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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


SA Teams / Unions: Large contingent from SEC for U/21 practice camp confirms SEC player quality

SARU has announced the names of players selected for an Under 21 practice camp. The players will be subjected to fitness and conditioning tests. Once completed the player group will be cut down and players invited to attend trials to finalise a team to represent the country at the Under 21 World Cup. Many players from SEC have been invited to attend, proving the vibrancy of rugby in the region and justifying the existence of the Spears.

Recent reports question the existence of the Spears and the contribution the region has made to SA rugby in the past. These people are of course forgetting that SEC is the cradle of black rugby in South Africa. They forget people like Danie Gerber, Heinrich Fuls, Frans Erasmus, Basil Kenyon and Garth Wright. The invitation list to the Under 21 tests show that rugby is alive and well in the region.

These trials measure player fitness and conditioning

The tests measure player conditioning and fitness. They try to assess the condition of the player with a view to inviting the player to the trials for selection to the Baby Boks.With some eligible players in the Super 14 squads, SARU will only finalise the Under 21 squad after the Vodacom Super 14 competition finishes.

These trials will test how well the players are conditioned and kept fit at their provinces so that only the best players are being selected to eventually play in Pieter De Villiers’ Under 21 World Cup challengers in Dubai.

Many players from our 2005 championship team are still eligible.

Eleven players who helped the Baby Boks win the previous IRB World Cup in France are eligible for this side. Among the names that are starting to make their way into the domestic professional scene are Hilton Lobberts, Chilliboy Ralepele, Marius Delport, Adriaan Srauss and Cedric Mkhize.

With a number of former Under 19’s from Eugene Eloff’s world cup winning teams also coming through, the Baby Boks should be looking good to successfully defend their world championship throne.

Players from SEC invited

There are no less than fourteen players from SEC invited to the testing.

They include Under 19 stars Ishmael Dollie and Ashley Johnson. Both are now plying their trade with the senior squad of the newly established Spears franchise. Dollie is yet another in a long line of extremely promising WP flyhalves who was discarded only to perform for a different province. In the past weekend for instance, Dollie easily outclassed his more established WP and now Stormers incumbent flyhalf Peter Grant.

Of the players, the highest representation comes from EP, with six invitees, while two from border and three from SWD will attend the tests. Then we have another Under 19 star in Warren Malgas invited to attend the tests.

What is the state of rugby in the SEC

Tony McKeever, CEO of the Spears has told Ruggaworld that, amazingly, 43% of rugby players in South Africa come from the Spears region in the South Eastern Cape. Secondly, and given the focus on transformation and representivity at the moment, it is similarly amazing that 20% of the players in the SANZAR Super 14 elite group of SARU are black and come from the SEC region.

This means that almost half of rugby players in our country are in the SEC.

It also means that fully one in five players in the 150 are from SEC.

This is an amazing statistic to be shoved down the throat of those who question the contribution the cradle of black rugby makes to our national rugby. These are the same people who forget that EP in the 80’s was the strongest union outside of WP and Northern Transvaal. They forget that in 1997 SWD reached the Currie Cup semi final.

They also forget that the Spears and their feeder teams have to deal with handouts from SARU to finance themselves, while teams like the Bulls and Stormers can rely on sponsors like Mr Price and Vodacom to finance squads in excess of 50, the SEC and smaller regions have to rely on professional squads of under fifteen, with part timers making up the numbers!

This is an unacceptable situation.

What has SARU done so far ?

In a word nothing. Yes Gideon Sam has now announced the opening of a High Performance Centre at the Nelson Mandela University, but does this benefit rugby? No.

In the 2003 SARU elections, Brian Van Rooyen managed to get the vote of the SEC, but then he ognored them. We’ve seen coups at SWD and Border in the past few months with Van Rooyen cronies removed. We saw EPRFU having to go ujder a SARU administrator because of its own mismanagement. We’ve seen SEC rugby’s virtual destruction, due to SARU and union administrative incompetence.

So what does the future hold?

The Spears is the future of SEC rugby. It’s the future of rugby in South Africa. It will be a catalyst for change to ensure that the stars like Pedrie Wanneberg, Odwa Ndungane, Luke Watson and Solly Tybilika stay where their roots are.

Oregon Hoskins has promised to concentrate on SEC rugby for the future. Is he genuine or is that an election promise? Win or lose, we will only know if he wins. One thing is certain. Under Hoskins, SEC stands a better chance of reaching the heights they once held.
Under the current administration, SEC will continue to heamorrage players to the big budget unions.


Eish, this is starting to sound like the ANC website would've sounded in the 70!  
lol @ Aldo

Blame OO with his Down with the Clown campaign, sorry revolutionary slogan....
:) Aldo

Still makes you think, ne Aldo!!?? :)

yes , but all of us are the people

So join the revolt

eish, so when we win, do we then stop elivering on our promises like a certain political party I compared you to?  
it paints quite a differenct picture when you look at facts.

wonder when people will realise that.
You noticed PA?

BTW Aldo

It's a revolutionary 'slagspreuk"

If we win, no when we win, guess what? We get to do what revolution winners past and present have traditionally done.

Put the old regime up against a wall and execute them in public by firing squad.

Now isn't that a goal worth striving for?

I mean don't you think we Bolsheviks enjoyed taking that despot Nicholas II and putting him and his overprivileged family up against a wall and blowing them away?
Stirring the pot a bit:

Does SEC look good cos of the invited players
Are he players good cos of SEC
Were the players invited to make SEC look good.

En voor julle my met die klippe vrek gooi, I'm only asking cos we know how the clowns at SARU operate. They MAKE mistakes, big ones and many.
No bones about Dollie and Johnson, by the sound of various reports here they are quality. Let's wait and see how many of the 14 get to stay on.
And btw, how many are there from the other provinces?
dollie is a province boy, so is johnson i think namboer  
OK, so where does that leave us?!

PA, where is oom Dawie - I'd really like to see the figures of the other provinces' invites.
hy joer hier rond namboer, sal hom gou mail  
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