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Monday, January 09, 2006


SA Unions / Teams: Boks improve strength

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Cheetahs collosus, CJ van der Linde, has confirmed he is the Boks strongman, whilst Bryan Habana leaves rivals trailing.

In news that will no doubt delight Springbok coach, Jake White, the Boks appear to have returned mostly positive results from their routine strength and conditioning tests.

All the contracted Springboks, free of injury, were tested in Bloemfontein last week.

Notable improvements were recorded for Cheetahs hardman Juan Smith and his fellow team mate, CJ van der Linde, along with Bulls titans, Bakkies Botha, Victor Matfield and Jacques Cronje.

Jean de Villiers is also reported as having 'improved significantly'.

Van der Linde's bench press has improved by 10 kg's to 180 kg's, a similar improvement attained by Jacques Cronje who is now up to 170 kg's.

Deon Coetzee, who leads the Springboks conditioning program, has told Die Volksblad's Hendrik Cronje that, "Our aim with all the forwards is to get them to bench press more than 150kg. I'm satisfied because all the players have improved."

He goes on to say, "CJ performed the bench presses with the greatest of ease and I'm convinced that soon he's going to improve even more. Juan's muscle and power ratio have improved significantly,"

Amongst the backs it was Boks speedster, Bryan Habana, who had Coetzee in raptures, "Without doubt Bryan is the fastest back in the country. He ran the 10m in speed tests in 1.58 seconds, showing a marked improvement.

"The good time is an indication of his explosive power and on top of that he improved his time in the so-called off-season,"

There can be little doubt that the introduction of regular strength and conditioning testing has contributed to the resurgence in Springbok fortunes since Jake White took over the Head Coach role.

Given the coaching team's confidence that results can be further improved it all bodes well for the future.

It does however pose the question, why with these reported, and constant, improvements to our forwards strength, are they still struggling to impose themselves on opposition packs consistently?

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I think the by now fairly evident asnwer should be:

Because Gert Smal is a kak coach.
I just love this picture of Os!

Spencer seems to be looking at him and thinking, "Thank God he didn't run straight at me!"

Pity we lost that match :-(
I didn't want to say it, DavidS...

...but I fear we are not getting the best out of our forwards.

Even the 'supposedly' weak Australian forwards held their own against us.
LOL @ both those comments  
Take CJ's 180 kg bench press for instance. Off the top of my head I think that is the highest recorded by a Springbok.

With Jacques Cronje not far behind and Juan Smith not far behind him, plus adding in a strong hooker in John Smit, a powerful Schalk Burger, Bakkies Botha, Os du Randt then it looks almost inexplicable as to why we look so ineffective at times, especially mauling and going for the close-in pushover try.
Afternoon Province, jou lekker ding!  

So you think Gert is still a coach. I wouldn't have gone that far.:-)

What is funny is that our forwards did seem to have something over the other teams while Smal coached under Strauli. ?????????!!!!!!!!
Province, have a look at the 'Rugby Personalities: South Africa meets the Austrian Tyrol' thread!!!

A fellow Province supporter!
Ek is miskien net 'n leek in die gebied, maar wat presies help "bench-presses" voor in 'n game? Ek is nie sarkasties nie, ek wil regtig weet of dit 'n sekere aspek van 'n speler se spel kan lig. Spoed verstaan ek, maar bench?

Verder word daar gese "Without doubt Bryan is the fastest back in the country". Is die ander (wat nie bokke is nie) dan ook getoets? Sekerlik sal Tonderai, Nokwe en Raylands hom 'n gou gee?

En dan laastens sal ek graag wil weet of daar 'n verslag is wat die publiek ook kan sien is. M.a.w. 'n dokument met almal se 100m tye, en bench-press, ens. op. En waar sal 'n mens dit in die hande kry? Oor die internet miskien?
I'll check it out,im just naar that i have work to do today,i cant keep up with you people.Ras,nice point on the maul,they start it and go NOWHERE,whats up with that?  
Hope Jo sticks around.We can have a big group hug when things go pear shaped.  


In fact the test results are bull excretion.

The tests conducted at WP last year on Nokwe, Raylands and Chavanga showed that all three were faster over the 40m than Bryan Habana.

Raylands was surprisingly the fastest follwed by Chavanga and Nokwe with Habana's Bok stats making him 4th fastest in the country.

I haven't yet seen measurements on other players in the country, but as far as I can see WP has the fastest flyers in the country.

Bench press het nie veel te doen met skrumwerk nie, maar jy moet sterk wees om te perform. Wat die toetse wys is dat ons die voorspelers het om te kompeteer met enige iemand in die wereld, die probleem le by ons tegniek. Die ouens is sterk en as hulle nie was nie, kon Jake daaraan werk. Dit is eintlik die enigste ding waarvoor die toetse help. Die ouens moet weet waar hulle kan verbeter. Nou weet hulle die tegniek kort skaafwerk. Hopelik besef hulle ook dat Gert Small nie 'n goeie forwards coach is nie.
Dankie Aldo en DavidS
Dit het gehelp, maar ek sou nogsteeds graag wou weet of daar nie 'n amptelikke dokument is nie...
Interessant oor die vinnigste spelers, DavidS. So Deon Coetzee was verkeerd toe hy gese het Brayan is ongetwyfeld die vinnigste in die land?
Rob Linde gaan nie in die S14 speel nie!

Ek het nounet op Keo gelees dat hy 'n besering op gedoen het wat hom 6 maande gaan uithou! Dit vererger net WP/Stormers se slot situasie...

Deon is beslis verkeerd. Jy kan self die inligting nagaan op die WP website.

Ek weet nie oor 10 m nie, maar oor die 40 m was hy 4de vinnigste
Yip, Reinhardt

The strength and conditioning tests are no indication of whether you will be a good rugby player.

Their only function is to determine whether you have the basic building blocks in place.

In other words, forwards need to be strong and backs need to be fast.

The tests reveal whether those two attributes are present.

From there the real hard work starts and as Aldo has pointed out, it is technique, game plans, skill and courage that will win you matches.

Again, as has been pointed out, the tests reveal we have forwards who are strong enough and backs who are fast enough to compete with the best physically.

On Habana, I suspect Coetzee was just getting a little carried away and actually meant he was the quickest Springbok at the testing, not necessarily the quickest player in the country.

No, I don't think the full test results are available for public inspection anywhere on the net, which is understandable.

Remember, the other function of the tests is to ensure the players don't slack off once the squad has been disbanded for the year. From that point of view it is good news, the guys have obviously been working hard at their gym programs in their own time. THat used to be one of Clive Woodward's biggest bugbears, he didn't expect to have to get players fit or strong, they needed to arrive for England training in that condition so the real work could start.
Jeez i can finally get in,connection is fooked.Gawd all we need is a flippin injury.Who falls in inplace of Linde now?  

i would have jumped up and down at your news of WP having the fastest flyers in the game - if only they got the damn ball!!!!

"As Jannie" Engelbrecht?

Like my dad used to say...

"As Jannie die bal kry sal Jannie 'n drie druk."

The emphasis was on "AS"
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