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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Rugby Personalities: The Jewish Springboks

Following on from Davids' touching article on the late and great Okey Geffin, he set me the challenge of trying to track down how many Jewish players represented South Africa at the highest level.

It has long been a legend that all successful Springbok teams need a Jewish player and a policeman.

All in all there have been 10 players of the Jewish faith to date. I wouldn't be able to do justice to the careers of all of them in one story so I will simply provide snapshots of them today and, no doubt, we'll elaborate further on some of them in future stories.

For example, the career of Louis Babrow certainly deserves a story all of it's own.

So, who were these ten Jewish Springboks?

The first Jewish player to represent South Africa was the great Springbok wing and selector, Morris Zimerman. The Jansenville High School boy made his debut on 5 Dec 1931 and played 4 tests in all, being on the victorious side in all 4.

Zimmerman's cousin, the great Louis Babrow, made his debut on 26 Jun 1937. The Smithfield born, Grey College educated lad went on to gain 5 caps, being on the winning side 4 times with a single loss against New Zealand at Athletic Park, Wellington although being a part of the victorius 1937 Springbok team in New Zealand must have alleviated the pain of that loss!

Babrow was chosen for the final, series-deciding test of the 1937 Springbok tour of New Zealand. The test fell on the Jewish Day of Atonement, but Babrow decided to play, arguing that, with the time difference, he would have played the game before the Day of Atonement had dawned in South Africa!

The Uitenhage born, Grey High school educated Fred Smollan made his debut on 12 Aug 1933. Selected for 3 tests in the 1933 home series against Australia, he was on the winning side twice with a single loss in Bloemfontein.

Smollan went on to found the Smollan Group of companies, still operating today,

Dr Cecil Moss hardly needs any introduction. The Springbok vice-captain in 1949 when the Springboks beat the All Blacks 4-0 in a series, he went on to later become Springbok coach and is a rugby man through and through with a close involvement with UCT rugby. Born in Riversdale and educated at SACS, Moss played only the 4 winning tests for the Boks, making his debut on the 16 Jul 1949

Professor Alan Menter, born in Doncaster and whose medical achievements and positions are simply too many to list, , represented the Springboks in 1968 whilst graduating from the Medical School of the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. He completed his dermatology residency at Pretoria General Hospital at the University of Pretoria.

Menter made his debut on the successful Springbok tour of France, both matches being won by the Boks. He played his provincial rugby for the Blue Bulls.

Joseph 'Joe' Kaminer was born in Warmbad and schooled in Pietersburg. He played a single test for the Boks, making his debut on 16 Aug 1958, with the Boks losing against France at Ellis Park. Kaminer played for Wits and Transvaal.

The legendary Okey Geffin could occupy a number of stories but for now we will merely provide an anecdote:

'Geffin's family was refugees from Russia. The name was originally Galombik. When his father arrived by ship in Cape Town from Poneves in Russia, there was a wanted sign for a horse thief called Galombik. Okey's father – so the great man told later - gave his second name, Gavin and stopped there. From his pronunciation he was then registered by pronunciation as Geffin.

Okey – he always pronounced it Okkie, not Owkie – was born in Johannesburg on 28 May 1921. When his father registered his birth, the clerk asked him his son's "Christian name". His father explained that he did not have a Christian name as he was a Jewish "okey". That is what the clerk wrote down.'

Geffin was born in Johannesburg and schooled at the Harris School, Joburg. All in all he represented South Africa 7 times, winning all 7, including 4 consecutive tests against the All Blacks. He made his debut on the 16 Jul 1949.

Then, of course, there was Syd Nomis, the most capped Jewish player with 25 tests. Nomis was born in Johannesburg and schooled at Damelin College.

He made his Springbok debut on the 12 Aug 1967 against Les Blues at Newlands. Of his 25 tests, he won 16 and was in an amazing 5 drawn matches, which might be a record in itself. That included two successive drawn matches against Wales and Ireland on the 1970 tour. He also played in 8 succesive victories. 3 of his 4 losses were in one-off matches and he was on the winning side in every series he played.

"It was always a proud moment for me when I stepped out on the field to represent my country", said Nomis after being inducted into the International Jewish Hall of Fame, "but I'm prouder to be one of the 10 Jews to have played in the Springbok team over the years".

Dr Wilf Rosenberg may very well be the most controversial of our Jewish Springboks. Born in Cape Town and schooled at Jeppe, he made his debut on the 20 Aug 1955, all in all, playing 5 tests for SA, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 2. His controversy came about through his decision to go to the UK to play rugby league, a heresy that caused severe ructions in those amateur days.

The free scoring Transvaal wing broke the Leeds single season scoring record with 48 tries in 60/61, a record that still stands. He has also been inducted into the International Jewish Hall of Fame.

That only leaves perhaps the most influential Jewish Springbok of all time. If the fortunes of a nation resting on the half second it takes to allow a ball to drop from your hands, hit the ground and be booted with pin point accuracy through the uprights to win a pulsating and ferocious Rugby World Cup can be said to be 'influential'!

Joel Stransky booted himself into history, and legendary status, from a single inspired action that took no longer than a heart beat. The Springbok pivot taking a long bullet pass from Joost van der Westhuizen in the dying minutes of extra time to decisively take the drop kick that won South Africa the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Stransky was born in Johannesburg and schooled at Maritzburg. In all, he played 22 tests for South Africa, winning 16 but, frankly, most South Africans wouldn't have minded if he'd lost 21 of those tests as long as he won on the 24th June 1995.

So, in summary, whilst it is not accurate to say that the Springboks have won every test with a Jewish player, they almost certainly won every series in which a Jewish player was selected up until the era of Stransky when the nature of touring changed.

In all, Jewish players have played 78 tests for South Africa, being on the winning side an incredible 57, drawing 6 and losing 15.

My strong suspicion is that there may be one or two other players of Jewish origin, whose faith simply never came to light. In the turbulent times of late 19th and early 20th century Eastern Europe, many immigrants changed their names in a conscious effort to integrate into their new communities. Many kept their faith secret, indeed integrated to such an extent that Afrikaans became their first language.

So, let's hail our mighty, and successful 10 Jewish Springboks!

Information sources:,,, PLanet Rugby,,
bloody nice arti  
A very interesting topic. I have often heard the expression but seeing the stats makes me a believer.  
Great thread, Ras - well researched.
I had the pleasure of chatting to Babrow and Moss on a few occasions and found them to be great gentlemen.

With Zimerman being born in Jansenville I wonder if he was perhaps one of the 'Boere Jode' of the Karoo?
Nicely don Ras,well researched and put together.
"If the fortunes of a nation resting on the half second it takes to allow a ball to drop from your hands, hit the ground and be booted with pin point accuracy through the uprights to win a pulsating and ferocious Rugby World Cup can be said to be 'influential'!"

"he played 22 tests for South Africa, winning 16 but, frankly, most South Africans wouldn't have minded if he'd lost 21 of those tests as long as he won on the 24th June 1995."

Great shtuffs!

That was absolutely bloody fan - fing - tastic

Brilliant peice of writing!!!

What an ispiring story, thanks
Well done RAS

very informative
Sheesh, guys

I've gone all humble!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, the stats certainly surprised me too!

We need to get out there and find the next Jewish kids quickly ;-)
OO, if it is of any interest to you, please feel free to lift it for your site.

These guys made a contribution to SA rugby out of all proportion to their numbers, they deserve any recognition they get.
The most famous Bok to join Rugby League was Tom van Vollenhoven. He became an instant country-wide hero when he scored his hat-trick at Newlands v the 1955 Lion's.
He then toured NZL with Basie Vivier's team in 1956 before he joined St Helens, where he played for a great many years.
Colin Greenwood (centre) played in only one test (Ireland 1961, two tries) before joining league.
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Thanks Ras

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Will do
RAS i say a picture of your swollen head after all this compliments you getting!  
Well great arti Ras. Interesting read and great follow up on Davids's story.  
Im also feeling the winds of change starting to blow,i just dont know what pic to choose,maybe a pic of my heros Gus Theron and Quinton Davids!  
chris rossouw province?  

5 in a row
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Count 'em and weep!!!
ooooooooooh PA,thats a winner!!!!
Ras naas one bruvva!
Sorry Ras but I have to contribute towards your big-headedness.

Brilliant article.

Glad the new site will contribute towards finding articles like these much easier.
What's that about Schalk Burger Ras?

Five Yellow Cards in a row?

Yes I know it's rather sad he can't behave himself onfield isn't it?

Rather go for Chris Kleintjips Rossouw or Lardy

Or better the last picture of Earl Rose in a striped jersey before he decided to go to the origin of all the money!!!!
and evil davids, origin of money and evil  
Great article Ras. Wonder where we're gonna find a jewish guy for the team. Maybe convert Jake White. Jew Coach must count for something.

As for your pic. I have a great idea, what about a pic of the loftus scoreboard at fulltime against the stormers, saying "75-14". Or even better, Richard Bands running over Faan Routenbach!
nah aldo,

i reckon a picture with the CC on the OVS' halfway line will do the trick...
Nah, I'm happy with my choice for a while but thanks for your caring consideration, gents.  

A pic of Loftus 5 seconds after the whistle in the 05 CC final. Or the closed restaurants at eight on teh same night.
Hey Aldo

Get us some news on Pierre Spies conversion to loosie- so that PA can write us another opstel on attack.

He's a short story writer!!!!
Ja I hear a publisher contacted him in connection with the thread on attacking rugby. They want to take all his posts and threads and bind it into one book. They want to go for the Guinness Book of records for a A# size book with more than a thousand pages. That is per months posts and threads.  
I printed his story off, when stacked I can now clean the chandelier.....  
Eish Donner

Notice the sudden icy silence on this thread?

PS. They can publish a whole book on our debate about forwards and loose forward roles from yesterday...
I can see a theme for Brannasnacht developing here

Revenge for KF maybe?
PA is the sole reason for our server problems. :)  
It is a

wait for it

Syd Nomis was a pupil at Marist Brothers College, Observatory, Jhb.  
What about Guy Kebble and Robbie Fleck?  
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The PRCA is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association and Northlands Coliseum to offer a livestream broadcast of the 44th Canadian Finals Rodeo on ProRodeoTV. NFR Rode 2017 The Nov. 8-12 CFR will be exclusively broadcasted from Edmonton, Alberta, on

The broadcast will be available via home computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. “We are extremely excited and honored to be the exclusive content provider of the great Canadian Finals Rodeo through our NFR Rodeo 2017 Live relationship with the CPRA,” said PRCA Chief Operating Officer Aaron Enget. “This is a big opportunity for both of our associations.”

There are six total performances of the CFR, with four night performances beginning at 7:30 p.m. (MT) on Nov. 8-11. There are also 1 p.m. performances on Nov. 11-12, with the latter being the final round of the rodeo NFR Rodeo 2017 Live Stream Watching the CFR livestream is as easy as logging on to and signing up for a subscription. In addition to CFR coverage, ProRodeoTV offers a variety of premium archived rodeo footage, including videos of past Wrangler National Finals Rodeo performances.
Women Lie : Size DOES Matter

And if you've ever taken a girl home, gotten hot and heavy and then felt embarrassment and PANIC when you take off your pants and see the look of DISAPPOINTMENT on her face, you need to go check this out right now . . .

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Heck, just recently I asked a focus group of women via an anonymous online survey if size matters, and again and again they said "Oh my god, I HATE IT when it's SMALL."

For a long time I didn't know what to tell the guys who'd write in to me and ask how to get "bigger."

I'd say something lame like "Women actually like guys who are smaller . . . you just have to get good with your hands."

Then I found "THE BIBLE of Penis Enlargement" by this guy named John Collins . . .

===> They HATE It When It's Small <=====

What's crazy about this is that John has ACTUAL VIDEO PROOF that his stuff works . . .

He's got a literal mountain of testimonials from customers not just SAYING that they added 3 or even FOUR inches . . .

But actual VIDEOS that can't be faked.

I was 100% skeptical until I saw these vids, so even if you think it's "impossible" to get bigger (and there's no pills or suction devices or any of that crap) go check out the overwhelming proof on John's site.

===> Women Lie : Size DOES Matter <=====



P.S. There's absolutely nothing in the world that will make you smile as wide as pulling down your pants and seeing a look of AWE and ANTICIPATION on a woman's face. The first time you hear her say "It might be too big" in a soft, excited voice, you're going to feel a thrill through your spine like you just snorted 3 lines of cocaine.

If you aren't at least 7 inches you owe it to yourself (and to the women in your life) to check this out.

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