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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Rugby Personalities: I bench press 215 kg's.

Andy Sheridan

After just four England caps, barnstorming Sale prop Andy Sheridan is already hailed by many as his country's talisman. But is he as fearsome off the pitch? Small Talk hoped not.

Paul Doyle
Friday January 20, 2006

Hi there Andy, how's it going?

[Very softly] Fine thanks, Small Talk.

You're the biggest, strongest, scariest member of the England squad. How much can you bench?

My record is 215kg. Haven't gone past that yet.

Was there a specific Incredible Hulk moment when you discovered you were super strong?

Not really, you just get there through hard work.

So all the other guys on the team are just lazy?

[Gently] Careful, Small Talk, that's not what I said.

[Fawning] Was Geoff Capes your hero when you were a kid? Do you have any plans to enter a strong man competition?

I did admire Geoff Capes actually. And Bill Kazmaier, too. I wouldn't mind trying one of those competitions, but I'm not sure how good I'd be: some of those guys are really huge.

Sir Clive Woodward: genius or fruitcake?

[Still Lake Placid personified] I enjoyed working with him. He's very well organised and has lots of fresh ideas. That's what you need from someone in his position.

What did you make of Alastair Campbell on the Lions tour?

I liked him. He's a nice bloke and interesting to talk to. He's got strong views and is quite forthcoming with them but that's fine. I enjoyed having him around.

Is it true you're studying to be a bricklayer?

Yes, I'm doing my NVQ. It's something I enjoy and will definitely do more of when I'm finished with rugby.

What the best prank you've ever been involved in?

[Ponders] The lads at Sale once wrapped someone's car in cling film.

Word is you're also a mean folk singer?

[Bashfully] I just dabble.

What are we talking about: weepy odes to line-outs or covers of Chas 'n' Dave classics?

I write my own songs. It's the usual type of folk stuff, sad songs mostly. But I just play them for myself and mates. I certainly don't do gigs.

What's the last CD you bought?

I think it was David Gray's latest one. I like his stuff.

Your favourite TV show?

Since I'm into building and property, I enjoy Property Ladder and that sort of thing.

What's the last movie you went to see?

Cinderella Man. I'd read the book by James Braddock so I knew what was coming, but I still thought it was well done and quite accurate.

What's your poison?

Gin and tonic.

Britney or Beyoncé?

Neither really. [Small Talk pushes for alternative] Maybe Shania Twain.

Who or what would you put into Room 101?

Rude people. And cars - they're everywhere.

So you don't drive?

[Chortling] OK, so I have a car, but I'd get rid of everyone else's!

Fair enough, Small Talk's not one to argue. Not with you anyway. So then, fancy finishing with a joke?

Blimey, a joke! [Asks entourage for assistance, gets some, then quips] What do you call a fish with no eyes?

[Struggling] See-sick?

Fsh [Gentle chuckle].

[Laughing uproariously, as you would too in the circumstances] Nice one, Andy! Thanks for your time, and good luck in the Six Nations.

Thanks, Small Talk. Bye.

Nothing a .38 cannot sort out  
If I remember correctly, the best Bok was CJ at about 180 kg's.

Then again, Carl Hayman gave Sheridan a torrid time.

Experience, technique and skill still play their part.
I watched the Sale/Munster game yesterday.

This oke was nowhere.

Munster won quite comfortably.
Pretty good game.
Halstead was ok,didn't notice if he played the entire game though, these English commentators don't seem to rate our players much.He hardly gets a mention although 2 of Munsters tries came directly from initial long passes he made.
St Pete, Barnes gave Halstead a bit of a big-up during the match.

Trevor was pretty good in the parts I watched.
215 kg woaaaahhh! Very good but bench press Don't push back!  
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