this morning from a rugby supporter who was somewher in the crowd on Saturday and who volunteered his thoughts and comments.

Please digest them and give thanks to George Ferreira who had the courage and initiative to share his views with me and now with you:


I watched the game today and wish to offer the following as my honest opinion.

1. A game against the Cheetahs is really jumping in on the deep side. Almost as deep as possible. As such it was a brave move and thank you for quite an entertaining match.

2. There were positives that you can take from the game as well as negatives.

3. I thought the whole backline did exceptionally well. The back three are potentially electric. The midfield was good enough and I was impressed with both Dolley and Malgass. I would not look any further and with the necessary experience and coaching these guys can make it big time.The ballskills of all 7 backline players are above average and all of them seem to be good distributors of the ball with great pace on the outsides and at the back. Well done for contracting them all.

4. The forwards played against probably the strongest pack in South Africa. They were nowhere in the first half but came back in the second half. This was encouraging, The ball retention of the forwards was poor . This will improve I guess. I saw nothing encouraging in the first half. Towards the end of the second half there were glimpses of improvement. You will however need a vast improvement for the forwards to be competitive. I do not want to be to hard on the guys, but I saw very little of the loose forwards and we lost far too many balls on the ground and in the tackles. If you play against a stronger pack, it is logical for your loose forwards to play a tighter game and disappear to some extend. As such I could not understand the disengagement from the tight by the number eight throughout the game.

5. The Cheetah loose forwards were brilliant and although we probably lost the game in the tight phases, their loose forwards were on another level. In short I am not convince that the forward material in general is good enough. I was disappointed with the our loose forwards and I hope Ashley had his worst game of his future career.

6 Good luck on the way forward. I will always support and if I can help anywhere it would be a pleasure.


George Ferreira 082 5774191

Port Elizabeth "
Hi Tony

Thank you for taking the time to give us some major insight into how the franchises handle their players like cattle.

Your contribution and that of George Ferreira sheds new light on the match and the team's performance and shortcomings.

It is postings like these that helps to make this site different and informative. Please carry on!

28 SEC players in the 150 is probably the best proof that this region needs to have a franchise. Good luck!
so, 48-0 and it is all kaplan's fault; i think with reasoning like this, the spears might find themselves in deeper trouble down the line. against 13 men in the last 10 min, they couldn't even score 3 points and could only succeed in holding the cheetahs scoreless; and that is encouraging, why?  

Better reread my comments.
What I said was that we can now review referees performances in the same way we measure individual performances.
Human error in refereeing must be minimised not apologised for.
Nothing was said that it was all Kaplan's fault which clearly is an easy cop out if that was the case.
I will post some statistical analysis on our site and here so you draw your own conclusions.
I will admit that both Ashley Johnson and Dollie took two quick tap penalties - one directly in front of the posts - when that should have been converted into points. That is inexperience and exhuberance, as key games are more often than not lost on a point or two and it is time that they wake up to that fact.
That awakening occurs tomorrow at 07H00 with the game analysis by Peter to the team.

Thanks for taking the time to interact with the fans, a rather novel approach in SA rugby terms!

Very welcome it is too.

Kandas, a mail on it's way with a suggestion.  

I appreciate the comments, can you please clarify, I don't quite understand.

Are you saying that you have 28 more players availible to your region that are currently involved in the S12 somewhere?

I'll assume you are refering to Kabamba Floors,etc.....

What exactly does coming from the SEC region have to do with representing the SEC?

Are you suggesting the Luke Watsons are going to be flooding home because.....well, just because?

PS: 48-0 is a snotting, anyway you look at it.

Also, who cares about the wind?
What the hell are you okes going to do when it rains? Call in sick?
The weathers not conducive to skillful rugby? It's to cold?.........jeesh, it's almost as laughable as the Boks' "We forgot our long studs story".

As for Kaplan....agreed, the okes secong rate on far to many occassions lately to be remotely considered first class.

Also the unions, nothing new there mate....take care of No.1 mentality in SA.

The 28 players I refer to come from the Southern Spears region and yes if these players who were "transplanted" and returned to the Spears, it would make an enormous difference.

As an idea we could buy out the contract of the player contracted by the other provinces.

Wind rain, who cares.
The Spears beat Eastern Province last week by some 50 points that could have gone to 70 in driving rain. No one called that a snotting but it was a first outing.

The Cheetahs game and Super 14 games leave little margins for error and the team had to go through it to realise it and up their game.

I will tell you that the turn out of our team necessitated the scrutiny by Kobus van der Merwe who was on a recce for the 28th when we play the Stormers in Wellington.


I would sooooo love it,if the Spears could turnover the Stormers. I bet old Kobus must be kakking himself.....imagine the embarrasement!!! Boland beat the WP last season, the Spears must have a decent shot? I wonder how DeVilliers will play it against the Stormers.As a Bulls man,there is no secret to beating them.....especially the current lot.Should your backs lose shape,it's curtains though.

As for the recruiting, yes,if I was in your shoes I'd also look to buy out a few players contracts.4 or 5 players would be all it would take to make a huge difference.Imagine getting a well respected Bok regular?....the kind impact it would have on training ground with the youngsters.

To be fair, the Cheetahs aren't CC champs for nothing....they're a good side and are becoming increasingly streetwise.

As an afterthought, withregards to reffing....I'd keep a very close watch on that if I was you.As the new boys,I can see your lot getting the short end of the stick need to be put in your place and all that other South African boere,macho, bravado mentality.
To be fair, it was expected, but it was only their first game against a tough professional team. The team they faced, are currently the holder of the CC. So let's give them a chance, they tried and they're probably gonna lose a lot more games before they start winning. The Bulls got beaten by a sub standard S12 team 23-0 last year, so it shows you, that you must just pick up and go on. Don't give up, these boys might just make it. You all refer to the 75-14 game. And I'm gonna refer to it as well. That was a snotting of note and the score could've been a lot higher, but we all reckon the Stormers are good enough to play S14, so why not give the Spears time to adjust and learn. I know the score was pisspoor, but don't write these guys of yet.

On a lighter note, big up to you Tony, it takes guts to come online and answer fans, after a loss like that. I'd like to see the management of the Bulls and Stormers do that. Cos I don't believe they will. Too afraid of critism, so congratulations on showing true guts. In the words of my grandfather, "Dit vat pere so groot soos pampoene!".
Well done Spears, for your first serious outing against the CC champs I believe it was a very creditable performance. You know where you are and know whats to be done.
Tony, very big of you to come on line well done
Thanks Tony for your willingness to talk to us. I unfortunately was in and out the whole time and seemed to miss you everytime.  
Thanks Gents!

Peter says the guys are doing their post game analysis in an hour.

If you are interested I can zap the games stats through to you for picking apart - they are in PDF so I could send them on to Kandas if he wants.

Just say the word.
Please do Tony!

I will get it out there.

The Word

Does this mean I get to receive a pdf version of the game stats now? You did say "just say the word"!

PA has the stats and will do an indepth article later today.
I know Kandas, was just kidding!  
100!!!! :)  
A bit bored yesterday I see.  
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