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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Rugby Personalities: Japie Mulder is back!

Japie Mulder is back! But to those (Cats) supporters that thought he will take the field one last time this year to add muscle to the Cats midfield, I have some bad news for you.

Japie Mulder has been appointed as head coach of the Bulldogs rugby union.

According to newly appointed forwards coach Andy Royle, Japie looks extremely motivated and is already grinding the guys as he did his opposition as a player.

Royle believes one of the Bulldogs’ downfall last year was their fitness and motivation, and although they lost a couple of players that moved to other clubs and unions, Royle believes there is reason to be positive.

“We lost a couple of players who have moved on to other clubs. The new faces we are seeing at practices are encouraging with a number of quality new players that have already signed with us. We also have a few surprises up our sleeve,” Royle said.

The Bulldogs will aim at a semi-final spot this year and Royle believes the team should become more ruthless in pursuit of a win, an attitude Japie will definitely be able to instill in his players in this RugRat’s view.
Q What will the first thing be that he will teach them?

A How to break your opponents' cheekbone.
Ja donner that's all you bladdy province okes ever remember about Japie. How about this one:

A June aftermnoon in 1995 in Johannesburg.

"Unstoppable" Jonah gets the ball and some space in the second half. He starts off and James Small is on hand to tap his shoulder as he runs round our favorite wife beater. Out of the blue 78kg Japie Mulder charges in from the side and puts Lomu on the ground and into touch.

The crowd roars, and when Lomu tries to get up, Small is on hand to push him back down, probably wth some choice words of encouragement.

Frank Bunce plays against Japie Mulder in midfield. He's exhausted and is looking forward to halftime whistle coming soon and then he looks at the scoreboard and sees only five minutes have passed in the first half!!!!

Given what DWB got from him a few years later you can be sure the Bulldogs will be enthusiastic and hopefully ruthless this year.

I knew you would latch onto that in a jiffy.
japie is a boere thug if ever there was one. he is the father of all boere thugs!!! lol
Or should i say the forefather...
Ja and he stopped Jona Lomu and scared Frank Bunce.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice site guys. Well done.  
thanks billy  
Welcome billy.

Love your blog!
Thanks Kandas. Im a serious virgin at it, still learning.  
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